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Golden assured no scholarship reduction for 2012 recruiting class; Miller won't go pro unless he's a 1st rounder

CORAL GABLES -- It was an emotional, somewhat sad day out at Greentree Practice Field as UM prepares for its final game of the season against Boston College Friday. Here are some of the highlights from Monday's interviews with players and coaches:

> If there is some positive news for the Canes, it appears Al Golden and his staff will have use of every scholarship available to them in this next signing class. Asked if he's been assured by UM the scholarship total for 2012 wouldn't be affected, Golden said: "Yes. Yes sir."

Of course, the NCAA could have something to say about it after they complete their investigation into the alleged gifts UM received from former booster Nevin Shapiro. But it's tough to say if the NCAA will complete it's investigation by National Signing Day, Feb. 1. Most investigations take 11 months to complete. The NCAA acknowledged its investigation into UM began last March.

Lamar Miller

> With the Canes no longer headed to a bowl game the hot topic now is whether not they my lose a couple underclassmen who could opt to head pro early. Running back Lamar Miller, the first UM rusher to eclipse the 1,000-yard mark since Willis McGahee in 2002, said flatly the only way he'll consider going pro is if he's a first round pick.

Odds he will be back? "I'm not sure," Miller said.

I asked Miller, a redshirt sophomore, if he thought he was ready to make the leap. "I haven't been thinking about that yet. I just got to keep improving and get better day by day out here with my teammates. My coaches have been doing a great job telling me what to do to get better. I just have to keep improving... I know I have to improve on somethings. That's what I've been working on the last couple weeks. I just want to help my team really."

Golden said midseason Miller had a long way to go in terms of becoming a complete back. Miller agreed Monday. "I have to be more physical in my pass protection and get more tough yardage," he said. "I've been working on that the last couple games."

ESPN's Todd McShay, the director of College Scouting for Scouts, Inc., has Miller tabbed as the 14th-best prospect for next April's NFL Draft regardless of class. Miller is listed as the second-best running back behind Alabama's Trent Richardson.

> Receiver Tommy Streeter said the possibility of leaving early "hasn't passed my mind." 

"I'm just enjoying these last days with the seniors. I'm not worried about what lies ahead," Streeter said.
"A lot of times I wish I could have this season back again. I don't think I'm ready for the seniors to leave. Everyday it's just vital I cherish this moment with these guys who came in with me. I don't even know how to say this. I'm sad everyday knowing the time is winding down with these guys and these are my last few days with them and they're going to be leaving me. It's going to be a weird feeling next year. I'm just trying to win this last game for them, have fun."

Asked later if he was coming back next year, Streeter said "Yes. I'm coming back...

"I haven't focused on my future at all. It's just been day-by-day, not focusing on the NFL and things like that. I just want to finish the season strong, slingshot the program in the right direction going into the spring and fall."

> Golden discussed Monday how he'll handle talking to his underclassmen about going pro.

"The same way we would with every kid," he said. "Make sure we go through the NFL and NFL players association and whatever we have to do to get as much feedback as possible for each one of those young men. Again, we'll always make sure we do our due diligence for them and provide anything the NFL can provide us on them."

Will he give them his personal opinion? "Certainly I give them my opinion," Golden said.

"I told them last year with Muhammad Wilkerson. I thought he was ready physically. I thought he was ready mentally. I thought it was time for him to come out. He's one of these kids that's different. If you have a chance to in the first round, that's life changing money. If you don't, then clearly you should come back and give yourself an opportunity to go in the first round. Because the difference between the first round and second and third is huge. So, again, we'll just share with them individually. Right now, we're just worried about beating Boston College."

> Aside from missing a bowl game, UM won't have the luxury either of having 15 extra practices. Golden said Monday: "That's tough. But we'll get over it."

"I really think one of the things we need is strength to be honest with you," Golden said. "We need to be a stronger team and we need to be a more physically stronger team. I think the only way we do that is by getting in the weight room. In practice, I hope to gain an advantage in the weight room. We'lll need it."

Golden praised the conditioning of his team prior the season, but the fact he's still not happy about the team's overall strength makes you wonder if there will be a change this offseason to the strength and conditioning staff.

> Senior defensive back JoJo Nicolas said Sunday's news that the team wouldn't be headed to a bowl game was a "pretty tough pill to swallow," but the team is looking forward to Friday's game against Boston College as it's bowl game. Golden said Monday's practice had "good focus."

What will be the legacy of this 2011 team? "This is a team that is very resilient and fought through every single game and competed. We played together as a family no matter what," Nicolas said.

"We've been knocked down a lot this year. Nothing is going to change now. It's just another thing we're going to overcome now."

Third-string quarterback Spencer Whipple admitted he shed a few tears after hearing Sunday's news as did others.

"Just thinking you're going to a bowl and all of a sudden you have four days left. It's just your time is cut down. It's more time cut down with teammates and coaches than anything else [that hurts]," Whipple said. "But we're just going to enjoy every moment now. That's all we can do. And stay positive."

Asked the legacy the 2008 recruiting class -- ranked No. 1 by ESPN -- will leave behind, Streeter said: "I don't know. I don't even know what to say. Those guys leaving this year. I'll remember those guys as being the first guys with Coach Golden, moving the program in the right direction. Senior leadership they exemplified this year stood out among all the years I've been here."

> Whipple said UM coaches have talked to him about possibly taking on a graduate assistant position next season on offense. 

"It's something to think about," said Whipple, whose father was Mark was UM's offensive coordinator last year. "Coach Fisch, Coach Golden, the rest of the coaching staff is great. Miami is a great place to be. It's just something I have to think about."


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Miller should definitely come back...work on that stiff arm, pass protection and finishing runs....Manny I don't think getting rid of Swasey is the answer...this was the first year he went back to those old 2000-2001 notes..another year of the U-tough program should be evident on the field....

LM6 needs another year to develop before going into the league.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]


1. Yo bruh, Al knew what the board was going to want. Cant let them foolies forget that Al is not allowed in the room when NCAA discussions go on cause he wasnt here at the time. Thats NCAA rules bruh. His agent is still doin like a bustah. Slimiest dude ive seen.

2. Fans lookin to jump, im here to say this team is much better right now. Those non believers might as well jump lol.

3. Heres how good Bulls had Miami scouted bruh. Had a goon that played their before tellin me the Bulls knew the signals comin in and the audible calls. They only missed out 3 times in 1st half. That falls on Fisch and Al.

4. Jacory played poorly but came through when needed the most and didnt get picked bruh. Havin Streets at about 70% sure the f didnt help. Those chantin for MoMo must of been Bulls fans lol. Playah aint got it this season. I hope he learns from this and comes back ballin.

5. Goin to be some ballahs offered that paper soon (transfers). Besides those boltin early. Not sure how many.
Here you have the fraudulent one, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh yeah, this fool just made up some more stuff.

Oh yeah, Soup's got great contacts at the University, too.

The guy that creeps out cheerleaders is a real "insided" man

If Miller is projected in the first round, I don't see him coming back. If he gets behind a line that knows how to block (Green Bay), that dude will be freakin awesome. As a witness in person, our o-line sucked at all levels on Saturday. Very disappointing. Kehoe? As a UM Alum, I can say the dude is a true Cane, but I don't know. I'll give him another year. U can tell STREETER did not like Shannon. His comments were a direct slap at Shannon. By the way, for those who went to the USF game, as I did, anyone notice how pissed the crowd got when the Canes started dancing around Wieclaw? If you were a Cane in that stadium, you could feel the crowd get pissed. It was awesome.


Brandon Harris said the same thing, I'll go if I'm projected to be a 1st rounder...well he was projected to be a 1st rounder and didn't get picked until late 2nd round...

Where in the article did it say Miller wasn't going unless he was a first rounder? The headline indicates it but I didn't see it in the article.

Like in the third paragraph.

LM6 is not NFL-ready. Main reason is lack of tougness. Example- Frank Gore- Two surgically repaired knees and a hip, and he carried the rock 24 times. In the NFL. And he does it week in week out. Other examples, Ray Rice, Stephen jackson. In college, one example that shows that LM6 is still "not quite there yet" is Trent Richardosn of Alabama. That guy runs with anger, and carries it 25 times a game. I dont know if LM6 would withstand that pounding. He has a bad shoulder now, after only 11 games, and is not running with the energy that he did in the beginning.

He would benefit from one more year of growing, learning, getting stronger. A first round offer would make me change my mind. But look at Brandon Harris, a "lock" first round" and he was picked late 2nd. Translation: Millions. Had Brandon stayed one more year, he more than would have made up for not going pro injust one year. Only risk is injury. Translation #2- get insurance.

If LM6 stays, next yr, with Eduardo at #2 will be scurry. Duke can redshirt and we'll be stacked for 2013.

Miller will leave if he's a 1st rounder, whether he's ready or not. He has much to improve on, but the NFL may take him early based on potential. You have to take the $$$ and run. Running backs have short NFL careers so you take as much $$$ as you can get as soon as you can get it.

how do you transition from 2nd to 3rd paragraph. WORST WRITER EVER

Can't redshirt Duke.....lightning in a bottle can't be contained. Duke is too explosive, and too talented to not see the field. Benjamin leaving, opens up return spots and some offensive opportunities for Duke. Hopefully Grooms gets cleared too. Duke, Dorsett, Grooms....thats some electric right there.

Lamar Miller is unlikely to ever be a 1st round draft pick.

RBs are just not selected in the 1st round that often anymore. He is not even one of the top 10 backs in college football this year.

He should still return to the U, however, and improve his draft stock.

Manny my take is that Miller recognizes his deficiencies and is willing to work on them...if he tests out he will go..if not then he will return and watch out because now he has something to prove..that would be perfect for Coach G and the team...he could also step up in the leadership role with Streeter, Chick and others binding the new guys to the "U" by talking from the previous years Golden experience..nothing like the "PROCESS' coming from guys who have lived it and tasted just a little of what it could be...We need to be physical, and up the tempo of our play..similar to WVA with Rodriguez years ago..speed it up and slow it down so the defense will be off tempo..when we put it in passing gear with our Quarterbacks in place we can kick some A**. Learning the playbook with Coach F is also important, but our tempo needs to be ratched up..NO delay of games should be accepted..The BC game should be interesting because as Streeter said the seniors realizing that it is the last game should go out on a Great memory of the final game for the "U".
BC will not roll over either, so let's go and enjoy our 'Canes, and dream of the future..I can't wait..
Go 'Canes

Believe it or not, Miller is PLAYIN' U'all Cane rUffians.

In other words, Lamar is gone whether he's a 1st Round or 2nd Round selection. And in an absolute WORST CASE SCENARIO, LM will be a late second round pick. Get outta' here, bUbba.

Matter of fact, I believe Harris employed the same Jedi Mind gimic on the Hurricane pigskin press and fandom. Eh.

with the shelf life of RB's short Lamar Miller should go pro, be it a 1st or 2nd rounder.. let there be no Brandon Harris's or Kellen Winslow II that leave when they should stay; That means Streeter, OV and Ray Ray.

reiterate* brandon Harris Leaving early changed the outcome of this season *

LM6, will turn pro because money talks and people walk, I think he should stay because he is not physical enough for the pros. I wish JH12 could have another year under Golden, because he would throw for 3000 yds and 30 tds. Golden is the real deal for the "U",if he stays after the sanctions from the NCAA, He will bring another championship to MIAMI!!! This if from a Hurricane fan from when the Mad Stork roamed the defense line.

Miller isnt anywhere near ready. So he wont go. Lord the kid is only a Sophmore.

Miller could use another year....if not..Duke will start...And amaze us all...we potentially have a lot coming back next year....with great recruiting class....anything is possible.....7-5 this year...9-3 next year...

Yea i know trent and his family went to the same high school and everything he runs with a purpose of creating havoc on the "D" lamar doesnt he seemed to play timid at times i really like Clements running style LM6 got caught from behind by DT and DE at USF you not ready bruh come on back hit the gym and get a attitude you are not in the class with Trent yet but with hard work you can be. And someone please help the O line something is going on there they outweighed opponents all year and got pushed around is kehoe the problem idk something needs to be done ASAP.

Who the hell is Solar and CC friend? I have never been more embarrassed to be a hurricane fan. I hope nobody reads his post, it hurts my brain to try and comprehend the fact that someone can be that dumb.

I don't see Lamar as a first rounder. He will get eaten alive by the bigger and faster NFL defensive line and linebackers. He needs more work, but to hear him mentioned behind Trent Richardson? No way! Nonetheless, I hope he has a great game this Friday and runs hard.

Tommy will be a major star next year and a potential first rounder. He has it all.

I love Coach Golden and his attitude.

And Jacory has had a strong year and is to be applauded for the turnaround!

Now Canes, give it 60 minutes of hard football and beat BC this Friday! Go Canes!

please come back

Damn - already can't wait for next season.

Demps and Rainey will be drafted before Miller.

Lm6 should stay get stronger and healthier andleave a complete imprint on um

Miller, you ain't ready. Sorry dude. Golden called you out and said you weren't even hitting the weights hard until early summer. What might this season have been like for you if you had put all your effort in at the beginning of offseason? Enjoy Christmas break, come back January and hit the weights HARD. Then we'll see what kind of consistent production you have...and what kind of round you can go in...and what kind of money you can make...Oh, and you might get yourself and the team an ACC championship in the meantime. Now wouldn't that be fun?

Posted by: Speed Kills

Gatr Trash fan, we are talking about the NFL Draft, not Arena League. Demps and Rainey are sure to go high in that draft.

Remember, outside of Emmitt, Gatr garbage fails in the NFL.

sad day, we new it would happen, but it looks like the TD streak dies at 149 weeks. its up to our defefensive canes to save the day on monday night. go canes

Let's go Vince Wilfork!!!!

For the seniors, this is the end of your UM careers. Some of you will go on to the NFL, some will not. I don't see any first round selections among you though. That doesn't mean you can't have a good NFL career.Good luck to all.

Now for the underclassmen. I don't see any first round picks currently on this team as it is. That doesn't mean that some of you can't work your way up to that, it just means not this year. I see a bright future for some of you.

Now,my opinion on the issue of whethter it is the coaches or the players that has been the problem with this team. I think the season record speaks volumes as to the improvements the team has made under this coaching staff. However, I still saw a lot of "same ol'
,same ol'" habits coming out during games. The old saying is that "you can lead a horse to water,but you can't make him drink it" so I'm leaning more to the it's the players side of the argument. This will only be solve by good recruiting which falls squarely on the coaches. Frustating ain't it?

leave are you kidding me. he has one move right now and that is side ways. no toughness when it is needed. all this just to help my teammates and win is pure baloney. he is another of the "me" crowd that has infected the program. there is no team in LM. the UM would be better off if he did leave. I would hope that AG makes him realize how important the concept of team first and individual toughness is needed to be a first rounder.

Jacory a first rounder for sure, too bad he won't have the chance to shine in a bowl game, just like in years past.
It will be sad not to see the canes put on another good effort in a December bowl game.
Maybe another close loss, another almost win.
We will have to wait until next year, just like last year, and the year before......


Al Golden-to-PSU is not opinion. What I've been told. Stay tuned.

Posted by: j.w. | November 21, 2011 at 09:31 PM

JW...U are replacing Canechic for the bringer of bad news! And U are a fool.

Golden's agent is PAYING that idiot to post false stuff to get him a better contract at UM. U can't see that?

OK, here it is: IF Golden winds up at PSU (he will NOT) then I will shut down Canespace for good and immediately with great joy.

Do U need more than that? Don't be a fool.

Posted by: SOUP | November 21, 2011 at 10:04 PM

U r on the record, skreetz!

1. U will shut down Canepace
2. U accuse Golden's agent of paying one body off to spread misinformation

Can't delete his one, Soupster.

Golden would be crazy to leave for PSU. That program is in much bigger trouble than UM. And it's not the type that is going to go away anytime soon.

Let's get real, if UM gets the death penalty, PSU deserve to have their entire school blown up. Golden would be insane to leave for PSU. If he leaves, it would be for another job.

Lamar Miller isn't a no.1 draft pick. He's a good college RB, but there's lots of holes in his game.

Lamar Miller is going to be a star at the next level. Go get paid boi! I hear ppl sayin he's not strong enough or physical enough. U dont have to be a power back to be successful in the pros, just look how good Clinton Portis was his first two seasons in Denver. LM6 is very similar to a young Clinton Portis

Lamar Miller is the consensus #2 RB in the draft.

That's not a guaranteed first round pick but it is possible and it's very unlikely he'd fall past the early second round.

Unfortunately he should go.

RB is a boom then bust position, he needs to boom at the next level for a couple years to get that contract to set him up for life. No sense wasting a season of young legs in school when he's got almost no shot of being a top 5 pick (i.e. instant lifechanging contract) in today's NFL.

Thanks for this year and for keeping us in the game at Columbus, get in there and represent, we're down to just Gore after McGahee's swan song season finally caught up to him.

ive been saying this for years and i will keep saying it get rid of the strength and condition coach asap now al golden sees how weak we are at the point of attack

L.Miller is goingn to be my first round fantasy pick next year!!!!

Difference in priorities for Al Golden and Andreu Swasey.

Golden wants his players stronger and faster. Swasey is nationally respected for his agility programs that all the skill position NFL guys come back to UM to do.

I don't think Swasey should be let go but he's obviously not getting the players to meet Golden's expectations in the weight room.


Assistant strength coach is a good idea. Let Swasey work with the skill position guys and hire someone new to work with the linemen.

Miller should leave if he is a consensus first round pick. It's too much of a risk to come back and get injured. Miller has a lot to improve on but scouts can see his NFL potential. Jimmy Graham and Sam Shields weren't ready for the NFL either and they developed just fine.

anyone read the artical on tracy howard from miramar on canesport? what is has saying about the canes?

Lets analyze Miller-

Look at the competition and defenses he played against. he did great against Va Tech, then peetered out. He may have been hurt- shoulder or whatever...proof carrying the ball 25 times a game maybe too much for him. Blocking needs to improve.

Good Morning CanesFans!!!!!!!

Cafe Cubano anyone??

I don't think that swasey is cutting it. We have guys that are already agile but have not strength. Like a previous person posted, NFL guys come back to his agility training but not for strength because they most likely already have something else planned for that. We need a strength coach, period.

How much would it cost to get Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman as a weight room coach??? Just curious.

Oline a Dline should all be strapped into harnesses and attached to cars to pull around the parking lot. Hell, get 2 buses and attach the oline to one and the dline to another and have them face off and whoever wins gets to watch the other side to wind sprints or something similar.

Receivers and runningbacks should be doing wind sprints in the sand to strengthen their ankles, knees, and build up the rest of their legs.

Really hope that Miller thinks this through and doesn't go to the draft. Those numbers posted about him that I read earlier are very inflated and shouldn't be taken as gold. He's simply not ready yet. Until I see him consistently lower his shoulders on every run, lean forward after a hit, and truly taken in the definition of a "full load" then I'll believe those numbers. Elite speed he has but not much after that. Love for him to stay and it will surely pay off in the end with a higher pick and a bigger check. Miller and Tommy stay and we move washington back to guard and things will look nasty for next season.

BC looks like dukey. Lets get that shutout boys!!!

LETS GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malcolm Lewis is whispering into Tracy Howard's ear. I think we got a much better chance at getting Tracy now.

Go U!

Here you have the fraudulent one, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh yeah, this fool just made up some more stuff.
Oh yeah, Soup's got great contacts at the University, too.
The guy that creeps out cheerleaders is a real "insided" man
Posted by: Solar & cc friend | November 21, 2011 at 01:36 PM

Who the hell is Solar and CC friend? I have never been more embarrassed to be a hurricane fan. I hope nobody reads his post, it hurts my brain to try and comprehend the fact that someone can be that dumb.
Posted by: gethelp! | November 21, 2011 at 06:17 PM

He is the obsessed name-changing Gator troll, not a Canes fan. He is the reason that folks finally retaliated on the Gator sites, and now their sites are unreadable garbage. He is hoping to do the same here.

solar has already stated that he is not friend of this slimeball, and so when he says "Here you have the fraudulent one, ladies and gentlemen.", he is looking in the mirror.

As you say, he is no Canes fan, but he apparently jumps from Canes site to Canes site hoping to twist and misrepresent comments, while still not honoring his comments. He claimed he would leave if the Gators did not go undefeated, he is still here. He claimed he would leave if Shannon was fired (he is a well known racist that has threatened to lynch black coaches and players), and he didn't. And he has promised to honor a truce between the two groups, which he again didn't.

So don't worry, he is representing his fanbase correctly, it just isn't the Canes fanbase.

Posted by: solar says you are a liar, I say you are, too


Do my eyes deceive me, or does the SEC really own the first 3 spots in the rankings?

speed kills: Look at Demps and Raineys stats. Only way they will be drafted is as punt returners (maybe) because running backs they are not. They are runts. Pi55ants at best. And they arent much faster than Miller believe me. maybe a couple or three of tenths of a second faster in the 100 m

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