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Ojomo unsure if he'll return in 2012; plus news on Benjamin, Seantrel and more

CORAL GABLES -- Although he's classified on UM's roster as a junior, defensive tackle Adewale Ojomo said Tuesday he isn't sure if he'll be back next year in a Hurricanes uniform.

Adewale OjomoAnd the reason has nothing to do with him possibly going pro early. According to Ojomo, his future rests in the hands of the NCAA, who will have to determine whether or not he's worthy of being granted a sixth-year of eligibility.

When Ojomo signed with UM in 2007 he was redshirted his freshman season while he practiced with the scout team. In 2008, he played in 11 games, made two starts and had 22 tackles and three sacks. Then, he missed the entire 2009 season with a broken jaw after being sucker punched by a walk-on teammate in a preseason locker room brawl. That season, Ojomo said, he received a medical hardship for. The question now is if the NCAA will allow him to do the same for 2007.

"They're trying to figure out if they have any medical records from my freshman year when I had a groin injury," Ojomo said. "They're trying to figure out if there's any documentation so they can give it to compliance and file the paperwork. But if they can't, then I don't have another year."

Ojomo said he hopes to hear news on that "documentation" issue in the next two to three weeks. Getting a sixth-year usually isn't that difficult. Offensive tackle Joel Figueroa received a sixth-year before the start of this season. Former defensive end Eric Moncur got one a few years back. But Ojomo said the key is proving you were injured.

UM coach Al Golden would love to have Ojomo back. After injuries decimated the defensive tackle position two weeks into the season, Ojomo was asked to move inside from end to tackle despite being weighing only 260 pounds.

"I'm really proud of him," Golden said. "He's really an example of what we want in terms of being unselfish and being an example to the team. I think he's embraced it. He's been fairly effective in there, he has done a nice job there. He's a starter in the nickel as well, so it gives us more speed inside. Adewale is strong. He's over 270 pounds now. He's starting to become a harder player inside, hold the point better. It's difficult to do during the season. We appreciate what he's doing for us there."

Ojomo said he likes playing tackle and thinks it "suits me better than defensive end."

"I definitely have to add weight, probably another 10 pounds, get up to 280," said Ojomo, who in six weeks has packed on 11 more pounds by loading up on carbohydrates.

"My production hasn't been very good. But in terms of my job and the defense, I think I'm doing my job, holding my own. I'm taking on a lot of double teams. I know that's good because Olivier Vernon and [Anthony] Chickillo will come free."

If he is able to come back next season, Ojomo said he "would like to play all over the line. Just know the whole playbook, everybody's position and stay on the field as much as I can."

Over the past few weeks Ojomo said he's been getting about 45 snaps a game while alternating with Micanor Regis. He said defensive line coach Jethro Franklin told he him he needs to "bat more balls down and have more strip attempts, try to get more turnovers."

"I need to improve in that area," Ojomo said.


> Golden said Tuesday that safety Ray-Ray Armstrong is all set to play on Saturday at South Florida after being cleared by athletic director Shawn Eichorst on Monday. But Armstorng will not start after serving a one-game suspension and will be "in the rotation and will be back on special teams as well."

> Seantrel Henderson is the new starter at right tackle.

"Seantrel played better [than Jonathan Feliciano] in the game and Seantrel's weight is where it should be [at 350 pounds]," Golden said. "And Seantrel is preparing the last seven or eight days like he should be. Prior to that it was hit or miss. Really, I think I said this about [Olivier Vernon] last week and I'm saying the same thing about Seantrel today -- he looks different. It looks like the conditioning, all the normal things you would get get in training camp, he has it right now. He has a great attitude. He really has. I'm excited to watch him play Saturday. That kid loves football. One thing about Seantrel. He loves football."

Henderson spent the last few minutes of Saturday's loss to Florida State stomping his feet on the sideline out of frustration.

> Golden said freshman Phillip Dorsett is the No. 1 punt returner -- ahead of Travis Benjamin, who had a key muffed punt return at FSU.

"They're competing, but if we were going to play today, Phillip's the guy," Golden said. "You can't do that in a game and not have some kind of repercussion. You just can't. We can't have that kind of decision-making in a game of that magnitude. Travis knows it, he's been communicated to. He'll fight back; I know Travis will. But he'll have to steal it back now, because that gave Phillip an opportunity."

> Defensive tackle Curtis Porter, who has missed the entire season with a right hand injury, could return this weekend. Golden said Porter is battling with freshman Jalen Grimble to get in the rotation at tackle.

> Golden said sophomore Kacy Rodgers, who gave up the touchdown at FSU, will focus primarily at cornerback this week.

"I don't want to say he froze," Golden said. "He just didn't execute. In fairness to the kid, you would like to have that exposed to him in training camp, in some scrimmage or at some game where you have such a lead that you're playing everybody and not for the first time in front of 85,000 and many more viewers. He wishes he had the play back."

Golden said Rodgers should "have run through and separated [the receiver] from the ball or intercepted it."

Senior JoJo Nicolas, who played the entire FSU game safety, will again stick to safety this week.

> Golden said the biggest difference between UM and FSU right now is depth.

"Just looking at Florida State. That's the one thing they're ahead of us on," Golden said. "We're going to work on that. We have a big recruiting class coming in. I think a lot of those guys are going to have to play.

"Where we're hurt the most is at linebacker. Those are the guys that are run and strike, carry weight. They're 225, 230 and can get down there and make plays. Right now we find ourselves protecting linebackers. We're sitting there with five guys the other day. I'm used to carrying 10 to 12 on the road. We're sitting there five, maybe six. That makes it hard, really hard. We're trying to protect those guys. We understand moving forward we have to get that fixed."


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EK and Herbieibis are right, or like UGoCanes2 would say, they IS correct! Who in the world would want to go play for Bama or LSU when they can come here. All they have are winning programs, proven coaches, rabid fan base and state of the art facilities, while we have ...................... well, we used to have a winning program, but we have Al Golden and his tie, the best in the Universe, remember. We have a pro stadium, miles from campus, it's OK no one shows up anyway. And according to ltcdolphin, the NCAA will just slap us in the hand because our infractions were much less than OSU and we have Al Golden. Every top recruit is lined up to come to Miami and play for Golden the Great. Maybe next year we can challenge for the Mighty Coastal Division title. And, Golden willing, we may even one day show for the Mythical ACC ship game!

The best thing golden has done is bring Fisch. Other than that nothing. What does going into vtech and calling a fake fg against Beamer have to do with recruiting. What does shuffling qb's iwhen you haven't done that all season in the middle of a rivalry game have to do with recruiting? Oline no continuity. He flew well below radar at temple because there were no expectations. Same penalties and same results. People say that we only lost by four to fsu. The d finally came to play and we start over coaching by shuffling qb's. They refs gave us all types of love in the doak and the blog says we fought till the end. Yeah right. Losing record at temple and the blog is constantly blowing his n####. You cane hate randy and mnw all you want but call it like u see it.

Posted by: delUsionalcane | November 16, 2011 at 04:10 PM

Hey D-bag extraordinaire, last time I checked, you lizards had more arrests than wins this year. Go worry about your own sad situation in trailerville.

Muschump has his hands full with cell block F.

Repent and Turn to Jesus/Messiah and be saved before the soon Wrath of G-D comes to punished the Wicked !


Talkycane one day you might get it. Listen to goldens interview on qam Monday after fsu game. Answers your comments about shuffling qbs and why. And it worked too.

If god loves me why would he want to punish me?

Bible-thumping freak.

Itcdolphin, no Tally will not ever get it. He's too blinded by his love for Randy because of his race. If Randy had been white he would have wanted him gone by the first 5 games his first year. Randy in some ways was a good guy but he sucked as a head coach and was an overrated recruiter who could not develop talent. Because of his blindness by race he cannot appreciate the remarkable job Coach Golden has done here in 10 months.
And if Tally would look at things as they really are although Golden did have a losing record at Temple look at what he began with. Nothing. His last 2 years there were 8 and 9 win years and we are talking about Temple. So Tally it is U who needs to learn how to call things as they are.

Al will win something soon.

Got championships. Randy was a good coach but his discipline method obviously did not work plus he expected the players to act their age. Did not work and you can see by players this year they would never get it. Shannon's style would not work if he was white, black, purple or green with some of these guys. It's too bad randy was a heck of a man and role model. The U lost a good man because of a few ignorant jerks.

RP. Because you are un disciplined

Please stop posting about those idiots on Canespace. I stopped going to that blog a few years ago because it was lame.

If you want to talk about liberal politics, or what colors you like on the uni's, go to Canespace.

So soup, solar, 86, canechick, angrycane, gooberboy Cavalier and the rest of the jagoffs can go motorboat each others buttocks.

Posted by: Orange and Boo-Hoo | November 16, 2011 at 12:08 PM

Thank you!!

Shalala fired Randy because he wouldn't let Shapiro get more involved with the program according to a source in the NCAA per Gino Torretta show.

Posted by: macjones | November 16, 2011 at 02:45 PM

mac...as unhappy as i am to say it, I must agree with pretty much all you say. The past 25 years UM has been a love/hate thing with ESPN...which is another way of saying NCAA. Too many of those NCAA goobers were punished by us in the 80's and 90's, and early 200o's, and would LOVE to pat themselves on the back, to paraphrase you.
Funny though, that the Cam newton thing, the illegal recruiting at Oregon, the stuff at OSU...all 3 lead DIRECTLY TO WINS, to unfair advantages...well, maybe less in the case of THE OSU.

our record over the past 8 yeas certainly doesn't reflect that, and considering Donna Shalala was complicit with Shapiro, why wouldn't these kids figure it's OK?

Yes, they were wrong to party, but Cam Newton's dad gets a payoff, Oregon has illegal recruiting services being paid, and we'll get the BIG penalties.
COUNT ON IT. Unfair, yes.

IMAWriter and macjones. The 2 dumbest bloggers ever to post on any site. One is just an ahole leg humper while the other is anything but a writer. Makes for a nice time when you to choads are skiing by a nice tire fire in traliorville. How many names are you butt munches up to now....3,000?
Is there any sites left for you 2 slapnutz to go or has everyone tired of your boring game and hit you with the ban hammer

If race was an issue I wouldn't have wanted john harbaugh as a replacement. I see what is going on clearly. i see bad judgement and decisions from this current staff. Golden has something good going with the oc but nothing else. special teams has only been good on kick off and punt coverage. Defense has sucked and other aspects of special teams have not been good. If he didnt have any talent at temple then coaching here should be no problem. Excuses said that robert marve was better than jacory and that greg schiano was a better coach than randy. judging from what i have seen randy and schiano are what and what. Did marve even play this year? Icto tried to compare jacory and tom brady. what and idiot. You all crowned this dude king golden before he even coached one down. When and if he proves me wrong i will be the first one to give him props. Presently golden hasn't done anything with a descent team. I love winners and you all can waste your time by responding to me because i dont respect you knowledge of the game. Excuses is a little better than the idiot and thats not saying much.lol

Talkycane you really are full of it as others have said. First and foremost I never compared Harris to brady and you know that so stop with the untruths.
Your wrong on special teams they have been good all year except fsu.
The d is much improved an it's the players not the coaches there. Well known if you were well read.
It's been confirmed jacory is better than marve and he did play this season.

Shalala fired Randy because he wouldn't let Shapiro get more involved with the program according to a source in the NCAA per Gino Torretta show.

Posted by: Best college football team in the last 32 years ago minus the last ten plus add 10 pro bowlers minus number of sell outs plus number of suspensions | November 16, 2011 at 07:51 PM


This that is actually true then hang the beach and drag her body through the streets of Miami. Because she was the reason why this punk continued to run around The U causing the problems that we are about to get hit with. Thanks shalalalalala

Hey Eudo!!!!

If that story is true, I wonder what positive garbage you've got to say about this woman now???

Comon Canetillidie. Your thinking you will get a rational thought from that quarter.

Why would i care about what someone says about me on a blog. If you didnt say those things why are you responding. You all say things and dont have any knowledge or stats to back up what you say. Icto you are amazing the more you write more ignorant you appear.

Nice try talkycane. Don't really like when someone misquotes or takes what I say out of context or just plain tells untruths. Come to think of it I wonder why you think you know stats when you don't use them. And instead of attacking you do know I supported randy. Oh well no accounting for thinking.

At the end of the day, all programs struggle at some point. I loved Shannon's love for the U, but he had his time and the team didn't show positive growth and he lost or couldnt figure out how to motivate the team or the fan base. Last year's team gave up against FSU. Last week, they played hard til the end against a better FSU team. We need to let Golden work his plan and given a 4-5 yr window, (not withstanding big time sanctions), we can evaluate whether or not it is working. It is not like top coaches were bangin down the door to get in last year beyond Golden. PSU definitely isn't the job it was 11 days ago, but our deal isn't necessarily the holy grail of coaching right now with potential sanctions coming our way.

Right now, I am happy we have a guy who is smart, focused, and holds people accountable. Be lucky, we don't have Muschamp...

Tally, I think U have John harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh mixed up there my man. And U want to talk about someone else's knowledge of the game? PLease! You can say all U want but thats the only reason U bash a guy trying to fix the mess he was left by your boy. Stats just give you an idea of the game and if you look at the stats under Shannon we sucked and guys never got better than their freshman year and U know it. And yes Schiano is a better HC than SHannon but I was referring to the fact that he was and is a better defensive coordinator than Shannon was. As far as Marve I said he had more potential as a QB than Harris and had he not been run off and given a fair shot he would have been the QB more than likely the whole time. You want to look at stats look back to the pass opportunities he had late in that season versus the ones Jacory had that year. No one has crowned Golden King of Miami that distinction goes to Jimmy Johnson but there are alot of parallels between the two of them. The point is Golden is so much better a coach at the U in his first year than Shannon was in his fourth year and Golden was an outsider without the knowledge of the area. Plus thsi team is better in his first year than any of Shannon's

Past not pass and this not thsi. The head coach of Stanford last year since your calling out mistakes. If you said that he was a better dc than randy i would like to know what games you were watching. How did randy run marve off? When he got in trouble he gave him the starting job when he came off suspension. That was randy's biggest mistake. He should have waited before he named his starter and made them truly compete. Marve,Cook and Smith ran themselves off and havn't done anything since. He had one descent game against wake forest and that was it. What I saw the majority of the time was jacory coming in and winning some games late after marve would stink the game up. Marve had his opportunity and didn't do anything with it. Golden ran off storm and i didn't hear anyone complaining about that. I have always stated that randy should be fired if he didn't fire whipple. Its funny how some of you have selective memory on this site. So is there a reason marve isnt playing for purdue? I guess that's randy fault to.

Amazing how the RS battle sometimes heats up here. One thing is certain, that many Canes fans are very passionate and have some grteat football ideas as well. That is great. As far as always reasoning, not so much! There sure are some verbal smackdowns on this blog!

I doubt there are many people who did not want RS to succeed. I sure did.

Coach Golden is a good one, and yes, 5 and 5 is not very good. Hope we win out to go 7 and 5.

He has a certain "juice" that a lot of coaches don't. I am happy that he is leading the program, and you will be too as it all unfolds.
Agree that the PSU job is a lot less attractive now, but 100,000 screaming fans would be nice most Saturdays.

In the meantime, many are seeing the Bulls game as likely to be very close and competitive, painful as that is to acknowledge.

I hope the Canes put together a true 60 minutes of hard-nosed and well-executed football. If you can, get upstate and cheer them on, because Bulls' fans will be very excited. Everyone wants to beat Miami, even at 5 and 5!

Canetilludie - no part of that's true, Hocutt fired Shannon immediately after the USF game without consulting Shalala or the board. Shalala loved Randy Shannon, if she had anything to do with hiring and firing football coaches he'd still be here.

RS cared and deserves to be commended for that. He will do good things for another program, maybe FAU, which just so happens have a nice new little stadium "on campus" that Howard built...no way No-Life stadium could ever compete with other college stadiums to create momentum for any home team, i.e. Dolphins home record proves this is true too, plus they really suck.

If I am Golden, after the NCAA, I'd worry most about fan support at SL Stadium.


In fact Marve scored the winning TD last week on a 1 yard sneak. I think it was Ohio State. Marve had been injured, but I know other guys were starting ahead of him. So, not sure what the whole story is, but he has not starred at Purdue. Don't know for sure if he would have at Miami. He did not have the height that Jacory has, but was a better runner.

Storm left UM because he could not handle the discipline and the challenge. He saw himself as a star, and being 3rd string did not motivate him. He was not a Golden type player, nor was Golden his kind of coach. You may remember Storm's dad saying that his son objectied to "the miltary style of coaching."

Tell it to The Marine Corps!

Agree that PSU is a lot less desirable, but 1000,000 fans on Saturday would be sweet, no?

Let's beat the Bulls, folks. Let's see 60 minutes of intense Cane football, and demolish those dudes! See you at the game!

tally I agree that Marve made some off the field mistakes and some on the field that did not help his cause with Shannon but if you actually watched the games that year you would see that Marve was more times than not handing the ball off rather than passing it and when jacory was in the plays were tailored for him to shine passing. U want to talk about selective memory that my man is what U have. If you want to see the defense's I was talking about just look at the 2000 team and the 2001 team and that will be all you need to see and see how much better he was than Randy. Now son't get me wrong Randy had some good defenses but when it come to making adjustments Randy got left behind. It's really irrelavant now because we now have a real HC.

Eudo, have u lost your mind? She was in on it as much as Holcutt and if it was up to her Randy would still be here then thats all the proof anyone needs in the world that the old bag should be canned. Thank god for Hocutt then.

No, I haven't, google the story of Shannon's firing if you don't remember.

I'll check it out but really I could care less now that he's gone other than if she felt that way then that old piece of crap needs to go. That tells you she accepted that crap.

Did Greg schiano win a championship at Miami?

Or did he coach on a team that won a championship at Miami?

Buh-Bye LB Keith Brown ...

I do not miss the look of pure befuddlement on his face on the sideline . I'm sure some school will give him another shot, but I highly doubt that his game day management will change one iota when the bullets start to fly again. Personally I feel he should stick to being a D-Coordinator and sit in the Coaches box where that seems to be his comfort zone.

I also have not cringed one time during ANY interview that Golden has given.

I wish him the best either way. Must have been nice cashing those 50k checks every two weeks this past year.

Euco. Once again your ignorance of facts is amazing. So Shannon was fired and short prima Donna was not in on it. Right!!! And she did a great job at Wisconsin and has lead from the front on the NCAA investigation.
The hobbit told Kirby to jump and he asked permission to come down. Every time he spoke he bent over and kissed her rear end, oh that's an ugly vision, and then did her bidding.
Your thoughts was the papers, no wonder you type stupid things. Not such a good source I would venture.

Again Itcdolphin, if you could just extract yourself from my nuts that would be terrific.

All I know is....

That story better not be true! Or else she's done before lunch. Chinese anyone?


Futchy get better quick man we need your aggression on defense. U bust your butt for us and I personally love U for it. U may not have the numbers but U have what it takes. shannon didn't utilize U correctly, or anyone else for that matter.

Go Canes!!!!!!!

"Several sources said that UM president Donna Shalala was a strong supporter of Shannon's and was willing to give him at least another year. But the embarrassing losses to FSU and Virginia turned up the heat, and one source said she gave Hocutt the autonomy to make the final decision. Had UM beaten USF, Shannon might have had a much better chance of saving himself."

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/28/1946337/shannons-status-is-unknown.html#ixzz1dyQfTzA9

Seems that some when they make unintelligent comments don't like to have to back them up. Easy solution to that, at least try and back up what you write.
As said earlier the papers especially the herald are not very good sources. Heck the herald still supports obummer.
Houlcut was a puppet on the string to Donna.

Canetilludie - no part of that's true, Hocutt fired Shannon immediately after the USF game without consulting Shalala or the board. Shalala loved Randy Shannon, if she had anything to do with hiring and firing football coaches he'd still be here.

Posted by: Eudocimus01 | November 16, 2011 at 10:16 PM


An AD acting solely by himself without final authorization from shalalalalala. Wow you really don't know what you are talking about. She has final say not kirby fuknutt. She would have had to give him some type of authority to do it before hand. Not allow him to make a decision of firing someone without the authority. Fuknutt didn't run the school she did. Damn what you said was ridiculous.

Again what you say makes no sense.

"Several sources said that UM president Donna Shalala was a strong supporter of Shannon's and was willing to give him at least another year. But the embarrassing losses to FSU and Virginia turned up the heat, and one source said she gave Hocutt the autonomy to make the final decision. Had UM beaten USF, Shannon might have had a much better chance of saving himself."

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/28/1946337/shannons-status-is-unknown.html#ixzz1dyQfTzA9

Posted by: Eudocimus01 | November 17, 2011 at 09:39 AM


And you were kind enough to post a statement that defends my point.


He can't make a decision like that without authorization from above. No AD can.

Golden isn't going to bolt for PSU. That scandal is uglier than anything we have going on.

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