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Report: Golden's agent says UM is trying to adjust coach's contract

CORAL GABLES -- Could Al Golden be getting a new contract soon? Or, could his agent be giving us the first hint Golden might be planning an exit strategy?

Tuesday, Brett Senior, Golden's long-time representative, told CBSSports.com there have been “overtures made” by UM about adjusting his client’s contract in the wake of the current NCAA scandal involving former booster Nevin Shapiro.

Golden, who expressed frustration about not being told about the full scope of the scandal involving Shapiro when he was hired by former athletic director Kirby Hocutt back in December, declined to comment when asked about it Tuesday at his weekly press conference.

"Number 1 I have to talk to my agent," Golden said. "I really don't want to get into that right now. I just want to focus on Duke. We had a good practice yesterday, good practice today. We have our hands full with what these guys present us offense, defense and special teams. If you want to say I'm side swiping it, I am. I don't want to talk about it. I want to talk about Duke and our football team and the challenges we have ahead this week."

Senior, Golden’s long-time representative, told CBS' Dennis Dodd at least one UM official has reached out to Golden specifically about his contract (reportedly 5 years, $10 million).

“I’ve got the feeling they’ll [Miami] do the right thing,” said Senior who has represented Golden since he came out of Penn State in 1991.

Asked about an escape clause in the current deal that would allow Golden to leave Miami based on the severity of NCAA sanctions, Senior told CBS: “I will say this. We’ve got options available to us.”

That’s believed to be the first time there has been some kind of acknowledgment that Golden could get out of his deal. Senior added that NCAA penalties “that would cripple a program for five years,” would be tough for Golden to deal with.

“We’ll evaluate all options,” Senior said. “You only have so many bites at the apple.”

“We’ve got to get sort of a feel for what the NCAA implications might be,” Senior added. “Those kind of things may take a fairly long time … [You] certainly expect that something is going to come down. It certainly can debilitate a program at least a couple of years.”

Senior also said that any contract issues will be addressed after the season.

Here is the link to the complete article on CBSSports.com.


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UM better do the right thing and try and do what it takes to keep Golden. He's not going to stay for any amount of money, however, if the sanctions will be crippling. You can't expect a coach to stay if he knows he can't recruit effectively for a couple of years. I know he doesn't want to leave UM because of the great potential at the U. He's wanted this job for awhile. December will be a very tenuous month in Coral Gables.

This is no surprise. Honestly, I don't expect Golden to stay regardless, it's clear he is a good coach and good coaches WILL NEVER STAY AT THE U for any length of time. This is why I say you deal with someone like RS that bleeds Orange and Green, knowing full well that he may be a lifer for the program and just deal with the fact that you will have good years along with the bad.

Johnson, Erickson, Davis, loved them all but again none of those guys bled for UM. Its too bad we can't get a coach like JoPa.....

To Nolekiller:
I generally agree with what you say about coaches at UM. Golden, however, was going nowhere for at least 4 years if the NCAA mess hadn't happened. Coaches don't even leave UM after 1 year.

r we ever going 2 get back to the glory years???? I'm so tried of being non-irrelevant. after the last game i was ready to pack way all my UM gear and put it 2 sleep. If Golden leaves we will b irrelevant 4 another 10yrs, I can't handle it anymore.

b, you troll.

Two absolUte factors will play a major, major role on whether The Golden One stays or bloody BOLTS for Penn. St. ( And what Hurricane rUffian could blame him for leaving a SINKING program. )

The SEVERITY of the N.C.A.A. sanctions handed down on a very, very AVERAGE Miami, F-L-A program. And IF Mr. Paterno finally RETIRES at the conclusion of this season.

Penn. St. is having a very good season, so far, and in fact probably would defeat the Canes on a nuetral field. Eh. But that's neither here or there U'all Cane BANDWAGON rUffians.

That's why I believe Joesph will do a TONY LaRUSSA dance and retire with a winning season and a possible bowl win.

By the way, I say Miami's A.D. and President DECLINE a bowl offering this season. Because the Hurricanes are looking at a 6-6 or 7-5 regular season, especially after the SHAMEFUL lost to a bland Cav' squad.

With Miami's A.D. and President saying NO WAY HOSE to an OBSCURE bowl game, the N.C.A.A. MAY relatively lighten the Hurricanes soon to be announced penalities.

And believe it or not Miami rUffians. I heard through the TRADE WINDS the Golden One's inherited footbal program is going to be HIT VERY, VERY HARD! No not the Death Penality. But still enough to cripple Miami for the next 3 and or 4 seasons.

Now, do U'all Hurricane neanderthals bloody well UNDERSTAND why Albert's agent de jour is negotiating an ESCAPE CLAUSE in the contract. dUh!

I love Golden, but..next man in. BUTCH DAVIS, get your pencil ready. Let's get to work.


I'm afraid UM will not touch Davis after the N. Carolina problems, no matter if he was involved or not.

I read the whole article and it amazes me how that so called agent just ran his mouth as if he likes listening to himself. I truly believe that Miami will do the right thing and make adjustments that all parties accept especially leaning more towards what Golden wants because he stepped in a cow pie the moment he got here and no one told him to look out. Kirby Fuknutt is the one who hired him, took his last check, cashed it and ran for the tumble weeds of texas tech.


I do like the idea of after Golden is done with his contract that we start talking to Butch Davis. He always had a keen eye for recruits and built the team that Coker rode all the way to an undefeated season and National Title. I also wouldn't be against the idea of Mario Cristobal coming back with all of his energy. I swear he has as much energy as a kid jumping up and down going nuts on the sidelines. I love that emotion out of a coach. But the idea of Butch coming back is absolutely appealing to me. Has Jimmy Johnson come back from his fishing trip yet????? Dolphin filets anyone???

Here's a silly notion but an interesting one if you think it over for a sec.

1.Howard Schnellenberger takes shalalalala's place as school director.

2.Jimmy Johnson becomes the new AD for the Canes.

3.Butch Davis comes back as head coach

4.Don Soldinger comes back as RB coach

5.New strength coach will be Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler lol

6.We go back to the old uniforms. Either 2001 style or early 90's style with the shoulder stripes(oldschool).

7.Admission standards are dropped back to what they were before shalalalala got here and tried to make a "harvard of the south" out of The U.

Thought this might bring some humor to the blog, though I wouldn't mind some of these changes to occur now.

I, personally, miss the oldschool uniforms.

Golden will stay. The same honesty that he expected from the Administration, is the same honesty he owes the incoming recruits. So far, all verbal commits are intact. Recruits following through will the first telltale sign if he's leaving. I suggest, we all calm down and enjoy the team on Saturdays.

Ya I see him staying also. I don't see him jumping ship until his 5yr contract is up. After that it's really anyone's guess. I still like that idea of Butch Davis. I think he would jump at the idea of coming back to Miami.

Go Canes

Man, nobody knows what its going to be as far as punishment from the NCAA. What UM needs to do is give Golden a great contract so he will stay. If he does choose to leave then it is what it is and really no one can blame him. I'm not Golden but I don't see any advantage to leaving for Penn State other than no probation or it being his school. I mean its cold up there, and there is a much better recruiting base in Miami and south Florida.
The one thing about Butch is he has been through this before so he knows how its done. The one thing that needs to happen if we are hit by severe sanctions that cause Golden to leave is Shalaber needs to be fired. There is no way that little troll faced strumpet should be allowed to keep her job. How can or could she turn her nose up to Butch should Al leave after this crap happened under her watch. She is just as accountable since she likes to keep her little nose poked in everything as Tressel was at Ohio State or Butch at UNC.

UM is a "weigh" station for 'Goldy. As as soon as JoPa realizes the game passed him by centuries ago, then 'Goldy leaves and, hopefully, takes the horrendous DC with him.

I'm not sure if Butch wants to come back. JJ is busy fishin' in Tavernier. Then U got the NCAA santions.

I say go and get a former player. Maybe RS or JJ has some recommendations. Cristobal would work out, he's got a strong work ethic, knows how to recruit, played OL, doesn't have to travel far, was a winner at UM.

Golden Al knows the opportunity he has at Miami, anything short of the DP and he stays...

P.S. We arent getting the DP...

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

smillerdegnan Brett Senior told me re: #Canes coach Golden: "Al is not going anywhere, OK? He is so committed."

@Cane till I die..........."Butch Davis" lmao that won't ever happen. Keep in mind they ran Butch a** from the U in 99 lol. He stayed in something @ all times. He's a good caoch I would love to see Butch come back. But it won't happen because of his past. But "Golden" isn't going anywhere he'll stick around.

I know one thing our troops better get some fire in them and win out these last 4 games. We have to win them all we're not even bowl elgible yet pitty. We should of been Undefeated now.

@ Championships is all that matters...

What you said about shalalalala is absolutely right. Everything that we are still enduring and crossing our fingers about, happened under her watch and happened for 10 years apparently. So for 10yrs she did nothing until it was too late. She has to go and bring the admission standards back down to what they were before she got here. Then players like Kevin Grooms and others have a chance of coming to the school of their dreams.

@'Cool 'Cat...

The idea of Butch coming here isn't as far fetched as you may think. Remember how easy it was for him here once he built his team. Plus the idea of someone like Mario coming to us with his "strong work ethic", recruiting abilities will help him considerably. It's nice for the recruit to have a coach walk into their home to discuss his future while the coach wears a NC ring from a school known for Titles and attitude. Talking to JJ wouldn't hurt, he genuinely cares for the program is the main reason why I agree with that plus his credit is undeniable.

We'll see in 5 yrs.

I was glad when they hired him, but if he wants to leave, then let him go.. I do not see why they should extended his contract after 8 games!

@ 850Cane4life

The idea of Butch isn't a bad one. Funny as it may be, but still not a bad one. He was never run out of The U, he just went for the bigger paycheck and it flopped in his face. He should have stayed and we would have won title after title with him at the helm. Coker was an idiot and fired all the coaches to cover his a$%. Besides his past won't be a factor once this hobbit is fired. Think about that.

I do hope that Golden does stick around because I truly do believe that he's a really good coach and has the stuff to turn him into a great coach. I see us winning the rest of our schedule with a scary test against fswho. BC,USF,Duke will be won in my opinion. Duke has never beaten us I believe but not positive. Will see what happens..





I would love for the former players to come into the locker room and destroy the place and get in the face of all of the players like they did after that BYU game where they lost that opener and went on to win the rest of the season. Players coming back and mentoring is one of the many factors that lead to the Miami Way and it should have never stopped. Now players have to ask permission to be on the sidelines??? ARE U KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! Time to upset the establishment. All of the 2001 guys should get in there and smack them all around like Northwestern coaches do to their players.

go to youtube and see "year of the bull" and look at some of the videos. That's how dade county players are trained and have been for years. I miss our Old Ways and then shalalalala the hobbit came in like jack frost from wisconsin and tried to turn our school into a harvard of the south. She can burn for all I care.

Fire shalalalalala !!! No Hobbits Allowed!!!!

Until more is know about pending NCAA sanctions then the future will have question's not only about the coach but recruits too. It is too bad that the past AD and current school president were not up-front as to the NCAA investagations. In the short period of time that Coach Golden has been here; he has turned a lot of heads of other programs that would love to have him. Speculation is what we do best and we have already picked his replacement. Now the current AD and president acknowledge that they need to do something now; it's just too bad that they didn't think of that during the interview process.

If Golden left, would it be that bad? I was on board with him at the beginning and believe he still has potential. However, he has lost 4 close games that good coaching probably would have won. Nobody knows how good he is as a coach right now. Maybe he's all talk...

I don't know how golden couldn't have known about this. Just my opinion i think he thought he could come here for one or two years and make a the last audition for the joe pas job. I think he is glad they failed to mention it just like the administration failed UM in getting rid of this clown. Please send the dc with you if you go. Coaching without their recruits now is just like coaching with us on sanctions. Not impressive. I like Butch and cristobal. At least their UM guys. If we were undefeated right now i would say give him more money. Let him leave. Cristobal would give us the same thing. Remember Golden still has a losing record.

Agreed. These players need to be smacked around. How does a line that averages about 320 lbs, one of the biggest O lines in the country, be that soft? They need to be whooped into shape, I mean whooped. Theyre soft. They should be dominating everyone. Everyone. Lamar and/or Mike James should be averaging 200 yds rushing a game. This is BS. Miami never had an O line this huge, but they were tougher and meaner.

Shalalala brought this soft utopian hippie attitude that is more Hollywood than Miami. We need to get that city attitude that gave this program its name. I dont mean arrests ( like 2006, 2008 champion Florida), and I appreciate the high grad rates etc. But this is a Miami-Dade-Broward program. Not just for the 14,000 students. This is OUR team. I've been following this team since before some of Um's current students were still in their daddies loins and others wer still poopin-ng in their diapers. Think about it. 1983. That's 28 yrs ago. Not even a current grad student was alive when the U shocked the world by beating that powerhouse from the west that averaged like 500 yds a game. I was. The entire south florida erupted. we were national champions. Overtown, carol city, perrine, miramar, lauderdale lakes, baby we were all canes and most of us are still canes even if we went to another university. I want my canes and the cane attitude to be back. In some form. Golden is trying. UM should bend over backwards to keep him.

And whoever said not going to a bowl to limit sanctions is exactly what we need to do. I dont want to see us in more micron pc bowls.

We need to go back the Big East

I still don't believe the sactions will be as severe as everyone says. Not denial, I'm just looking at all the facts that the NCAA is facing now. The fact that we have been cooperative is a plus and we will forfeit all victories in the last 4 years (no loss there) and there will be 2 years of bowl bans and probably 2 years of scholarship reductions. Hardly destructive. Disruptive yes. Setting the program back 5 years I think not. USC's punishment will be more severe than ours because they tried to stifle the investigation at every turn, hence the harsh penalty. Miami will be not get the same penaltiy and the media will jump on it and say sensationalize it. Our punishment is close to what UNC did. What they get will be similar to what we get ours potentially a littler harsher due to the fact that they've never had trouble in their football program. But we will see. Why it takes so long for an NCAA investigation is beyond me.

I hope UM sweetens the deal because Coach Golden is the right guy for the job.

Haha, you people are so rediculous with your calls to fire Shalala, it's like complaining every week that ray Lewis doesn't come back to play for UM, it is that laughably impossible.

Shalala will never be fired but the good news for all the second hand fans who don't care about the University of Miami is that shes 70 years old and will be retiring sooner than later. Of course then you'll all just blame the new guy despite the fact that the president of UM doesn't have anything to do with running athletic teams.

We are the canes
Our Golden Boy is planning his exit strategy
Soon he will leave and the sanctions will come
Irrelevant we are, we have been and will be for years to come
Great idea to refuse a crappy bowl invite
Will save us another embarrassing loss
We almost beat Virginia, we are the best almost won team out there
That Maryland team really stinks, wish we could play them, oh right we already did

@ Best cfb program the last 32 years..

Thank you, someone who F'ing gets it. The Miami Way is the only way!!!!!!! True Cane Fan right there.


MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....giggity-goo! Sanctions will be here soon. C-YA GOLDEN!!

i so dont think hes gonna play to exit. Depends on sanctions i believe. Golden really wanted this job alot. Unless psu came open i dont see him bolting unless the sanctions are for 5 yrs or more. Otherwise i say he waits out psu job. Paterno doesnt look like hes leaving anytime soon though.

That said if the investigation ends up finding major violations and yahoo story or not ncaa has to have facts unlike yahoo they cant just go on conjecture. And miami gets hit with huge sanctions yea he leaves. If they get like 2-3 yrs and a few scholly losses i think he sticks it out.

I cant believe all you neurotic negative posters .Its comical

Ahhh the trolls come out of hiding.

tallycane has it right - UM isn't losing because of some imagined "attitude" that Shalala is imparting on the football team, we're losing because we left the Big East.

We were Boise. We had to get up for one or two real games a year and rarely had to play real games in consecutive weeks.

If you want to blame Shalala for anything blame her for that. Sure the UM teams of old could beat any given team in the nation, but so can Boise. Watch what happens when Boise joins the Big East, they're going to be instantly mediocre and find some scapegoat (in their case it will be losing their quarterback).

UM has learned that it's very different being able to beat any team in the nation and having to beat decent teams every single week.

We should stay positive because the university did cooperate fully with the investigation that took place with people that are no longer at the university. Golden suspended and excused players as well. Even the university has given back some of the money that shitpiro gave. Don't remember how much it was from what I read in a past article but it was over $100k. The NCAA will recognize that Golden is a good coach who doesn't tolerate these actions and I really believe that we will not get hit as hard as everyone is thinking.

UM gave back every penny Shapiro gave them when he was indicted for his Ponzi scheme two years ago.

I'm all for skipping the Sun/Citrus/MPC Bowl if it'll help but I don't think it will.

The CFB world is full of corruption. There are no "greener pastures" anywhere. It's all musical chairs, any and all programs have the same odds to be left standing with improprieties, when the music pauses.

Al Golden is not a bailer, he's driven by challenges, this one no different. For those trollers who keep mentioning JoPa's job, they already have an heir being groomed, and it's not AG.

NO we're not losing because we joined the ACC. Ridiculous. We won when we were independent and we won in the SEC and we won in the Big East. Doesn't matter what conference we were in because we won. It's called history gentleman look it up. We joined the ACC in 2004. Shalalalala was already here since 2001 and changing the program by slowly adapting everything to the way she wanted it to be, a harvard of the south. First it was the admissions which she raised higher than what the NCAA demanded of us once she got here. She always spoke of leaving the OB for another venue. Do you think that boded well wit the Miami community? If you think it didn't then you are sadly mistaken and should excuse yourself from this blog. All she cared about was getting more money from boosters and in doing so allowed a POS like shitpiro into our program and cause all of this trouble for us now. Ya she brought in a lot of money but how much of it is clean? We'll never know. As one blogger in here said once, her job is to stand there and smile like an idiot while accepting checks (direct quote). Sorry that is not how I would want to envision the director of the university of miami to be. Tad Foote very much liked the idea of making miami the harvard of the south as well but he was also a business man and a good business man knows a good product when he sees one and he had one sitting on his lap. It was such a good product that the school made millions in bowl appearances and double the physical size of the campus in just a few years. I didn't see the boosters doing that in the 80's, 90's, into 2000+. The football team did. So Tad knew that as long as he just kept things under control that everything would be fine, he would make money, and promote the school. Hell, even on the inside of the school's admission brochure when you opened it to the first page there was a football player right there in the middle of the page. This is a football town and people have forgotten that. A lot of people want her gone for many reasons big and small like not allowing former players on the sidelines anymore mentoring our current players, etc... Honestly, with our tradition of family, doing that was the dumbest thing she could do to upset the football community around here. Few people actually defend her. I can't see why since she hasn't really done anything positive for the school other than blindly bring in money no matter where it comes from without doing a background check. Since she has been here there has been a problem, the only problem is that it popped up now instead of earlier. I do agree that if we do get hit that she should leave. It proves her incompetence. She must know that as director of the school that everything falls on her shoulders. She just can't brush this off to someone else. Kirby Fuknutt knew this and bolted for the tumble weeds of texas tech after getting Golden to come here and getting his last check. He did this because "he wanted to be closer to his family" which really means I'm getting as far away from this bomb that's about to blow up as possible. Even candy randy knew this guy was bad. How come shalalalalala didn't?
Answer that.

Go Canes

What happens if we go 7-5 and are in line to play the Gators in say the Music City Bowl. Do we play them or self-impose a Bowl ban ?

We would never hear the end of it if we did.

Moving UM to the ACC hurt the program. Raising academic requirements above the level of functional retard hurt the program. Moving from the Orange Bowl hurt the program, although I understand why UM didn't spend hundreds of millions of dollars renovating a stadium they didn't even own.

Everything else you said related to the University and fundraising is just so far off it's not worth explaining. Because of Shalala the University makes more money from it's hospitals than tuition. That check Shalala was photographed holding represents 0.00000625% of the donations she's raised in the past five years.

You mean the millions that they won't be getting from the hospital this year and the millions more next year due to all the garbage thats going on there because they can't even afford to pay their employees. Man keep up with what's going on with your community and you wouldn't had mentioned that. Plenty of articles were written about that in the miami herald look it up. You're the only one that defends this person. The only one. Entering the ACC didn't hurt us at all. Messing with something that was already fine the way it was did. So raising academic requirements above the level of functional retard hurt the program? Did you forget who won National Titles with those requirements after the NCAA had us raise them higher than the majority of colleges that have football programs? Guess you forgot that. Then she came here and raised the requirements again. Miami would still be sun tan U if it wasn't for the football program even though you like to convince yourself otherwise. The University of Miami is a football school, nuff said. I'm not far off by saying that shalalalalala allowed anyone with a checkbook to drop a check in her hand. That's exactly what happened and she didn't do a background check on anybody. Who allows a 40yr old to hang out with students? What kind of director doesn't know that is going on? If she didn't know then she's not fit for the position because a director should have her eyes and ears open at all times because trouble can come from anywhere. I'm starting to think that you're related to her or something much worse...in a relationship with her.

Didn't you mention that you wouldn't respond to my post and I wouldn't respond to yours? Didn't you physically threaten me over the internet? Didn't you not show up where I told you to meet me if you wanted to physically threaten me? Grow a pair or get them back from the hobbit, either one. Man you're a douche.

GO CANES!!!!!!!

Agree that the sanctions will not be as everyone fears. Or in the case of blabbing buffoon Mark May, as bad as he immediately demanded before knowing all the facts.

If we get a chance to play in a bowl, we should.

Stanford, with its high academic standards, is looking pretty good right now. Why not the U? All we need is a game changer at QB, an O line that is big and gutsy, some tough RBs and a decent D.

Coach Golden will stay the course because he is a man of character, just like the type of player that he is recruiting.

U dummy's really think we should go back to the Big East? U guys can't be real Canes. Real Canes aren't afraid of competition. We want to play the best so we can beat the best. Just what would we gain by going back to the Big East? Oh I know we could beat Rutgers, or some other nobody and act like we have done something. Thats about as stupid as somebody saying we were better off with Coker or Shannon. We are in a good conference and have a good coach and staff that will lead us back to the top.

If you think being in the ACC set us back you are ridiculous. We play anyone at anytime anywhere. The academic standards are good for the school. We went 9-3 two years ago with those academic standards and a terrible coaching staff. So clearly the academic standard is not an issue. A good coaching staff would have had That team at 11-1 at least. Didn't the NCAA just raise the academic standard again? If so we are ahead of the curve.
If golden leaves it will be because of severe sanctions. Nothing less. Coach G turned down Tennessee and ucla and a few other schools to come to the U. He wants to be here and will weather two years of sanctions. As for the sanctions no one knows what's gonna happen. But if you think for one second the ACC and other conferences will sit by and watch the NCAA severely punish Miami you are highly mistaken. If the NCAA flexes too much muscle super conferences will be finalized out of fear their school will be next. Super conferences mean the NCAA is out of the major football programs lives. No way they are going to risk that. This isn't 10 years or even 5 years ago when teams quaked at the notion of NCAA investigations. Schools cooperate but don't think for one second that crippling sanctions won't reverberate around CFB and speed up the super conferences. The NCAA is on its way out in CFB everyone knows it. The NCAA is trying to save themselves and will keep punishments light to moderate. If you don't believe me see Boise state, auburn and other schools that violated the rules. USC is the exception and that's cause they refused to cooperate.

Different conference's, play around with the academic standards in the end honestly it doesn't matter to me as long as you don't mess with the U's traditions. Former players should be allowed full access as they always have had in the past to come back and mentor the family with no restrictions, etc.... The problems never came from former players, just boosters. We'll play anyone, anytime, anywhere. Independent, SEC, BIG EAST, ACC...Anyone, Anywhere. No one has done what we have done and that's fact. We can do it again. This harvard garbage has to end because it will never happen. Just stop already.

We can have success in any conference, and we need not worry about the sanctions as they are coming, but not going to be that severe. All in all, the kids were duped by a convict that took millions from heavily educated and wealthy people. Look at the make up of the case... This coach and AD were oblivious, yet the president and previous AD were in on it. So Golden may leave, and may not, BUT there is always someone wanting your job. Personally I HOPE he hangs with us, but know this is a business. I met the guy, and he does have the drive and want for success jj and butch have. First year terms for coaches hardly ever swing overly well, unless you take over after Schnelly, JJ, or Butch. Just be a true C-A-N-E and attend the damn games if you live within 200 miles of the stadium, or buy our gear and watch them on tv. We have been on tv EVERY game this year, and no other team has... Either way, be a true, and stay tuned... And stand behind our school please.

You guys are to funny bring back Butch Davis are you guys canes fans or just plain stupid he got fired from UNC for the same reason were in trouble now SERIOUSLY then you want the old uniforms back LMAO STOP LIVING IN THE PAST. Next why don't we bring back the 01 National championship class to see if there are still eligible to play then we can go to the Big East and dominate come on lets continue to live in the past bring in Butch Davis at Head coach,Larry Coker at Offensive coordinator,Randy Shannon at Devensive coordinator and Paul dee as athletic director then my delusional Canes fans we are back LOL.

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