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Golden assured no scholarship reduction for 2012 recruiting class; Miller won't go pro unless he's a 1st rounder

CORAL GABLES -- It was an emotional, somewhat sad day out at Greentree Practice Field as UM prepares for its final game of the season against Boston College Friday. Here are some of the highlights from Monday's interviews with players and coaches:

> If there is some positive news for the Canes, it appears Al Golden and his staff will have use of every scholarship available to them in this next signing class. Asked if he's been assured by UM the scholarship total for 2012 wouldn't be affected, Golden said: "Yes. Yes sir."

Of course, the NCAA could have something to say about it after they complete their investigation into the alleged gifts UM received from former booster Nevin Shapiro. But it's tough to say if the NCAA will complete it's investigation by National Signing Day, Feb. 1. Most investigations take 11 months to complete. The NCAA acknowledged its investigation into UM began last March.

Lamar Miller

> With the Canes no longer headed to a bowl game the hot topic now is whether not they my lose a couple underclassmen who could opt to head pro early. Running back Lamar Miller, the first UM rusher to eclipse the 1,000-yard mark since Willis McGahee in 2002, said flatly the only way he'll consider going pro is if he's a first round pick.

Odds he will be back? "I'm not sure," Miller said.

I asked Miller, a redshirt sophomore, if he thought he was ready to make the leap. "I haven't been thinking about that yet. I just got to keep improving and get better day by day out here with my teammates. My coaches have been doing a great job telling me what to do to get better. I just have to keep improving... I know I have to improve on somethings. That's what I've been working on the last couple weeks. I just want to help my team really."

Golden said midseason Miller had a long way to go in terms of becoming a complete back. Miller agreed Monday. "I have to be more physical in my pass protection and get more tough yardage," he said. "I've been working on that the last couple games."

ESPN's Todd McShay, the director of College Scouting for Scouts, Inc., has Miller tabbed as the 14th-best prospect for next April's NFL Draft regardless of class. Miller is listed as the second-best running back behind Alabama's Trent Richardson.

> Receiver Tommy Streeter said the possibility of leaving early "hasn't passed my mind." 

"I'm just enjoying these last days with the seniors. I'm not worried about what lies ahead," Streeter said.
"A lot of times I wish I could have this season back again. I don't think I'm ready for the seniors to leave. Everyday it's just vital I cherish this moment with these guys who came in with me. I don't even know how to say this. I'm sad everyday knowing the time is winding down with these guys and these are my last few days with them and they're going to be leaving me. It's going to be a weird feeling next year. I'm just trying to win this last game for them, have fun."

Asked later if he was coming back next year, Streeter said "Yes. I'm coming back...

"I haven't focused on my future at all. It's just been day-by-day, not focusing on the NFL and things like that. I just want to finish the season strong, slingshot the program in the right direction going into the spring and fall."

> Golden discussed Monday how he'll handle talking to his underclassmen about going pro.

"The same way we would with every kid," he said. "Make sure we go through the NFL and NFL players association and whatever we have to do to get as much feedback as possible for each one of those young men. Again, we'll always make sure we do our due diligence for them and provide anything the NFL can provide us on them."

Will he give them his personal opinion? "Certainly I give them my opinion," Golden said.

"I told them last year with Muhammad Wilkerson. I thought he was ready physically. I thought he was ready mentally. I thought it was time for him to come out. He's one of these kids that's different. If you have a chance to in the first round, that's life changing money. If you don't, then clearly you should come back and give yourself an opportunity to go in the first round. Because the difference between the first round and second and third is huge. So, again, we'll just share with them individually. Right now, we're just worried about beating Boston College."

> Aside from missing a bowl game, UM won't have the luxury either of having 15 extra practices. Golden said Monday: "That's tough. But we'll get over it."

"I really think one of the things we need is strength to be honest with you," Golden said. "We need to be a stronger team and we need to be a more physically stronger team. I think the only way we do that is by getting in the weight room. In practice, I hope to gain an advantage in the weight room. We'lll need it."

Golden praised the conditioning of his team prior the season, but the fact he's still not happy about the team's overall strength makes you wonder if there will be a change this offseason to the strength and conditioning staff.

> Senior defensive back JoJo Nicolas said Sunday's news that the team wouldn't be headed to a bowl game was a "pretty tough pill to swallow," but the team is looking forward to Friday's game against Boston College as it's bowl game. Golden said Monday's practice had "good focus."

What will be the legacy of this 2011 team? "This is a team that is very resilient and fought through every single game and competed. We played together as a family no matter what," Nicolas said.

"We've been knocked down a lot this year. Nothing is going to change now. It's just another thing we're going to overcome now."

Third-string quarterback Spencer Whipple admitted he shed a few tears after hearing Sunday's news as did others.

"Just thinking you're going to a bowl and all of a sudden you have four days left. It's just your time is cut down. It's more time cut down with teammates and coaches than anything else [that hurts]," Whipple said. "But we're just going to enjoy every moment now. That's all we can do. And stay positive."

Asked the legacy the 2008 recruiting class -- ranked No. 1 by ESPN -- will leave behind, Streeter said: "I don't know. I don't even know what to say. Those guys leaving this year. I'll remember those guys as being the first guys with Coach Golden, moving the program in the right direction. Senior leadership they exemplified this year stood out among all the years I've been here."

> Whipple said UM coaches have talked to him about possibly taking on a graduate assistant position next season on offense. 

"It's something to think about," said Whipple, whose father was Mark was UM's offensive coordinator last year. "Coach Fisch, Coach Golden, the rest of the coaching staff is great. Miami is a great place to be. It's just something I have to think about."


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He is the obsessed name-changing Gator troll, not a Canes fan. He is the reason that folks finally retaliated on the Gator sites, and now their sites are unreadable garbage. He is hoping to do the same here

Do you really need a reason to crap on the Gators?

Furman. hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! That will tickle me for a long time.

Lamar Miller is no where near NFL ready, he's still needs to put on more muscle and hits the whole soft. Clemants is more a banger. T Rich, that guy is mammoth!

Miller likes to Cha Cha to much in the hole and needs one more year. I'm thinking 1500 yds neat year, especially putting the guys on the O-Line where they need to be but if anybody is ready for the pros it's him. We all are trying to find reasons for him to stay but the reality is, this dude is a stallion and probably has played a little soft, with his shoulder injury, he's played with since the third game of the season.

Were did Tommy Moffit go with the sand pit for the Ol to work in.
The OL in early 2000 started taking turns pushing the rest of the OL across the field in one Ford pickup.
get back to this

Furman. All I have to say

I'm embarassed for the Herald. Did anyone proof read this story? I would not turn this paper in to my 5th grade teacher. Terrible!

Posted by: Best cfb program the last 32 years

Your blog name makes no sense. What happened to the last ten years?

Should be best cfb program up until ten years ago

LM6 is a great back and should go and get the money if it is offered to him. A RB is 1 carry away from a blown knee. He has two things that you cannot coach, that's speed and vision. LM6 has been great to watch as a Cane. Richardson is the most complete back in College now, while LM6 is the most explosive. NFL teams love explosive RBs. I wish him well whatever his decision is!! Go CANES

Miller need to bulk up,,,just compare him with Trent Richardson who rated the # 1 running back...

Miller's main problem is he falls down from even a soft arm tackle....

In the open he's fast but can't make yards after the first hit....

He needs to build stronger legs and work on staying balanced when hit.

leave are you kidding me. he has one move right now and that is side ways. no toughness when it is needed. all this just to help my teammates and win is pure baloney. he is another of the "me" crowd that has infected the program. there is no team in LM. the UM would be better off if he did leave. I would hope that AG makes him realize how important the concept of team first and individual toughness is needed to be a first rounder.

Posted by: bdevilandcanes | November 21, 2011 at 09:26 PM

hahahahahahaha.. Yeah, shame on LM for thinking about his future..

Your blog name makes no sense. What happened to the last ten years?

Should be best cfb program up until ten years ago

Posted by: canesalltheway | November 22, 2011 at 01:04 PM


What does this have to do with the topic, hmmm?

20 years ago the Canes were playing in the National Championship game, having pounded the GAtr Trash along the way.

Get yer facts and yer dates right, you dumb 'billy.

SEC is a two team conference. Arkansas is a typcial overrated team. Remember in the preseason when 7 SEC teams were ranked in the top 25? Guess how that turned out?


Urban is crapping all over you. Just like Emmitt.

10 years ago they played in the NC game. 6 years ago they played in the Orange Bowl.

Gatrs: National Signing Day Champs. Regular Season Chumps.

..and all this from a dope that couldn't even get in to UM.

Good for Golden on calling out our boys for being just that, boys not men, time to hit the weight room ladies, why can't you hold Swasey accountable, do your job my man or hit the bricks pal, if we are weak he has got to take responsibility, no problem from me if we can him and get someone else in to get our boys rocked up, have U seen LSU and Bama, we need to get rocked like those guys, men not boys, I want to see us running over people and knocking them out.

Some folks never mature and never grow up, lol

one of worst days of my life was about 25 years ago when Flutie got lucky and beat the CANES on a lucky play. I despise Flutie and BC CVanes by 20

Lamar Miller should turn pro. He is a good kid ad a kick ass athlete who will have an impact on whichever team is lucky enough to have him on their squad. Good luck Lamar and I know you will succeed at the next level.

Coach Williams

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