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Golden to Penn State reporter: "I believe I'm going to be the head coach at Miami in 2012, that's correct."

CORAL GABLES -- For months, UM coach Al Golden has told us how much he and his family love living in Miami. He's told us how much he relishes the opportunity to coach the Hurricanes and how he plans to be here for the future.

Tuesday, during his weekly appearance on the Atlantic Coast Conference teleconference -- about 10 minutes before he met with local reporters at UM -- Golden was asked directly by a Penn State reporter if he had any interest in taking the vacant Nittany Lions job.

The question: "Do you have absolutely no interest in the Penn State job?"

Golden's response: "The question has been posed the last couple of weeks, and I said over and over again, I'm happy here. I'm excited about what we're doing with our program.  I'm excited about the recruiting class that we're putting together, and clearly excited about what our team has done."

Patriot-News reporter David Jones then asked Golden: "So does that mean you absolutely will be the coach at Miami in 2012?'

Golden responded: "I believe I'm going to be the head coach at Miami in 2012, that's correct."

Golden has been asked ad nauseam by local reporters about his future in light of the impending NCAA sanctions at Miami and the opening at Penn State. What can you take from Tuesday's quote on the ACC teleconference? Exactly what he said. Golden "believes" he will be here in 2012.

That being said -- you never know. If you need any reminders, just ask the Dolphins about Nick Saban and that job at Alabama he wasn't going to take. I'm not saying Golden is a liar. I'm just saying other coaches have lied before.

Here is the audio of the exchange between Penn State reporter and Golden. I edited it down for your listening ears and added the following question from a different reporter when Golden went on to talk about why you would take a job at Miami.

Al Golden on Tuesday's ACC teleconference


Here are few other highlights from Tuesday's weekly press conference with Golden and UM players.

> UM hasn't won its final regular season game since 2006. Golden said it's important for UM to go out on a high note Friday and win.

"I know Boston College feels the same way," he said. "They have 10 freshmen on their two deep on defense so they're looking at it as a springboard for them. They've given up two touchdowns in their last two games. They're playing good football right now. They have our staffs' attention, players attention.

"It is an important game for us, to go 7-5, know we had a chance to win every game. That's a big deal because that wasn't the case the last couple years. When they lost the last couple times it kind of unraveled and got away from them. This team didn't let that happen. This team never quit."

> Friday's game was rescheduled from Saturday to Friday before the season in honor of the famous Hail Flutie Game in 1984. Golden remembers the game vividly.

"I remember it like it was yesterday. I know exactly where I was. 1984. The day after Thanksgiving, our kids wouldn't understand it now, but it was one of those deals where my brother Greg was home from college and said `Let's VCR this game,' Let's tape this game.' I think he still has it, to be honest with you. We knew it would be one of those games. The more the game evolved it was `I can't believe what I'm watching.' Melvin [Bratton's] touchdown at the end or Bernie [Kosar] yelling at coach to run it in. I have a vivid picture in my mind of what it looked like. There have been a lot of great clashes. I was also on the other side in the 1999 game, 31-28, overtime. And the 2001 game. They beat us the last time we played. Our guys understand they're in for a physical, rugged team that doesn't beat itself. We have to be ready."


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Awful news. Suicide alert. Lost to Maryland, for God's sake.

Golden has a chance to make a name for himself at UM. The sanctions are slowing his progress down and that is a shame. I would guess UM is about to extend his contract because of the sanctions. That gives him a fairer amount of time to return this Program to excellence. I really believe he can make this a top 10 Program again.

While i hope al stays i really do . I actually think this team showed more fight under him then they ever did under shannon. I also think he will fix the depth of talent issues that plague this team. its penn state that has to be a huge draw to him and his family. The one reason he may not go to me is his respect for joe paterno. If a school treated a legend like joe they way they did what will they do with u? If he stays in miami it means he really loves it in miami and maybe just maybe he didnt like how joe was treated at psu.

This was the actually quote,""I believe I'm going to be the head coach at Miami in 2012, that's correct."

With all that is going on up at State College I believe that Golden might stay away. Also, the PSU trustees may not want anyone associated with the old program - they might want a coach with no previous ties to JoPa. Just my 2 cents.
I believe in Golden - could be the start of something great!

Al Golden can resurrect the program at the University of Miami. He can go down with all of the legendary past coaches. He can bring the City of Miami back to the forefront of college football. Every recruit wants to come down here. This is where he should be for a long time. And the University should do whatever it takes to lock him in for the long haul!

Why would he want to stay in Miami with the sanctions coming? The weather? The "U" hasn't done anything since joining the ACC. Golden would be better off if he distanced himself as far from this joke of a football program as he possibly can. The "Canes" are the 4th best college program in the state. Yeah, that's right, South Florida is better than they are. Read and weep!

So, Slap Johnson thinks the pecking order in the State is:

1. FSU
2. USF
3. FIU
4. Miami
5. FAU
6. Bethune Cookman
7. UFailure


I can live with that.

4th best??? BWAHAHAHHAHA

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

And what he said under his breath away from the microphone: "...unitl Penn State offers me $4.5 mil a year."


Wishful thinking from the Furman of Florida.

PSU will be lucky to have two nickels to rub together after all the lawsuits.

Uncle Al ain't going anywhere. It's either sanctions here, or potential sanctions/sex mess at Penn. I'd rather be here. UM will pay him, because the UM Trustees love him. So, there U go. It's The U. Next opponent.


I'm not a fan of 'Goldy, but everybody deserves a second chance. It's the DC who has to go if progress is to be had.

Wonder why Coach G will stay? As a kid he and his brother were taping UM games! He has a thing for the U. His dream job. Why go to PSU? They will be on sanctions. As far as Coach D and the defense... the coach is not the problem. They held FSU to one (?) touchdown and USF to none. Imagine what he will do with some talented players that have brains. No disrespect to current players, they hustle like hell, but some of them are not very bright football wise.

CoolCat.....like some UM players you have no football IQ whatsoever, a second chance, give me a break, you have no idea what it is for a program to undergo culture change. These kids for the first time in five years are learning what it takes to win on this level. If you can't see the change even though the record is 6-5 at this point you are hopeless, which I think you are already!

You don't have football intelligence much less any other intelligence that I can see

Get a life and maybe you will get a second chance at saying something intelligent.

I think alot of coaches learned something from Lil Saban and his outright lie. Coaches since then have given similar answers to comments.

I don't want to overanalyze his answer, but, I will. Any time someone says "I believe..." that is an equivocal statement that can be reversed, should that person's "belief" be changed as a result of something happening or more information becomes available. For example, "I believe I'll be the coach at miami, because I haven't been offered the job." Which doesn't mean he hasn't spoken with PU about the job. Remember what UM did with Gruden? They only talked to him about his interest, but never "offered" him the position. That way UM could come out and claim they only "offered" the job to Golden. Not a lie, but close enough. How about another scenario "I believe I'll be the coach because I am in the process of renegotiating my contract with UM and if they don't see their way to meet my demands, I guess they don't want me at UM and I'll have to go where I'm wanted."

All that aside, I "believe" Golden will be here next year because he hasn't shown enough this year to garner the automatic PU head coaching job. Afterall, how do you replace JoePa with a guy who went 7-5? Hey who knows, maybe tomorrow my beliefs will be different.


I personally didn't like the "I Believe" part of the response. This man needs to stay at Miami; the football program needs him. Here's a story line for ya; did anyone notice Eichorst's response the other day when he was asked about Golden leaving? "I plan on working side by side with Al Golden for many years to come". Isn't PSU without an AD right now too? Just sayin.......

I hope i'm wrong but I'll feel a lot better when PSU hires a coach because nobody is giving a straight answer, not even the AD.

Listened to Lee Corso speak last night at a QB Club in Daytona and he says PSU doesnt want him. Its sounds like they want to cut ties with any alumni or former assistants and want a fresh start. Goood for them. He also thinks for the Canes to keep him, they should offer 1 year extension for every year they are put in probation. Golden has been lied to from the beginning, so why should he be honest with the U. The man deserves a chance.

The NCAA is (key word...IS) currently looking into PSU at an institutional control stand point. How can they not find them liable for that mess. The truth is out . It was covered up by 3,4,5,6,7 or more employees. The only way he takes that job is if he knows they will get the death penalty and signs his contract just before they do. Then he will move back to Miami and take an early retirment with wads of cash in hand. Don't see that happening though.

Razncane...Do U actually think Golden didn't know TheU was being investigated before he applied for the job? Even gator fans knew and the are complete idiots living in trailer parks spread across the state.

Sorry, They are complete idiots. Forgot my Y in they

ExtendAlGolden.com send the Brinks truck to his house. This guy can put up great numbers if he stay. Good Luck Seniors thanks for the memories. This should be a blowout win they can use for momentum for the spring. With 30 new guys coming in. I'm excited about next season. Go Canes!!

"I believe I'm going to be the head coach at Miami in 2012, that's correct." YEAH SURE GOLDY LOCKS.

Hope Golden stays...but I'm not betting on it. He was lied to about the Shitpiro mess and unless he's paid big money, he's probably gone.

There's a big difference between "I believe" and I "will"

I hope Coach Golden stays. He is a breath of fresh air. We need a coach who will stay with the Canes over the long run.
In the interim, beat BC!

He should be held to to standards no different from the recruits that commit and then go else where. Let him leave if he wants to go.

Finally, the question was put, “Do you have absolutely no interest in the Penn State job?”

Golden’s response: “The question has been posed the last couple of weeks, and I said over and over again, I’m happy here. I’m excited about what we’re doing with our program. I’m excited about the recruiting class that we’re putting together, and clearly excited about what our team has done.”

That’s a lot of excitement. That’s also a ... ?

lot of ?


Kennedy ... Golden ?

Back NorEast Home soon ...

Easy, It was well known that a UM-Florida Bowl matchup was in the works and Miami saved themselves from the Embarrassment of having to turn it down or worse, playing and getting Ur teeth kicked in by the Gators... And U took Ur ball and went home.

Adios Canes, Sanctions loom next, Golden bolts and you'll be a sub %.500 team the next 5 years...

Posted by: Tubby | November 21, 2011 at 08:33 AM

word to Ur Grandmother ...


That was cool.

Fear the tie.

Tubby aka Charlie Weis:

UM fears the gators like Charlie fears a whopper. Seriously?

Listen, UM isnt Furman. At 22-7 in the first q Um would have continued scoring. That game would have ended 75-30. The only thing that saved your pathetic gaytrs was 2 pick sixes. Take that away and what do you have?

Penn state is a cess pool of garbage. Why would Al Golden bring his nice family to that dump that is now a billion times worse than gainseville? Not only are they being investigated by the NCAA, they are now being investigated by the Feds, and the Sandusky thing is being looked into for being a massive cover up that includes Paterno. Why would Golden want to go there? Miami is paradise compared to there- furthermore they are losing recruits like crazy. What parent would wanttheir child to play there?

Golden stays- that is is UM is smart enough to give him a nice extension. I believe they will, and I believe Golden is positioning himself for one, given that more or less ambiguous language he is using

Bye Al, we hardly knew you .

Wow, namechanging troll is going full lunatic on here, trying to hype up a story that has NO legs.

Golden is the Canes coach, Muschump is the Gators coach. You picked wrong, and know that NOBODY is looking to steal Mushchunks from you, while schools accross the COUNTRY wish they had snagged Golden before we did.

So sad, you missed out.

"THEY beat US the last time WE played. OUR guys understand they're in for a physical, rugged team that doesn't beat itself. WE have to be ready."

For those that pick at each word trying to get a clue as to where his heart is, HE IS ALL CANE!

He'll stay. Just drop this already and lets all focus on next season. Pedophile State University won't have much money to offer him once they're done paying their legal fees and paying off the lawsuits. That school is gonna go broke soon. Facts are facts.


Why in the name of all that is good and decent would AG leave Miami to go to PSU where the hammer is about to come down so hard, it makes our transgressions seem like a bowl of feathers? PSU is about to be ripped apart because even more people are coming out for what that sicko did, and Paterno's so-called legendary status is about to crumble because HE and ALL his staff KNEW what had happened and did absolutely NOTHING, which constitutes 'lack of institutional control'. AG's family loves it in Miami, the weather, and not to mention he's got one helluva recruiting class coming in. My take is Al is sick of being asked the question about PSU. He's not going anywhere.

13 weeks in a row BABY !

What U gotz ?


This Thanksgiving week, instead of another billion negative ways to spin the imminent Al Golden to PSU story--How about an article on how grateful UM fans should be for all of the positive things Coach Golden has done in just 1 year?

Manny--A recruiting update focusing on all the studs he is bringing in would also be awesome
Happy Thanksgiving

I know you small-university types cannot fathom this, but universities like PSU have pockets so cavernously deep that they will be able to pay every kid that sicko violated and still come up with 4.5 mil/yr to get Al Golden to come home. HOME, that's right, this is just a vacation stop for him. Even if they're on probation -- even if they are not on T.V., he can play in front of 100K every home game and be close to where he grew up.

I agree with posters that say to not worry about this -- but for different reasons. You can only control what you can control, and UM can't control where his HOME is. UM will survive with him or another coach. But face it, this job is no great shakes.

Golden's story of recording the Miami game when he was young tells you he is a fan of the U. He isnt going anywhere. He said "I believe" because he is leaving himself some wiggle room to leave if harsh sanctions that can set the program back 5+ years occur. And honestly he deserves that wiggle room since he wasnt told about the investigation. This is a non story. He is actually being as honest as possible without blatantly saying I will be here next year if NCAA sanctions arent harsh. Thats what his statement means.

And if any coach leaves their current job, it will not be to PSU. There are criminal, civil and an NCAA investigation. More and more details are coming out as well as victims. The criminal probe will take a while to sort out. Then the civil will take a couple of years and millions upon millions of dollars from PSU. Then the NCAA investigation will take a couple of years. The cloud that hovers over PSU will be there for a very long time, no up and coming coach is going into that mess.

Oh and Urban Meyer to Ohio State is a joke. So they hire one crooked coach for another. Urban was a great coach, but I believe he is burned out and will be burned out a couple of years into the Ohio State job. Bad decision by Ohio State. And seems like he is taking assistant coaches from UF which is even funnier. UF is garbage and will be for a few years. Muschamp is the worst coach in the state of florida.

He'll stay. Just drop this already and lets all focus on next season. Pedophile State University won't have much money to offer him once they're done paying their legal fees and paying off the lawsuits. That school is gonna go broke soon. Facts are facts.


Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | November 23, 2011 at 09:17 AM

I agree that the timing isn't right now for Coach Golden to jump to Penn. St. at this time. Things are just to hot there now. But let there be zero doubt that money wouldn't be an issue what so ever. ALL these BIG State schools have seperate entities made up of mostly big-time, and I mean BIG-Time Booster monies that pay Head Coaches salaries that are safe from any lawsuits against their School and can not be touched. Not looking to argue, but that fact is just that. Fact.

What I'm worried about is, kind of like Ohio State, Penn. State will try to ride this out for a year by just having an "interim" coach letting this all blow over, and it will eventually, and then already having a wink/wink backroom agreement with Golden, they'll go after him and get him in 2013. Kinda like Urban Cryer.

I'm sure Golden is a great guy and all but 30-40 mil. over 8 years trumps 15-20 mil. over 8 years period. That's security that we just can't provide and any Coach couldn't turn down.

13 weeks in a row BABY !

What U gotz ?


Posted by: Pitt Panther | November 23, 2011 at 09:28 AM


149 weeks in a row. Enjoy sucking on that penis.

pitt who???? When I think of pitt I think of 2 things:

1. Dan Marino

2. Dave "The Stache" Wamprat

and Hugh Green, Mark May, Tony Dorsett

Contract extension over how long at what $ cost -vs- $ Buyout clause is the real question .

I am nervous that if Urban does indeed go to OSU then the Penn State boosters are going to go nuts and whoever the next coach is going to get paid. All things being equal, PSU and UM will be sanctioned and if you are going to have to deal with sanctions wouldn't you want to be paid? We can not pay that cash - well unless we find another Shapiro.

Why would Golden stay at a college program that doesn't have the facilities, college campus or crowds other top notch programs have.

UM has what 12,000 ppl show up to games, half who arent even alums from the school. Cmon ppl you go to a college to live and experience the "college life" thats why FSU, UF, USF, UCF will in the near future be beter prgrams that the U.

He may not go to Penn State but he will be out of here as soon as a top notch program offer him a contract.

This isn't good:

#UM announces Coach Al Golden won't do his usual day-after-game teleconference. Instead, he'll wait until Monday 9 a.m. to do season wrapup

I still remember how much crap UM fans used to talk, threatening Gators that Urban Meyer was supposedly leaving for Penn State. The irony here is incredible. You reap what you sow!!! I hear Randy is still available. Suckers!

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