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Independence Bowl would love Canes-Boise State; Seantrel hurt; Botts MVP;

TAMPA -- Jerry Anderson, one of 12 people on the Advocare 100 Independence Bowl selection committee, said Saturday he would love to pit the Hurricanes (6-5) against 10th-ranked Boise State in their bowl game Dec. 26.

"We like the TV appeal because they're a national team and have been for a long time," Anderson said. "They came [to Shreveport, La.] and played when [quarterback] Brock Berlin first started. So, the local people know them. We'll have a very good local turnout for Miami, whether we have Boise or San Diego State. If we can have Boise, it would be a pretty big deal."

UM, under NCAA investigation for gifts players accepted from former booster Nevin Shapiro, could end up declining a bowl invite to try and get a step ahead of potential sanctions that could be handed down.

Asked if there has been any talk of doing that, UM coach Al Golden said: "Not that I’m aware of , no. the first time the question was posed to me was in one of the interviews. I don’t know what day, Wednesday or whatever. My job is to get the team bowl eligible. That’s the first time I heard it when somebody brought it up the other day."

Center Tyler Horn said he doesn't care where UM plays its bowl game. "A bowl is a bowl. It's always a lot of fun," Horn said. "I've got 30 days left with these guys -- some of my best friends. The fact I can play football with them a little longer feels good."


Seantrel Henderson spent nearly all season fighting his way through off-season back surgery to get in UM's starting lineup.

The 6-8, 350-pound sophomore, who made his third consecutive start Saturday at right tackle, now has a new battle on his hands -- a right knee injury that Golden expects will keep him out of the season finale against Boston College on Friday.

With 5:05 left in the second quarter, Henderson went down face first on UM's 10-yard line after a teammate rolled up behind him. Henderson, who started his third consecutive game at right tackle, was carted off the field shortly after with ice on his right knee. He returned to the UM sideline on crutches early in the fourth quarter.

"I don’t think it’s good," Golden said of the injury. "I think it’s safe to say he won’t play next week. Let’s not speculate any further until we can get an MRI. But I think it’s safe to say he won’t play next week."

Redshirt freshman Jonathan Feliciano, who started UM's first six games at right tackle, was flagged twice for false starts after replacing Henderson. Feliciano leads the team in false starts.

"He’s a redshirt freshman. He’s got to just keep his poise a little bit, but he made some great blocks in the final drive," Golden said. "He’s just got to relax a little bit. What you can sense from the guys, and I was trying to make it light for them, was that they wanted to win so badly, and they wanted to do it for the seniors. So I think he’s part of the guys who are pressing right now."

UM's offensive line gave up a season-high six sacks and the running game was limited to a season-low 57 yards on 40 attempts.


A week after giving up an 83-yard punt return for a touchdown to Florida State's Greg Reid, Golden praised punter Dalton Botts effort Saturday. Botts had eight punts for an average of 43.4 yards. Only three were returned for 12 yards -- one was brought back for 11.

"Dalton Botts might have been the MVP of the  game to be honest with you," Golden said. "I don’t know what his number are going to be but there were no returns I don’t think. It was all hang. He was either dominant or he was over 4.0 [seconds] because I don’t think there were any returns unless I’m mistaken. That made a big difference in the game.”

> Backup quarterback Stephen Morris, who had seen action in special packages in three consecutive games, didn't play Saturday at all.

"We just had a different game plan," Golden said. "Again it was a different running attack. You have to give them so much credit. They have an excellent defense and those two guys inside were all we could handle."

There were a couple of firsts for the Hurricanes Saturday:

> Receiver Phillip Dorsett made his first college start and cornerback Brandon McGee recorded the first interception of his college career when he yanked down a floater from BJ Daniels on USF's first offensive play from scrimmage. It was also the first interception of the season by a Hurricanes cornerback.

"We need to have more disruption at that position and get more turnovers," Golden said. "But clearly it’s big that he’s growing and maturing and he took a leadership role at the hotel last night."

> Receiver LaRon Byrd made his first start since the season opener at Maryland and hauled in a 25-yard pass on the opening play from scrimmage.


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After watching every snap of this year, I have to say that this team owes J12 an apology. He has made awesome strides at QB and his team mates have time an again failed to step up. Some of the throws he made tonight were beautiful and his team mates dropped everyone of them. As an aside, Lamar Miller needs to sit. His play has hurt this team for the past three games. Whatever is wrong with him is hurting our running game. All you need to do is look at the energy Clements is bringing to see what Miller is missing.

One more game for the seniors and hopefully these players will step up to send the Seniors out in the right way, especially since this will be the last game of the season.

I know that many of you don,t want to admit it, but I think we need a new offensive line coach. Six sacks? 57 yards rushing on 40 attempts?

I personally know Kehoe but he has told me this line has made great improvement over the season motivation has been key for them. Plus from my perspective they are big but definitely not as talented as our past offensive lines

I only know that something is wrong....

Is it fair to say that maybe USF and UVA are good teams. I know we expect the canes to dominate every game but the landscape of college football has changed and the canes have not adapted.

There was another cane that said watch out for va because they have 18 returning starters. i believe it was 850 cane. We should have beaten this fsu this year very weak oline. UVA may possibly play in the acc championship that is coaching.

I know Miller isn't running as hard as he should, but the real problem is Kehoe.

We DO NOT want Boise...they are a horrible matchup for us, as they, due to their uptempo style, speed and conditioning will run rings around our D, and they have an under-rated defense.
I'd much prefer a middle of the road SEC team, maybe Vanderbilt...a very good team, with close loses to the Gators, SCarolina and Arkansas.
Or, dare I say it...THE Gators.
THAT would be a great TV draw.

BTW, assuming we decide not to abstain from a bowl game as a carrot to the NCAA, you can bet the NCAA will announce our penalties the night BEFORE the bowl game, sort of a salt in the wound thing. Count on it, if we play either an SEC or Big Ten team.
If we go 6-6, there is NO guarantee we'll even get a bowl game, as bowl game sponsors know UM fans generally don't travel well.

Considering all the crap going on at OSU, Penn St, Auburn (I still believe eventually Cam Newton's stay there will be cause for a complete forfeit of the BCS championship) Oregon's illegal recruiting, etc we can hope we'll only get a 1 year bowl ban and loss of 10 total scholarships.

However, count on the fact that OSU and others will get slaps on the wrist.

Boise State in a bowl game? We would lose by 5 touchdowns.

I can not wait for the Miami NW kids to get out of here....they haven't produced enough and the program needs to move on....

Agreed UMichael, but I have to defend J12 for his hard work this year. Something had to have been going on with Whipple and Shannon last year, cuz this kid has done a complete 180 and it can't be because of his receivers or blocking...not with the way this line is playing.

7 kids make an entire program? It's time to put that lame excuse to bed.

its hard to believe we were in every game this season that we lost. i dont know what to say, i really wish jacory had one year and l miller did not honestly. i can wait for ray ray to go away along with fortson. i hope tomme steeter comes back and we get a pass rush from some were.

A good W for the Canes today! Strong D and a steady performance by Jacory.

No running game, however. USF shut down both our run game at the line of scrimmage and our deep passing game. Surely, pressure on the QB affected that as well. But the Canes came through at the end, made a nice drive and Wiecaw was clutch. Great punting by Botts.

Too many dumb errors again. Wake up and beat BC!

Our O line lacks fire and passion. They get pushed around a lot. Disagree with running Miller up the middle so much. He is not a power back. Run him around end on sweeps. Miami hasn't had a fast power back for many years. Miller ain't it. Clements runs with heart. James needs good blocking.

This O line needs to start showing something, both in the run game and, after today, in pass protection. Hope Seantrel's injury is minor.

Boise State? Hope not. Those guys play hard every down. San Diego State, now that works.

The University should not turn down a bowl and self flagellate. They should accept any offer that they recive and win the #x@#%& game for a change! But now, Beat BC!

202cane...generally 7 kids don't make an entire program, but they certainly can disrupt one. How many of those NW kids were suspended? If the suspensions didn't happen and the disruption wasn't there, do we still lose to Maryland? Was Ray Ray's horrible coming off the suspension not a big reason why we lost to Virginia? While he is not a NW kid, he and the others are prime examples of a handful of kids disrupting a program and causing the "team" their season. Blame it on the hype, Randy Shannon, or the tooth fairy...you can't ignore that there is a stinch over the program and it started 4 years ago. Lets just hope the Golden boys don't get that stinch on their jerseys.

For you IDIOTS who are talking about BOISE and how we shouldn't play them you guys are bums that's why we play the game. Yes it seems that every team we play is stronger more conditioned is hungry us but talent keep`T us in every game this year. It would be a great game to play and see. I do think that this team may have been a little lazy but really who know`s. I like the new ship that coming into the harbor. Keep up the good work guys.

I would totaly love to play Boise State. Then these boys would see what it is like to play against a bunch of "no star" nobodies who actually belive in a system, work hard, play hard, and play with passion, because they have to. Bunch of "farm boys" kicking A$# on a bunch of overhyped "4 star" boys. Every down you can stare in the eyes of kids that no "big time" program wanted. Then you can sit and take it when they hand it to you. I think that would be just what this team needs to understand what Golden is talking about. I have seen every Boise State game this year being on West Coast and although my family would give me MAJOR crap for years after Boise wins big, I will still be a Cane, and I believe that Miami will be back. I think that we should forgo the bowl game anyway to save recruits in the future. Go Canes

If Boise State doesn't rate a stronger opponent than Miami then something is wrong with our Bowl system. Oh thats right there is. Never mind.

I think Boise would feel insulted if they find themselves matched up with a team with 5 losses like Miami.

6-5 or 5-6....Damn that sux! The future is bright despite the looming sanctions....the present though sux. What a crappy record. I say we self impose the no-bowl sanction this year. Sad for the seniors but they for the most part is responsible for the impending doom anyway. Cant wait til we turn things around whereby a USF game is a game we pad the stats..not one where we may lose (last year) or struggle to win like today....seriously, USF? Nice to win though!

This is unreal. If we go to a bowl game I'm going to be sick. Absolutely sick. If we don't give up the bowl ourselves then we are the dumbest team in the history of the league. Think about it. Is there a chance we will have to give up a less costly bowl in the future? No. 6-6 or 7-5 is the worst bowl u can get, if u get one at 6-6. Don't keep this bowl game just to give up a possible bcs or acc champ game. Ludicrous.

I'm going to say it again, anyone saying don't give the bowl game up is an idiot. Seriously. Giving it up is the only good thing about going 6-6 or 7-5. Because if we go 10-2 next year or better, and have to give up a bowl game bcs style or an acc championship because we decided to go to the toilet bowl to play San Diego st.....then that's just great.

Inimounts. Really good points. Bowl sanctions are coming. Reason for them are several seniors on the team. The team is on the upswing. Instead of being selfish and saying lets play, those seniors should say for the good of the team stay home. Don't want to hear this sympathy baloney for the seniors when they have brought the sanctions and for the most part played badly through most of their career.
The one that played the best Shawn Spence stands to loose the most.

Armando, when listing a bowl please say where it's at. With all the bowls, and constant changes in title's, affiliations etc. i can't remember where it's at. Just where is the Independence Bowl. ???

Shreveport Louisiana.

Boise eh? That would just give all of us a view how a great gameday coach operates. Chris Petersen might be the best coach in College Football. How wide can Ohio St. open up that wallet.

Would love to play Boise State, bunch of two star kids who play with heart/brains. I also owe JH an apology. He has done well despite an offensive line that has under performed. Big but not smart and do not play as a unit. I think Lamar Miller is still hurt. He does not run hard. We need a strong every down back who can run wide or up the middle. Notice USF's D tackles? Made all the difference. That is what we're missing, great play from the D tackles. The former great Cane defenses were loaded at tackle, now it's our weakest position.

It's OFFICIAL ... U (Canes), Us (Gators), Them (Noles) ALL SUCK !!!

LSU, BAMA, ARKY, not so much .

Canes "fairweather" fans, GET LOST, will you...you all make me want to VOMIT all over you!!

GO CANES!!!!!!!!

Posted by: UMike | November 19, 2011 at 06:50 PM

Did U really just use the word Great ?

Great ?

U are sick .

LAmar Miller is soft-conditioning
Seems like every game there is an injury-conditioning
O-line is weak and can't get a push-conditiong
Conditioning coach stinks-conditioning

I won't apologize to no one about JH's criticism. He played like a loser thelast 3 yrs, and if he was injured should have sat. Last night he played well, but he still holds on to the ball waaayyy to long.

I give Feliciano a break bc he is still a redhirt freshman.

You all just have to stop your whining. fact is, UVa is a good team. Beat FSU and Ga Tech, and UM, and they may be Va Tech. Just watch.
And UM has also played KSu who is one of the best teams in the Big ten maybe top 2. Miami was in all of those games and if it wasnt for a mistake here and there, the record would have been 8-3 at worse. maryland game is absolutely inexplicable, but I blame D'onofrio. Not Morris, but D'onofrio, who had absolutely no clue what Randy Edsall was going to throw at him, and when he realized it, we were down by 17.

The o-line is so weak and soft it is sad. real sad. 6-5 320 average. One of the biggest. As big as many NFL O-lines, yet I always clsoe my eyes wheni ts 4th and 1, 3rd and 1. That, plus Mike James and Lamar Miller cant get a yard if their lives depended on it. Miller needs to sit and eduardo needs to be #1. period.

Hurns? whats up kid? You are dropping everything that comes your way. Benjamin's head is in the clouds. He'll have a hard time convincing NFL scouts. Other than his speed.

These are reasons why we SHOULD play in a bowl:

- Tells the NCAA that they are a corrupt flawed system which punishes not the individual but everyone, whether they were guilty or not.

- There are seniors on this team that may or may not play in the NFL and if they want to, gives them extra exposure and reps: Jacorry, Benjamin, Byrd, Horn, and many others. Why not give them that extra benefit after their hard work, especially if they didnt have anything to do with the penalties?

- There are juniors as well who if they dont play in this bowl may not play in a bowl at all anymore. Selfish would be taking that away from them

- It would be a stepping stone (if Umwins) for next year. If Miami takes care of business vs BC, Miami could potentially finish 8-5. Certainly would help recruiting.

- Current players who will be back need as much practice and reps as possible and those additional 3-4 weeks of football are invaluable. Coaches know that, because if not, there wont be any football till March, April.


Furman. 'nuff said


Disagree that the Canes should self-impose a bowl sanction. I don't get the logic of some of the posters here (inimount). What does next year have to do with playing in a bowl this year?

It is the era of a (worst case scenario) 6 - 6 team playing in a bowl. 7-5 looks doable, but who knows?

If you have a chance to pick up another W and extend the season, go for it, no matter how disappointing the last several years have been. Many seniors have worked hard and they should have the opportunity to play in a bowl if the team has earned it.

If the NCAA takes away bowl opportunities in the future, there is no reason for us to do it to ourselves this year when the Canes have earned a bowl game and have been invited.

A W is a W. Or would you all have rather won after Furman puts 37 on UM? Ask UF if they would have rather won 6-3 or having to struggle all game to beat... Furman?

Or would you rather lose 52-49 like teams like Oklahoma and oregon do typically?

According to one 'cool cat he said a couple of days ago, that he'd rather lose with randy shannon than win with Golden. Randy Shannon's team would have folded yesterday. Believe me. They did last year. At home.

Soldy... didnt ga southern rush for over 300 yrds on bama? sec D's are overratted.

Boise should get a bowl with a team with a closer record like Bama. They will score 50 on Bama's D. Let's go for a gator bowl appearance with the gators.

We should decline the bowl bid

Boise St would crush this team. Save us the embarrasment and reject any bowl invitations.

Let me ammend by saying we should play Florida, if possible. That's the only bowl game we should accept.

We shouldn't accept any bowl game. The NCAA may impose harder sanctions, may impose easier sanctions, but in any case, they are going to impose sanctions. Giving up a lesser bowl game (which is probably going to cost Miami more money to go there than they are going to receive) will go a long way in helping alleviate those sanctions.

@raymond roy

Great point, I have been wondering that for the past three weeks.

I think I've landed in favor of accepting the bowl game.

It's not the best choice from the fans perspective but f*ck them.

Obviously UM can't wait around to see who they're matched up with before deciding to decline it, that wouldn't help them at all with potential sanctions.

Going to a bowl game would be great for these seniors and if UM gets heavy sanctions it will be for a pattern of wrongdoing over a long period of time and not for the couple hundred dollar transgressions of the six who were suspended this year.

i want boise state in shreveport.

Bosie State will not go to the independence bowl. That's an an insult. UF will go to the Gator Bowl and play someone out the big 10 or 12 or whatever it is...Miami should go to any bowl that will have them. They've earned it no matter how ugly it's been. The seniors deserve it. Let the chips fall where they may with the NCAA. Hey, that rhymes...

Michael you are right. It's the seniors that have put us where we are for the most part. The only one that may deserve a bowl is spence and he was part of the sanctions. Do what is the right thing for the program, skip a bowl and drive on.

It's OFFICIAL ... U (Canes), Us (Gators), Them (Noles) ALL SUCK !!!

LSU, BAMA, ARKY, not so much .

Posted by: Soldy | November 20, 2011 at 08:32 AM

What a tool! "Pumping" your conference like "Georgia fan"! UM may suck, but of the "Big 3", no one sucks as bad as UF! Furman???? Seriously???? Furman????? FSU is gonna wipe the field with U(F)!

Go 'canes!

USC is not eligible for a bowl and they are still relevant by beating the mighty Ducks, go to a bowl this year the NCAA right now is losing face with everyone. USC is still getting their recruits and so will UM because it is a stepping stone to the NFL. USF has one of the best front 7 in college so that was no fluke, but they need to give J Feliciano a hearing test.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | November 20, 2011 at 01:54 PM


Bethune Cookman ? Seriously ?

The fact that you're camped out on our blog today speaks volumes! What a tool! Day in day out UM consumes your every waking moment!

Go 'canes!

Good point about usc getting recruits. Nice to see them doing well.

Good point about usc getting recruits. Nice to see them doing well.

Posted by: canesjunkie | November 20, 2011 at 02:52 PM

Not only are they getting them, UCLA isn't getting any of them! I thought for sure UCLA would rise up when USC went down.

Go 'canes!

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