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Golden confirms Ray-Ray Armstrong suspended for FSU game

Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong will not play in Saturday’s game against Florida State for what UM coach Al Golden deemed "a violation of team rules" on his weekly radio segment on WQAM's Hurricane Hotline Wednesday night.

"We're still trying to learn about the circumstance with Ray-Ray, but he's been suspended for violating team rules," Golden said. "That's the extent of it right now. We're trying to learn more about it. It's as simple as that. It's a violation of team policy -- what we term conduct detrimental. He won't be with us and we'll reevaluate when we come back from Tallahassee."

The Associated Press reported late Wednesday night that school officials are checking to see if Armstrong broke NCAA rules by having dinner with someone who owns a public relations firm that works with professional athletes. UM confirmed in a statement Armstrong didn't practice all week and hasn't been involved in team activities. 

Ray Ray's tweet

On Sunday, Ari Washington, the president of Double Coverage PR Group, used her twitter account to state she was having dinner at Prime 112 with Armstrong. Armstrong did as well, tweeting from his account boom_king26: "Just left Prime 112 wit @arinicolelife never seen a chicken this big." Armstrong followed it up with a picture.

With the NCAA investigating UM, the Hurricanes have been informed to be extra careful. This obviously was one of those instances where Armstrong wasn't.

Armstrong was suspended for the first four games of the season and asked to repay $788 due to his involvement with former booster Nevin ShapiroAlbert Armstrong, Armstrong's father, said Wednesday evening he hadn't heard anything yet about his son being suspended and was expecting him to play at Florida State.

Armstrong’s eligibility for the rest of the season remains unclear, but there is a possibility he will miss more than just Saturday’s game. 

Armstrong has recorded 25 tackles, one interception, and one fumble recovery in five games. He was a preseason all-ACC pick. Senior JoJo Nicolas, who started and played cornerback against Duke, will move back to safety alongside Vaughn Telemaque with Armstrong out.


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smh....what a shame

Ashame?? Stupid, if true.

I'm sick of this. How stupid could ray ray be? He already suffered by being suspended and now puts his entire U life in jeopardy. Enough is enough! This should not be tolerated. He needs to go. Dammit I didn't think I would say that but he needs to go. He just never learned and this is the proof of it. No hurricane player should be at prime112, especially after what has been happening. For sure someone at prime112 reported this and then insidetheu.com got a hold of it. Make an example out of him because throwing out Aldarius for his actions obviously didn't resonate enough for the players. This can't go on if we're gonna rebuild. A solid foundation must be made and then from that build. This is a crack in the foundation that must be fixed now!

Dammit, dammit, dammit!!!!!

Dam you Ray Ray you just screwed your life up permanently. Enjoy attempting to get into the NFL. My recommendation is try out for the arena league or canada.

You're done ray ray. Thanks for your freshman year, you haven't done anything for us since. Good riddance.

Jojo it's all on you.

What if he paid for his own dinner? It might not have been the smartest thing to do but no one should rush to judgement. I wish Penn St. would have rushed to judgement with a sick predator on the loose. Thats been going on for almost two decades and no one knew?

If this is true...does this kid ever learn?

Not even if he paid for his own dinner. He shouldn't be around anyone that has a position with this type of company. It's a PR company for professional athletes. He should have no association with them in any way after what has happened. The only way to cover ourselves from this is to throw him off the team to show that we're handling any and all missteps from our players. Dammit!!!!!!

I can't believe this and right before fswho.

F U ray ray!! You're not a Cane!

what if the mrs washington knows ray ray personally ?? what if she has known him since highschool or is a family friend of many years ??...yes poor decision reflecting badly on the university undoubtedly beacuse of the expected backlask _knee jerk or not_ but to condem the kid for not having albeit common sense foresight ..but point is if a friend or family friend called me to ask me to a good meal at a quality resturant id be inclined to accept....now the flipside.. more than likely shes not a friend but a potential client ie ray ray draft status thats when gray areas blurr....?????

either way THIS FFN SUKKS!!!!!

Ray Ray you fu_in dumbass. It's plain and simple your jus a retard. Get burnt consistently outta position most of the time and I tried giving u benefit of the doubt but I have come to the conclusion you just dont have it all. No NFL for you and no return to this team next year. By by homie you know we have to be extra careful and you do this. It was all bout self in the first place.

Dammit ray Ray u retard

once again you cannot make "a silk purse out of a sow's ear" this "me" person has been this way his entire time @ UM. he is selfish, self centered, egotistical, spoiled overrated athlete who feels he has no rules to abide by. He is a cancer on this team. hopefully he will not play another game @ the UM.

selfish, dumb piece of waste of a scholie. When a schlie could have been given to someone worth something. ray ray youaint no cane. You are going to dwell in the basement of all of the unknowns and has been that ever set foot at tyhe U and never did anything worth while.

You aint no NFLmaterial either when you are getting burned by the likes of Virginia. Imagine what calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson or Wes Welker will do to your sorry a-5 5

get the eff out of here . Goldie get him out. Take his scholie away. Please!

This is so selfish - isnt the NCAA still here? We are screwed@@@

If this is true, whether he paid for his own dinner or not; he's got to go. Buh-Bye! Really, will we be missing anything other than a FS that still to this day hasn't learned to read defenses and put himself in the right position to make a play? I hate it because i am a die hard Cane who had high hopes in this man who has the balls to want to wear #26 but enough is enough.





If true then this is one of the dumbest players in sports history. Probably explains why he's constantly out of position even though he's a junior.

family member, friend, girlfriend. If these people were any of these people mentioned then they would have cared enough to not bring him to a place where Canes were busted at previously in the first place. I don't see his dad taking him to prime112, does anyone else? Good luck because you are not NFL material in anyway, not even scout team.

Give #26 jersey back. You don't deserve it.

Ya'll be harsh up in hur. Sorry U will survive, J12 is write - ya'll is tuff

There is a line from The Hunt For The Red October as the torpedo is about to hit the Russian and the xo says to the captain:


Ray Ray you are an arrogant ass and may have really hurt the U football team. Treat Ray Ray the same as df andre johnson adious morter forker!!!!!

U muthersucker get the hell off our campus you selfish piece of Shi*. You never got the fn point when you got suspended comon Ray ray. The coaches was preparing you for next season to be a 1st rounder now ur shut outta luck.

Duck mane this is the last thing we needed. But the NCAA can't she we didn't have institutional control now bc we found out and he is outta there.

You fn b**ch

Can't say we don't have institutional control

We don't if this really happened.

Fire shalalalala now

C'mon man!!!!!!

The team should get to beat him in the locker room after this.

We called it a blanket party years back.

Somehow the developments that have taken place at the U, and the importance of our players walking that fine line while the NCAA investigates has not made the proper connection with Ray. WHY WOULD U TWEET IT BRUH?? Golden aint going for this shart!!!!

Wuznt me .

Pos selfish m—f.
What is your excuse, mr out of position overrunning no tackle safety? You dishonred sean taylor by wearing his number. You were never and you will never be like sean!

Of all the selfishness how can you even look at your teammates in the eye?

Go away, you no teammate, no cane , idiot.

Be a man give up your scolie.

Stand by your tweet ray ray


although what he did was both idiotic and selfish will you idiots get a life this is a college kid your talking to grow up ppl and for everyone who says he doesnt have NFL potential that may or may not be true but non of you do either so shut up if he cant play again it probably wont be a big loss at all but seriously grow up he is a kid its disgusting to here you ppl talk d*** idiots



Cane21. You are kidding right. He's no kid and knew better. Stop making excuses for a real dumb move.

What if he paid for his own dinner? It might not have been the smartest thing to do but no one should rush to judgement.

Thank you!

"Ya'll be harsh up in hur. Sorry U will survive, J12 is write - ya'll is tuff

Posted by: boom_king26 | November 09, 2011 at 07:26 PM"

lol they are harsh brah... But you have to see where they are coming from!! A lot of people want to see you and the U do great things, live up to the hype, prove everybody wrong... And this is like a slap in the face!!

Pos selfish m—f.
What is your excuse, mr out of position overrunning no tackle safety? You dishonred sean taylor by wearing his number. You were never and you will never be like sean!

Of all the selfishness how can you even look at your teammates in the eye?

Go away, you no teammate, no cane , idiot.

Be a man give up your scolie.

Posted by: 3 irrelevant overrated yrs and counting | November 09, 2011 at 07:52 PM

hahahahahaha @ this loser....

Suspend him for next spring's intra-squad scrimmage.

Obviously, he hasn't been productive because he's just plain stupid.


Everyone needs to relax and stop attacking the kid. Let's get facts first. He is a college kid stop bashing him. You guys are like a mob. Relax and let's get the details.

The what. Really. Golden has confirmed it. Why make excuses for the fool. What possible ex inaction is there. Next you will say he is just a college kid can't think for himself

Anyone want to guess how old "cane21life" is, or more likely, what grade he/she dropped out in? Did you seriously say "everyone who says he doesn't have NFL potential that may or may not be true but non(e) of you do either so shut up". What's next, I'm rubber, you're glue???

He's not a kid, he's a young adult who already cost this team early this season. He was told why that behavior is unexceptable and yet he clearly has no consideration for what his action could cost the University that gave him a free ride (and deserves better than that). Furthermore, and probably more pathetic, is what he is costing his teammates and coaches who are busting their butts to get back to the winning ways they came to UM for! The selfishness in society today in beyond me!!

What he did was stupid and I wasn't caught up on the confirmation. Just read it now. Please proceed as you were lol. But joking aside I like everyone here can't believe a player would do this so soon after all that has happened this season. You gotta be smart on and off the field. I have no idea if this was just a friendly dinner or not but ray ray you gotta think before you act. We just don't need anymore drama on this team. With all that has happened you would think every player would be on their best behavior. Unfortunately for ray ray I wouldn't be surprised if golden keeps him off the team for the rest of the season. It's not just about you it's about the team and school and protecting it from the vultures circling around the program. If you can't understand that then maybe it's time to transfer.

According to Yelp.com, Prime 112 is an extremely expensive (average 60$ plus per person) South Beach restaurant, valet parking, dressy, trendy, loud, upscale.

I don't know if RR Rmstrong is rich, but when I was in college, Prime 112 would've been way out of my league unless somebody else was paying.

You had to be the big shot: make the coolest scene and make sure everybody knows, calling all the shots, the man with all the answers.

So it goes. Now you're out for the season's biggest game: no highlight reel for you.


Disgrace to the Uniform. .... Have fun at Northern Alabama.

Ray Ray came in so overratted I guess he thought everything was gong to come easy for him like in high school, tis guy is always out of position. You twet it you jack ass lol. What a dummy.

GUYS WHY SO MAD TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL.I think calling him a retard is not right how old are some of you guys yeah he made a big mistake and should be kicked off the team but a retard thats not called for i think it has more to do with maturity then being a retard.

Good Bye, Not a team player, poor work habits which shows upon game day, always out of positionm cause more big plays against than positive..hope he is gone for good.Willbe agreat palyer in NFL because he will be paid to do things right

F...UUUUUU Ray ray.. he needs to go now... u r no cane ur just a dumb....a....coach Golden make an example of this Mother...fuuucer

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