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Golden talks about Florida State -- it's his first taste of the rivalry (with a very short comment on Penn State, Sandusky situation)

 Here's what I transcribed from this evening's teleconference with Al Golden going into Florida State week:

One thing we didn’t touch on yesterday is how much you’ve learned and followed about the Penn State situation in the last 48 hours? I was just curious just to learn your reaction to that story and some of the people’s names that are in it.

“Just shocked and disheartened, but other than that I really don’t know much about it or what’s going on. But just the news that I did learn I was shocked and disheartened just like so many others, I’m sure.’’


I know you have a big game to prepare for, and that takes up much of your time. But is this one of those times where you sort of will find time to follow this a little bit more than maybe you would some other outside stories this week. I know it’s Florida State week and it’s a big week and you’ve got enough to do, but is this a story that you will find time to stay up to date on because you know so many of the principals involved?


“I think you know me well enough to know that I’m just focused on what we’re doing here.  I got home last night at about 9 O’Clock last night and I was in here about 6:30 this morning. So, I don’t really have time to worry about anything else other than Florida State. This is as big as it gets in college football. I really can’t split my time."


How much more of a big deal is it to beat a storied program like that, when it is such a huge program like that on the other side? How much more does it add?

 "I don’t know how much you could possibly add any more to this rivalry than what it has become over the yrs. This is one of those deals that is kind of self-explanatory. I don’t think either side needs to talk much about it. I’m sure we’re both just going to be focused on what we need to do in this game. Because I think the kids and everybody associated with both programs understand what it’s all about."

 Given that so many kids usually know each other or have grown up together or have played together, is this the type of game that you have to work extra hard to not let get in the way of your focus – or your process so to speak?

 "To me what’s going to be publicized or in the media and all those different angles or sound bytes that come with a game like this is really immaterial to me. For us and especially for our student-athletes, we’re trying to teach them the process and we’re trying to teach them to be consistent and we haven’t done that really for consecutive games. That’s the challenge this week and clearly there’s no better way to challenge your team and test your team on whether or not they believe in that process, than Florida State week. From that standpoint I’m fine with it."

 They talk to their friends from FSU or they text and they have little whatever it is they have going on back and forth. Would you rather them not?

 "I hope they don’t have anything going on like that. Nothing has been brought to my attention. I hope that’s not going on."

 Seantrel said after the game that this was one of his most studied weeks and he talked about the process and said he studied and really got prepared the best he’s ever done. Did you see him doing that? And other players who are starting to buy in more?

 "There’s no question Seantrel did make that commitment this week and I’m glad he said that because I think even he recognizes he wasn’t preparing or studying to the degree he needed to. But I think that’s the floor for Seantrel, not the ceiling. That’s the starting point."

 Anyone else mimicking him in the process?

  "I don’t think there’s any question. The biggest point there is the guys who have bought in the most are having the most success right now, whether it’s Jake Wieclaw or Tommy Streeter or Jacory or JoJo Nicolas or Sean Spence. The guys that have bought in the most are having the most success right now. They really are. I don’t think there’s any question that Malcolm Bunche improved in that category this week and Dyron Dye and David Perry. Certainly other guys. Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque have been doing a better job there. So we’re making a lot of progress there.’’

On Jacory, he actually has a better quarterback efficiency rating than Andrew luck over his last six games. Any part of what he’s done since the second half of the Kansas State game been a surprise you?

 "No it really hasn’t to be honest with you. I think he’s been locked in since January. I think he was a man on a mission. He’s a very bright young man, he’s talented. He has learned to trust not just the coaches but his teammates and himself. Right now he’s having success by raising the game of everybody around him. He distributed the ball beautifully yesterday. You guys would know the facts but it seems to me there were more people who touched the ball than any game so far, especially in the first half. I think he’s doing a really good job. He’s making good decisions with the football and  I’m real proud of him. He’s doing a great job."

 He had a great game the last time they played in Tallahassee. He led a fourth-quarter comeback to lead UM to victory. Does that play any role come Saturday?

 "No. I don’t think. I don’t think he’s the type of young man that gets flustered. He’s got poise and we’re going to need that certainly in this environment. Certainly he can draw from being in a loud stadium and having been up there before but different teams, different systems and so many things have changed since then. I think it’s just a function of him going out and continuing to do what he’s doing.  Right now he’s honoring the process every day. He has bought in. He spent a lot of time studying, he’s prepared and he’s making quick decisions on the field."

 Did Seantrel play well enough to keep that starting job?

 "He played pretty good. He didn’t play great but he played pretty good and he’s improving. He’s getting better. I was kind of joking with him after the game, I said, ‘Preseason is over now.’ It looked to me like he played a lot of snaps. He went from a guy playing in the teens to all of a sudden playing 60 snaps. I know Feliciano is going to be as close to 100 percent as he’ll be the rest of the year come Monday morning so clearly he was a young man who was playing really well before he got injured, so we’ll see how that works and how we want to orchestrate the offensive line. But clearly Seantrel is improving and Feliciano had played well up until his victory."

 At least two or three times you guys have won the coin toss and elected to receive? Your thinking on that?

 "There are so many things that go into it, in addition to the weather. It’s the opponent and how the opponent tries to operate and what they’re trying to do and also what we’re trying to get done. I don’t want it to be overplayed. Sometimes it’s just a hunch. You’ve got to go with your gut and how you feel and based on what the other team is doing and whether or not you believe you can either score or pin the other team deep. You better if you take the ball. You can’t be three-and-out. So that’s what it’s a function of."

 Is there an update on Jordan Futch and Tommy Streeter's status?

"I just can’t chase all these down. Tommy Streeter has been in a walking boot since last Wednesday. He seemed to do all right in the game. And then Futch, I don’t know what his status is. He’s a guy who got treatment today. I don’t think we’ll need any additional X-rays. Hopefully he’ll be ready. We’ll learn more as the week evolves."

 Talk about offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and the innovation he’s brought to the offense recently and his ability to use everybody on offense and the weapons you have?

 "Obviously Jedd, to some degree – most certainly the defensive side – but Jedd to a certain degree, and the growth and maybe the development of the offense was stunted a little bit by the events of late August. I don’t think there’s any question about that. We really didn’t play any warmup games so every game we were kind of fighting for our life right from the beginning. And then we had a bye week. So we really didn’t have three or four games of let’s see where we’re at and then a bye week and then let’s add some things. So we’ve been kind of running right out of the chute because so many guys didn’t practice or play in the first game that all we were trying to do with the second game was get them back in the offense and get them going. With the nine days here it gave us an opportunity to add some things."

 When you hired him when you took over, I’m going to guess that this was all part of that process of knowing that he would get the job done and get the ball to the playmakers?

 "Yeah, I don’t think there’s any question. He’s overqualified. He’s got a tremendous pedigree and has done a great job everywhere he’s been. He came highly recommended. I knew he was going to run a pro system, an NFL system. The thing that I like – because there are a lot of teams that run a pro system – the thing that I like is that it’s really not about Jedd, it’s about getting the ball into the hands of the playmakers. From that standpoint, how can you be disappointned with what he’s done in that capacity?"

 You guys are on TV just about every game. When it’s coast-to-coast, when most of the country is going to see your team at 3:30 on Saturday, is that still a big deal given the fact that so many teams are on TV so often?

 " I think it’s a big deal. Obviously it’s a great opportunity to represent your program and your university. I don’t think there’s any question, especially when you have a chance to be a national game. I think that’s great for our program and obviously a great opportunity for both universities in this case. And it should be. It’s that type of game. It’s clearly one of the greatest rivalries in sport and I’m just really excited to be a part of it for the first time."

 Is this one of those games where you’ve gotten the sense that no matter what you do, you beat Florida State, is this on par with Auburn-Alabama, Michigan State-Ohio State. Have you gotten the sense from people down here that this means as much as any game you play?

 "I don’t think there’s any question that this is that game. There are maybe a few that have rivaled the intensity and what it has meant from a national implication standpoint and of course the breadth and depth in talent that has been represented in this gamee over the past quarter centerury. The mantle has been passed and it’s our job to carry it and move the program forward. It should be a great game and a great atmosphere and a great challenge for our program."

 Florida State is very strong on defense. Can you talk about that?

 "Because it’s Sunday, we just wrapped up all three of our phases and started on their special teams and their offense but we’ll have a better idea. What I don’t want to do is start saying things and not be ready to back it up."





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First... This is a big week.. looking to see if The 4 quarters miami shows up or the late starting miami shows up..

Even if the 4 quarter Miami shows, I don't think we can beat FSU. Our defense is much too weak to beat a team like FSU. EJ Manual would have to basically give this game away.

a block punt or a td on special teams 3 to 5 sacks and the L train busting a 100 yards on that ass will do it... play amart and stick the warchant up cheif j little bones ass lol /// GO CANES!!! respect fs-who? never the punks from Canesville

I just hope it's a "smash-mouth" football game. Nothing like punches and counter-punches. Let them slug it out. If nothing, it builds character. GO CANES!!!

FSU is 6-3. here's the records of the teams they beat this year. 2-7, 0-9, 3-6, 5-4, 2-7, 2-7 .

Terrible questions!!! Run on sentences that made no sense. Still trying to figure out why questions that no one cares about are being asked... With that being said, It's Miami-fsu Week!!! #LetGoCanes!!!

Forget about all the other teams. Forget that Duke was Duke: And did UM "win" that game or did Duke "lose" it?

FSU is a very good team. If U want to measure yourself, this is the right to to do it. FSU was a pre-season Top 10 team.

If J12 excels in this game, he solidifies a late 1st, 2nd round draft position.

we just picked up 2 commits 2day... We not going no where. FEAR THE U!

Forget it Miami defense isnt getting it done on defense this year. Basically what im saying is we havent generated a pass rush or intercepted passes.

Give Golden 2 more years and our defense will be playing like the LSU and Bama's. It will be more like LSU tho because they are long up front and big and fast at the linebacker and secondary positions.

Offensive line will have to play smart up front and create a new line of scrimmage for our three running backs to run through and JH to pass through.

Ingredients for success aganist FSU:

No stupid penalty's or turnovers
few mistackles
defensive ends and linebackers stay at home
defensive line get off blocks
corners no soft cushion
safetys no deep balls
tightends seal the ends and backers
RB's hit hole hard (no happy feet)
WR catch ball and get open
OL create new line of scrimmage
JH playball

if this happen UM 24- FSU 17

'Cool 'Cat - I'm a big fan of Jacory Harris but you're insane if you think he could be picked in the first or second round of the draft. For an unbiased assessment, SportingNews' updated rankings for this week has Harris listed as the 22nd best quarterback prospect in the country, 365th best overall prospect.

There are only 214 players drafted. Only 12 quarterbacks were selected last year.

Plus Harris can't return kicks.

I agree with eudocimus01, I am a fan of J12 , but there is no chance he gets drafted at all much less in the 1st or 2nd round. He doesn't have the body type or arm strength to play at the next level. He is much improved this year, especially his decision making, but no NFL team would EVER draft him.


Jacory is better than the Miami Dolphins current QB. You have to remember Jacory is just now filling out, as far as putting weight on and not loafing the ball to his receivers as he did in the past, not too mention he's scrambling more too. Also, keep in mind Jacory graduated ahead of his class and was only 17 when he started at UM. He didn't get a chance to redshirt like most QBs especially the over hyped one's this year like Andrew Luck and Moore from Boise State. Rankings are rankings, looking at FSU and Va Tech from preseason to now. Whether he's drafted or not, Jacory will play in the NFL. More importantly, I hope he rises to the occasion like he's done the past 3 years against FSU.

I don't think Jacory gets drafted. He's played well this year, but I don't think its enough to get him drafted.

he gets drafted name 5 qbs in the ncaa that have better stats had our d stepped up wed be undefeated n jacory would be a hiesman consideration

Questioning Al Golden about the Penn State event was totally inappropriate. It is an accusation of a felony of disgusting dimensions, that has absolutely nothing to do with Al Golden. WTH did you expect him to say? That he dignified you with a response exemplifies his courtesy and patience that you did not deserve.

Harris has played much better lately. Saturday was the first time he has played a complete game from the 1-4 quarters. SE his stats good, yes. Does he regularly throw into triple and double coverage, yes. Is he an nfl qb, no, he has less skills than tebow. Will he be drafted, probably not. You need to look at his entire body of work.

I think our defense has evolved scheme wise we are better than we were with shannon. If fsu spreads 4 wr sets, it should be a long night for fsu unless thier qb is andrew luck. I suspect fsu knows this and will counter with a pro set. Its going to comedown to qbs

Good Morning Canes Fans

If the Canes come out and play the exact same way they did against dukey, we'll get the W. Benjamin won't drop a Morris pass like that again. I see Morris getting in there running that option play and hopefully putting the ball up to benjamin. Harris should hit Tommy for the fade route the moment we're in the redzone. Guaranteed 6pts right there. We need to keep an eye on Devonte Freeman and if we can contain him, we'll be fine.



C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!1

Great win...
We are all buying the process Coach...and I have said all along...Yes even to you CANETILLIDIE..we need to be patient and let the Coaches do their thing...this team will come around and make us proud.
A few lucky breaks and the ball going our way we would be rated in the top 25..No doubt..so let us continue to play like our 'Canes that we love and BEAT FSU.
Go 'Canes

The only way Miami wins this Sat. is the offensive line has to win up front somehow,and the defense has to win 3rd down. A couple of turnovers would be nice to.

We are the canes
If we play like we did against Duke.....
No........... if FSU plays like Duke
Then we will win for sure
Jacory is better than Andrew Luck
That is why he will be the first QB drafted
If we had a defense we would be undefeated
and Jacory would be wearing pink
We are the best almost undefeated team in the land and Golden is the best coach in the world

The progress that Jacory has made this year is terrific.

If these coaches had been place for all 4 of his years, he would have had a great college career.

However, I agree with others on this board. Jacory doesn't have the physical talent to even be a back-up NFL quarterback.

We are the obsessed gator trolls
If we play like we did against Vanderbilt.....
No........... if fake USC plays like Vanderbilt
Then we will still lose for sure
Jacory is better than Brantley, and is showing how good Tommy Streeter is.
That is why Brantley will never be drafted
If we had an offense and played teams like Citadel and Furman every week, we would be undefeated, but the SEC forces us to play conference games.
and Brantley would be Tebowing in the end zone.
We will still go undefeated this year, or next year, or some ryear within the NEXT hundred years, and Muschamp is the best coach in the world.

Of course, I could be wrong, I have been wrong every year of my life so far....

If we play like we did against dukey, we'll be fine.

No mental BS.
Hold the line.
Defense needs to stop 3rd down and a turnover or 2 would be nice.
Harris/Morris ---> Streeter/Benjamin/Dorsett, DONE.
Miller needs to do the same thing he did against dukey and that's finishing his runs with less dancing. He'll be fine if he does.

I see it going Canes 28 fswho 17...fswho will try to make it 20 but will miss another field goal.

Enjoy and have a great day.

Go Canes

Stay the course. Give these coaches till the end of next season (we'll be minus 90% of randy's former recruits) and lets see what Golden does with his recruits and the sophomores and juniors we have from this season. That's a lot to work with from what we have riding pine that will be itching for time next season. Be patient it's only the first season under Golden and Co. and they're doing the best they can under the given circumstances of the beginning of the year. These kids look like they're getting it.

That BC game better be packed!

Golden is getting top recruits
Stole them from Ohio U.(not OSU) and Western Kentucky
Give him another decade and we will be an ACC contender, maybe even make it to the championship game
Jacory is playing great, even in our close losses like UVA
Good thing we don't play in a real conference
The BC game will not be packed, BC doesn't draw
But the FSU game is already a sell out
Who says we don't draw
Maryland surely stinks, did they lose again
Too bad Jacory won't be around next year
Looking forward to follwing his NFL carreer

Typical Hurricane WORRY WORTS and what not. Why don't U'all go back to that EGOTISTICAL souper's Cane blogsphere and reighn down U'alls WORRY there.

Yeah, yeah Miami's defense is sUb-par and what not. So what! I recall The Golden One's squad nearly pulling off the win in REDNECKburgh. Eh.

What Miami has to do is OUTSCORE F.S.U. That's all.

Bottom line is I absolutely BELIEVE, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Miami can come away with the victory. Get outta' here.

FWIW... the Sin City toUters see the Seminoles as a - 9 home chalk. dUh.

By the way, I see there's the TYPICAL DELuSIONAL Cane rUffian in this here Miami forum.

This dUde sees Miami holding F.S.U. to SEVENTEEN (17) points. Get the fUc! outta' here.

Hurricane rUffian. Ain't no way the D'Onofrio holds the Seminoles to 17 and or 20 points! Capice.

Nonetheless, I envision The Golden One's squad winning by a FG.

I just think Fischer and Jacory and Miller and the rest of the offense is going play their best game of the season and the D-unit will ride their Orange-n-Green coattails to victory.

Penn State!!! The perfect program... Joe Pa, the most etthicalo coach in football. NOT!!! At UM, yes we have cheated and yes we are THUGS, but we are not CHILD MOLESTERS!!! I hope they bury PSU and their old molester JOE PA... Come sit on PAPA's lap little boy, is the new PSU cheer!!!

damn I can't believe what's going on in college football. What a messed up season. Free tattoos, supposed prostitutes and parties, now child molestation?

Damn just damn.

This penn state investigation is coming at a good time really. Its sad but it might keep golden here with all this contract restructering going on. As for fsu week, looks even to me. Who wants it more wins. Will be a great game. GO CANES!!!!!

People lets not see one more comment in this entire paper that associates the U with anything going on at Penn State. Because there isn't. What's going on up there is awful. We are the U and have NO connection to what's going on up there.

Fsu, aside from Okie, has played a powder puff schedule. They've played the dregs of the ACC and done what they should have, blown them out. Beware, there defense is for real. FSU, always has a speed rushing lineman and a couple LB's that are terrors, this team is no exception. Jedd needs to come up with a super game plan or Jacory might have it rough. We, from week to week never know what team is going to show up, well should I say what defensive team is going to show up. Actually I should say, when is it ever going to show up!

I think mediocrity is wearing pink today...He Hates when we WIN...pink very a pro po..
If we beat FSU he will wear red...just unabated drivel...To deride a team like Miami with sarcasm makes me believe that someone is looking for attention...attention deficit anyone..ANYWAY...FSU has speed and has moved up their level of play..Miami's defense has to step up..plug the gaps..play position and pull out some takeaways...
The 'Canes will be ready...
Go 'Canes

Didnt Clemson and da Okies blow out that Defense??
If EJ beats us it will be running not throwing, he is garbage throwing.

Our offense aint too shabby boys, leggo!!

Yeah they did blow out FSU but we are not Okie Or Clemson on Offense and had we been we'd be 9-0, regardless of the defense. Deno's defense does us in again.

If EJ goes through the air we'll have a good day. We can cover fswho's receivers. We just need to play containment and we'll be fine on Defense. Smart defense, don't go for the kill just the take down and the kill will come.


Al Golden will be heading to Happy Valley before the end of 2011.

my heart is about to stop beating, I'm sure penn state will give al golden an offer along with a nice pay check, please university of miami keep al golden around

I was driving in the car this afternoon pondering one question, would you rather deal with sanctions that will surely come down on the U or have to try to recuit with the stain that will forever be in Happy Valley and try to be the guy that fallows the legend. Man I would hate to be Al Golden right now.

Golden isn't leaving. Take that notion out of your head. He'll finish his contract, restructure a new one and continue on here. He'll build a bigger and better name for himself here than he would in childmolester valley.

Golden Era is here.

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