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Golden confirms Ray-Ray Armstrong suspended for FSU game

Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong will not play in Saturday’s game against Florida State for what UM coach Al Golden deemed "a violation of team rules" on his weekly radio segment on WQAM's Hurricane Hotline Wednesday night.

"We're still trying to learn about the circumstance with Ray-Ray, but he's been suspended for violating team rules," Golden said. "That's the extent of it right now. We're trying to learn more about it. It's as simple as that. It's a violation of team policy -- what we term conduct detrimental. He won't be with us and we'll reevaluate when we come back from Tallahassee."

The Associated Press reported late Wednesday night that school officials are checking to see if Armstrong broke NCAA rules by having dinner with someone who owns a public relations firm that works with professional athletes. UM confirmed in a statement Armstrong didn't practice all week and hasn't been involved in team activities. 

Ray Ray's tweet

On Sunday, Ari Washington, the president of Double Coverage PR Group, used her twitter account to state she was having dinner at Prime 112 with Armstrong. Armstrong did as well, tweeting from his account boom_king26: "Just left Prime 112 wit @arinicolelife never seen a chicken this big." Armstrong followed it up with a picture.

With the NCAA investigating UM, the Hurricanes have been informed to be extra careful. This obviously was one of those instances where Armstrong wasn't.

Armstrong was suspended for the first four games of the season and asked to repay $788 due to his involvement with former booster Nevin ShapiroAlbert Armstrong, Armstrong's father, said Wednesday evening he hadn't heard anything yet about his son being suspended and was expecting him to play at Florida State.

Armstrong’s eligibility for the rest of the season remains unclear, but there is a possibility he will miss more than just Saturday’s game. 

Armstrong has recorded 25 tackles, one interception, and one fumble recovery in five games. He was a preseason all-ACC pick. Senior JoJo Nicolas, who started and played cornerback against Duke, will move back to safety alongside Vaughn Telemaque with Armstrong out.


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enjoy D2 ball.

Enjoy the NFL because he is not playing D2 his ego as you can see is too big and his pride wont let him.

To think that i ranted and raved about him coming out of high school, then his freshman year was great. Sophmore year he kinda fell off the map but so did the rest of the team. Now his junior year he gets suspended for 4 games and tweets his happyass off about going to prime112. No current hurricane football players should be anywhere near that place. Spence and other guys got busted for eating their. Why would he go, let alone with his so-called girlfriend (which I don't believe). I honestly thought that this year he could get in whatever time he could put in and really show us all something by his senior year after some hard summer training. All that, gone, completely gone. Honestly, and I don't care about what anyone has to say about this, if that girl is his girlfriend..she F'ed his life up along with his decision to go with her. And to top it all off by coincidence she works for that PR company that deals with professional athletes. The only professional athletes that should be around our Canes are Cane Family (I shouldn't have to explain what that is). If she is an agent then she just made herself look really bad to her superiors because she just spoiled a "potential professional athletes'" future. Granted if he would have not gotten in trouble, finished out the year, killed himself during offseason, and had a killer senior year. Never date an agent, there's always business in those deals one way or another. Dumb country punk.

So disappointed. Empty your locker and put Taylor's #26 jersey on Golden's desk. Go to Taylor's grave in kendall and apologize after apologizing to everyone on the team. You deserve a beating.

Now watch Jojo tear it up and show everyone how a DB is supposed to play. Tear it up Jojo, show'em all.

Enjoy the NFL because he is not playing D2 his ego as you can see is too big and his pride wont let him.

Posted by: cane fan | November 09, 2011 at 09:46 PM


No team will take him. Plus if any is that bad to take him (Dolphins) he'll be on the scout team for years. FAMU or BCC are teams that I'm sure he could play for. Maybe FAU or FIU could take him. That's about the equivalent of the previous teams mentioned (+/-). He could definitely play in the arena league. Does Miami have an area league team??

C'mon man!! Ray Ray, dude U have got to be a little smarter than that especially with this whole NCAA thing hovering over us. Plus U were already suspended for this mess one time already this year! I feel like Tally in the respect that none of us know whether he did indeed pay for his meal or was it purchased for him. If its the latter I don't want to hear nothing else from Eudo about how much better off this University is by raising the standards because that has to be the dumbest thing I have heard of a player doing.

well ohio state running back was drafted and he had more trouble than ray ray he was a 3rd round rb for denver,the dolphins have a conerback who was in jail jimmy wilson,and the ravens drafted jimmy smith in the first round. ray ray been in trouble with accepting money but these guys been in trouble with the law and still drafted so he will be in the nfl because you have people in the front office who will draft him and give him a shot and he has talent its just that he has a big ego so he is in it for himself but he is a good player who will get drafted higher than he should

Eudo on this keep your mouth shut. This has to do with athletics and athletes decisions and your comments are only geared towards turning The U in a harvard of the south. Don't respond to this blog because you'll only be inviting a shitstorm. Just stay off of this one. Not a threat only advise. Take it or leave it.

I wouldn't presume Ray Ray's stupid but he'd probably have a hard time convincing anyone of that fact.

Ray Ray is an idiot.....see ya.

Yea, you can obviously guess that I think everyone who is spewing hate at Armstrong and saying he should be kicked off the team immediately is ridiculous.

From the very little that fans know about Armstrong it doesn't seem implausible that he would meet with a runner.

But it sounds to me like he's f*cking that girl and he took her out to a nice steak house.

Definitely agree with suspending him but I'll wait to hear the story before I lay down my almighty fan judgement on a player.

Eucoplytus. You have as much common sense and morals as joe pa.

championships - either way a UM player tweeting anything baller before the sanctions are handed down is dumb. I have mentioned before that I don't care about the academic requirements for football players, I'd prefer if they were the very minimum allowed by the NCAA.


"But it sounds to me like he's f*cking that girl and he took her out to a nice steak house."

Posted by: Eudocimus01

He took her to a steak house when he has no money for that kind of place but she works or runs a PR company?

He doesn't have the funds to be spending there with anyone let alone himself. Players were previously busted for eating there. Why would he go there? Be seen like that, in the open? For sure someone working or eating there saw him and reported it to insidetheu.com.

Screw the story. There's enough heat on The U already with the NCAA and for this to happen on top of everything can't be tolerated. Aldarius Johnson was kicked off the team for a tweet about a strip club. That's how strict Golden is running this program, no tolerance. Obviously Ray Ray doesn't know how to respect that concept. There's too much going around for the team or a player to do anything other than go to class and play ball. That's it. Have fun once everything is done with. Now was not the time for this.

Def should not be able to wear #26, that has to be earned!! Ray Ray has all the talent in the world to be an all-American & future pro. He just doesn't seem to have the smarts to allow himself to fulfill all his promise!! Hope he can return next yr to try & put it all together & go on to a pro bowl caliber pro career!

@Eudocimus Are you fuking kidding me. Having sex with her is a lame ass excuse and is not going to work (bale him out).

Remember he was suspended earlier this season along with other players, and all of them was giving clear instructions what to and not to do. And pretty sure if you have a doubt its more than likely its not a good idea; and this surely wasnt a bright idea.

Just turn that number 26 jersey in because you never represented it well in the first place.

Big ass Baby

I don't care if he paid for his own meal or not (doubt he did) but just for BEING there with that individual after everything the program and he himself have been through... he needs to be kicked off the team immediately. Totally unacceptable and not welcome here!

Man, I've spent more money than I had at the time taking girls to nice restaurants (Joe's is the go-to), if there's anything more to this story than Ray Ray Armstrong taking this 22 year old girl who he randomly met on the beach on a nice date and tweeting about it then he's a huge bag of d*cks and will be kicked off the team.

Either way I don't think this incident will hurt in the press because it's so overshadowed and I don't think it'll hurt with the NCAA since Golden immediately suspended him.

I'm waiting to hear what happened and I'll just leave it there - proceed with the hating, he may very well deserve it.

he did nothing wrong...who cares.

Eudo, it's not "hating." She is President of a PR firm that represents NFL players. He CANNOT be associated with that. Whether the NCAA is breathing down our necks or not. But ESPECIALLY not now. Especially when Golden said this is "a violation of team policy -- what we term conduct detrimental." This wasn't an innocent mistake by Armstrong.

I'm sure he could afford it if he really wanted to eat there. NCAA players get pretty nice stipends and per diems and perks within NCAA rules. They have no housing, school, books, or meal expenses so they usually have more spending cash than the average poor college student.

But it doesn't matter who paid. He can't be there with that person. Period. Golden is acting quickly and doing the right thing. I believe that will continue with Armstrong's dismissal on Sunday or Monday.

Golden will do the right thing, no doubt.

ltcdolphin no im not kidding he is a damn kid and regardless ill tell you the same way my coaches told me if you think you can do better go do it he made a idiotic move but that still doesnt change the fact that you should down a kid for stupid decisions im sure you made them and as far as his skill level how ever good or bad it may be if UM gave you a scholly right now you couldnt do have of what he can not even if you were his age just listening to you shows all you are is the (fanatic) part of being a fan grow up

Your first post hit it square on the head, CANETILLIDIE....DH.

What a dissapointment this kid ended up being, after showing SUCH promise. What a shame.

Good bye, Ray Ray, I don't want you to be a part of this program anymore.

Al Golden hated him anyways... and clearly he had more foresight than most of us did. This kid is exactly what we DON'T need and can't have at The U anymore. Good riddance.

Really canes21. You actually think he is a kid?? You do realize we have hundreds of young men younger than ray ray leading troops in battle doing the right things under much tougher conditions. Quit making excuses for a spoiled pampered idiot that has no regard for anyone but himself. And to do this after what can only be hundreds of warnings since the Shapiro thing broke is the height of arrogance and stupidity.

IF this is against the rules (which if it is not, it is too close to the line anyways) how stupid can this guy really be??!! To tell you the truth, just thinking about it, he knows the situation that is going on and that he himself has brought to the school, so in reality it is not him being stupid, it is him being extremely selfish. I'm glad UM jumped on it and self reported. I hope it all works out well.

Really??? After everything that happened with the Shapiro thing, after being suspended for 4 games you get caught for something like this? C'Mon Man!

Ray-Ray is way overrated anyway. He had one big hit in that Oklahoma game as a freshman and thats it. Anybody remember an impact play he made in his career?

You know what....F him....YOUR CAREER IS DONE AS FAR AS WERE CONCERNED.....it would be different if YOU WERE ACTUALLY GOOD....but guess what...your not....you never lived up to the hype.....it's obvvious you have not learned your lesson....your a JOKE....YOU SUCK AS WELL.....GOLDEN should terminate you quicker then Paterno....bye Ray Ray....see ya....Jo Jo is better anyhow.....your not making it in the NFL fooollllllllll....

Paid for his own dinner....no jack@ass...it's way past "paying for your own dinner"....do you not get IT?????

Let's go Jo Jo!!

Ray ray piping the chick. It's legal, its not against ncaa rules to pipe chicks....u got old white men piping kids and the ncaa does nothing

Stupid MF

Super post! Just like your blog professionalism! Keep up the good work.

If this is true...does this kid ever care?

Posted by: David | November 09, 2011 at 06:53 PM

All you all who defend Ray ray saying lets wait until we get the facts... You are blind mice.

FACT: The dumb a55 was with wahat is literally an agent

FACT: the dumb a55 actually tweeted that he was there

FACT: He should have known better. he can go to the UM cafeteria and get a big piece of chicken

FACT: If he cant wait to go to Prime 112 til after he finishes at UM it is proof of how kids are today-no sense of postponemnet of gratification. Me me me now now now. He is selfish, stoopid, and there is no excuse for this

cut him, cut his scholie

Might've been a big chicken Ray Ray, but you'll see many more working at KFC!

Order a big a55 chicken at Popeyes and youll be fine. Now, the only recourse is to apply for the draft, bc you are dumb a55 and you are done in college football. What have youdone tillnow?

remember that you cannot shine a sneaker, it takes ray ray two hours to watch 60 minutes. the best punishment for him is to whip the noles without him.jo jo has been 20x better anyway.guys like him come and go, he drank his own koolaid as being the best junior safety in the country, he has been beat like a drum all year.

Ray Ray needs to be released from the team and his scholarship today. No excuse for what he did.

What a waste of talent. This is like VOP and if all true, he may be finished at UM. Shame that some kids are blessed with lots of talent but little common sense.

No practice for me today, heading to Wet Willie’s for lunch! Signing autographs if you see me

It only gets worse in not so happy valley.

This should not hurt the U because they caught it and acted on it, Thanks to AG and his staff for acting quickly. Im not going to curse or call him names but obviously he is self centered and does not care about his team, if I was one of his teamates I would not want him back. I dont think he was coming back for his sr year anyway because he couldnt play as a team player, only to try and make the quote highlight reel he made plenty but not in his favor.

On qam just a few minutes ago joe rose stated he was written up for a 2nd degree recruiting violation at the duke game because he talked to a potential recruit on the field. He knew the kid and was unaware he did anything wrong.
Glad the U is doing this. Too bad they were not as involved when SHALALALALALA took a 50k check and did not vet it.


Morning Everyone..

So lets see what's happened so far this college season..

Miami gets suspended for accusations of a loser ponzi schemer and gets 8 guys suspended and one kicked off team

Ohio State is still working on their tattoo, cars, merchandise, coach covering up scandal.

Some other stuff I can't remember right now...

Ray Ray goes out to dinner with is supposed girlfriend, who happens to operate a public relations company that represents professional athletes, at Prime112 while the Hurricanes are under the eye of a NCAA investigation. Then tweets about it. Gets suspended for his tweet. Guess he didn't learn that a tweet can get you kicked off the team. Ask Aldarius Johnson, he'll tell you all about it.

Now Penn State fires everybody in the wake of a sex scandal regarding 40 accounts of sexual abuse/rape of minors that has gone on for the better part of 10yrs. The head coach with the most wins in college football history is fired in shame instead of walking out on his own with honor. 46yrs as a head coach and winning all of those games does not pardon the destruction caused by the actions of those whom he had control over. He knew what happened, to one degree or another, and didn't go deeper to find out the truth and root out the problem. Now he leaves in shame.

Damn this has been a weird weird season. It makes you kinda wanna forget about it and wipe it from our memories, doesn't it?


On qam just a few minutes ago joe rose stated he was written up for a 2nd degree recruiting violation at the duke game because he talked to a potential recruit on the field. He knew the kid and was unaware he did anything wrong.
Glad the U is doing this. Too bad they were not as involved when SHALALALALALA took a 50k check and did not vet it.


Posted by: ltcdolphin | November 10, 2011 at 09:21 AM


Hobbits belong in movies, not real life.


I wonder how much a one way bus ticket to Belle Glade cost?

Armstrong needs to go. He doesnt care becasue he knows hes going in the nfl after the season.

He'll go to the NFL but it doesn't mean that the NFL will take him. Lots of guys go to the NFL and bounce from one practice squad to another for years before anything happens.

Honestly he's completely overrated. He has no #'s to speak of that could truly represent him for such a high draft pick as some people have mentioned earlier this season. He came in rusty as hell after missing 4 games due to suspension, and has barely contributed. He had a dismal sophomore season. The only thing positive he has under his belt is his freshman year, that's it.

Screw his ego. He doesn't have what it takes to play in the NFL. He'll get smoked daily.

Canetillidie. Do you remember when the ad and president tried to get joe pa to leave about 4-5 years ago and joe pa told then not no but hell no. And they did nothing. Does it make you wonder what joe pa had over them to be able to say that to his bosses?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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