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Futch doubtful for USF after collapsing at Tuesday morning practice

CORAL GABLES -- Jordan Futch, trying to work his way back from a shoulder injury he suffered against Duke two weeks ago, was recovering Tuesday from a suspected case of heat exhaustion, which necessitated him being taken from the Hurricanes' practice field by paramedics and transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Jordan FutchLuckily, it appears the 6-3, 235-pound senior linebacker is going to be fine according to UM coach Al Golden.

"I think it was a case of dehydration and low sugar levels," Golden said during his weekly Tuesday afternoon press conference. "Again, I’m not the doctor but I’m just trying to give you the idea that everything’s fine. He just felt really weak or faint. It was sneaky hot out there today to be honest with you. I don’t think we had a day like that in a couple weeks. I think it got sneaky hot, and Jordan has been limited in his activity for the last nine or ten days. So I think the combination of that and we wanted to be safe. From all accounts Jordan is doing fine.”

At first, however, it hardly seemed that way. A normally quiet morning at Greentree Practice Field was interrupted at around 8:30 a.m. by police and fire rescue sirens. An ambulance quickly pulled onto the practice field, surprising some players who had no idea Futch had even collapsed.

"I really didn't know what was going on to be honest with you," defensive tackle Adewale Ojomo said. "I was over there on the field, saw the ambulance on the field and heard something about Futch. That's all."

The National Weather Service reported that at 8:30 a.m., when paramedics were called to the field, temperatures in Miami were 81 degrees with 85 percent humidity and a heat index of 87.

Hope Gibbs, the division chief for the Coral Gables Fire Department, said when they received the call about Futch they were told "there was somebody unconscious on the practice field.”

A paramedic on the scene told The Miami Herald Futch was given fluids and was doing much better by the time he was whisked away in the ambulance. 

Still, it's likely Futch still won't play Saturday at USF.

“I want to give Jordan the opportunity to see what he can do moving forward in the next 48 hours," Golden said. "If I had to give his status, it would be doubtful right now.”

Golden said the team usually starts practice at 7 a.m. and players are offered "fruits, Muscle Milks, Gatorade, and bagels and things of that nature" to make "sure their "equilibrium is good" before taking the field.

But, Golden said, "it's incumbent on every player to make sure they're hydrating and eating... I think his was a case he hadn't been doing anything for a couple weeks, 10 days."


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Hope he's ok. This season can't end soon enough

If U Canes can't take the Heat or ACC ...

Get out ...

Dumb bible-thumper.

Scary stuff, I'm glad Jordan is going to be OK.

Question: what does everyone think about going to a bowl game or not?

I'd like to see them wait and see if they get an invitation to get matched up with the Gators or something, but if they wait and cancel the bowl game after seeing where they'd go it probably won't help them avoid future sanctions.

Roll the dice on a good matchup and another game with Harris, Miller, Spence, and Benjamin as Hurricanes or roll the dice, sit out no matter what, and hope it helps down the line?

I don't know about that one Eudo. I can see why that would be an avenue to pursue assumingly the NCAA would go lighter on us. But to be honest with you I don't like the idea just because who is to say that there is any validity to this other than what the current players recieved. Former players do not have to speak to the NCAA about anything and is there really any proof to this. I don't know. Its a roll of the dice but if I were Miami I would know for sure whether I was going to be found guilty before I would not take a bowl bid. If they are not going to go to a bowl or recieve a bowl ban then I would take it this year, simply because we would get it over with and the chances of going to a more lucrative bowl this year is highly unlikely where as in the future the chances are greatly enhanced.

I believe Al is hell bent on playing a bowl game if we get the required wins. I Can't see us not getting a bowl ban of some sort. I just hope we find out one way or the other because if we are going to get a ban, this is the year to take it. Future recruits want to know as well.

No need to see these Canes in a bowl game...enough already.

Now if it's the Gators...bring those fools on. I hate the motherf-ing Gators.

We are getting sanctioned, I don't doubt it one bit. I don't think it's going to be severe, but we are getting something.

Pannunzio and Hurtt have secured the sanctions for us. How do those guys get away clean?

I don't care, I know it's not possible but if we can get a bowl game with florida or fswho again I would take it. Obviously I know that we can't with fswho but I don't care. We beat that team at every category except 2. They played well but they didn't deserve that game, F'em.

Futch get better soon. U got some bulls to knock out on saturday!!!! Cuban chicken noodle soup and bed for you.

GO CANES!!!!!!!

The smart thing to do would be to self impose a bowl ban to get it started and over with. Again....I would hope UM would ask the NCAA to give them a heads up as to what the punishment might be....not that they would tell us. I think, for the recruitment and for the betterment of the team....we bowl ban now....it would be easier to sell to those who they are recruiting. I will admit....havong a chance to play the Gators would be great. Unfortunatly, I feel as fans we would be let down in the end....I just don't think this team is ready yet.

Not true. The kids who didnt do anything wrong deserve the opportunity. Some of them seniors, can use the reps to impress NFL scouts, and some just to enjoy the trip...even if its to el paso. But regardless, I agree- Golden wants the bowl because he and the whole team needs the ectra practice. I dont think it willmake much difference with the impending NCAA sanctions. The team is rebuilding and even if all 27 players that have committed stuck with Miami, I dont see UM getting out of this current rut for another 4 yrs or so. That is as long as Golden is given an extension.

Newsflash before anyone even posts it: Golden will not go to Penn state. That place is cursed and no way a man with a young family will expose his kids to that garbage. The whole place is stillbeing investigated for possible coverups among coaches. And Sandusky's trial hasnt even begun.

Ojoma not sure he's returning? Ok, adewale. Leave. Dont want to be here, leave. It is that non-cane attitude that has premeated the program for 5 yrs. what have you accomplished Adewale? Are you an all american? Do youlead the team in tackles? sacks? Please. You have been part of the worst Miami D since the 60s. Dont want to prove you can get better> Thne just leave

Hope he's OK, he's had a tough career with injuries.

Ojoma wants to stay but needs to prove he had Medical Redshirt for 2007 to get sixth year waiver.

Ojoma not sure he's returning? Ok, adewale. Leave. Dont want to be here, leave. It is that non-cane attitude that has premeated the program for 5 yrs. what have you accomplished Adewale? Are you an all American? Do you lead the team in tackles? sacks? Please. You have been part of the worst Miami D since the 60s. Don't want to prove you can get better> Then just leave

Posted by: Nevin Shapiro should watch his back | November 16, 2011 at 07:01 AM

I can't believe that he would actually come forward and say something like that...Blows my mind. I agree with you man, he can leave if he wants to and then discover that he'll be on a practice squad somewhere. He hasn't received one nomination in any category as for what I can remember during his time here. That's the mentality that has plagued this team for years along with entitlement.

Wow, way to dump on Ojomo for absolutely no reason gents.

Sorry for jumping the gunn on Ojomo. I finally read that other article in regards to his medical shirt. Hope he gets it and can stay one more season. Though I stand by my previous statement that he's not NFL ready but another season can change that for sure under Golden. I truly hope he stays.


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