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Streeter leaves practice early with foot ailment; Dye to get more playing time; plus more notes from Wednesday

CORAL GABLES -- The way receiver Tommy Streeter has shined lately you could definitely make an argument he's taken over the role as the go-to-guy in the Hurricanes offense.

Tommy StreeterWednesday, before UM wrapped up its morning practice, Touchdown Tommy was in a position that would have made Canes fans queasy if they were around. The 6-5, 215-pound junior limped off Greentree Field without a shoe on his left foot and headed to the locker room. Before he went in for treatment, Streeter spent 15 minutes with his lower left leg submerged in an ice bath.

While it initially appeared to be an ankle injury, coach Al Golden said he was hopeful it was just a case of Streeter being stepped on.

"I don't think it's an ankle or a high ankle," Golden said. "I think he got stepped on, which generally is a cleat on the top of the foot. As long as there isn't anything too serious, which doesn't look like it was, I think he'll be alright."

Streeter had a career day against Virginia last Thursday, hauling in seven passes for 176 yards and two touchdowns. He earned ACC Receiver of the Week honors for his big game despite UM's 28-21 loss to the Cavaliers. The week before, Streeter also led UM in receiving against Georgia Tech.

> Golden said redshirt sophomore tight end Dyron Dye (6-5, 275) will see more playing time this week because he gives the team "a big, physical presence on the line of scrimmage."

"He's about 268 (pounds) right now. He's a big, strong kid. He has a big lower body. He is doing a good job. We need him to step up, especially in short yardage," Golden said.

The Hurricanes were let down by senior Chase Ford on a crucial 4th down-and-2 late in the game and deep in Virginia territory last Thursday. Ford missed his block and running back Mike James was hit in the backfield for a loss. Ford owned up to his mistake Wednesday.

"The play called for me to motion over and I came out too far," Ford said. "I tried to play the guessing game and I guessed wrong. He blitzed and I didn't pick him up in time. It was my fault."

Dye, an ESPN Top 150 recruit coming out of Sanford Seminole High, began his career at UM on defense -- playing end and then tackle. But three weeks before training camp ended, Dye said Golden asked him to move over to tight end to help provide depth. He was then suspended along with high school teammate Ray-Ray Armstrong for four games by the NCAA for accepting improper gifts from former booster Nevin Shapiro when they were being recruited. Golden said now that Dye has been back for four weeks, he's coming along and has earned some playing time.

"The thing about Dyron is he runs well for a big guy," Golden said. "I'm not going to tell you that he's finished as far as his hands; he's got a long way to go. But he runs really well, which is why we moved him there. He can get down the field. We're excited about him right there. He has a really good attitude."

UM's tight ends have combined for 16 catches and 155 yards this season.

> Don't look for redshirt junior Adewale Ojomo to move back to defensive end any time soon. Golden believes Ojomo (6-4, 270) is better suited for tackle.

"I think ultimately we put kids where they can have the most impact," Golden said. "I think we would all agree he's having more of an impact -- whether its pressuring the quarterback or getting sacks -- as a three technique than he did at end. It makes our team better. He's 270 pounds right now; a year in the off-season program he'll be 285, 288 and still give us that athletic three technique. I'm excited about him. He's had a great attitude."

> Right tackle Jonathan Feliciano remains in a walking boot but took it off for practice Wednesday in favor of an ankle splint. He was limited doing work today but Golden said he's "probable" for Saturday's game. He also explained why Feliciano, a redshirt freshman, has maintained his starting job.

"He's smart, on top of his game so he has a lot of money in the bank you know what I mean," Golden said. "He's got a lot of credibility with us because he was the same guy every day. So now that he has an injury we're trying to get him back, and hopefully we'll get him ready for the game."


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Glad to see Ford admitted that he ruined that play. Dye, this is your chance, make the best of it!

Love it when a players steps forward and takes responsibility for blowing a play. It'll make him stronger in the end and a better player and person.

Can't wait to see what Dye does with the ball in his hand. Let him run over a FS or LB HARD. We'll have Dye for a couple more yrs since he redshirted as well.

Man I can't wait for next years' Canes to show themselves. It's gonna be something special.

Fine line between appreciating past contributions and playing favorites. Would have preferred to hear Feliciano earned his job back in practice but either way I'm glad his injury wasn't serious.

Chase Ford sucks, but at least he knows he sucks. The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

As far as coach Golden goes, I'm concerned about this Duke game. I think UM will win (although Duke can chuck the ball), but I know that after last week's game there is going to be an embarrassingly small crowd for our homecoming game.

Golden always says he knows the expectations of UM's fanbase but he hasn't seen up close what it looks like when all the bandwagoners drop off for the year. It's a jarring atmosphere even for fans who have seen it every year for a decade now.

impressed with Dye's burst off the ball coming out of high school so i was surprised he was moved to TE. Good to see that he's earned PT.

Said it earlier and I'll say it again...

Those of you who call yourselves CANES FANS and didn't go to the Thursday Night game not only to see a game but to honor our latest championship team of Dorsey & Co. can go and FU%K YOURSELVES AND NEVER CALL YOURSELVES CANES FANS AGAIN.

I was there and it was pathetic. They claimed that 40+k were there. BSSS!!!!!! I say more like 25-30k showed up. PATHETIC!!!! I knew and that there were bandwagoners in this town but never knew the epidemic was like that!



Game is at 3pm Saturday lets see who shows up. My season ticket says I will. You couldn't pay me to give up my seat. Even in the 90's with the pell grant looming overhead, I didn't miss a beat.

I agree with Eudo. There will be 25K at the Duke game.

UM better watch out for Duke. Va Tech came in all overconfident and almost had their lunch pail handed to them. Duke clearly had a chance to win. They will chuck the ball 50 times against Miami. Miami's d backs and undisciplined linebackers may be in for a shock if they free lance. Ray Ray - this may be your last game as a safety if you don't get your act straight.

Miami could and should dominate, but (and i cant believe I'm saying this), I'm a little worried.

Got to come out strong. I would defer the kick off, as Miami tends to always play down to their opponents, and begin slowly.

Yep...this will be a test for the secondary. Cant believe I'm saying this about Duke FOOTBALL but it is what it is. Ray you gotta step up...word on the street is you are undisciplined. Just do your job and you will be fine.

Miami has a lot of sorry soft as$ players on this team. It's a shame that you fans and current players don't see this. But its ok because Al Golden see this and I glad he is finally calling out players. Like the means of Ray Ray, Jordan f., Chase Ford Mike James Lamar Miller ext.

Start putting your egos down and you will improve not only as a player but as a individual. These fn rivals espn150 ect are boosting these players up and they only achieve on the high school level. Look at jacory street and spence they are listening, and listening goes a long way jackasses.

Perryman Chick Finnie Dorset all freshmen and are contributing because they listen and they performing at a higher level than there juniors and seniirs. Wait till they put weight on and get faster. Can't wait for AG third year is goin to be a blast.

All bout TheU

Duke is Duke. For the most part they seem to give Miami a game every year. The way this team is playing with their lack of consistency gives Duke a good shot at beating us. Duke missed three field goals in last weeks loss to Va Tech. Clearly they could have beat Tech if they got those field goals. Duke can throw the ball. Secondary MUST MUST step up and Smash and Dash need to control the ground game and as long as the offense does not turn the ball over we will be fine. We better start off fast in this game if not it could be a loss.

Coach please don't burn redshirts on ones that haven't played much or yet. Examples Crawford Scott stop playing Finnie. You get the picture don't do what RS did. And yea I LIKE RANDY as a coach and person so stop blasting this man. We would be in deeper hot water if its wasn't for him.

If Brandon McGee and Lee Chambers are in at secondary then we're gonna have problems. Those 2 along with RR and Tele are some of the biggest underachievers on the defense. Thank god Lee Chambers is a senior and will be gone. You can't convert a RB to a CB. Just doesn't work out in too many cases. Brandon McGee is one of the fastest guys on the team but it's only in a straight line, anyone can put a move on him for enough space to catch the ball for a 1st down or big play. Hopefully Kacy Rogers and Finnie pan out. Finnie works is butt off every time I see him on the field. He maybe small but he makes up for it with great speed and tenacity. Another Central High product like McGahee and others.

Rashawn Scott has been injured for most of the season. I think he recorded a catch in the mary land game. I know he at least caught one ball during game time. Crawford got redshirted because he came in overweight according to video interview of Golden after a practice. He says that Dallas has brought the weight down but is still redshirted to learn the system. But I have to disagree about Thomas Finnie out of Central High. This kid is hungry hungry hungry. He's quick, switches direction really well, great catch up speed to give help down the field if needed. He maybe undersized but he'll do well for us down the road, don't count him out. Mike Williams (WF transfer) makes one good play and then looks kinda sluggish for 3-5 plays. He has made some nice stops that our other DB's can't say they've made all season. I wish we had Brandon Harris (as a senior) and DeMarcus Van Dyke. Honestly with what we have now, I really miss those guys, especially B.Harris!!!

Why is Ford on this team? Oh, wait: He was recruited by RS....

I'm not buying Ojomo, he really hasn't showed much of anything. Walford was decent as TE.

Its defense u got to worry about.

If I'm Duke, I'm going right at Ray ray and the DB's. I'm also going to throw the kitchen sink at the D and run up the score, so J12 can catch up.

Spence will have good game, but the secondary...

"Goldy: U gotta sit Ray Ray. I don't like saying it, but he is nowhere to be found on crucial plays.

Tyrone Cornelius has been doing very well at safety. I see no reason in not trying to start him there with Jojo. Tele is an absolute bust. All he does is over pursue everything especial the 1st long play for UVA. He was so far out of position that he couldn't turn around in time and the guy just passed him by like a little old lady. RayRay needs a good smack in the head, maybe that will rattle something back into place. Keep McGee and Chambers out.

Next season defense is gonna look pretty nasty.

***Ramon Buchanan got a medical shirt so he'll be a 5th yr. He's strong and fast as hell (4.4/40) for a LB.

Hopefully Forston will be fully recuperated and comes to terms that this is it for him.
Vernon will be back on one side and I still see Chickillo controlling the opposite side. Then there's Jalen Grimble, Corey King, Ojomo, Olsen Pierre, D.Smith and some others that haven't gotten much time now.

Gionni Paul, Jimmy Gaines, Denzel Perryman, Kelvin Cain, and more will be fighting for LB spots but I see Perryman and Buchanan controling 2 spots already and the 3rd LB spot is up for grabs IMO.

Safeties there's Thurston Armbrister, Dallas Crawford, RayRay, Tele, Tyrone Cornelius, Kacy Rogers, AJ Highsmith, so we'll see.

Corner's there will be Thomas Finnie, Keion Payne, Brandon McGee (dammit), and a few other's labeled as DB's plus incoming recruits. Some of them look like they might get playing time early. Who knows.

We'll see but the good thing is that a quite a few of randy's guys will be gone.

Al Golden is leaving, who wants to coach in front of 25,000 fans

Don't see him leaving. Can't say what will happen when the contract is up but he won't leave before that. Not in his character.

The problems with this team are the same today as they were when the 2008 class came aboard. The supporting cast are not stepping up to the plate!! Miami lost to both VA teams because these kids in this state have heart!! They know how to win and play with pride. It's not always about speed; football intelligent will win over speed any day. This team is missing football intelligent/situational awareness. Only a few players on this team have the heart to become winners. Others are wearing the uniform and riding on the past.

Golden's a visionary with a process and a plan to win. He's not a quitter. He knows how to finish. He came down here to win championships, and I don't see him even thinking about leaving until he does. He's in the backyard of the best talent in the nation. He's a shark at recruiting, and he don't take no mess. He praises the guys that have heart and work ethic, calls out the ones that are underperforming. He inherited a poor work ethic and has taken blow after blow from various forces (Shapirogate, injuries, etc.) He's working the best of what he has to work with. He's a visionary, a builder. If he wanted a team that was going to win immediately, I think he would have accepted a different job. I think he enjoys the challenge and he sees an opportunity not just to rebuild a lost program, but to put his name stamp on it. He's here to be part of a legacy and to leave a legacy. And I believe he will accomplish his goals, barring anything else bizarre that happens with this team or in his life. It's not like he went to Idaho or New Mexico or someplace where there is little local talent. He went to the big stage, in the big talent pool, to build something big that can repeat itself year after year. My guess is once he wins multiple championships, he'll get bored and then he'll move on. Go Golden! Go Canes!

Golden and his family I believe are not going anywhere soon, even Penn St. JoPa is staying even if he has to be the head coach up in the press box just to pad his numbers, at least Coach Bowden said enough already. By the time JoPa retires UM will be much better under the direction of Coach Golden and who prefers nasty winters over SoFla winters,not me. I lived 48 years in Miami and moved north I miss 75 degree days in December

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