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Golden to Penn State reporter: "I believe I'm going to be the head coach at Miami in 2012, that's correct."

CORAL GABLES -- For months, UM coach Al Golden has told us how much he and his family love living in Miami. He's told us how much he relishes the opportunity to coach the Hurricanes and how he plans to be here for the future.

Tuesday, during his weekly appearance on the Atlantic Coast Conference teleconference -- about 10 minutes before he met with local reporters at UM -- Golden was asked directly by a Penn State reporter if he had any interest in taking the vacant Nittany Lions job.

The question: "Do you have absolutely no interest in the Penn State job?"

Golden's response: "The question has been posed the last couple of weeks, and I said over and over again, I'm happy here. I'm excited about what we're doing with our program.  I'm excited about the recruiting class that we're putting together, and clearly excited about what our team has done."

Patriot-News reporter David Jones then asked Golden: "So does that mean you absolutely will be the coach at Miami in 2012?'

Golden responded: "I believe I'm going to be the head coach at Miami in 2012, that's correct."

Golden has been asked ad nauseam by local reporters about his future in light of the impending NCAA sanctions at Miami and the opening at Penn State. What can you take from Tuesday's quote on the ACC teleconference? Exactly what he said. Golden "believes" he will be here in 2012.

That being said -- you never know. If you need any reminders, just ask the Dolphins about Nick Saban and that job at Alabama he wasn't going to take. I'm not saying Golden is a liar. I'm just saying other coaches have lied before.

Here is the audio of the exchange between Penn State reporter and Golden. I edited it down for your listening ears and added the following question from a different reporter when Golden went on to talk about why you would take a job at Miami.

Al Golden on Tuesday's ACC teleconference


Here are few other highlights from Tuesday's weekly press conference with Golden and UM players.

> UM hasn't won its final regular season game since 2006. Golden said it's important for UM to go out on a high note Friday and win.

"I know Boston College feels the same way," he said. "They have 10 freshmen on their two deep on defense so they're looking at it as a springboard for them. They've given up two touchdowns in their last two games. They're playing good football right now. They have our staffs' attention, players attention.

"It is an important game for us, to go 7-5, know we had a chance to win every game. That's a big deal because that wasn't the case the last couple years. When they lost the last couple times it kind of unraveled and got away from them. This team didn't let that happen. This team never quit."

> Friday's game was rescheduled from Saturday to Friday before the season in honor of the famous Hail Flutie Game in 1984. Golden remembers the game vividly.

"I remember it like it was yesterday. I know exactly where I was. 1984. The day after Thanksgiving, our kids wouldn't understand it now, but it was one of those deals where my brother Greg was home from college and said `Let's VCR this game,' Let's tape this game.' I think he still has it, to be honest with you. We knew it would be one of those games. The more the game evolved it was `I can't believe what I'm watching.' Melvin [Bratton's] touchdown at the end or Bernie [Kosar] yelling at coach to run it in. I have a vivid picture in my mind of what it looked like. There have been a lot of great clashes. I was also on the other side in the 1999 game, 31-28, overtime. And the 2001 game. They beat us the last time we played. Our guys understand they're in for a physical, rugged team that doesn't beat itself. We have to be ready."