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Report: Golden's agent says UM is trying to adjust coach's contract

CORAL GABLES -- Could Al Golden be getting a new contract soon? Or, could his agent be giving us the first hint Golden might be planning an exit strategy?

Tuesday, Brett Senior, Golden's long-time representative, told CBSSports.com there have been “overtures made” by UM about adjusting his client’s contract in the wake of the current NCAA scandal involving former booster Nevin Shapiro.

Golden, who expressed frustration about not being told about the full scope of the scandal involving Shapiro when he was hired by former athletic director Kirby Hocutt back in December, declined to comment when asked about it Tuesday at his weekly press conference.

"Number 1 I have to talk to my agent," Golden said. "I really don't want to get into that right now. I just want to focus on Duke. We had a good practice yesterday, good practice today. We have our hands full with what these guys present us offense, defense and special teams. If you want to say I'm side swiping it, I am. I don't want to talk about it. I want to talk about Duke and our football team and the challenges we have ahead this week."

Senior, Golden’s long-time representative, told CBS' Dennis Dodd at least one UM official has reached out to Golden specifically about his contract (reportedly 5 years, $10 million).

“I’ve got the feeling they’ll [Miami] do the right thing,” said Senior who has represented Golden since he came out of Penn State in 1991.

Asked about an escape clause in the current deal that would allow Golden to leave Miami based on the severity of NCAA sanctions, Senior told CBS: “I will say this. We’ve got options available to us.”

That’s believed to be the first time there has been some kind of acknowledgment that Golden could get out of his deal. Senior added that NCAA penalties “that would cripple a program for five years,” would be tough for Golden to deal with.

“We’ll evaluate all options,” Senior said. “You only have so many bites at the apple.”

“We’ve got to get sort of a feel for what the NCAA implications might be,” Senior added. “Those kind of things may take a fairly long time … [You] certainly expect that something is going to come down. It certainly can debilitate a program at least a couple of years.”

Senior also said that any contract issues will be addressed after the season.

Here is the link to the complete article on CBSSports.com.


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I do not believe that AG has not spoken with his agent about the contract. The comments are silly and it AG does not fire the agent it tells you all you need to know about AG the politician.

AG and Mark D have done a fair job coaching this season. AG's market value as a coach has decreased this year and I doubt that anyone else would offer him $10,000,000 over 5 years. Penn State is not interested in AG. Al is a good politician and good with the press. AG has made few improvements as a coach and has made quite a few bad decisions that have cost games.
AG and Mark D should have made personnel decisions earlier in the season. AG should run for office and UM should get a solid coach with better experience and results than AG acheived at Temple.

I agree with vegas...partly. What has ag proven yet? He cant go anywhere and convince anyone that he has done anything more than show up to his interview with a 500 page binder. 4-4. Lost to maryland who has a losing record, virginia who barelybeatidaho.

I kknow he beat osu and ga tech.but .... 4-4 says it all.

So who is salivating to take him?

That said. I still think hes the right guy for miami. Not sure about donofrio. AG just needs to get his own players and clean house of the 2008 garbage overrtaed busts that have done NoTHING but elevate our expctations, and give us false hope

To the gtr trolls ( 10 yrs etc): really? Last time i checked f-u has lost 4 in a row. Lloks like fsu and usc are going to destroy you so you can finish 6-6. And by the way, your boy tebow has really outdone himself has possibly the worst qb in the history of the nfl. Makes ryan leaf sound like an marino.
In fact,

Getting ramrodden by the kracken > tebow

WOW! So now the U will reward failure? Until Golden proves that he can win, why are we adjusting his contract? If he wants to leave, show him the door! The U simply needs to stop trolling for average coaches and go after a proven winner with charisma.

We had a tougher schedule playing in the big east so competition had nothing to do with my comment. New tv contracts allowed a lot of the kids who normally come in and waited two years before they got a chance to play. Now a Florida kid can go to a unc or wake forest and doesn't have to wait for an opportunity to play. He can come in as a freshman ball out and possibly get a win and head to the nfl. Syracuse, vtech,bc,wv and then you add in a nd, ostate or Florida and that schedule is top three toughest in the nation. Of course we can't go back to the big east but the whole recruiting landscape changed when we did. most of the fans were riding goldens jock before he even coached one down. He was king golden before he put in any work. The real dummy is the one who said Greg schiano is a better coach than randy and that Robert marve is better than jacory Harris. That the real jack arse.lol He will respond and then you will know exactly who she is.lol

Golden cam leave if he desires to! There are many great coaches out there, just a matter of money

The NCAA wants to torpedo the Miami program. The alledged transgressions are less than other institutions in the news over the last three years. The announcements in the media by Emmert who wants to make an example out of institutions mean he has an ax to grind and is willing to kill his career to get it done. If and when the penalties come down and they are drastically worse than Ohio State, Southern Cal, Oregon, or Florida State then Miami needs to take the NCAA to court and get the politicians involved. The jerks running the NCAA should not be allowed to dole out penalties based on personal likes or dislikes.


Joe made the call ...

Gators-vs-Canes January 1 2012 ? Gator Bowl ?

don't U go self-inflickn or imposing ...


I apologize. I was a little rough on your sphincter last night.

Finally, the psycho Gator troll is being honest about something. LOL!

The Curse talking to himself, but forgot to change IDs when he wrote that last one.

We are having a solid conversation on this blog, how about you go try to talk to the crickets on the Gator blog. Or are you banned from your own blog? That would be hilarious!

I have a question. If Golden didn't know anything about the NCAA investigating the U then how does he have what the article says...
Asked about an escape clause in the current deal that would allow Golden to leave Miami based on the severity of NCAA sanctions, Senior told CBS: “I will say this. We’ve got options available to us.” Golden's agent is more or less saying that Golden has an escape clause if the NCAA sanctions are to severe. I don't think he knew the full extent but i would think he knew something about it to have an escape clause in his contract. Why else would the U be thinking of redoing his contract? Personally, I like Golden and hope he stays. If he does and once he gets his own players in here who WANT to play then i think the U will be fine and will be contending againg for the NC.

We are the canes
No Mo Titles
Golden Boy is leaving us
Sanctions are coming
UVA and Maryland
New coach same crappy results
The losing goes on
Maybe next year, or 3 or 4 down the road

forgot to change IDs when he wrote that last one.


far from that ... U know like the Top 10 the last 8 years fo U...

who's Ur next Corch ?


3 n 18 ... wat U gonna do ?

If Golden does leave, I would understand considering the circumstances though I don't think he will due to his character, I think we should really make an offer to these guys.

Rob Chudzinski - former TE/OC for Miami during championship run. Knows and understands the Miami Way.

Butch Davis - cleaned up the program and brought in all the players from the 2000/2001/2002 team that went undefeated and won 1 out of 2 back to back NC trips. Knows and understand the Miami Way.

Mario Cristobal - former OL for Canes, has NC ring, turning FIwho around from nothing to something. Loaded with energy, knows and understands the Miami Way.

The Miami Way is what we all want and what everyone remembers. Go back to the old formula and there will be improvement. All of these coaches knows what it took to win at Miami because they were here when they won at Miami and were part of the reason for the winning at Miami.

Think about it.



Agree that Golden will stay. I believe he is a winner and not a quitter. And Miami can be a great place to live, a very unique area of the country. And a fine University with a great rep. And a great talent pool. Etc. Coach Goldenis a throwback and a man of his word, I believe.

That said, I like your coaching choices. Any one of those would work for me. The dream is always to find a winner who stays at UM. Schnellenberger could have had that kind of legendary career, had been smart. But, who could pass up an offer from a phantom football league, and then of course finish his career at a big-time program like FAU? I sound bitter, since he was a tranformative and powerful figure, but a coach who hangs with us and a new stadium would be my dream for the U.

But what I really want is for us to consistently play hard and smart and beat Duke, USF, BC and surprise the heck out of FSU. They were highly rated but are an up and down team. They can be had on the right day. I hope we show up for that game...

Give Golden a new more lucrative contract to ensure he stay,,heck who is can we get that will bring the same tenacity and dedication? Who? with the pending allegations and with players who are determine to play one on one football, who I ask? Give Golden and his key assistants pay raises, as they will earn it in the coming months..

And, check out Susan's fine article in the Herald, especially the comments by Coach Golden's agent and Paul DeMare from UM.

Golden is referred to as a "Bear Bryant" kind of guy. That is a high compliment and speaks to the man's integrity. He is what we need at UM. He is a positive model for kids who can benefit from that. He is the real deal.

With time and program development, Coach Golden will bring UM back to the table of national relevance. He is unlike most of what is happening in college football today, the BS, the lies, the money, blah blah blah.

With all due respect to my fellow posters who knock him, sometimes with well thought out football ideas, we are lucky to have this guy leading the charge! He and the team deserve our support. Beat Duke!

@ dbc

Agreed. I personally think from the espn 30 for 30 The U that Schnellenberger truly regretted his decision to leave. There was that moment when he mentioned about a news article that said Howard tears down his sand castles. It hit him hard I think from the way he mentioned it. About fa-who, I think he wanted to take a nobody school and make something out of it but it just didn't pan out for him in the end. I still have all the love in the world for him and hold nothing against him. Personally I thank him for even coming down to Miami. He brought the community together and no one can take that from him. So to him, I tip my hat.

In regards to the upcoming games, I'm not concerned with dukey,usf, or bc. Look at bc's record, nuff said. They're 2-6 by beating massachusetts and mary-land. We lost to mary land because of all of the suspensions plain and simple. That's how they won that game and it proves it because mary land is also 2-6. Usf have lost 3 in a row to pitt, Uconn, and cincin by a combined 36pts. They lost to pitt 44-17. They had one good game against ND but that was it. They have played nobody since then. Dukey has beaten only BC,FIwho, and Tulane (forgot they had a team) and are 3-5. They got destroyed by fswho and stanford. Now fswho is going to be interesting because they beat dukey and mary land with the same score 41-16. The fswho game is the one that has me very interested. The rest I'm fine with to be honest. Dukey will try to come out strong but it won't pay off in the end. We should be able to run the ball on dukey and help lamar regain some confidence now that he understands what Golden refers to as a "full load". I heard now that Street has his left ankle on ice and hobbled off of the field this morning. Hopefully he's fine and just a precaution. We still have Travis(no one on dukey's defense can cover him, Hurns aka Mr.Clutch, Walford, Dorsett, etc). I feel that we'll win the rest of the schedule but the fswho game is a toss up for me. We'll just have to see what happens and see what the team looks like next season minus randy's guys.

Go Canes!!!!


tallycane - well that's certainly an alternative explanation but you would think that losing recruits to smaller schools with TV deals would be a gradual problem, UM hit the wall as soon as they joined the ACC.

I'm a big believer in the importance of week in week out competition in college football - UM never lost the games they were supposed to win when they were in the Big East, and they are losing those games in the ACC. Va Tech and FSU also lose games they shouldn't, and I think it's just the overall competitiveness of the lower teams in the conference is so much better than the lower teams in the Big East.

We'll see if that changes under Golden (didn't change in year 1) but I don't hold out hope since FSU lost games they shouldn't under Bowden and Va Tech still loses games they shouldn't under Beamer.

One thing that can't be denied - the ACC has a LOT more talent on the bottom dwelling teams than the Big East does.

And CANETILLUDIE - again, I'm not the one who likes to challenge people to fights on the internet, that's clearly your M.O., it could not have been clearer that that post was someone else using my name, I responded to him immediately below his post. Have a lovely day.

If the sanctions are severe and the Penn State job opens up Coach Golden will be a goner. Lets stop kidding ourselves, if the NCAA takes into account all that was reported by Yahoo the sanctions will be very harsh. Coach Golden seems to be a good coach and deserves to go somewhere he can win. I have prepared myself for the worst.

I really don't see how the Penn St. job is an upgrade over UM besides the paycheck and the better schools available for coaches' kids.

The potential for the team isn't as high, the recruits aren't as good, and the location isn't Miami.

If Golden's trying to make it to the NFL, then UM is where he needs to be. If he wants to be a Bear Bryant-type and stay at one school, he'll probably move back to Penn St.

After Golden walked into The U and nobody told him to watch out for that pile of cowshit after taking his first step, they should give him a pretty nice contract. They owe it to him. He has handled this whole situation with absolute class in my opinion and cooperated in every way possible. I believe that he is a man that stands by his word. I see a bright future for the Canes with Al Golden.


Go Canes!!!!

Kirby Fuknutt jumped on his horse and rode towards the texas sunset. NCAA should go after him. Go after those truly responsible and leave the kids and those others that had nothing to do with it alone so they can enjoy their college experience.

Whoo Tally thats really going to stop somebody from responding to you. What did you have to do ask a 3rd grader for something to close you ignorant statement with. In fact a 3rd grader would be more intelligent than that to say that somebody was wrong in their statement that Schiano is a better DC than Shannon and is or Marve has more upside than Jacory. And the stupidest thing of all is saying we played a tougher schedule in the Big East, now that is absurd. The one thing that you are correct in is the recruiting landscape in a way. Back at the turn of the century, ESPN was just starting to kiss the SEC's Arse and USC and Oregon were just middle of the road teams. But on the other hand recruiting hasn't changed that much. Players want to go to programs that are winners and well we had two terrible head coaches over a 10 period until we struck gold with Al (no pun intended.) The problem with U and some others is U only see what U want to see and are blinded by race issues. I and many others on here are true Canes and want the best for our team and have the sense to recognize a great up and coming coach when he sees one and recognize 2 failures when we see them too. So if U would get off your knees and back away from Shannons crotch long enough to actually watch Golden fix the team he was left.

I'll say this and could care less what others think.

I wouldn't mind going back to independent and taking on everybody. ND,OU,OK,UCLA whoever! Hell we can play against SDST and bring the ROCK with us so he can chase the aztec around the stadium again lmfao.

True Canes Take On Anyone, FACT.

Wonder what stormy johnson is doing right now??? Unless he's suckin on his momma's tit. It would have been him and lamar. Now it's lamar and clements.

What makes anyone think Penn State will offer Golden the head coaching job? His only head coaching experience is at Temple, for goodness sakes, and one year here at Miami. And a mediocre year at that. Penn State will have their pick of the litter whe Joe retires, including pro and college coaches. Golden is not the only guy to play at Penn State and want to coach there. I say let's wait until the sanctions come down and the talk to him. I believe he is on the right track here but let's get a winning season under our belts before we go ga ga.

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