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Ojomo unsure if he'll return in 2012; plus news on Benjamin, Seantrel and more

CORAL GABLES -- Although he's classified on UM's roster as a junior, defensive tackle Adewale Ojomo said Tuesday he isn't sure if he'll be back next year in a Hurricanes uniform.

Adewale OjomoAnd the reason has nothing to do with him possibly going pro early. According to Ojomo, his future rests in the hands of the NCAA, who will have to determine whether or not he's worthy of being granted a sixth-year of eligibility.

When Ojomo signed with UM in 2007 he was redshirted his freshman season while he practiced with the scout team. In 2008, he played in 11 games, made two starts and had 22 tackles and three sacks. Then, he missed the entire 2009 season with a broken jaw after being sucker punched by a walk-on teammate in a preseason locker room brawl. That season, Ojomo said, he received a medical hardship for. The question now is if the NCAA will allow him to do the same for 2007.

"They're trying to figure out if they have any medical records from my freshman year when I had a groin injury," Ojomo said. "They're trying to figure out if there's any documentation so they can give it to compliance and file the paperwork. But if they can't, then I don't have another year."

Ojomo said he hopes to hear news on that "documentation" issue in the next two to three weeks. Getting a sixth-year usually isn't that difficult. Offensive tackle Joel Figueroa received a sixth-year before the start of this season. Former defensive end Eric Moncur got one a few years back. But Ojomo said the key is proving you were injured.

UM coach Al Golden would love to have Ojomo back. After injuries decimated the defensive tackle position two weeks into the season, Ojomo was asked to move inside from end to tackle despite being weighing only 260 pounds.

"I'm really proud of him," Golden said. "He's really an example of what we want in terms of being unselfish and being an example to the team. I think he's embraced it. He's been fairly effective in there, he has done a nice job there. He's a starter in the nickel as well, so it gives us more speed inside. Adewale is strong. He's over 270 pounds now. He's starting to become a harder player inside, hold the point better. It's difficult to do during the season. We appreciate what he's doing for us there."

Ojomo said he likes playing tackle and thinks it "suits me better than defensive end."

"I definitely have to add weight, probably another 10 pounds, get up to 280," said Ojomo, who in six weeks has packed on 11 more pounds by loading up on carbohydrates.

"My production hasn't been very good. But in terms of my job and the defense, I think I'm doing my job, holding my own. I'm taking on a lot of double teams. I know that's good because Olivier Vernon and [Anthony] Chickillo will come free."

If he is able to come back next season, Ojomo said he "would like to play all over the line. Just know the whole playbook, everybody's position and stay on the field as much as I can."

Over the past few weeks Ojomo said he's been getting about 45 snaps a game while alternating with Micanor Regis. He said defensive line coach Jethro Franklin told he him he needs to "bat more balls down and have more strip attempts, try to get more turnovers."

"I need to improve in that area," Ojomo said.


> Golden said Tuesday that safety Ray-Ray Armstrong is all set to play on Saturday at South Florida after being cleared by athletic director Shawn Eichorst on Monday. But Armstorng will not start after serving a one-game suspension and will be "in the rotation and will be back on special teams as well."

> Seantrel Henderson is the new starter at right tackle.

"Seantrel played better [than Jonathan Feliciano] in the game and Seantrel's weight is where it should be [at 350 pounds]," Golden said. "And Seantrel is preparing the last seven or eight days like he should be. Prior to that it was hit or miss. Really, I think I said this about [Olivier Vernon] last week and I'm saying the same thing about Seantrel today -- he looks different. It looks like the conditioning, all the normal things you would get get in training camp, he has it right now. He has a great attitude. He really has. I'm excited to watch him play Saturday. That kid loves football. One thing about Seantrel. He loves football."

Henderson spent the last few minutes of Saturday's loss to Florida State stomping his feet on the sideline out of frustration.

> Golden said freshman Phillip Dorsett is the No. 1 punt returner -- ahead of Travis Benjamin, who had a key muffed punt return at FSU.

"They're competing, but if we were going to play today, Phillip's the guy," Golden said. "You can't do that in a game and not have some kind of repercussion. You just can't. We can't have that kind of decision-making in a game of that magnitude. Travis knows it, he's been communicated to. He'll fight back; I know Travis will. But he'll have to steal it back now, because that gave Phillip an opportunity."

> Defensive tackle Curtis Porter, who has missed the entire season with a right hand injury, could return this weekend. Golden said Porter is battling with freshman Jalen Grimble to get in the rotation at tackle.

> Golden said sophomore Kacy Rodgers, who gave up the touchdown at FSU, will focus primarily at cornerback this week.

"I don't want to say he froze," Golden said. "He just didn't execute. In fairness to the kid, you would like to have that exposed to him in training camp, in some scrimmage or at some game where you have such a lead that you're playing everybody and not for the first time in front of 85,000 and many more viewers. He wishes he had the play back."

Golden said Rodgers should "have run through and separated [the receiver] from the ball or intercepted it."

Senior JoJo Nicolas, who played the entire FSU game safety, will again stick to safety this week.

> Golden said the biggest difference between UM and FSU right now is depth.

"Just looking at Florida State. That's the one thing they're ahead of us on," Golden said. "We're going to work on that. We have a big recruiting class coming in. I think a lot of those guys are going to have to play.

"Where we're hurt the most is at linebacker. Those are the guys that are run and strike, carry weight. They're 225, 230 and can get down there and make plays. Right now we find ourselves protecting linebackers. We're sitting there with five guys the other day. I'm used to carrying 10 to 12 on the road. We're sitting there five, maybe six. That makes it hard, really hard. We're trying to protect those guys. We understand moving forward we have to get that fixed."


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Al Golden is going to win a championship at Miami. Nice to see some accountability for the players and their mistakes.

AG is a breath of fresh air after the last clown

Well, well, well Skretz is ticked off? Proves my point it's Soup. Why would a real insider, like Skreetz supposedly is, care?

Quit running that scam, Soup. You're insulting the intelligence of the people who still tolerate you.

Oh yeah, he's really pizzed. Not too bright of you. Youre obviously the one's that's pizzed. You blew it with that one.


Benji doesn't have the heart of a return man..

Very glad to see Henderson starting - I was starting to think that Golden was playing favorites by giving Feliciano the start coming off injury.

He's wrong about Rogers though, the only two plays he had were hitting the receiver or going for the ball, pulling back and doing neither is freezing. Doubt he'll make that mistake again but it sure was an expensive lesson.

I love Golden's mentality. You come here to the U to work your butt off every down of every practice to earn your right to play in a game. And if you screw up in the game, then you need to work harder. No anointments. No entitlements. No egos. You play your heart out. And when Golden gets 50+ guys that understand his system and have some experience, this team will be UNSTOPPABLE. And folks, don't think short-term. Don't think turning this around in a year. Think Bowden-like 30+ years of driving the U forward back to prominence and STAYING there. We just have to gut out these early years but Golden is THE MAN and he will be celebrated for many decades to come. I truly believe this.

@Eudocimus01 --I agree. I was about to be PISSED had Feliciano not had his "starter" label taken for this game. 5 false starts, 4 of which were on CRITICAL downs is unacceptable, I dont care how hard a guy works in the offseaon. In my book you sit. This benching shows that Golden is a man of his word, eventhough he did give the kid a little more rope than he deserved in that game. And Rodgers did freeze, everyone saw, he pulled up unsure of what to do.

I still have nothing but love for Randy, and the things he wanted to do, but at some point the players will take on your personality, and the whole "self-starter" attitude is rare to find in young kids, ESPECIALLY nowadays. You really need a Golden, Butch, Les, Saban, or Bud Foster. A coach to get in their faces and let them know, this aint no prom, this is a man's world a soon as you lace them up, and I see the difference, they just need to learn how to "throw the first puch" instead of always waiting to get hit first before declaring it a fight. Go CANES!

Agree that Coach Golden is the man for the job. He is real, honest and smart. He will get the job done at the UM. He is a builder of character in young men, a gift that keeps on giving in that player's life.

In the interim, Canes, let's beat the Bulls. Play with attitude. They humiliated YOU last year in your "home" stadium. Dominate them!

Look, I like the guy & I am glad he was hired, but stop acting like the man can do no wrong & RS was an issue.. You noticed all the players? that were let go because of off season issues were non-productive players, but some how Storm stayed on until he decided to leave? Hmmm, I wonder why Al did not let him go right away.. Maybe because he knew he could help the team...

Cookie is another example.. He basically got a slap on the wrist..

Fortunately, RS is history. What isn't over is the legacy that Golden inherited. It is up to him to make it work now. I believe he is a very good one and hope he stays with UM.

Regarding Storm, remember his father's comment regarding "military style coaching"? Guys like Storm are already in the NFL in their heads. I hope he gets there.

Golden did not "let him go", but I believe Coach saw the writing on the wall with the player. He couldn't cut it in the new regime, was a pot smoker, bad attitude, etc. I hated to see potential go to waste and thought he could help the team, especially if he saw himself as a true member. I think the coach had similar concerns, hoped to work with the kid, but cut his losses when Storm showed who he was.

So, yah, agreed, Golden doesn't do everything right and we ARE 5 and 5. But it is coming together at the U. And he is driving the change. We will see different players being recruited, where ego takes a backseat to dedication and team. It will be a welcome and productive change for UM football.

golden hasnt done squat

good Lord it's 2011 ...

same ol same ol

Posted by: Solar & cc friend | November 15, 2011 at 09:35 PM

Who is soup? And wtf is skreetz? Sounds like a white man trying to talk black.

ain't no word ...

play on .

Right on DBC....has anyone ever wondered why latwan anderson and storm johnson was still available after the signing session?

why do U still suck ?

serioUsy ...

no really ...

I'm liking Golden more and more each week...

I hate anyone using the term " moving forward ". It is new speak and redundant given the obvious future context of the statement.

just wait till he gets "his" type player's in here...things will be different..

why does UF still s-k after having the number 1-5 class in recruiting the last 3 yrs or so? Or 2 of the most highly hyped QBs in NCAA history? Or the 2 fastest men in the NCAA on the same backfield?

two answers: One is found in the Youtube video "This is why Florida s-cks"

The other one is simple- Because they do.

Skreetz may be a playah, bruh but he sho izz organized with his info

Ever notice it's usually four numbered bullet points?

Datz how uz boiz keeps it real on da streetz.

Soup, err I mean Skreetz, keeps it realz with bullet points, yo

Golden gets it, rarely says or does things that don't make total sense. The guy has a plan. Everyone just needs to be patient, let him get everyone to understand his process and let the culture be created. Agree on the linebacker depth. Being addressed with next year's class. 2-3 years from now, barring super severe NCAA penalties, the team will be ready for long term success. Right now, Miami couldn't have a better coach to handle the current situation.

@ tell the truth

And Larry Corker did because he won a NC his first year??? C'mon man!

Fear the tie.

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wouldn't playing Porter this year burn a chance for an extra year (medical redshirt??)

They need to redshirt Porter. There is no point in playing him this late in the season, unless he can get some sort of medical redshirt exception.

Calicane. Good point. We can already see his style of coaching is 180 degree from Shannon. Get rid of all the MNW playets and let Golden bring in his choices and watch out. He is a good judge of talent and can pick out the intangibles of football DNA and work ethics.

Fake solar, the real solar already called you out. you go from stealing IDs to whining about content on another site? how about this. Go to Gator Clause, and whine there about what is on Canespace. Or go to Canespace, and whine there about what is on Canespace. Or better yet, stop whining.

But we don't care about your obsession (all things Canespace) within an obsession (all things Canes).

Two things we need for next year. Depth of talent. Get stronger & bigger, I guess that's actually three things.

Please stop posting about those idiots on Canespace. I stopped going to that blog a few years ago because it was lame.

If you want to talk about liberal politics, or what colors you like on the uni's, go to Canespace.

So soup, solar, 86, canechick, angrycane, gooberboy Cavalier and the rest of the jagoffs can go motorboat each others buttocks.

I'm glad Golden is our coach, he can do no wrong. He is the best coach in the state of Florida. He is the best coach in the ACC. He is the best coach in the NCAA. He is the best coach in the history of college football, and pro football too. He is the best coach in the Universe. Did you see his pretty tie? What a great coach we have, he will bring a championship soon.

Well, Golden doesn't have to be any of that and probably isn't. But one thing we do know.

He is better than the GA Muschump. That dude is Zook without the style. A blubbering loudmouth backwoods 'neck.

But what a perfect match tween coach and school.

The more fs-who and gay-tor fans I see on here the more excited I get. They see the changes and they fear the future-get your licks in now, while you still can.

We are the canes
We are not feared by anyone
We refuse to play FIU every year
Someday they may beat us you know
In Golden we trust
He is the best .500 coach we ever had
Hope he doesn't bolt for PSU
We will beat USF just because we are the canes
Just like last year
Another sold out game, who says we don't draw
Maryland has to be the worst team in the land, Or is it BC, we will soon find out
Don't fear probation, how more mediocre can we get
Bowl ban would be a blessing
Don't want another lopsided loss
Travis Benjamin can sure return punts

When you were a kid did you ever dream about fervently following the Miami Hurricanes and writing poetry on their newspaper blog?

Al Golden is going to win a championship at Miami. Nice to see some accountability for the players and their mistakes.

Posted by: BRab | November 15, 2011 at 09:17 PM

Just a second, Cane bUbba. There's a distinct possibility that The Golden One bolts Coral Gables for PEDOPHILE St. Get outta' here.

One KEY tangible which MOST, bUt not all, Miami rUffians tend to forget, is the SEVERITY of the forth coming N.C.A.A. sanctions against the Hurricanes. Eh.

Yeah, yeah Albert states that he loves South Florida and what not. But that's just a wise P.R. move by him. I mean what else is Al going to spoUt. . . that he has STRONG INCLINATIONS of coaching at his alma mater. No matter the DEGREE of negativity which PEDOPHILE St. is DESERVINGLY receiving.

Again, the SEVERITY of the penalties heaped upon Miami will probably the deciding TRUMP CARD on whether The Golden One stays or D D's out of Coral Gables.

He said something I love to hear from a Head Coach that is as good as he is... He talked about next years recruiting meaning he is confirming his decision to stay at Miami.

The best coaches in College football are all process oriented; coaches such as Nick Saban and Les Miles. The city of Miami has a lot more to offer than Tuscaloosa or Baton Rouge. If I were a parent I would want my kid to play for Golden because he teaches kids like Armstrong that we are monitoring you and if it looks like you did something wrong you won't play. This coach is serious about running a clean program or else he would have played his best players in a rivalry game.

So soup, solar, 86, canechick, angrycane, gooberboy Cavalier and the rest of the jagoffs can go motorboat each others buttocks.

Posted by: Orange and Boo-Hoo | November 16, 2011 at 12:08 PM

U's forgot to mention that NEADERTHAL CANEZ1 and his LAP FIEND six'er. Hee hee Ha ha.

And yes, that canespace is absolutely a GOOD OL' BOY clan of the nth degree. Say it ain't so, bozo's.

Bottom line is that CANESPACE forum is full of HYPOCRITCAL Cane rUffians. That's all.

Heck, that EGOTISTICAL, TWO-FACE souper even chit-canned that Canegirl. Go bloody figure.

After all is said and done, nobody is going to want to coach Penn State. The program is going to be in shambles. This was a massive cover up involving coaches, the school President, and several members of the athletic department. The NCAA will find a way to punish Penn State. I could definitely see Golden leaving Miami for Penn State before this scandal broke, but definitely not now.

EK right on. Macjones so miami's punishment will be as severe or more severe than blowhio state??

Hey CaliCane/Itcdolphin: RS did recruit good players. But recruiting isn't everything.

The jury hasn't come back yet on "Goldy.

But I'm a BIG Cristobal fan. He's got UM ties, recruits like heck, uptempo offense, (hasn't landed superstar defense recruits), and I really think he'd go after somebody like Bridgewater at Louisville. Can U imagine what UM's offense would look like with Bridgewater?

And another thing: What is football "DNA?"

EK right on. Macjones so miami's punishment will be as severe or more severe than blowhio state??

Posted by: ltcdolphin | November 16, 2011 at 02:32 PM

It's difficult to say LTCDOLPHIN. Because it's a PROVEN fact, that Miami, F-L-A Hurricane football is a major Achilles Heel in the eyes of not only the N.C.A.A., but the ENTIRE peepers of major college football. Be they the PUNDITS ( Screaming for the DEATH PENALTY anyone. ) or the fandom in the Hinterlands.

And the N.C.A.A. is such a CORRUPT, HYPOCRTICAL, UNETHICAL body. That the powers that be, within that organization, are willing to make a point and come down hard on the Hurricanes. In other words, they are more than willing to make a SEVERE EXAMPLE of the Miami football program, just TO SAVE their corrupt, unethical faces. Eh.

That's covering an organization's collective BACKSIDE and the N.C.A.A. would GLADLY make Miami the FALL PROGRAM in order to save face and regain relative respectablility among the B.C.S. presidents and A.D.'s and college football pundits and fandom.

But then again, maybe I'm just IMAGINING all moi's bloviating and what not. Only time will tell. Eh.

I figured it out...delUsionalcane and 10years of mediocrity and counting is the same poster..posts dripping with sarcasm on this site and anything to spin the negative on Coach G and the 'Canes..why waste your time.. and a suggestion ...go and hang out at your real site where the Garyturds exist..
EK and Herbieibis is correct..Coaches teach, players implement..only practice brings one closer to perfection in the fine art of College Football.
Go 'Canes.

Cool cat. What we have seen from golden is all good so far. He is rapidly getting rid of troublemakers, good riddance. Next on the list looks like ray ray, he is on a very short lesh. Cristibol needs more seasoning, like taking a program at an established school like golden.
Football DNA is something on the shelf at sporting goods stores. All kidding aside it's something that coaches like golden look for in a player and they know it when they see it. Some on here mock it, but that's just showing their ignorance. Golden mentions it all the time.
Shannon had good recruits by the numbers but that means little if they are lazy or only out for themselves. Look at the gators, many star recruits and where are they now. FSU had great recruits and look how they started.
Go canes.

Macjones. Agree with most of what you say. I lean toward seeing what that awful organization did to blowhio state, and our infractions were much less, this hopefully a less punishment for us. Your right, we shall see

Thanks UGoCanes2, was wondering when somebody would out that clown,10 years of mediocrity and counting....

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