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Gameday blog: UM at USF

TAMPA -- The Miami Hurricanes (5-5) and South Florida Bulls (5-4) are both looking to become bowl eligible when they face off at Raymond James Stadium this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. on ESPNU. The Bulls beat UM 23-20 in overtime last year at Sun Life Stadium, and trail the all-time series 2-1.

BJ Daniels> ABOUT USF: The Bulls lost four Big East games in a row -- 44-17 at Pittsburgh, 16-10 at Connecticut, Cincinnati 37-34 and at Rutgers 20-17 (OT) -- before winning last week 37-17 at Syracuse. Offensively, USF is just one of 16 teams nationally averaging at least 200 yards rushing (205.2 yards per game, 26th) and and passing (265.4 yards per game, 32nd). Quarterback B.J. Daniels threw for 274 yards and ran for 113 at Syracuse in his last start and is completing 60.4 percent of his passes for 2,262 yards, 12 TDs and 5 INTs on the season. The Bulls have two bruisers in its backfield, 6-foot, 210-pound sophomore Demetris Murray (99 att., 432 yards, 7 TDs) and 6-1, 240-pound junior Darrell Scott (10 att., 611 yards, 5 TDs). The team's leading receiver, sophomore Sterling Griffin (40 catches, 493 yards, 2 TDs), was UM quarterback Stephen Morris' high school teammate and top receiver at Monsignor Pace. But he was lost for the season against Cincinnati (Oct. 22). Defensively, the Bulls rank 37th in total defense (351.44 yards per game), 17th in rushing defense (108.00 yards per game) and 86th in pass defense (243.44 yards per agame). Their real strength is creating trouble behind the line of scrimmage. USF is 3rd in the nation in sacks, 2nd in tackles for loss. Linebacker DeDe Lattimore leads the team with 66 tckles, 10 for loss. Defensive end Ryne Giddins has 40 tackles and leads with 11 for loss. Giddins and Lattimore share the team lead with 5.5 sacks each. The Bulls created 21 turnovers (10 INTs, 11 fumbles) and are plus-3 in turnover margin. On special teams, the Bulls own the best punt coverage unit in the nation. They've allowed six returns for -2 yards all year. Punter Justin Brockhaus-Kann is averaging 37.4 yards per punt, including 12 punts inside the 20-yard line and three punts of 50-plus yards.

> WHAT TO WATCH WHEN IT COMES TO THE CANES: Last week at Florida State, Marcus Robinson started at strongside linebacker and left early with a shoulder injury. Robinson was lasted as probable coming into the game, but it's expected that Kelvin Cain will start in his place alongside, Sean Spence (middle) and Denzel Perryman (weakside). Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong will also be back this week, but won't start after serving a one-game suspension. Still, expect Armstrong to get in there and move JoJo Nicolas back to corner, where he helps the team more. As unit, UM's defense has played much better over the past two weeks, holding FSU to one offensive touchdown and limiting big plays. But creating turnovers remain a problem according to coordinator Mark D'Onofrio. UM only has 13 turnovers and will try to create more today against USF, which has turned the ball over 18 times. Offensively, expect the Canes to try and exploit the Bulls lack of size in the secondary. Free safety Jerrell Young (6-1, 209) is the Bulls' biggest defensive back. But UM will try to pound it. The goal: average 5 yards a carry. If they do that, they'll win. Running back Lamar Miller, currently fifth all-time in UM single-season rushing with 1,108 yards, needs 93 yards to move past Clinton Portis (1,200 yards, 2001) for fourth place.

> MANNY'S PICK: UM 30, USF 27. I expect a lot of offense in this game even if it doesn't equate into a lot of points. In the end, UM will find a way to win and get a little revenge for last year.


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Sonny u mad that the gators had a harder time at furman today.

UM football is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - so the U won but it was a disgrace to have even a n issue with USF...my God, we're talking freakin' Tampa.....sigh.

itc, you are right. the defense seems to be getting better each week. after so many bad years, i guess we expect too much at times. i believe golden can do the job, but i do hate seeing a game like this, at this time of the year. against a team from the state. neither team won any recruiting points today, go canes

Mike, I see it differently. USF is working very hard to get better. They are no joke, they beat ND this year. This was a unity win and good for recruits to see this effort.

+1 UMike.
Our D came up big 2nd half. Porter is apparently the real deal.
BTW, USF beat a team this year that destroyed us last year, Notre Dame.
How can anyone say last years team played with near the heart of this one.
We just don't always play smart. That will change in time.
You just saw a glimpse of next years defense that 2nd half.

Game was boring, but very competitive. Finally, finally, finally, they beat a team they lost to lst year. There may ve some hope. I thought they would have scored 35 points this game. USF did nothing. If their stqrting QB plqyed the whole game, the result would hve been the same. when they put the cane satification poll up I'm gonna vote somewhat dissatified- will be an upgrade froma my vote last week- harris did OK give him a break his numbers were goo and he had at lest 3 long psses dropped on him OL biggest dissapoinment- al lot of hype on how the new OL coach -Kehoe
was gonna make them into monsters. didn't do- hope nextyear will be better- Can anyone tell me it that OT Felecianocan count?
Go canes

What happened to Henderson?? Any other injuries of note.

The offense doesn't make me excited for the future, though hardly any impact players on this offense will be back next year (Streeter, maybe Miller, James, Henderson). The defense is started to turn my head though. Total domination on the day. They've been getting progressively better over the second half of the season. Out of the last 5 games, only one wasn't a solid defensive performance (UVA).

And I loved how Golden was pumping his team up on the sidelines before that FG. If it was Shannon, he'd be standing with his arms folded as Wieclaw becomes a nervous wreck and shanks the kick so bad it probably goes through the other goal posts for a USF field goal.

I can't believe though that so many are calling for Golden and Kehoe's heads. First of all, this is the first really bad game by the O-line this season, and it came against one of the best blitzing teams in the nation, and I think with all that Art has done for this team over the last 3 decades, he's deserved to have one off day. As for Golden, he's doing all he can with an undersized, underconditioned, underperforming squad. Let him build his own team before we start chewing him out for not have a fully prepared team.

We won. I'm good. A W is a W is a W is a W!

Canes vs. gators in a bowl, anyone???

Jesus Christ, RS is no longer the head guy--let it go. Do you think Jake made the kick due to Al jumping up & down?


STFU you armchair jock-sniffing pathetic pieces of sh*t.

Al Golden pisses more success than you will ever see in any aspect of your life.

Posted by: miami fans are the worst. | November 19, 2011 at 06:35 PM

Thank you. Most Miami fans suck.

That little undersized defense handled us like a bad Pop Warner team. Never thought I'd be saying this, not because I didn't want to, but Jacory is our best offensive player. This team truly sucks particularly the offensive line. No emotion, no fire. I doubt we'll beat B.C., but go anyway Canes.

Very happy about the win. Just pisssed about watching (again) o-linemen with their arms around Jacory telling him it will be okay. Jacory was on his ass all day. He should have been in the o-lines hears. I'm glad he has had a good year but the offense needs a LEADER. Morris please take note.

Played DE at Wyoming in the 80s. UM will trun it around. They have been in every loss and no blowouts. Some players I have watched are loafing or not putting out. They will be gone or graudate as they will be repalced by incoming talented and work-a-holic type players.

If they want to play a 3-4 the need two things: a Wilfork type NT and the linebackers need to be in the 230 to 250 pound range to take on the blockers.

Way too much dreds, mon. Get them boys a haircut mon. Then dreds are sucking up the oxygen to the brain, mon. Anyone for some ganya, mon?

That was a boring game. Graduation can't come soon enough.

all those of you bashing Golden, get a freakin' clue, idiots! The O-Line really needs some work. What is up with Travis Benjamin? and miller didn't look good at all today. i'm not sure if I should bash brandon mcgee for being soft, but he's also the best cover corner on the team. can't wait to see the kids golden develops.

100% agree linksys

Alright lets get 2 wins in a row

Not sure why we did not make offensive adjustments in this game. Quick slants, screen plays and more toss sweeps should have been thrown at a defense that was plugging up the middle and coming hard on delayed blitzes.

A hurry up offense would have been nice to see. Would have kept the D guessing at least and maybe put a spark in the game!

I do like the way our D stood strong the whole game for maybe the first time this season.

Either way, we need the bowl game to get the extra practices for the young guys! Do not self-impose please.


A frustrating game in many ways!
The D played well and Jacory did also.
Lamar Miller's two runs on 3rd and 4th and 1 at the end of the game were sad. Big time FBS backs don't get tossed backward when they are one on one with a defender. And why did they keep running #6 through the line?!! Give him a chance on the outside. He's not as banger.

That, said, great job by Wieclaw and Botts. Clutch drive and great kick at the end by Jake.

Hey, we WON a close won! Alright!!!

Agree ATL. All year they have thrown the quick screen to Benjamin

You all whiney bee---otches should just s.t.f.u

Miami won. They beat a very good defensive team, and when BJ Daniels was in also a very good offensive team. And held them to 3 points.

The D has been playing superbly. They seem to be getting it. Perryman still out of position at times.

The O-line: Bunch of lazy fat, slow, weak chubbos. How do you averag 6-5 320 and not be a dominant running team or O-line/ How is it that we have to cringe on 3rd adn 1 or 4th and 1 with those bulldozers in front of Jacorry/ That wasnt just today- Its been like that all seaon. And Art Kehoe needs to be held accountable as do the fat boys.

lamar Miller played soft and is playing soft.

What in the world is happening to benjamin and hurns? Hurns is dropping everything now, and Benjamin keeps making bone head after bone head play.

And despite the fact that Jacorry is doing much better than last yr he still, a) Holds on to the ball too long b) is stupid 2 delay of game penalties/ Are you kidding?

But Eduardo Clements needs to be the #1 back or at worse 2. Period. that boy runs with passion.

Listen a win is a win. USF has tons of athletes. UF got lucky. Had 37 points scored on them by .... drum roll... Furman! who had them down by 22 in the 1st q! Only Furman's lack of depth allowed the tur-ds to come back.

Clemson gets bush wacked by NC state. Destroyed. How do you explain that?

Ok state gets beaten by a horrible ISU team.

LSU is the only real deal. I'm afraid they'll be running away with the NC.

Well, Manny you got the 3-point margin of victory right, nice job.

Canes on track.

Way to go linksys.

The reward for winning is, after winning the No Bowl by President of U of M.

U of M double tricked the team and Golden. All that work to become Bowl Elgible, when it was not even in the cards.

So why should the double tricked team play Boston College and make U of M another ton of money. There is no bowl in that game for the football players and their loyal fans.

Hopefully, this team has the fortitude that the have shown all season, and hand it to the U of M president who cares less about them. It is all about money, money, money. And not a dime for the actual players who gut it out week after week.

Poor Golden. He never had a decent hand dealt to him yet.

He works so very hard to get the team Bowl Elgible, and behind the scenes the U of M Administration is undermining his efforts. The no Bowl plan did not just hatch. It was coming all along, with stealh, watching the money, money, money.

Frankly, Golden should reconsider staying and working for these back stabbing U of M vultures. Penn could use his kind right now.

Maybe this back stabbing of Coaches and football players happens elsewhere, but I doubt it. The U of M President needs to resign. Or forced to resign.

What the million dollar a year President did to the U of M football players and to the new coach and to Jackson Memorial Hospital with her over priced $325 million hospital deal should seal her fate.

If she had any class the Bowl issue should have been given before this last game. No class this U of M President, instead a back stabbing class is real clear. Good guys will not survive at the U of M and Golden has seen it all.

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