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Golden confirms Ray-Ray Armstrong suspended for FSU game

Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong will not play in Saturday’s game against Florida State for what UM coach Al Golden deemed "a violation of team rules" on his weekly radio segment on WQAM's Hurricane Hotline Wednesday night.

"We're still trying to learn about the circumstance with Ray-Ray, but he's been suspended for violating team rules," Golden said. "That's the extent of it right now. We're trying to learn more about it. It's as simple as that. It's a violation of team policy -- what we term conduct detrimental. He won't be with us and we'll reevaluate when we come back from Tallahassee."

The Associated Press reported late Wednesday night that school officials are checking to see if Armstrong broke NCAA rules by having dinner with someone who owns a public relations firm that works with professional athletes. UM confirmed in a statement Armstrong didn't practice all week and hasn't been involved in team activities. 

Ray Ray's tweet

On Sunday, Ari Washington, the president of Double Coverage PR Group, used her twitter account to state she was having dinner at Prime 112 with Armstrong. Armstrong did as well, tweeting from his account boom_king26: "Just left Prime 112 wit @arinicolelife never seen a chicken this big." Armstrong followed it up with a picture.

With the NCAA investigating UM, the Hurricanes have been informed to be extra careful. This obviously was one of those instances where Armstrong wasn't.

Armstrong was suspended for the first four games of the season and asked to repay $788 due to his involvement with former booster Nevin ShapiroAlbert Armstrong, Armstrong's father, said Wednesday evening he hadn't heard anything yet about his son being suspended and was expecting him to play at Florida State.

Armstrong’s eligibility for the rest of the season remains unclear, but there is a possibility he will miss more than just Saturday’s game. 

Armstrong has recorded 25 tackles, one interception, and one fumble recovery in five games. He was a preseason all-ACC pick. Senior JoJo Nicolas, who started and played cornerback against Duke, will move back to safety alongside Vaughn Telemaque with Armstrong out.


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Golden will get the me guys out one at a time. Time to weed the garden again. It cant be all about me when ITS ALL ABOUT THE U!!!
Golden's recruits will restock our coffers with the talent, work ethic and mentality of the Classic Championship Canes.
Bye Bye Ray Ray.

Canetillidie. Do you remember when the ad and president tried to get joe pa to leave about 4-5 years ago and joe pa told then not no but hell no. And they did nothing. Does it make you wonder what joe pa had over them to be able to say that to his bosses?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Posted by: ltcdolphin | November 10, 2011 at 09:58 AM

After seeing the events unfold to this point I have to say that I agree with you. I honestly didn't want to believe it but damn, not JoePa. I just didn't see it coming. Honestly thought that he would finish his days of coaching with respect and honor, but this?

Everybody knew and nobody did anything. They are all accountable. I say press charges on everyone.

Unfortunately, Ray Ray has been all about the NFL for a long time. He has bought the hype and underperformed, Suspect he is an attitude case as well. No big loss here, since Jo Jo seems to play hard and is a motivated kid. Talent means little if the fire is absent.

On Golden going to Penn State, that has been answered very quickly. We are lucky to have Coach Golden and he will make the Canes a true force going forward.

Hope we beat FSU and play hard and smart. Their D and our O is an interesting matchup, as those are the strengths of the two teams.
Go Canes!

Canetillidie. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher. All evil needs to thrive is for good men to do nothing.

Nuf said

Not a smart decision. I wish the best for you. He's probably suspended for the rest of the season.


Canetillidie. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher. All evil needs to thrive is for good men to do nothing.

Nuf said

Posted by: ltcdolphin | November 10, 2011 at 10:35 AM

True. Margaret Thatcher said it best then and it still stands true today.


A lot of good posts on Ray Ray and JoePa today. Thanks for that!

Hate to see these things happen to two people at the opposite ends of the developmental spectrum. For JoePa, disgrace at the end of an outstanding and legendary career. For Ray Ray, poor judgment as a kid and inability to seize a great opportunity at the U.

For JoePa, failure to deal with an apparent pedophile. He created a foundation for disadvantaged and vulernable kids. It was a pedophile's dream. For RayRay, perhaps an NFL future, but an inability to respond to good coaching and be part of team that transcends the modern malady of "ME ME".

You hate to see any of this happen, but there are alwys those who get the point and those who don't. Ultimately, it is about depth of character.

I think Coach Golden is all about that issue. JoePa certainly was a man of character, but couldn't see the full gravity of what his long-time assistant was doing to children.

These are some crazy times that we live in!

In the interim, let's beat FSU!

This guy is a freelancer on and off the field. This is the true definition of selfishness. He'll be missed Saturday, but if he never plays another down at UM it won't bother me. And please, Mr. Armstrong, don't make any more excuses for your son's behavior. He's certainly not a thug, just a selfish me first player.

Anyone blaming joepa for any of this is an effin idiot and should seriously stay away from the public arena. Go away, don't come back, ur a moron, and should not be heard.

What has happened at The U pails in any comparison to what is happening at Penn State.

Wow the administration there let everyone down. Years of cover up and now this guy goes out in shame.

What is happening to college sports, sports in general?

Ray Ray is a piece o SHHHHHH... We dont want u at the U...

U Canes fans are a riot. Just 48 hours ago U were singing Ray Ray praises and how if he stayed for his Senior year he could be an All-American and then a sure 1st. Rounder ... Now he's a bUm.

Well get ready for Ur next act of Betrayal Cane fan. ESPN reports that the Board of Trustees at Penn. State has ask for and recieved permission to contact Al Golden through his agent. Now U Canes will go on for days how Golden is a trUe Cane and he's here to stay to build dis U back to it's glory days. But rest assured, if Penn. State wants Golden, they will get Golden. And there won't be a thing U can do about it. Ur Golden boy will deny, deny, deny and U will eat it up. And have no doubt that U won't know a thing about it for at least 2-3 weeks until that bombshell hits right after the final game against BC... Then no Bowl game, sanctions for 4 years, recruits say buh-bye, and then the blind search for a new Coach will begin again as all the Top choices yet again turn U down... U gettn use to the sick cycle yet Cane fan?

On WQAM Al would NOT confim that he is staying to that dope Sid Rosenberg (typical Cane fan) and on the Cane report at Monty's, Golden's wife said being in Miami is like being on a "Vacation".

Yup, a 12 month Vacation for the Golden family and then it's back home to the Northeast.

U've been warned. So get Ur Golden sUcks, he's a traitor, worse than Saban, never was a real Cane, F-Golden Ammo ready because it's coming and U know this.

Anyone know who's replacing Nicols at CB?

1. Al Golden isn't going anywhere. You don't jump out the frying pan and into the fire and thats exactly what PSU is right now fire. You think this is the end of the story? Its just beginning unfortunately. PSU will be covered by dark clouds for months at minimum.

2. If Al Golden does leave for PSU or any other school, he has every right and we wish him the best of luck. It will set us back but not keep us down. The U is bigger than one person.

I'm confused.. I am reading posts saying the guy is overrated, freelancer, selfish, etc- so one would think you all would be happy that he is not playing.. Nooooo, you guys are just worried because of your own selfish reasons--the same thing that you all are claiming that he is.. I am going to judge based on perception, but he broke a team rule, so he has to sit... Some of you clowns are way too damn emotional---go get laid... lol

WOW! Lack of institutional control. The NCAA is investigating MAJOR rules violations at the "U" but let me go to a swank eatery with the owner of a PR firm called "Double Coverage" (a clear football reference).

If I were Golden, I would run, not walk, from that school as fast as my little legs would carry me.

They're not just dumb....THEY ARE STUPID.

Am sorry, but obviously here is a player who is only thinking of himself, he is already thinking of NFL millions, and I really cant blame him on this,,lol, but you have to think of your university, your coaches, and your fellow teammates who are busting thier butts in practice,,Golden kick his butt off the team. Give him a head-start on learning how to be a professional.

I'm not happy with Ray Ray clearly breaking the rules again. U got to believe that RS at some point already told everybody about stuff like this. If JoJo moves over, who takes Jo Jo's place?

I cannot figure Ray Ray out. Does he think he's better than he is? Have pro scouts been filling his head? The pro teams will take a chance on somebody with his size. But as a player, no matter the position, ray ray must learn that not everything is pure physical ability. U have to be a smart player.

Man forget ray ray and his dumba$$. Can't follow rules so he can't be on the team.

No one here has been singing praises about him or the DBs. They're our weakest link on this team.

Tele and Ray Ray both need another year to get their acts together. Good freshman years, fell off the map during sophomore years and now this year is what it is. Jojo picked up the slack for ray ray during the 4 suspended games and Tyrone Cornelius got back there also making plays and getting praises from Golden. We'll be fine. Jojo slips back to safety and either Finnie or another DB steps in at CB. Finnie is a hungry player and it shows. If the LB's hold the rushing down, EJ will have to go through the air and he has a bunch of picks this season(9), J12 has 4 picks this season and the last one shouldn't be counted due to bouncing off the face mask of John Calhoun(FB) and literally falling right into the hands of the DB. You call that what you want and I'll call what I saw. Harris has been perfect for the last several games and that's gonna hurt the noles big time. They think it's the same Harris they saw the year before. Sorry but it's not. Too bad Golden & Co didn't get here sooner to train him up. Now he can audible which he was allowed to do all day at NorthWestern but with the previous offensive coordinators he couldn't until Fisch came around. Last year the noles played a hurricanes squad that honestly didn't care because of all of the crap that was going on and they knew the head coach was gonna be fired sooner or later. Now this is a completely different hurricanes team with a real leader at QB and a real head coach with Golden. The noles know they have trouble with Travis Benjamin because they won't be able to keep up with him all day and now their gonna meet Tommy Streeter whom they've never met before and will hurt them all day long. They'll try to put more coverage on him but all that will do is open up the routes for a screen pass to Lamar/Eduardo/M.James or a nice first down (+) to Dorsett and maybe Thompkins. Everything spells trouble for the noles. If they want to box up the line we'll go deep all day. Remember what Travis did 2 yrs ago at doaky stadium? Imagine what Streeter will do......hmmmmmmm, this is gonna be good.

It's gonna be a nice saturday.









This is the tyme which tries ALL Cane good ol' bUbba EGO's. Eh.

Because U'all BANDWAGON Miami rUffians get a FREE PASS on your COLLECTIVE criticism of Armstrong.

In other words, RR is just your TYPICAL GREEDY, EGOTISTICAL, SELFISH major college pigskin player. That's all.

Chit. The dUde from the HOOD' couldn't learn the first tyme ( PAST TRANSGRESSIONS anyone! ). Yet, he just had too STICK the PROVERBIAL KNIFE in Coach Golden's back, as well as his teammates and assistant coaches.

Nonetheless, Armstrong absolutely WASN'T HELPING the weak Hurricane secondary anyhow's. So, MAYBE Vaughn, JoJo, McGee and the rest of the Miami secondary will STEP UP their game.

R.I.P. Ray Ray. It was nice to know what a SELFISH, ME FIRST, average baller be like.

By the way, seeing that it's the tail end of the Miami season, it wouldn't bother moi the least bit, that Coach Albert SUSPEND Armstrong the rest of the season. That way the YOUNGER dedicated Hurricane defensive players would get significant EXPERIENCE.

WOW! Lack of institutional control. The NCAA is investigating MAJOR rules violations at the "U" but let me go to a swank eatery with the owner of a PR firm called "Double Coverage" (a clear football reference).

If I were Golden, I would run, not walk, from that school as fast as my little legs would carry me.

They're not just dumb....THEY ARE STUPID.

Posted by: ex-cane fan | November 10, 2011 at 12:58 PM

Quite trUe, BANDWAGON Cane rUffian.

Now, U'all Hurricane rUffians know WHY Miami's DEFENSE stinks. They can't seem to figure out their assignments and what not. Especially Armstrong! Because he's the absolute WORST VIOLATER-sp of NOT having gridiorn SMARTS. Eh.

Things about This Hurricanes Squad that the noles aren't paying attention to.

1. This is the Jacory Harris we wanted all along.

2. Tommy Streeter - They'll get their chance to meet him.

3. The Dual Combo of Travis & Tommy...Done.

4. Spence will be playing MLB. Good luck trying to go up the gut.

5. Dorsett/Clements/Thompkins...The mystery players who will represent us going into next season.

6. 3rd GenCane Anthony Chickillo - Get ready to meet him cause he's dying to meet you noles.

Good luck noles, your true colors will show that your schedule is weak, and your #'s are all puffed up in comparison to our schedule and our #'s considering the suspensions we have had since the beginning. Good luck is all I have to say.


I just checked out her twitter page. she is fine as hell. I would not be surprised at all if that's his girlfriend and her business mainly helps pro athletes set up charities and foundations

Damn, very dissapointing. I don't think he will ever get it. If he is just a college kid, then why is he with a sports agent. I believe he will be kicked off the team and declare for the draft. But, we'll see how that goes. Anyways, he either had a monumental lapse of judgement, or he is just stupid and does not fit in with the plan Golden is trying to implement. Either way, you cannot do these types of things while the NCAA is still in our house, going through our sh_t, trying to find everything they can, so they can lay the Boom_King.

Mistake no doubt, but then again who hasn't done something they regretted...especially at 20 years old. I have to believe this will be "strike 2" with Coach golden and all he's trying to do to distance the Program from the Shapiro Affair. I certainly hope this doesn't become his defining moment at UM...

What has Ray Ray done since he's been here? No all Conference, No A-A, he's a 5 star space taker or should I say he was, up until he bragged about a dam big piece of chicken. He had to mention who, what & where when he tweeted, what a Moron. Don't worry canites, he'll be another of those college so so's from here that turns out great in the pros!

His name is Ray Ray! What did you expect. Play the young guys!


be glad when all these punks are out and we get some real recruits in here.he is a disgrace to that jersey

Looks like he could care less....he must already have other plans for next year.

maybe she is his girlfriend

Fire shalalalala now

Wow.....tough crowd.

It'll be aite Ray Ray. Take yer lumps like a man, practice hard get better learn from it and come back to be one of the greatest U Safeties ever!

Canes eat their own................

Wow.....tough crowd.

Posted by: DNix | November 10, 2011 at 09:52 PM

One thing about Canes fans, we are not at all like Penn State fnas that want to hide their mistakes. We publish ours, like when LeBatard broke the Pell Grant scandal, he was a STUDENT at UM during that time. He didn't hide the facts. If that happened in some of these insulated football areas like Happy Valley, South Bend, Lincoln, Gainesville, or Tallahassee, it would have been hidden away forever. In fact, I bet there are lots of NCAA violations buried in those places, while they scream about how horrible Miami is.

We bring the truth to light, they hide it under a bushel basket.

He is not from Belle Glades

If you are referring to Ray Ray Armstrong, then yes he is from Belle Glade. Not Belle Glades. He went to Glades Central High school which is located in Belle Glade.

Look it up.

yeah he shouldnt tweet the sht but yall bashing this man .. is sickening.... none of these players should be on twiter or face book .. its the police on cyber watch .. so stay away from twiter ..... i see knowon bashing all golden and his staff for blowin the virginia ,maruyland, vtech, and kansas state game.... all are losess were the coaches fault go look at the film ...bash golden not these 18year olds.... see yall mad cause he cant play ,, but at the same time yall bashing him for his play .. yall some sick coward americans .... program automatons robots that do what your told ....this is a sick country and god well banish it soon ..i cant wait till america goes down like soddom and gamorrah lol burn these cowards.... trust me if a could leave i would but i am a slave , consumer slave ,black slave whatever you want to call me .... go bash those fagots at penn state ...

Damn y'all losers r angry n here today we all know how this gonna play out ray will leave get drafted become a beast n the nfl and all of u will b whining why he didn't do that at the U wa wa wa wa y'all sound bout as dumb as the penn state kids looked flipping vans either way that whole defense been sketchy

ray ray sucks anyways..no big loss on the field. 5 star bust.

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