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UM post-game: Miller was thinking 1,000 yards all day; Morris said Benjamin owes him a few meals for TD drop

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- It wasn't just Homecoming Saturday for the Hurricanes. It was Get Back To Lighting The Other Team Up Day too.

For the first time all season -- yes I'm not counting the wins over Ohio State, Georgia Tech or Bethune-Cookman -- the Canes really dominated a team for four quarters, from start to finish. Not once did we really worry Duke was going to come back and win this game.

The Canes' offense scored on their first five possessions, rolled up a season-high 265 yards on the ground and a season-high 49 points in a 35-point blowout.

UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch threw several new wrinkles out. He showed us a lot of double tight end sets early with both Dyron Dye and Asante Cleveland, a spread option package for Stephen Morris and the Wildcat with Mike James, which netted runs of 32 and 14 yards on two tries.

It all added up to giving Florida State a lot more to think about heading into next week's showdown in Tallahassee. UM's defense didn't dominate. Penalties stalled Duke's first two drives and by the time Sean Renfree and the Blue Devils finally got going they were already down 21-0.

Duke finished with 148 yards rushing and a 194 yards passing before a Ray-Ray Armstrong interception and a Olivier Vernon fumble recovery helped end two other drives in Blue Devils territory that led to more Canes points in the fourth quarter. All in all, not a great defensive effort, but the big plays were cut down. Duke had just one play that went for more than 20 yards -- a 30-yard pass to Donovan Varner.

Here's some news and notes with quotes we gathered post-game:

> Lamar Miller could have lied and told us he wasn't thinking about becoming the first UM running back since Willis McGahee to run for 1,000 yards since 2002. But he didn't.

"I was thinking about [1,000 yards] throughout the day," Miller said. "Throughout the game, [center] Tyler Horn came up to me saying I needed 30 yards to get 1,000. That just gave me motivation and I just kept running hard.

"Once I got back on the field, I knew I needed 11 yards. I was telling Mike James I needed 11 yards. He said just keep running hard, and the big run came. It was a blessing."

Miller, who told the Palm Beach Post earlier this week he would break the 1,000 yard mark this week, finished with 147 yards and two touchdowns -- the first time he'd broken the 100 yard mark since Virginia Tech Oct. 8. He broke the 1,000-yard mark with his 22-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter.

UM coach Al Golden, who said earlier this week he wanted Miller to "start hitting singles," was pleased with Miller's effort.

"I'm proud of him and the offensive line in general," Golden said. "they're sitting there with an eight- and nine-man front all game. I thought he really ran hard. Clearly, he finished his runs better than he had been the last few weeks. He was trusting and not really pittering his feet in the holes. I think he made a lot of progress with that.

Said Miller: "They've been talking to me about throughout the whole week -- just run hard and the good runs will come. I was just there hitting the holes hard and getting yards."

> How about the turnaround of quarterback Jacory Harris? Since halftime of the Kansas State game, he's thrown 17 touchdowns and 1 interception. That's Player of the Year type stuff. He finished 14 of 20 for 202 yards, 3 touchdowns on Saturday.

> Seantrel Henderson, who had back surgery in the offseason and thought he might not play this season, made his first start of the year at right tackle for the Hurricanes and played all but two series.

And UM coach Al Golden was impressed with his play. " I think training camp is over for him now," Golden said. "He looked like Seantrel should look so hopefully that will prove itself in the film."

Henderson said he was told by offensive line coach Art Kehoe during pregame stretching exercises he would replace redshirt freshman Jonathan Feliciano, who sat out his second straight game with a sprained left foot. Golden said afterward Feliciano would have probably played a few series had UM not gone up by three touchdowns early. Instead, Golden said he opted to rest him.

"Jon will be back next week for sure," Golden said.

Henderson, who said he had a few pancake blocks Saturday, said he felt like he's turned the corner.

"I feel like I played way better than ever. Coach is right training camp is over for me," Henderson said. "- It was more of the learning part. I have the physical part down pact. I just to make sure sure I'm staying in the playbook, studying as much as I can so I can stay mentally fresh in the game. It just came together, it was just more of me applying myself to what we do as a football team."

> Don't call it the WildCane. James said offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch refers to the special, direct snap package as the Wildcat.

"Coach Fisch is big on getting the playmakers the ball, so that's what he's doing," James said. "I like it because I get another chance to get the ball in my hands, so that's always a good thing."

James finished with 58 yards rushing and two touchdowns as well as two catches for 43 yards -- a season-high in terms of total yards from scrimmage.

Quarterback Jacory Harris said he likes the fact Fisch is eager to be creative with the Canes offense, giving guys opportunities to do different things.

"I don't know if you saw the first wildcat play, but I got a crackback [block]," Harris said. "It's pretty fun, especially when it's working. The first thing would have happened if we lost two yards the crowd would have booed. But it's fun when it's working."

> Quarterback Stephen Morris, who gained four yards on two option runs, said Travis Benjamin owes him a few meals for dropping what would have been his first touchdown pass of the season in the first quarter. Benjamin let what would have been a 50-yard touchdown catch slip out of his hands at the last moment.

"He's buying me dinner, breakfast, lunch," Morris joked. "That would have been my first touchdown. I was running down the field and me and B-Wash [Brandon Washington] we're just like 'Hold up, did he drop it?' I know he'll come out next week with a big performance. I'm not worried about it all."

Morris said he isn't bothered at all he's sitting behind close friend Jacory Harris. "My time is coming," Morris said. "I'm not frustrated at all. Matter of fact, I just talked to Jacory. We're like best friends. He's having a tremendous season. I'm waiting my time, not rushing anything or pushing anything. Whatever comes in the game plan I'm going to do what he asks me to do. I'm looking forward to the end of this season and next season as well.

> Senior JoJo Nicolas said Saturday was the first time all season he played cornerback from start to finish.

> How good a day was it for the Canes offense? Chase Ford scored a touchdown, first time for a Canes tight end since the Ohio State game last year (20 game span). And LaRon Byrd made a 9-yard catch. Everyone literally got involved.


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Good stuff.

Can you give more analysis on Bird.
Do you think he is NFL material?

>1000 yds for lm6!


Cant believe its been 9 yrs since the last 1000 yd rusher... Since then, weve had gore, tyrone moss, charlie jones and javarris james. He's set to finish the season with about 1300 yds.

The goal should be 1350 yds before a bowl. If he does, i say we finish at least 7-5, maybe 8-4 what a shame.

Where, oh where are all the JH bashers? What a bunch of know-nothings.

Whew , just got home. Good to see Morris come in to make the long throws. Didnt have to hold my breath all game. Its amazing what coaching does for Jacory! Miller looked alot better. Does not look like he is playing scared,shoulder must be feeling better. Hope he brings it next week.

No J12 bashers when he is playing lights out! Le's go up to Tally and win, make the season a whole lot better by beating FSwho!!!!

pUff Up n get charged Cane Fan !

U just beat dUke ... mer'de

Brilliant game.
team is running on all cylinders. next saturday revenge time, baby!


Love our guys getting the plays in quickly so jacory has a chance to change the play if warranted. We are starting to look WAY more polished. like the top 20 teams. We are 3 wins away from being a top 20 team. Pull for OSU and K-State to finish strong..VA Tech as well, I guess, as we have no chance to win the ACC.
FSU will show if we're getting there.

GO U Canes!!

I expected us to win this game so the only player who deserves recognition is Lamar Miller for being the first 1000 yard rusher. This was good for us to open up the playbook against a warm-up team because next week is not the time to try new stuff.

Next week will determine what we can expect from the Canes. Are we going to come out flat against FSU defense just because other teams came out flat against them or are we going to execute. This might be our bowl game.

This should be our bowl game. We should build for the next few years by not playing in a bowl game this year to soften the penalties we are going to face or at least have any bowl ban penalty counted as time served so Golden can go about rebuilding his success story instead of having him deal with someone else's mistakes. We already started the year under punishment that prevented this team from hitting full stride until half the season was spent, so why not end it under punishment.

@ Soldy

Where did you go to school because you obviously never learned how to write. Those must be the worst grammatically strung questions I have ever attempted to read in my life. Go back to school and get your GED. I highly implore you.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | November 04, 2011 at 04:39 PM


Now turn Ur clock back , to the 80's

Much Respect for FSU. Don't go in cocky, just play smart. Defense needs to step up big time.

....Tebow drinks his own pee.

Buy breakfast, lunch and dinner? Better call Shapiro.

We finaaly committed to putting another backfield blocker,like a fullback or te, pn the line so he can get into his routes faster making play action much more effective.against fsu the seminoles are going to go spread offense, lets see if golden n donofrio panic, like randy and go to a conservative defense. I think spence is a good interior blitzer, but he has to be at the line of scimmage, I think line him up betwwen center guard gap and blitz him , keep safties back against fsu bunch formations and blitz corners

BRING ON THE HO'S LOL///// The once ranked ( pre-season) 5th team in the country... You guys want to talk about a dissapointment ?? this team was slated as a NC contender.. no distractions no coaching change just 3 L's to the only 3 teams with ANY talent they have played.. Its time for a nice road win maryland distractions v-tech the d-line could not make a stop ( at all ) its time to put a ass kicking on these ho's warchant all day F##K THE HO'S ........ AND JOIN ARE TRIBE THE SLAP A HO TRIBE HAHAHA on the real i have always respected the fsu and miami game i have been to many and have age alot at some PLAY HARD KICK ASS this game will be won with special teams and mistakes ( thats how it goes ) i know the stat with the 100 yard on ground thing but not this year we need a block kick or a return for a td / a pic / and 3 to 5 sacks.. sounds like alot ?? well thats what good teams do !!!! GO CANES F##K THE HO'S F##K THE HO'S

FSU runs a spread/speed option. UM's D has to play disciplined and tackle in space like they played against Ga Tech. NOT like KSU, whcih also uses the option. EJ Manuel is terrible at passing, but can run. Put Streeter on Reid all day. Run the rock 50 times!

Yeah. This is Jacorry's best year. Not because of gawdy numbers, but because he has learned to manage an offense. Fisch has really worked out the kinks and put him in better position for him to have success and MAYBE have a shot at the NFL. That and other reasons is why we SHOULD ABSOLUTELY play in a bowl to qualify. There are seniors here that need EVERY single chance to showcase themselves. Plus, NCAA sanctions or not, and however severe they may be, there are still kids on this team that had NOTHING to do with what happened. they deserve a bowl. It helps morale. It also helps UM tell the rest of the media, Sh-i-t-iro and the world-F_U!

This was a great win. Main reason is that this is the first time in 5 years that UM has beaten Duke without sweating it. Back in 2008, Marve was the starter and Duke run up like a 17 point in the third q and Jacorry came in and brought us back from a disaster. Every year since it has been semi-close. Lamar Miller is a beast. As long as he stays healthy, I hope he stays one more year, and challenges for the Heisman next yr by putting up >1,600 yds rushing and 15 TDS or more.

I just want to reiterate how thrilled I was with the turnout yesterday.

Thanks to all the real UM fans who showed up in force, I have never seen that kind of support for a bad game after a bad loss, it was just incredible.

I just got my tickets for FSU in the mail - got them second hand from the student allotment so I'm not going to be surrounded by Noles for once, can't wait!!!

Great game for the Canes, a blowout. Harris playing really well, and Miller ran harder than he has in a while. Good job by the coaches.

Our defense is still suspect, with very little pass rush at all. Virtually no blitzing. They seem to sit back and wait to be attacked, although they made a few key stops.

But the offense is very exciting and has many playmakers. This was a good victory heading into FSU next weekend. We will have to crank it up to win that game, but our offense can play with anybody.

You made us proud, Canes!

Good, positive comments about the
crowd. It is a sleeping giant beginning
to awaken once again.

Hopefully, your trip to FSU
will produce the big W for us!

FSU is GOOD! There D is better than ours! Special teams are the same! Offensive is about the same! FSU should win by 9!!

That said Go Canes!


WildIbis is what it should be!

wildbis ? lol hell yeah brilliant !!!!

Alright, I'm ready for my Big plate of Crow. I am an admitted Jacory "doubter" and I have been wrong. He has taken the coaching, kept a positve attitude, and has shown Leadership this season that had been absent before under the Shannon Regime. If what we are witnessing in terms of decision making, and leadership has been under the surface all along, it is indeed sad he didn't get "coached-up" these last 4 years...Go Jacory & Go Canes--Beat FSU!

I never though I'd say it, but I wish Jacory had one more year. he is playing smart, disciplined football. That is what good coaching does.......Go CANES !!!!

I'll join the chorus. J-12, you've had an awesome year. I truly wish you had gotten this type of quality coaching in your previous years at The U. I hope you get a shot at the NFL, but if nothing else, you can hold your head high and point to this season for the rest of your life. You're playing smart and you've showed a lot of real man courage to hang in there. Play within yourself next weekend and let's see where the chips fall. Beat those freakin Seminoles the same way you rolled the Buckeyes. Hit em with everything we got, Canes.

And while I'm at it, kudos to Touchdown Tommy Streeter. I don't know why Coach Shannon never let you on the field, but your success is almost as big an indictment of his tenure as Jacory's. You, sir, have a legit shot at your NFL dreams. Keep playing big, and you'll be out there on Sundays alongside of Hank, Jimmy, and the other Hurricane stalwarts.

@ Soldy

Where did you go to school because you obviously never learned how to write. Those must be the worst grammatically strung questions I have ever attempted to read in my life. Go back to school and get your GED. I highly implore you.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | November 04, 2011 at 04:39 PM


Posted by: Ur Daddy's Soldy | November 06, 2011 at 02:04 AM


Doubt that.. I went to Gulliver Academy and Prep. But then again I can also agree with you because I always thought that the teachers at Gulliver Prep were weak and really didn't care minus a couple. I finished my high school days at Palmetto High and honestly got a better education there than I ever did at overpriced gulliver. Mrs.Kurtulus or however you spell that name, still alive?? Old bag.

Great win. Love to see that Miller broke the 1000 mark, he deserves it. Really happy to see him finish his runs. Hadn't seen that in a while and finally did. I saw a lot less dancing than before. Henderson played great, Kendall Thompkins got in finally. Chase Ford caught a pass for a TD, holycrap! If we play with this consistency and aggression, fswho will never know what hit them. I have a feeling that Vernon is gonna hurt ejmanuel. Can't believe that benjamin dropped Morris's deepball in the endzone. I don't see fswho being able to cover tommy and travis with dorsett floating around at the same time. It's gonna spell trouble for them and if they do, Miller is gonna grab chunks of yardage and first downs. Our Defense needs to keep their heads in it and they should do ok. I still want to see our secondary play with less cushion and more man on man. Hell just play a yard or two closer. That's all I'm asking.

Still loved what I saw. I would have liked to see more of a turnout for the game. I heard somewhere that it was something like 60,000+ but it looked like 50k to me. Hopefully for the BC game (last home game) there will be a great turn out.

We got this. If we beat fswho, the rest will be easy.

Ok - I'll say it..........
Anyone still think Golden will end up at Penn State?????

M. And we thought our mess stunk.

Dolphins and canes win the same weekend. Yeah!!!!

jacory is playing like a star. i guess thats is what a good coaching staff can do for you. the offense as a hold looks much better. and why was streeter riding the bench all these years???the last coaching staff sucked, and may have damaged some of these guys future as pros.....go canes

148 weeks baby! Tebow should get on one knee and thank God about Willie Mcgahee!


Ok, lets analyze this- FIU loses to DUke at home, and to Western Kentucky. yes, Western kentucky.

Miami demolishes Duke. I mean, They had the 3s in. Seriously.

And you were talking smack?

FIU fans: Never. Never. ever mention the word UM when dicussing your football program again. You are in a different universe. Please.

Go canes

ESPN and the media shoudl apologize to Miami- because the scandal at penn State is 1 trillion. No 1 quatrillion times more selacious, disgusting, nasty and gross, than anything Um players have ever done. That, my friends is lack of institutional control. Who would want their young men going there when that kind of predtaory behavior from a former DC and the AD trying to cover it up?

Stop the presses everyone LaRon Byrd made a catch! I cant believe RS had Streeter on the bench behind Byrd and AJ

Posted by: Nevin Shapiro should watch his back

It wasn't kids at Penn St. being abused. That is some sick S**t though.

Not sure why Shannon didn't play Streeter, but it's plain stupid. He chose to play Byrd, Kendall Thompkins, and Aldarius instead...great job coach.

Same goes to every OC we've had before this year. Way to max out Jacory's talent.

for real - Tebow is a bad boy


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