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Golden's contract extension helped pave way for commitment from Cypress Bay OL Danny Isidora

If anybody wants to know why giving Al Golden a four-year contract extension last Friday was important for the University of Miami's recruiting efforts, Cypress Bay High offensive lineman Danny Isidora is willing to explain.

Danny IsidoraTuesday morning, the 6-3, 340-pound offensive lineman for the Lightning called Golden and UM and committed to be a part of the Canes' 2012 signing class -- all a result of what transpired last week according to Cypress Bay coach Mark Guandolo.

"He had Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Florida State all after him, but on the back of his mind UM was always his favorite," Guandolo said. "He's been a UM fan since he was a young kid. He always dreamed of playing there. But he was a little apprehensive with all the talk about the NCAA sanctions and Coach Golden and the Penn State stuff. When coach got the extension that helped him make the final decision."

Isidora, rated as the 13th best offensive guard in the country by ESPN and the 29th best at his position according to Rivals, was being recruited by UM offensive line coach Art Kehoe to be a pulling guard according to Guandolo.

That relationship with Kehoe, Isidora said, ultimately paid off. Isidora said he and Kehoe spoke on a weekly basis. In fact, the first person he called to give his commitment to was Kehoe. But with the coach on a flight and unavailable, Isidora said he called Golden directly and the coach was thrilled to hear the news.

“I just love the coaches -- Coach Golden, Coach Kehoe. I’ve talked to Coach Kehoe once a week all season about everything, football, life. He’s a good guy,” said Isidora, whose mother is from Nassau, Bahamas and father is from Curacao. “Coach Kehoe kept me informed with everything regarding the NCAA [investigation], so I felt like they were being upfront and honest.”

In high school, Isidora served as the Lightning's starting left tackle for three years. Guandolo said Isidora benches 350 pounds, squats 450 pounds and power cleans 350 pounds. Guandolo said Isidora is a bright kid (3.9 GPA) who has always excelled picking up the diverse blocking schemes his team has used in its Wing-T offense.

Isidora said he would like to shed about 10 pounds "of baby fat" before he gets to UM. He doesn't mind redshirting either, but will play right away if needed.

"He's a hard worker, really dedicated young man with a great attitude. He's a quiet kid and not boastful, a great demeanor kid you like to be around," Guandolo said. "He got bigger and stronger as time went on here. He's very explosive and is a heck of an athlete. Great, great feet for a big guy. I think he's going to be physical in that running offense, be a pulling type guy for them."

Isidora is supposed to meet with Golden Thursday. He's the second senior at Cypress Bay to commit to UM. Linebacker Josh Witt (6-2, 220) committed back in the summer.

The Lightning have a trio of talented juniors including star receiver/defensive back Alex Montgomery (6-1, 190), running back Matthew Dayes (5-11, 190) and quarterback Jaranta Lewis (6-0, 180).

Isidora becomes the third offensive lineman to join UM's class. The Canes also have commitments from Miami Norland left tackle Ereck Flowers (6-6, 305) and Fork Union Military Academy's Taylor Gadbois (6-8, 300).

Here is a highlight reel of Isidora. He's No. 74


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Welcome to The U Mr. Isidora. Now, let's dominate!



Oops 1906 you were second

Just got back from Columbus Oh. Someone actually wrote to the newspaper up there,"have you notice how the criminal activity of the football team has picked up since Meyer was going to be named head coach." Talk about dumb fans.

Fear the Tie my friends. Fear the Tie.

2.9 GPA and he's a "bright kid?"

Welcome to the U Danielson. Stay away from the Prime 112, KOD, and yachts.

What's dumb about that canes60? It's obviously a joke.

Talk about dumb fans.

And while we're at it, when are we gonna start recruiting some mean and nasty guys? I'm kind of sick of hearing our recruits and players are "great demeanor" kids who are "quiet and not boastful." We need desperately some attitude and ego on this team! Shannon's recruits were all soft and coddled; I was more than glad to see so many of them go after the BC game. Golden better realize that great players are not necessarily likable players and "quiet and not boastful." Some of the best players in the NFL (Ndamukong Suh, Ray Rice) and indeed in our storied history (Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, Clinton Portis) were anything but.

He is a 'Cane. I like it when they say "they have wanted to play for the U since they were kids", sound like it's where they want to be instead of where they chose to be.

Jesus H. Christ ...

U nUmbnuts are 4 days removed from getting handled by a 3-8 B.C. team at home to drop U to 6-6 and now this ?

Can't wait for Spring !!!

These's recruits are beasts !!!

Golden's got this !!!

Morris a Heisman canadite !!!

We'll Win the Coastal !!!

ACC Champs in 2012 !!!

11-1 or 10-2 at worse !!!

A BCS Bowl Win !!!

National Champs in 2013 !!!


Wash-Rinse-Repeat ...


Sanctions ... Multiple scholly losses ... Bowl bans loom ...

but, nothing to see here riiiieeet Cane Fan ?

If Golden can just keep all the Dade and Broward players home, we will be playing for an NC in a couple years

Canes4lyfe. You sound like a broken record whose time has come. On field attitude is good but after that it's not needed. Suh is an example not to follow. He's hurting his team more than helping.

Can I just suggest that the hilarious picture of Golden jumping up in the air be the default "Al Golden article" picture instead of the one where he's looking sideways at the camera with his mouth hanging open like a gomer?

Four days since our last game and you're still here on the Miami Herald's website on the Miami Hurricanes blog talking about the Miami Hurricanes.

Kind of sad, riiiieeeet?

Mr. "I speak pseudo-ghetto speak" is a straight rieeeeght idiot.

Look at me, mom. I talkit da street slang. I am big and dumb. Rieeeeght booooooooyyyyyy? Word to yuh mutha, right pseudo-ghetto boooooeeeeeyyyyyyyy????

This kid is gonna be really good for us. He'll help push the other Olinemen in front of him. Welcome Isidora to the U. With this kid and Taylor (THE GOON) Gadbois the Oline will be sick. Thank god that horn is gone. Seeing him get pushed back so many times was just painful to watch. With all of these guys we're gonna average more or less 6'5" and 320lbs across the Oline.

Seantrel Henderson 6'8" 345
Malcolm Bunche 6'7" 330
John Feliciano 6'5" 320
John Johnson 6'6" 320
Ben Jones 6'5" 310
Jeremy Lewis 6'4" 315
Brandon Linder 6'6" 310
Brandon Washington 6'4" 320
Jarred Wheeler 6'5" 315
Shane McDermott 6'4" 290
Hunter Wells 6'4" 283

and these new guys

Taylor Gadbois 6'8" 300
Danny Isidora 6'4" 330
Ereck Flowers 6'6" 305

Damn that's some nasty weight across the whole Oline that Defense's are gonna have to get used to quick.

Cant wait.

Mr. "I speak pseudo-ghetto speak" is a straight rieeeeght idiot.


it's "skkkraight"

Great potential there canetillidie. Kehoe will put it all together.
Shot score and in flames pseudo ghetto speak gomer.

Hope Isidora works out, but if we are to get the status of the Bama and LSU's of the college football world, we need more than 3 Star Gaurds. Not one SEC school offered him. Neither did UCF or USF. Only a handful of ACC and BIG-10 schools did and that's only because he has that raw "South Florida" talent that they like to try to develope. All I'm saying is, we need to go after and GET bigger fish at the line positions on both sides of the ball. And stockpile them. And you do that by recruiting O- Tackles that have great feet that you can then move inside to Gaurds. It doesn't work the other way around. The 13th. ranked best gaurds are no better than the 50-75th. best tackles.

Like I said, I hope he works out, but as of now, this is realistically nothing more than adding a body. And we have plenty of fresh warm bodies. We need STUDS at the points of attack if we are to rise to the level of the elite.

The State of Miami is keeping those top Blue chipper kids home, not the average ones to develope. But I suppose since S. Florida is usually thin on O-Linemen it's worth the risk. Like to see if we can get that Boynton Beach kid Dunker to decommit from the Turds and land him. Or the Palm Beach kid Young that has yet to commit but considering Bama, Auburn, Turds, Oklahoma and Georgia. We need to steal these types to raise the bar.

Now get us some snot snorting, fire breathing D-TACKLES Coach Golden !!!

Not trying to beat on the hornets nest Canes. Just my opinion.

U !

Great get for the O-Line but where's the dam beef at D-Tackle. Hell we have to stop somebody, in order to get the ball. All I saw all year were teams marching 80 yds at a clip. I even think Ga. Tech had a 20 play drive on us. You can't score much if you don't have the ball.

Damn that's some nasty weight across the whole Oline that Defense's are gonna have to get used to quick.

Cant wait.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | November 29, 2011 at 03:01 PM

Hope you're right. We'll see how the Big n Tall works out. Most all teams O-lines are that. It's the Ox strong and mili-second Football I.Q.'s that seperates the best of them. That and 2 deep ready to play depth.

Most players are not 5 or 4 stars. While those players stand out, what makes teams successful are the 1, 2, 3 star players that are developed into real talent. Thats where the bread and butter of recruiting is. While everyone is focused on stars, the good recruiters look at ability, intelligence, heart, and how they fit the program. Nick Saban has passed up on 5 star players before because they didnt fit his system. Its not all about stars. Its about putting a puzzle together and if a 5 star piece doesn't fit, there is no point in forcing the issue otherwise it will hurt more than help the team.
Fact of the matter is, Miami can't compete with FSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, OK State and the SEC in the big money game. So we get the best talent and develop them. As the wins come so will the recruits that we covet so much. Until then it will be unknown players that Golden will develop. I'm sure UF and FSU fans can tell us how great their past 3 years of recruiting has been. 6 losses and 4 losses are all that need to be said for the star system.

Yo, you be riiiieeeeggghhtttt dumbazzzz. Dat is duh way we rollll, word to yuh mutha boooeeeyyyyyyy. Yo, check it, my homie.

Welcome to the U Isidora...

Growing up as a Kid loving the 'Canes, now reality is that your are becoming a Hurricane...

Welcome to the Cane family.

I hope you play well, play smart, hit the books, and win with Class..
Good luck,
Go 'Canes.


hahahahaha @ the SEC comment.

Is there any way to find out which of the 2012 class members are going to be able to enter the U early, so as to benefit from the spring training? Take a class or three and adjust a bit to the college life, learn a little of the system, develop more from the strength and conditioning drills... on and on go the benefits of an early admission.

We picked up another Linebacker slash defensive end.

Gabriel Terry 6'3 210 4.5 40.

Yep right when we lost that punk as$ receiver to Ohio St (he woulda redshirt anyways),Al Golden sign him. Check him out on youtube he is a beast.

I seen he commited on Espn recruiting. He is on the the bottom not ranked but is s stud.

Now Hiring

Now Accepting Applications

Help Wanted

To all high schools Elite Defensive Backs, Linebackers and Defesive Linemen, The opportunity is bright for you at TheU. Start next year trust me

We picked up another Linebacker slash defensive end.

Gabriel Terry 6'3 210 4.5 40.

Did we just offer an unranked guy that only has offers from FIU, FAU, UCONN and Middle Tenn. ?

Not bashing, just why ?

I know, potential and develope him, but don't we already have enough of these projects ?

Anyone seen him play ?

@michael i dot know what his offers was, but watch him on youtube the guy is a stud. Alot of kids go unheard.

De'Vonte Freeman (FSU starting freshmen RB)wasnt recruited by D1 schools. Jimbo Fisher was going after another kid and just happen to see him playing that game and offer him. So alot of kids fly under the radar.

@ There U Goes Agains

Someone needs a hug.

Not for nothing Manny, but who was that recruit that Al was going to see at 2P on Sunday.

Welcome to the U family! Good things are ahead!

TheWhat: I like your point, that actually how UM got its dominance. U see, back in the day UM never had huge weight room facilities, never had a stadium, never had a real huge campus to brag about. What UM had though was players and coaches who wanted to be here, who did not mind that the UM weight room was peanuts compared to the weight room at the Big House.

UM must get back to those days. The days where players come here to play, no matter 3,4, 5 stars. Back in the day, those players came from the Much, Carol City, Lauderdale and Miami as in South Dade. During that time, UM did compete with the big money schools, because we were winners and hands down. Trust me, FSU back then feared UM. Somehow that reality got lost. But there is enough good coaches and talent in FL to get it back.

Not a knock against Isidora. I've always said kehoe is the right person for the OL job.

@ Mario G

With the look of these guys and a good off season and spring in the gym, we could be looking at something similar to the 2000-2002 Oline. At least size wise. But only time will tell. Washington will be the oldest on the line and there are so many sophomores and incoming freshman, we'll have that 2deep in no time.

Keep the faith. Go Canes.

TheWhat and 'Cool 'Cat - two excellent posts. UM football is and always has been about the players. Not the university, not the stadium, and not the horrible fanbase.

Skreetz be frauding again:

At 6:19 this tweet went out:

nfldraftscout (@nfldraftscout) 11/29/11 6:19 PM
Looks like Miami (FL) RB Lamar Miller (rs-Soph) will also be entering 2012 NFL draft. He's my #9 overall player

At 8:28pm the great fraud Soup, or skreetz, posted this:


1. I dont see any reason for Lamar coming back next year. To many goons here blastin me for saying that. The little things he needs work on can be perfected at the next level. If I was asked, which I wont be but I would tell him to head to NFLU.

BUSTED AGAIN, Soup. Really pathetic. You are insulting the intelligence of your five readers.

Danny, welcome to UM! Work hard, have fun, and shine!

Taylor Gadbois is coming from Fork Union Military Academy in VA. It's one of the best prep schools in the country and has sent many greats to UM including James Jackson and Vinny. Taylor will be ready to work hard.

Is Kenny Kadji hurt???

I'll take ANY O-lineman that both Wisc and Mich want!

Manny your article and the attempt to prop up Golden's contract extension is pure crapola----Isidora having wanted to go to UM since he was a kid had a high probability to sign with UM anyway and you know it. This kid was never going way up north in the cold. He and his HS Coach may say a few words to influence you but sorry this kid was not ever leaving South Florida.

Cool Cat is correct make sure to read his posts

Good recruit. Cool Cat on meds...I like it.

Lamar Miller needs to stay another year, for his sake. I'm fine with Clements at RB, but Miller really needs to learn to hit the line of scrimmage and stop dancing around. He's good, but he can be really good one day.

Posted by: Solar& ccFriend | November 29, 2011 at 09:09 PM

^^^^^^^^^^^ This dude or dudette is hilarious man!

Extension paying real dividends already.

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