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UM extends Al Golden's contract through 2019 season

The University of Miami and head coach Al Golden have agreed to terms on a four-year contract extension that will run through February 1, 2020.

This pretty much ends any and all speculation he will be leaving for Penn State, his alma mater.

“I look forward to working side-by-side with Coach Golden for many years,” athletic director Shawn Eichorst said in a statement released by the school around 6 p.m. Friday. “Al has done a fantastic job of rebuilding and solidifying the foundation of our football program while fostering success both on and off of the field. He has been a first-class representative of our University and I am confident that with Al leading the way, our future is very bright.”

Golden’s extension adds four years to the initial five-year contract which began in December 2010.

“My family loves it in South Florida, we have embraced the community and we could not be more excited about the future of the Miami Hurricanes football team,” Golden said in the statement. “I can’t thank President Shalala and Shawn Eichorst enough for their support and commitment to our student-athletes and staff. We are ready to hit the recruiting road and begin our preparations for the 2012 season.”

We'll get reaction after the game.


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Back to the story at hand here guys. This is great news about the extension but I feel sorry for all the media and beat writers!!! What will you all write about now since there is no more rumor about him going to Penn State? HU?

Here's all you need to know about UF's talent level: There was one NFL scout in the press box on Saturday, and he was there to scout a Furman player. That's right: NFL scouts are now coming to Gators home games to scout the other team.

But yeah, that was a great 22 point win.

"Embarrassed?" How can a member of the most disgusting fanbase in the country, whose school is a bloated academic failure and, to top it off, GQ named it a top-10 Douciest School, say someone else should be embarrassed.

And don't get me started on that dump of a town.

Most of the teams in the SEC are embarrassed that a lowly school like UFelony is allowed to represent the brand. 4 yrs of relevance is an embarrassement to powerhouse teams like, BAMA, LSU and GEORGIA who have represented the SEC with dignity and pride unlike the (air quotes) gator nation. Uf is now part of the bottom feeders like Kentucky, Vandy and Ole Miss.

The Nole beatdown looms.

F-S-U! F-S-U!

Urban knew it was a one-man team. He would not stay in that cesspool without Timmy. No one would want to put up with the most disgusting fanbase in the country.

Muschamp is not long for the UFailure.

100 years of failure and cowardice will bookend 4 years of success. Bravo, UFailure, bravo.

Muschamp was the only person who wanted the UF job, as a matter of fact he was the 4th coach listed on UF's coach finding list but the other 3 declined to even speak to UF. I will be willing to bet Weiss bolts back to the NFL after seeing the talent level this team has.

Yes, of course, typical arrogant dirtbag 'billy. Only, he left that cesspool claiming serious health concerns, burn-out and family.

Seems like he made a miraculous recovery in his health and burn-out, and I guess he didn't specify that the family was his ESPN family.

In reality, he crapped on Gatard Nation because of how disgusting that fanbase is. Period end of story. Ask Mike Bianchi, he will tell you.

You cannot win, Gatr garbage. You just can't. Sad but true. That is why Trailerville is the meth capital of the state of Florida.


Say "ta ta" to the only decent coaches on that horrible staff. Urban's taking then to tODU.

UTrailer? You will be crapped on over and over until you resemble Ole Miss.

Then again, that is mre in keeping with your 100 year legacy of failure and cowardice.

Urban got out while the getting was good. He knew that the one trick pony town was not the place to raise his kids and subject them to the worlds largest trailer park. Gator fans are just pure ignorant and think they are entitled because of 4 years of relevance during the Tebow era. Those days are long over gator fans, you are the laughing stock of the SEC, and there is nothing on the horizon that shows you will be come relevant anytime soon.

im one of jacory harris supporters but the way he played is unacceptable and to the rest of the seniors its a sad effort spence is great but the rest sad.

Mathew there is nothing about jokecorey that is supportable, absolutely nothing.

Why are CANES' concerned with GATOR non-sense,season's over let's look forward to the future. If Golden's the answer, we'll know soon enough. Kehoe's got some explaining to do on this so-called talented o-line; Don't care about what others are saying about us, today was an embarassment to watch, this program should be better than this; Hopefully, today will mark the beginning of the turnaround...

as far as the o-line jedd's playcalling on 2nd down was pitiful cause it was predictable

Good move U. Now don't let the door hit you in the butt jokecorey.

Oh classic! Some beat writer acutally asks Al "Will you entertain an offer from PSU if they call?". Really guys? You're as bad as ambulance chasers, bankers, and thieves.


glad noodle arm is gone getting drunk tonight to celebrate good by loosers thanks for keeping Al now he can get some real football players in here

UM is so pathetic. Shalala is the problem, until she goes, UM will continue shoot itself in the foot. Golden is a good guy. And the culture he created this year is promising, but to be honest, the guy went 6-6 with a talented team, and never proved he could win anything big, even at Temple. Remember it is easier to take a 1-10 team to 8-5, than it is to take an 8-5 team to 11-1. If a 6-6 coach wants to jump ship after one year to a program that should face harsher NCAA violations than we do, so be it! However, UM showed their naivity and inked this guy for 9 years. Sounds like the mistake they made with Haith. I hope Al is good. And he very well could be a legend here. But in sound perspective, UM overeacts once again.

Also, the self-imposed bowl ban. How do we know the NCAA will even consider our punishment. They could very well laugh at our gesture and ban us the same amount of bowls they would have if we didn't ban ourselves. Why help them?

Last, nice to see Malcolm Grant launch a contested 3 on the final posession of regulation. Looks like last years offense. Ole Miss loss could be an NCAA resume breaker in March.

do any of U really think that Al won't be boUght oUt at this time nexxx year ?

buyout claUse ?

U'll see how BIG football works

til then, hit the weights Canes ... n wait

What a pathetic football team!

Good riddance to this senior class, and especially to Jacory Harris. He is a career choke.

letme gUse ... Ur yoUng riiieeet ?

do U dUmasse Canes even listen to Urselves, comparing Urselves to floridUh ?

U got til September to whine

First, congrats to Coach Golden and his agent, he played UM like suckers. Hung the whole PSU over their heads thinking that he might leave even though there was no way he was going to be offered that job, but UM like the tools that they are bought it. Unreal, finishes 6-6 and gets an extension, BRILLIANT.

Also, hate to see the most overrated recruiting class leave the U! Jacory, true to form, played great, I will miss you and your interceptions.

Nyufiu fan. Good luck cheering for a second rate "university" in fiu. Second rate in every aspect.

But enough of this loser.

This is what um got stuck with: teddy bridge and eli rogers play usf score 34 points, win the big east in his second yr. Noodle boy plays usf, cant score a td, and finishes 6-6 after throwing 4 picks

Either he is the worse qb in miami history, or he threw the game. Coaches are probably going nuts. He is beyond uncoachable! Thouht he could take matters in his own hands and guess what. He did

BC beats Canes, UCF kills BC, FIU beats UCF...hmmm

FIUFan, stop over thinking it, UM will never play us. They want to stick their heads in the sand and not deal with it. It would be a game, I think, that would actually bring some interest to UM's "home field" at no-Life Stadium. Did you see how pathetic their stadium looked today. Losers!

Jacory should've been on the bench all season. Morris would have a 1 year+ of experience heading into next season.

Way to sling it today Jacory...

Nycfiufane. We got Bethune cookman on our schedule, we don't need a team with a lesser power rating like fiu.

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