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Joyner, FSU hoping to humble Streeter, UM offense; recruiting notes; Lemming on Golden/Penn St.

TALLAHASSEE -- Some leftover notes from this week to get you ready for today's game at Doak Campbell Stadium:

Lamarcus Joyner> Former St. Thomas Aquinas star and FSU starting safety Lamarcus Joyner never got a chance to line up against former Miami Northwestern receiver Tommy Streeter in high school. So it's safe to say he's looking forward to trying to slow down Streeter and UM's vertical passing game Saturday.

Joyner, who grew up in Liberty City while despising the Hurricanes and loving the Seminoles, was named USA Today's High School Defensive Player of the Year in 2009, opposite UM offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson, who was named USA Today's Offensive Player of the Year.

> FSU's defense has given up just 39 points over their last four games combined -- the stingiest four-game stretch for the Seminoles since the start of the 2003 season. FSU leads the ACC in defense, ranks 3rd against the run (78.89 yards per game), 4th in total defense (268 yards per game) and 5th in sacks (16 over their last four games).

Of the eight teams FSU has played that employ a single quarterback, the Noles have held seven below their season average for passing yards including holding Oklahoma's Landry Jones to just 1999 yards passing -- nearly 200 yards below his season average.

"Our main focus is to handle the line of scrimmage," Joyner said. "As for Jacory [Harris], he was already a great player. Everybody knew his potential. The guy is smart. So this is a big challenge for the secondary which is always a gift for me. We love opportunities like this. We just want to see where we're at with a quarterback who puts up those numbers Jacory is. With the great receivers he's got and the great running game with Lamar Miller, we embrace this challenge."

> Al Golden, who always speaks more candidly on WQAM's Hurricanes Hotline, said Wednesday offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch turned to him last Saturday when backup Stephen Morris threw a perfect strike to Travis Benjamin in the end zone that was dropped and raved about Morris' "elite arm."

"Sometimes that ball just jumps off his hands," Golden said of Morris. "The best thing for his career has been this year. Not just to see Jacory [Harris] flourish, but to listen to learn and get better everyday. The next time he plays for us he's going to be a very successful quarterback. If we had a better situation depth wise we probably could have redshirted him."

The Hurricanes have three quarterback commitments for next season -- St. Andrew Episcopal School's Preston Dewey (who came down for the Duke game) is really the only one considered elite. But Golden is confident Jedd Fisch, who is teaching an NFL system, will get the most out of all of them.

"I think he's one of the best quarterback coaches in the country," Golden said. "We got three young guys that can come in here, learn the system, get reps. There's not a lot of quarterbacks who are on the team. They'll be getting reps, they won't be just standing there.

"There's not one thing that we teach them that will not carry forward. Everything is putting money in the bank. Everything we teach them over the four years there here is gaining interest because when its time for the combine and questions about whatever they'll know exactly what they're talking about. Even on the [Jon] Gruden shows, ESPN guys, they all talk the same way. That's the language we're teaching these guys. A lot of programs don't do that right now. [They've got] gimmick offenses and might put up a lot of numbers and be successful and everything, but it doesn't carry over to the NFL. They're paying the quarterback too much money to carry the ball in the NFL."

> Here's what Fisch told me last week he thinks of transfer Ryan Williams, who has been running the scout team: "I don't get to spend too much time with him because he's been running our scout team. But he works super hard at things. He's done an excellent job of coming in extra, spending more time in the building, early, late.

"I would say his approach to the game is fantastic. It's a matter now that he hasn't been able to take reps with our offense because he's on the scout team. The spring will be huge for him, but mentally I think he'll be in a position where he's ahead of anybody coming in. He can make all the throws and obviously comes with great size. That always helps in the pocket."

> Getting back to Henderson for a second, Golden said he jumped up from getting about 10, 15, 17 snaps in his first three games since back surgery to around 50 plays in his first start of the season versus Duke. It sounded to me like Golden is happy redshirt freshman Jonathan Feliciano is back this week to cut into that workload. "Between these two guys we should get real good production over there," Golden said.

> In his five games back since a shoulder injury, FSU quarterback EJ Manuel has completed 83 of 125 attempts for 1,290 yards, eight touchdowns and two interceptions -- a 167.8 passer rating. He's now 12th in QB passing efficiency. Manuel has also run the ball 51 times this season and recorded a first down 18 times and scored a touchdown four others. "What we can't have him do is what the Virginia Tech kid did. We can't let that kid a two-headed monster," Golden said. "We have to make him one dimensional -- run it or pass it, but not both."

> ESPN's Corey Long weighed in on a few UM recruiting topics with me, including giving me his two cents on the Canes' latest commitments: Venice High running back Danny Dillard and Lakeland High receiver Ricquan Southward.

"He's extremely underrated and a heck of a pickup for them," Long said of Southward. "As for Dillard, he kind of fell off this year, had some injuries. He's a good powerful back, powerful legs, should be higher rated than he is, not a speedster. I think he's like a Mike James, same type of productivity. Good character kid. He might be 85 percent of what Mike James was. He gives Duke Johnson a nice compliment, a good combination."

Who makes the biggest impact of the incoming freshmen? "That's easy, Duke," Long said. "Lamar [Miller] isn't going to stay. I think he's too good. I think this kid Duke comes in there and has potential to be Miami's Reggie Bush. He's off the charts. I think he's the best high school football player in state of Florida. That's a guy if I'm starting a team in the state, he's the guy I choose. I have not seen a young man have the effect on a team like he does. He's awesome. He will be my favorite for ACC Rookie of the Year next year."

Long said he thinks defensive end Jelani Hamilton (St. Thomas Aquinas) and linebacker Reggie Northrup (Jacksonville First Coast) will eventually de-commit and head to other schools. But he thinks Miami Norland linebacker Keith Brown, who is visiting other schools, will stick.

"The more and more I know about it, I can see Brown sticking to that commitment. Keith Brown is just taking his visits and playing some games. I don't think he's confused," Long said. "The QB I do like is Preston Dewey. He came down this weekend. He's doing some recruiting. They've done a good job solidifying this class. There's still a lot of excitement of playing for The U and Coach Golden. At the end of the day it will be a solid class and a couple solid kids like Duke. They're going to fill in a lot of holes this year. Special teams. Linebacker. They just need bodies. You look at their roster right now, the numbers are just low."

> Norland coach Daryle Heidelburg said Johnson, Brown and a few other high school teammates would be visiting Illinois this weekend. Don't read much into it.

> For those of you worried about Golden leaving, the fears are legit. Penn State will make a run at him. But national recruiting analyst Tom Lemming, who has known Golden pretty well since his days at Temple, thinks Golden will stay in Miami.

"He was on my show a couple weeks ago. He seems happy, focused on the job ahead of getting Miami back to the elite schools. However, it's got to be both ways," Lemming said. "Miami would be foolish not to give him a long term contract and entice him to stay. They've got one of the premier young coaches in the country. If they lose him, it's their own fault. Who are they going to replace him with? At Penn State, Bradley is the head coach, but there is no AD, no President. It may take awhile to name a coach. It gives Miami long enough time to get Al secured."


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hope against hope we don't get crushed

UM needs to extend Golden's contract and increase his buyout. This would be fair to both parties. P. State will make a strong push for Golden and appeal to his loyalty as a PSU alum to save the Program. Former PSU players will lobby for him. UM better not drop the ball on this.

Can tHe administration please restructure his contract. Let's start getting things moving forward. They didn't inform golden of the investigation. Get the deal done and lets start moving this program forward on solid ground. With the NCAA investigation there are already lots of questions around the U. Let's get the contract done and remove one question.

Just forget everything, like Ray Ray's problems, and the DB's. This is FSU. This is for state dominance. This is why U play the game. Do not forget that Jimbo has some Les Miles ties. That means he is crazy as in crazy like a fox.

Secure Al Golden...pay the man.

Golden's wife and kids are happy in Miami, the coach is constantly saying how much they love it here and speaks of his staff that way too. Psychology 101...if the wife and kids are happy!

Why don't folks take this man at his word? This is a man of high character and integrity. Who constantly speaks about his core values and his attempt to mold the program around these values. I believe he means what he says when he talks about building the program back to a relevant position on the college football landscape.

I think Penn State will go for a clean slate and not hire a coach who has been associated with the program or played for Paterno. Just my opinion but Golden would also have to take a pay cut. He is making more than JoePa right now.

I don't think the money is an issue and Penn State would certainly be getting one of the brightest minds in the college game today.

I firmly believe that the U will step up. Donna and company are not dumb and will do the right thing in order to keep this coach in Miami.

If they don't I will be greatly disappointed.

Also Penn State's alum and many former players expressing their loyalty to JoePa are missing the point of what this man and some on his staff failed to do! Was he a great coach?however you answer it will always be "yes... but," and that is how he will be forever remembered.

That being said the Penn State job is not a coveted job at this time due to the actions of one sick m........, what did some of the staff know who had worked with this man for 30 + years and why was nothing done and what life was messed up because of their inaction? That's what they have to overcome at Penn State today and this event and scandal will not be soon forgotten.

Miami was called"thug U" how many years ago and it certainly doesn't apply to the team today but how many times do we see our Canes referenced as Thug U," to this very day? Things like this are not easily overcome or forgotten.

That's unfortunately the legacy at PSU today.
I know Golden is an alum but that is the greatest scandal in college football history he would be stepping into. Do he and his family want to step into all that mess? My guess is he stays at Miami and builds a monster and takes the Canes on another magical ride and builds his own legacy and reputation.

I dont't think we can beat FSU with this defense. We can't stop teams like Virginia and they don't have talent like these guys. EJ Manuel is going to have to turn it over for us to stay in the game.

I really don't see Golden bolting for PSU BUT.......nail him down and pay the man JUST IN CASE!!!!!!! Big Al's a keeper!

Canesjunkie: I'm with U. FSU was a preseason Top 10 team. Jimbo can coach and they got a decent defense. J12 will keep us in the game, but the shortcomings of our DC will, once again, be revealed.

It's not the dc it's the players. That's obvious.

I would really hate to see Jelani Hamilton decommitt!! I def think he is one of the top 3 players we have currently committed and would be a big loss! Plus, it's always good to keep the St. Thomas Aquinas pipeline open!!

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

I think this is the first time we agree (scary).

I don't think it's the DC, I believe we have very little talent on defense. Our line gets pushed around and we can't tackle in space. Perryman, Chikillo, and Spence are our only defensive players.

I expect a lot of J12 and 3-5 gadget plays.

Canesjunkie. You are right it's not the dc. Heck only 5% of the d was in two plus weeks ago. Players can't learn or be trusted to play their position.

The U 31

fswho 17

Joyner thinks he's gonna "humble" Tommy Streeter? That's funny. If he tries that then Travis and Dorsett will be wide open all day. Joyner is 5'8" and 200lbs, while Tommy is 6'5" and 215. That's a big difference in physical stature. Think Joyner is gonna be reminded that he's a short sophomore.

Enjoy the game everybody.


We're so much better than this. We play like garbage and these pieces of garbage win by 4pts? We're play our worst game and they win by 4. If we played a mediocre game we win. No moral victories but god dammit.

We shot ourselves in the foot. That's it.

I like the improvement in overall play. We play with more pride and discipline. Too bad we have to wait a season or two longer before Golden can call it his team. Harris is what he is. An average college quarterback. He's not waiting to break out. We have seen his best already. He's not elite. It's a shame we don't have Streeter and Miller for three more years.

Don't restructure the contract, if he wants to be a Cane, we should only pony up after he wins; like everyone else.

The wins will come. Once randy's guys are gone this will be a better team. There are alot of positions that are deep on this team and we have some amazing recruits that will hopefully still commit. Next season will absolutely be a different story. This season can't be judged by Golden because it's his first season with a team that has never been developed. We have seniors on this team that have been here for 4 yrs and still aren't developed. Development doesn't come over night gentleman.


I would not worry about Penn State coming after Golden unless Golden wants a pay cut. They are going to be sued for some pretty big money, and everyone knows they did not pay Paterno what he was worth. In fact, Paterno donated his whole years salary back to the school a couple of times. Not many people will take a significant cut to go back to the alma mater. In addition, the future does not look good for future payday increases at Penn State.

Corey Long doesnt know a damn thing about where kids are going. Brown decommitted.

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