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UM's No. 1-ranked recruiting class of '08 failed in its quest; now it's all about the Golden process

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Al GoldenWhen the nation's No. 1-recruiting class walked through the doors in 2008, the Miami Hurricanes were supposed to return to prominence. Randy Shannon, the man tapped into South Florida's recruiting pipeline, was supposed to restock the shelves with the talent Larry Coker let escape under his watch.

Winning? That was supposed to come quickly.

But we're still waiting.

With two games left in Al Golden's first season as Canes coach, UM is still sputtering, struggling to play better than .500 football. Are they folding like Shannon's Canes? Nope. Not even close.

Golden and his assistants have gotten more out of this group than Shannon ever did. Tommy Streeter, no where to be found under the old regime, has become a star. Jacory Harris is no longer an interception machine, rather one of the most efficient passers in the country. Sean Spence? Even better than he was his first three years, even wreaking havoc at middle linebacker when they've smartly used him there.

But the overall results for this group of 32 signees in 2008 who were supposed to save the day? Not very pretty.

> UM's record is 28-21, 17-14 in ACC play.
> The Canes are just 4-5 against FBS in-state opponents, going 1-3 versus Florida State, 0-1 versus the Gators, 1-1 versus USF and 2-0 versus UCF.
> The Canes record against ranked opponents since 2008? 5-7.
> The highest UM has been ranked in the AP poll was No. 8, before Clemson beat them at Sun Life Stadium 40-37 in overtime in 2009. The highest UM finished a season in the AP poll? 19th in 2009.
> Bowl wins? Zero.

A few of those kids have shined individually:
> Brandon Harris, a second round pick of the Texans who left school a year early, was an All-American cornerback.
> Spence, considered the 11th-best player for UM in that recruiting class by Rivals.com, will go down statistically as one of best Canes linebackers ever.
> Streeter, who did nothing his first three years here, has the potential to be a first round pick.
> Travis Benjamin became just the sixth player in UM history this past Saturday to eclipse the career 2,000-yard receiving mark.
> And Jacory Harris, for all his interception woes, will likely finish second to Ken Dorsey in all the major career passing stats.

Some turned out to be decent starters and contributors:
> Linebacker Ramon Buchanan, out for the season with a knee injury after just four games and could return next year, has 106 career tackles, 13.5 for loss in 39 games.
> Vaughn Telemaque, once compared to Ed Reed by Shannon, is a three-year starter at safety with 152 career tackles, 5 fumble recoveries and 4 interceptions.
> Defensive end/linebacker Marcus Robinson has 14.5 career sacks and 102 career tackles.
> Defensive tackle Micanor Regis has 101 tackles, 14.5 for loss, 3 INTs in 43 games.
> Receiver LaRon Byrd, who has struggled to get on the field his senior season, has 100 career catches for 1,179 yards and 6 TDs.
> Defensive end Andrew Smith, a 2-star recruit coming out of high school, turned out to be a decent third-down pass rusher (49 tackles, 8 TFL, 4 sacks).
> Junior College signee Pat Hill had two decent years opening holes as UM's fullback.
> And kicker Jake Wieclaw, once considered a mistake by coaches, has finally worked his way into the kicker's job after Matt Bosher left.

But so many of those 2008 recruits turned out to be busts:
> Arthur Brown, the No. 1 linebacker in the country and recruit in UM's 2008 class, did nothing in two years at UM. He's now a starter at Kansas State.
> Marcus Forston, the other 5-star recruit in UM's 2008 class, has had two seasons cut short by injuries including this one. But he's still made just 60 tackles, 7 sacks in 31 games.
> Jordan Futch -- a kid with a great attitude and a lot of heart -- didn't crack the starting lineup until this year. He has 36 career tackles in 31 games after being tabbed as the fourth-best player in the class.
> Aldarius Johnson, the No. 1-rated receiver in UM's 2008 class, has done nothing since his freshman year and got booted off the team in August for allegedly lying to NCAA investigators about the impermissible gifts he received from Nevin Shapiro.
> C.J. Holton? Davon Johnson? Ben Jones? Jeremy Lewis? All four-star recruits who have never cracked the starting lineup or done much outside of mop-up or special teams duties.
> From the Where are they Now Department: Joe Wylie, Thearon Collier, Antonio Harper, Gavin Hardin, Cannon Smith, Taylor Cook, Brandon Marti, Zach Kane and C.J. Odom.
> And we're all still waiting to see when Kendall Thompkins -- practice superstar -- does more than just help out on special teams. Fullback John Calhoun is a nice kid. Not much to say beyond that.

The reason I bring all this up -- this recap of ups and downs for what in essence is UM's senior class -- is to try and clear up why I think the Canes (5-5) are still stuck in this muddle of mediocrity even whileGolden and his staff have done a better job than the previous staff. Two reasons are depth and talent. UM simply missed on too many recruits the last few years. Another, is the mental makeup of the kids who are here. When the tough has gotten going, they've simply cracked.

"We have some bad habits that surface during pressure situations that we have to fix," Golden said of his team Sunday. "It is frustrating, but at the same time it's part of the process. We just have to stay with it. The kids have to continue to be willing to make the changes necessary."

That's the frustrating thing with these Canes. They've had three to four years to break those bad habits. This 2008 group -- and the one that came in right after it in 2009 with Ray-Ray Armstrong, Lamar Miller, Brandon Washington, Brandon McGee, Dyron Dye, Mike James and Olivier Vernon -- has just always found a way to blow close games.

The same problems always arise. Poor tackling. Freelancing. Blown coverages. Brain farts. Jacory Harris always seems to make a bad decision near the end zone. Travis Benjamin runs the wrong routes at Ohio State then chases after a punt that's past him at Florida State. Ray-Ray? Forget that he's always out of position because he tries to make too many plays. How does anyone get in trouble off the field again after they've already served a four-game suspension for doing something similar to what they got into trouble for the first time?

It's maddening really.

You can look at this picture sunny-side up and say UM's five losses this season have been decided by a total of 26 points, three by four points or less. You can say UM is just a few plays away. You can say they are just a few players away.

But to me, it feels like the process is going to take awhile. Until this group leaves and new ones with a different late-game DNA come in, it really won't change. Golden has tried hard to change the culture. He's tried to get his team up for every game. But the woes just seem embedded in some of these guys.

In the end, you can't be an ACC or national title contender when you can only hit on 40 percent of what is supposed to be your senior class. Golden has to do better than what Shannon did in recruiting. He has to land quality backups.

And he has to continue to change the off the field culture. You can't build consistency when some of your best players are getting suspended for doing really dumb things (Ray-Ray, Regis, etc). All of that in the end is why I believe this team is 5-5. There's just a lack of depth in too many places (corner, safety, linebacker). And the football IQ just hasn't gotten better.

Now, I'm not trying to say all of 2011 has been bad by any stretch.

Golden has gotten this football team -- which has been smacked hard by distractions -- to improve dramatically in a lot of areas. Despite Saturday's nightmare performance, UM has improved on special teams. Same with penalties. Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch has worked wonders with Harris and UM's offense, which before Saturday was No. 1 in the country in efficiency. Miller became the school's first 1,000-yard rusher since 2002. Sean Spence is having an All-American season. Freshmen Denzel Perryman and Anthony Chickillo have shown us they will be stars in the future. And Golden has 26 commitments and a consensus Top 10 recruiting class lined up for 2012.

But don't let your imagination wander into the danger zone of unreal expectations. Don't start believing championships are right around the corner. We're still talking about a 5-5 football team that will face scholarship reductions and bowl-bans once the NCAA's investigation into this Shapiro fiasco is completed. We're talking about a 5-5 football team that next season will be without any of those good seniors I mentioned earlier -- and maybe some of those underclassmen too. That's the football team somebody -- hopefully Golden -- will be putting on the field next year.

So, dig your heels in. As Al says, it's a process. One that is going to take some time.


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I completely agree with this post. Great write up. This group of kids are extremely talented, but never had a good mental make up to persevere when things are tough. Travis Benjamin quit last week once he muffed that punt. For the first time this season it seemed like Al Golden had accepted what he has in this group of seniors. Give them another 2-3 years to let them get their guys and I believe Miami will finally compete for an ACC championship.
But if Golden leaves.......This program is done.

Maybe God wants UM fans to prove we can support an average team, before he gives us a good team. Maybe if we fill the Aqua Bowl (refuse to say LandShark or SunLife) to capacity against Duke or FAMU and travel in droves to the Enterprise Car Rental Bowl, then maybe God will say, "finally, these fans are now humble enough to get their old Canes back." It's a biblicle test. Can we pass it?

A.C. Please...God could give a rip...

AC get a life and stop embarrassing yourself with your last post.
This article is excellent. Right on. The MNW ayers has been for the most part been a disaster. Right from the beginning when either Harris or forston pulled the power play of all or nothing. Randy bit and that was the beginning of the end of a good man. Then Harris's daddy pulls his power play and Shannon folded again.
These players with their entitlement and high lite first have really hurt this program. Glad to see Golden moving on it.

And we need to fire SHALALALALALA now

Spot on with this post. The FSU game with everything that happened, in the end, a winnable game. I can see good things happening down the road. Finish strong and win out.

Agree 100%.

Low football IQ
Entitled players with entitled attitudes
Lazy, unmotivated. If we're down they quit or begin freelancing.

Unreal how teams like Stanford, VTech and Boise State (and many others) can get ittogether and win big games and win 8,9, 10 games a year, while UM has been stuck with 7-6, 5-7, 7-6, 9-4, 7-6 and possibly ( I hope) another 7-6 season

That's because these players are lazy and soft. I am willing to put 1000 dollars that Jacorry doesnt spend half the timein the film room thathe could or should. He just goes out there and freelances. That int against FSU after an 8 f-ig-gin minute drive was a summary of his entrie 4 years here, even if he becomes #2 behind Dorsey.

The difference between Harris and Dorsey is Harris is no winner. Dorsey was. Harris is a quitter. Talent? So what? Harris has had lots of NFL talent around him as well. Who do you think is protecting Tim Tebow on Sundays? Orlando Franklin. Who caught for over 100 yds yesterday for the 'skins? Hank. So dont give me that. The diffference is bad work habits, and low football IQs

That stupidity we saw saturday with Feliciano, Benjamin, and Harris would not be tolerated in the NFL-sons, your bu-ts would be cut quicker than you can say false start.

I am just so tired of losing. Ok say we lose to FSU, KSU and even OSU. No reason to lose to Maryland or Virginia. period. So tired and embarassed to be a cane fan.

These group of guys are no canes. They have no pride. They should never be allowed on campus again after they leave.. Sean Spence excepted

And UM should Give Golden an extension. Show him the money. But in 1, 2 yrs he's going to have to part ways with D'onofrio, whose system and coaching I dont buy


God doesn't exist. Stop the wish-thinking. It doesn't help the Canes and makes you sound like an ignorant inbred from Gainesville.

Can anyone give an update on where the Shapiro process is? If there was so much evidence then where is they story? Not knowing is what is going to put the program under. Two years? Three years? Bowl Bans? We need to know.

For those of you (including this beat writer) who keep advocating a raise, new contract (for life) or any other benefit for Golden, give it a rest. His coaching performance this year doesn't support it; what he may have accomplished at Temple or what he "may" do at the "U", is without merit. If he wins over the next three years, we should reconsider, if not, find a better coach. Losing is losing, no matter who is coaching or what players are on the field.

Oh, beat writer, stop bashing RS. He never gave you the time of day, so what.

Sanctions are not a given. The players suspended this year barely received 3 grand total. You don't lose scholarships for that pittance. It's not like our hc tried to cover up knowledge of the incident. If there was wrong doing it happened in 03 and most of that is hearsay. Watch the hbo real sports on auburn and if nothing happens to them, nothing should happen to us.

I can agree with the "late game" mentality" as part of the problem, but the Canes should have put the Noles away in the second quarter. The first quarter/first half stats were clearly in Miami's favor and yet they couldn't manage the game when it was manageable.

Had they played Va. Tech in the first half, when the game was manageable, they wouldn't have scrambled to get back in the game, would not have had the game come down to a single play.

Never trust the opinion of recruiting talent evaluators.

Win with honor, bs...No the Golden Way is to"Lose with Stupidity", the New Process!!

The new look "U" by the Golden Boy! I'm starting to get used to it...

Any word on if the administration is trying to keep Golden down here with a better contract ? I know Penn St is home and if offered Golden would go but why not put up a fight ? The fans are buying in to Golden everywhere I look on TV fans have orange ties on. This administration needs to put their gloves on and fight to keep Golden on board but if he does leave, UM needs to do the right thing and at the least' give Art Kehoe an interview for the job.

Reply to amazing, One day when you take your last breath and you stand before a "non-exisistant God" keep repeating your "non-sense"; Maybe,God won't exist before your judgement...!!!

Yes I'm tired of hearing all this bs about how bad these players are when we loose. When Washington was at his normal position we had one the best running games in the country. Then you shuffled him in and out at left tackle and threw him under the bus for playing a position he wasn't accustomed to. We could have had an opportunity to beat kst on the goaline but opted to run naked bootleg with jacory.lol the dc in that game looked clueless. To add insult to injury the offense is moving the ball methodically and we decide to run a fake fg against Beamer in his own house. There were so many bad calls against va I don't know where to start. Finally jacory might not be the qb everyone wanted but he gave a quality performance this year and came to play this year. The defense has finally put us in a good position in the first half against fsu. 13 yards midway threw the 2nd quarter. Then you decide to shuffle the qb's when we could have put that game away in the first half. That is coaching. I think the oc did a good job this year other than that more of the same. This staff wasnt an upgrade.

There is no lazier and less sophisticated analysis of a football team or player than to just declare that they don't have the intangible "it" factor.

Missing the "heart", missing the "late game DNA", missing the "mental toughness".

Peyton Manning couldn't win the big one, he was missing the "winning the big one" gene. Until he did. Now he has that gene and always did.

We all knew before this season started that Jacory Harris couldn't stop throwing interceptions. He was a good kid and clearly had the "late game DNA", since we had seen it, but he just couldn't throw all the long balls and touchdowns without the interceptions. Until he could.

So Sean Spence and Travis Benjamin and Tommy Streeter might as well not even bother trying to play in the NFL, because Manny already figured out what's wrong with them - they have no "heart", no "late game DNA".

I agree with Cane81, this game was lost in the first half,the 2nd quarter particularly. Two huge mistakes led to FSU touchdowns and the INT stopped a Canes scoring drive. Both the INT and the punt that Benjamin tried to pick up were lapses in dicipline(brain farts) and so was the punt returned for a TD.

I support Golden & still do, but if he decides to leave than say "Good-bye" and move on.

Bring in Mario Crystabol from FIU. M.C. would make an excellent HC for Miami. He brings fire, discipline, and toughness to the program. M.C. is a good recruiter and is a Cane through & through.

As far as the Coaching is concerned, designing a few plays for S.Morris is one thing, but rotating him as much as they did during the 1st quarter was dumb. It disrupted the offense and there was no need to do that. A classic example of over-coaching hurting your own team.

Lastly, I did not see the fire in the Miami players that I saw on FSU's side. The canes appeared hesitant and almost intimidated by the situation. On FSU's 1st TD, Rodgers was in position to intercept or at least break up that pass in the corner of the end zone. Instead of making a play on the ball, he slowed down, hesitated and tackled the receiver in the end zone instead of making a play on the ball.

On the punt return for the TD, all the Miami players let their guard down & the FSU returner took advantage of that. How do you just let up like that during your biggest game of the year? It seemed FSU was ready to take it to the Canes & take advantage of any mistake, while Miami seemed lost in the moment. Very disappointing.

Majority of all those players will get drafted and play in the NFL, that's the funny thing about it. I guarantee if Golden would have had Jacory for 4 years he would of been talked about among the College elite QB's along with all the skilled players we had too. Bad Coaching is was hurt this recruiting class because it's evident in how they play right now. You can't teach a old dog new tricks. God luck to all you gentlemen

God wants a full stadium.

repeat what Cane89 said and add a sofar to what Tallycane said

You choose to be a slave and live in fear of the sky-fairy who "acts in mysterious ways" and who wants someone to score a touchdown but is blind and deaf to the cries of millions dying of starvation and in pain.

I don't fear judgment because there is no hell. You have bought into that garbage because you want to be controlled. Besides, don't you think your god has more important things to concern him- or herself with than whether the Canes win or lose or hire another coach?

Hmmmmmm. Maybe the good Book has the answer.

how do you know god doesn't care about starvation and pain?

if you don't believe there is a hell, let me know your name.

the bible is not the true word of god. if you are judging religion based off the church don't.

God non-existent??? when YOU die, YOU'RE gonna wish you never said that!

Btw, stadium attendance has nothing to do with God, at the end of the day, it's still the individuals choices to do what they want and God created us to have an open-mind and freedom of choice, He will not get in the way of our choices, He will however judge us after.


Good interview going on now on qam with golden. Makes most posts about coaching not being good at the u now, totally ignorant and irrelevant.
Just your comments eucodimus show you do not understand football nor would recognize the DNA if it hit you in the face.

1. A "Miami" player is born that way. Swag is not found at The U, its brought there and that's what we are missing "Miami" players.

2.Al Golden IS a good coach, but not a "Miami" coach. Shannon THRIVED as a D CO because he was a "Miami" guy in the right position just as Swasey is now. JJ & Schnellenberger BROUGHT their swag to The U as head coaches that's why they thrived.

3. Our problem is we think that we become "The U" by just showing up, sorry it doesn't work that way. DEPTH is how we become "The U". That's why Golden is suffering.

4. Golden and Cristobal, GO HOME!

production defines results. which means everyone involved with this Hurricane team has not done well. The Staff, the players, and The Fans. the LOUD typer above; this post, is exactly right. The Stability of Staff is paramount if our program will ever be considered a winning one again.

God, Family, Canes,

are you saying your god does not interfere in the lives of man? Then you are a deist and why do you pray, if you do? If he does interfere, then why all the suffering? Either he is omnipotent and ominiscient or he isn't. You cannot have it both ways.

As for free-will, of course there is free-will, but it is not divinely granted. It is not derived from the "eye in the sky." It occurs because you are a conscious being.

And as for hell-boy, no, I do not believe there is a hot place where all the bad little boys and girls go after they die. That is a nice story attempted to control the minds of innocents and the weak. It is a sick mind-play created by disgusting theologians.

Free your mind. You don't have to be a slave to a fairytale.

Get off my nuts Itcdolphin, I don't need a critique of every comment I make out of you.

I think this quote is wrongly worded:

"Golden has tried hard to change the culture."

I would change it to Golden is trying to INTRODUCE culture where it DIDN'T exist before. I mean c'mon, think about it, what was Shannon really about when it came down to philosophy and culture. He even admitted it on that ESPN Townhall show, when He said He probably should've been more worried about the football operations, than wasting some of His time trying to be a hall monitor. Golden on the other hand, you know what He's about. Discipline, conditioning,toughness,passion,process, those are word that He repeats to the point that He's advertising them. But should He remain, we will be in great hands...

They are disgraces. On the field, and, judging by the suspensions, off the field as well. Cannot wait for them to be gone and stay gone. Northwestern should be on the banned list. Nobody else from that school should set foot on UM's campus again. The "class" of '08 has set this program back by 10 years. To hell with them.

All I can say is, Byrd took a wicked hit from FSU safety, gosh I remeber when Miami was delivering those hits.

Trust the Process people!!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

This team may have 5 losses, but it has definitely improved from last year. They are mentally tougher than last year and fight hard every week. Last year they quit against OSU, FSU, Va. Tech, and Notre Dame. Despite some bonehead plays against FSU this week, they fought until the end. The Canes lack depth in nearly all positions. This is a result of poor recruiting, injuries, and suspensions. It will take time to rebuild. It looks like a great class is coming in. The coaches will get better too as they make adjustments and get to know their players better.

The players are talented. But two things went wrong from those recruiting classes.
1. They were never coached properly. How do you have 8 players enter the NFL last year and your record is 7-6? Great individual players, but they were never taught to play as a team, to play within a system. Thats why you've heard Golden and staff constantly complaining about freelancing. Their football IQ was never elevated and neither was a system set in place. Hence great individual play but not team play. Hence the reason we had so many players go in the NFL but such a poor team record.
2. Lack of leadership. There was never a stand out leader on either side of the ball on this team. Who was the leader on offense? Why doesn't harris get in the Oline's face when they make a mistake. Who rallies the defense and gets them to settle down. A leader never developed and that is because they were never taught to play as a cohesive unit. Hence every player was playing in his own bubble. When that happens everyone worries about themselves and never calls into account other players actions.
The "it" factor is leadership. When you have leaders on each side of the ball that force their teammates to be accountable, that can rally the troops to hunker down thats how teams pull out victories. Great leadership and Miami just hasn't had that in a very long time. Spence emereged this year as that leader on defense and as the season has progressed you can see the defense improve even with all that has happened (injuries, suspensions, lack of depth).
I have no doubt what so ever that if Golden was in charge of the team instead of Randy, last year would have been a potential NC year.

Golden is the man for the job.Look, you have to play the hand your dealt and Shannon dealt Golden a crap sandwich. No, the cupboard wasn't bare but these guys he inherited were weak, lazy and misguided. We have, for some time, forgotten how to develop talent, we have forgotten about the defensive tackle position in recruiting, should I say grossily forgot about it! Our Depth of talent on defense is terrible and then you throw in kids that are hurt, Porter, Robinson, Buchanan & Forston and then the suspensions, no wonder we are in the position we are in record wise. No body did Golden any Favors when he got this job, he's been behind the 8 ball the whole time and it's remarkable to me, that we could be 10-0 as easy as we are 5-5. Where would we be with Shannon & Whipple running this show. Shannon forgot about recruiting & coaching. Good defensive coordinator, terrible head coach.


An excellent analysis,. Thank you. It is right on the mark, and the realism of your expectations is appreciated.

I believe that the key element is lack of player development secondary to poor coaching in the past. Add in the unrealistic NFL expectations many kids have when they come to UM. Further add in how this takes away from TEAM and commitment to the process of working all the elements that lead to rigor and improvement.

Coach Golden is trying to create a repetitive machine in which kids become superior athletes, successful students and community representatives of the UM.

I am very hopeful that Coach Golden and his staff stay for the duration. I believe they will make UM dominant in the future.

I see UM landed a 3 star who decommitted from S. Florida. Now, let's give him a reason to feel great about his choice and DOMINATE the Bulls this Saturday. Let's get up there and support our Canes!

thank you SunnyDee, for bringing in sound, reasonable judgement which offers a realistic analysis of the current state of our team, infused with a likewise realistic analysis of why Canes fans should have hope. this season has definitely been disappointing but, unlike last year, until Shannon was let go, this year we have hope. I don't care what some people say, Golden has what it takes to bring this team back to glory. He deserves our support. And even though some jerk is going to respond to this post with angry, arrogant criticism lashed at me, I'm gonna post anyway. Bad things happen when good people do or say nothing.

We are the canes
Golden is the best coach in the Universe
Give him a lifetime contract and a raise before he bolts for PSU
A .500 record and bottom of ACC is better than anything RS did
Travis Benjamin is a great punt returner
Jacory threw 2 picks, had a Jacory like day
The QB shuffle did not work
We will beat USF just by showing up because we are the canes, just like we did last year
Maryland really stinks, did they lose again?

Listen this team still have no playmakers and just dont play smart I present 2 scenarios.

Scenario #1
Kacy Rodgers is playing safety, he's sees the ball in the air runs to the right spot be he tries and tackle the player in the end zone?? instead of knocking the ball away or picking it.

Scenario #2
The perfect onside kick, the ball hung up in the air perfectly and went 10 yards couldnt be any better. The first line is suppose to take out the first line of FSU recovering team, well O'Leary was on the first line and he so happen to out hustle everybody from the Canes to the ball .We could of executed better on this onsde kick.

We have to play smarter!

The problem with the 2008 class was that participating in Shapiro's junkets, dissipated them physically, morally and spiritually.

The canes need a well deserved "break" from football.

I have not done this but it is time...In answer to babycane2136, and nfcane...Do us a favor and go cheer for Alabama and LSU since from your Posts neither of you are real Cane fans...and want to vent so move on....
I agree with CanesRock and SunnyDee you play the hand you are dealt...We had NO depth at any position to sustain our play in the first half of the game with FSU..and if someone is conditioned a certain way it is like UNRINGING the Pavlovian bell..it can't be done..
Our conditioning, fighting spirit, tenaciousness to the end of the games, and our attitude are all part of the PROCESS Coach is talking about..and in review of how long and what was given to him I think the guy is fantastic...He is a REAL CANE and he is teaching the guys that did not buy in what it means to play with guts...you can see it..
Our counterpunching has been proven, now when we start punching as the Golden era continues I am certain the bandwagoners as listed above will jump back on board...
Be supportive of our 'Canes in this REBUILDING process...if the cupboards are bare then you have to restock and we are doing that...get off the Coaches and open your eyes to REALITY..
It amazes me as to how trivial some of these so called fans are...we are enjoying College Sports not a wrestling match...Reread herbieibis he has it right..Great post..and let's continue to grow the "tie brigade" and support our 'Canes.
Go 'Canes.

Hire Mario Cristobal !!!

He has to be a great Coach, he wears a tie.

I think that Golden is the right guy for the job. However, the Miami team that played against FSU was not well coached. Way too many penalties, turnovers, etc. I don't that Golden has done anything special this year in terms of results. I think that he will ultimately get us there, but it's going to take about 5 years to do it, given the sanctions that the NCAA is going to levy. Also, I think that it's premature to give Golden an extension. The Canes are 5-5, and based on the FSU game, have not made a ton of progress this year.

Great article Manny, you nailed it. You said everything about this team that has been going through my mind all season and I think what sums it up is that the Hurricane's have gradually lost over the years the qualities that gave us the Miami Mystique. I have a friend who's a Notre Dame fan (sorry) but use to see a lot of Miami games live when we were the most feared team in football. He told me that every game he went to, when we came out on the field the fear from the other team was palpable. We haven't had that mystique for years and whether we ever get it back remains to be seen. It might still be hidden somewhere deep in our DNA just waiting to re-emerge and maybe coach Golden will be the man to resurrect it. Let's keep the faith.

We will win something soon

It is not the tie de Ja Vu U..the tie is part of the process....Respect for the game...that shows the regard for the product...I would prefer that to a sweat shirt similar to what we wore on Campus at U of M and slept in for 3 days..Class that is what the image should be...Class but tenacious and hungry in pursuit of the best game imaginable.
That is the image projected at the U. That's Golden.
Get the picture
Go 'Canes

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