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Independence Bowl would love Canes-Boise State; Seantrel hurt; Botts MVP;

TAMPA -- Jerry Anderson, one of 12 people on the Advocare 100 Independence Bowl selection committee, said Saturday he would love to pit the Hurricanes (6-5) against 10th-ranked Boise State in their bowl game Dec. 26.

"We like the TV appeal because they're a national team and have been for a long time," Anderson said. "They came [to Shreveport, La.] and played when [quarterback] Brock Berlin first started. So, the local people know them. We'll have a very good local turnout for Miami, whether we have Boise or San Diego State. If we can have Boise, it would be a pretty big deal."

UM, under NCAA investigation for gifts players accepted from former booster Nevin Shapiro, could end up declining a bowl invite to try and get a step ahead of potential sanctions that could be handed down.

Asked if there has been any talk of doing that, UM coach Al Golden said: "Not that I’m aware of , no. the first time the question was posed to me was in one of the interviews. I don’t know what day, Wednesday or whatever. My job is to get the team bowl eligible. That’s the first time I heard it when somebody brought it up the other day."

Center Tyler Horn said he doesn't care where UM plays its bowl game. "A bowl is a bowl. It's always a lot of fun," Horn said. "I've got 30 days left with these guys -- some of my best friends. The fact I can play football with them a little longer feels good."


Seantrel Henderson spent nearly all season fighting his way through off-season back surgery to get in UM's starting lineup.

The 6-8, 350-pound sophomore, who made his third consecutive start Saturday at right tackle, now has a new battle on his hands -- a right knee injury that Golden expects will keep him out of the season finale against Boston College on Friday.

With 5:05 left in the second quarter, Henderson went down face first on UM's 10-yard line after a teammate rolled up behind him. Henderson, who started his third consecutive game at right tackle, was carted off the field shortly after with ice on his right knee. He returned to the UM sideline on crutches early in the fourth quarter.

"I don’t think it’s good," Golden said of the injury. "I think it’s safe to say he won’t play next week. Let’s not speculate any further until we can get an MRI. But I think it’s safe to say he won’t play next week."

Redshirt freshman Jonathan Feliciano, who started UM's first six games at right tackle, was flagged twice for false starts after replacing Henderson. Feliciano leads the team in false starts.

"He’s a redshirt freshman. He’s got to just keep his poise a little bit, but he made some great blocks in the final drive," Golden said. "He’s just got to relax a little bit. What you can sense from the guys, and I was trying to make it light for them, was that they wanted to win so badly, and they wanted to do it for the seniors. So I think he’s part of the guys who are pressing right now."

UM's offensive line gave up a season-high six sacks and the running game was limited to a season-low 57 yards on 40 attempts.


A week after giving up an 83-yard punt return for a touchdown to Florida State's Greg Reid, Golden praised punter Dalton Botts effort Saturday. Botts had eight punts for an average of 43.4 yards. Only three were returned for 12 yards -- one was brought back for 11.

"Dalton Botts might have been the MVP of the  game to be honest with you," Golden said. "I don’t know what his number are going to be but there were no returns I don’t think. It was all hang. He was either dominant or he was over 4.0 [seconds] because I don’t think there were any returns unless I’m mistaken. That made a big difference in the game.”

> Backup quarterback Stephen Morris, who had seen action in special packages in three consecutive games, didn't play Saturday at all.

"We just had a different game plan," Golden said. "Again it was a different running attack. You have to give them so much credit. They have an excellent defense and those two guys inside were all we could handle."

There were a couple of firsts for the Hurricanes Saturday:

> Receiver Phillip Dorsett made his first college start and cornerback Brandon McGee recorded the first interception of his college career when he yanked down a floater from BJ Daniels on USF's first offensive play from scrimmage. It was also the first interception of the season by a Hurricanes cornerback.

"We need to have more disruption at that position and get more turnovers," Golden said. "But clearly it’s big that he’s growing and maturing and he took a leadership role at the hotel last night."

> Receiver LaRon Byrd made his first start since the season opener at Maryland and hauled in a 25-yard pass on the opening play from scrimmage.


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No swag. We're we down to them 22-7?? I think not.

It's the one year anniversary. Let's fire SHALALALALALA today

No swag. We're we down to them 22-7?? I think not.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | November 20, 2011 at 03:15 PM

And let's not forget that UF lost to Ole Miss at home during the greatest run in UF's history!
You don't run from greatness Tool, you punch it in the mouth! That's what makes it "GREAT"!

Now go get your shine box!

Go 'canes!

I think Sandusky is getting a bad wrap. I like his style...

It Is Not Kehoe, stop with the fire Kehoe BS. Lack of talent, no question, outside of Linder, Henderson and maybe Feliciano(still a babyCane) who? Washington? Horn? Nobody!

It's just horseplay!

No bowl game.... I guess we can just horseplay in the showers

Go 'canes!

So if there is no bowl game this year, everyone can come over to my shower. #slipnslide

Tebow likes to horseplay with urban in the showers. How do I know? I caught them and I reported them to the AD.

Great move not going to a bowl.

Best cfb program the last 32 years

How are we the best cfb program in the last 32 years if we get sanctioned again and can't play in any bowls?

I don't know how u can figure Boise St. in a bowl game with UM. That's odd. But, if it's going to happen, then let's get it on.

BSU only pays about one or two real teams a year. As for Miller, his shoulder is not 100 percent.

The interception was good, but U needs more production from DB's. Maybe if that Anderson kid hadn't transferred, U would be that much better at DB.
The DC still bothers me.

....."but we play in the SEC" could be heard throughout trailerville every weekend in 2011!

More arrests than wins this year....pathetic gatornation.

UAB, FAU and Furman will not be enough to help you this year. Too bad

Posted by: Orange and Boo-Hoo

How is that relevant to this topic?

Wrong decision by U of M. This is a reward given to the guy in jail for a long time. The President of U of M made him a winner, and a behind bars winner.

It is time for our U of M one million dollars plus President to step down. Or just fire her.

This is Presidential punishment of students,student football players and fans everywhere.

Bring on the Bowl, they have earned it.

Frankly, if this President can cancel a Bowl game, then the U of M players could cancel the Boston College football game. Why play it? The President socked it to the football players and the fans.

Actually, why not? It was a game that made them really Bowl Elgible, if they socked it to Boston College.

U of M makes a ton of money with each game, and the football players don't see a dime.

Would that ever be a kick in the President's posterior.

These football players need to strike back. They are being treated very badly by the U of M Administration.

J12 will be selected, the NFL training and coaching will teach him to make quicker reads and better decisions, he has the height,and with decent arm strength, i project him to between 4th and 6th round...still make more money than of the bombs on this blog..

A bowl ban to get things out of the way.

Tommy, Lamar and a host of other players coming back.

90% of randy's guys gone.

Golden not going anywhere.

New recruits that can play right away.

No scholarship reduction for next season.

Things are looking pretty damn good to me boys. Next season will be an absolutely different story. No beginning the season with a scandal, and if the hobbit stays in her hole we're gonna be fine. Damn I can't wait!!!!

A storm is brewing..... Preparate Hermanos!!!

We got this! Go Canes!!!

I believe that the USC scholarship reductions only start to kick in his year.

It would be foolish the take much away from what's happening out at USC. They are a much much stronger program that the Canes. Their attendance is great and that helps a great deal. But with scholarship reductions just kicking in USC's hard times will just begin.

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