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UM's No. 1-ranked recruiting class of '08 failed in its quest; now it's all about the Golden process

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Al GoldenWhen the nation's No. 1-recruiting class walked through the doors in 2008, the Miami Hurricanes were supposed to return to prominence. Randy Shannon, the man tapped into South Florida's recruiting pipeline, was supposed to restock the shelves with the talent Larry Coker let escape under his watch.

Winning? That was supposed to come quickly.

But we're still waiting.

With two games left in Al Golden's first season as Canes coach, UM is still sputtering, struggling to play better than .500 football. Are they folding like Shannon's Canes? Nope. Not even close.

Golden and his assistants have gotten more out of this group than Shannon ever did. Tommy Streeter, no where to be found under the old regime, has become a star. Jacory Harris is no longer an interception machine, rather one of the most efficient passers in the country. Sean Spence? Even better than he was his first three years, even wreaking havoc at middle linebacker when they've smartly used him there.

But the overall results for this group of 32 signees in 2008 who were supposed to save the day? Not very pretty.

> UM's record is 28-21, 17-14 in ACC play.
> The Canes are just 4-5 against FBS in-state opponents, going 1-3 versus Florida State, 0-1 versus the Gators, 1-1 versus USF and 2-0 versus UCF.
> The Canes record against ranked opponents since 2008? 5-7.
> The highest UM has been ranked in the AP poll was No. 8, before Clemson beat them at Sun Life Stadium 40-37 in overtime in 2009. The highest UM finished a season in the AP poll? 19th in 2009.
> Bowl wins? Zero.

A few of those kids have shined individually:
> Brandon Harris, a second round pick of the Texans who left school a year early, was an All-American cornerback.
> Spence, considered the 11th-best player for UM in that recruiting class by Rivals.com, will go down statistically as one of best Canes linebackers ever.
> Streeter, who did nothing his first three years here, has the potential to be a first round pick.
> Travis Benjamin became just the sixth player in UM history this past Saturday to eclipse the career 2,000-yard receiving mark.
> And Jacory Harris, for all his interception woes, will likely finish second to Ken Dorsey in all the major career passing stats.

Some turned out to be decent starters and contributors:
> Linebacker Ramon Buchanan, out for the season with a knee injury after just four games and could return next year, has 106 career tackles, 13.5 for loss in 39 games.
> Vaughn Telemaque, once compared to Ed Reed by Shannon, is a three-year starter at safety with 152 career tackles, 5 fumble recoveries and 4 interceptions.
> Defensive end/linebacker Marcus Robinson has 14.5 career sacks and 102 career tackles.
> Defensive tackle Micanor Regis has 101 tackles, 14.5 for loss, 3 INTs in 43 games.
> Receiver LaRon Byrd, who has struggled to get on the field his senior season, has 100 career catches for 1,179 yards and 6 TDs.
> Defensive end Andrew Smith, a 2-star recruit coming out of high school, turned out to be a decent third-down pass rusher (49 tackles, 8 TFL, 4 sacks).
> Junior College signee Pat Hill had two decent years opening holes as UM's fullback.
> And kicker Jake Wieclaw, once considered a mistake by coaches, has finally worked his way into the kicker's job after Matt Bosher left.

But so many of those 2008 recruits turned out to be busts:
> Arthur Brown, the No. 1 linebacker in the country and recruit in UM's 2008 class, did nothing in two years at UM. He's now a starter at Kansas State.
> Marcus Forston, the other 5-star recruit in UM's 2008 class, has had two seasons cut short by injuries including this one. But he's still made just 60 tackles, 7 sacks in 31 games.
> Jordan Futch -- a kid with a great attitude and a lot of heart -- didn't crack the starting lineup until this year. He has 36 career tackles in 31 games after being tabbed as the fourth-best player in the class.
> Aldarius Johnson, the No. 1-rated receiver in UM's 2008 class, has done nothing since his freshman year and got booted off the team in August for allegedly lying to NCAA investigators about the impermissible gifts he received from Nevin Shapiro.
> C.J. Holton? Davon Johnson? Ben Jones? Jeremy Lewis? All four-star recruits who have never cracked the starting lineup or done much outside of mop-up or special teams duties.
> From the Where are they Now Department: Joe Wylie, Thearon Collier, Antonio Harper, Gavin Hardin, Cannon Smith, Taylor Cook, Brandon Marti, Zach Kane and C.J. Odom.
> And we're all still waiting to see when Kendall Thompkins -- practice superstar -- does more than just help out on special teams. Fullback John Calhoun is a nice kid. Not much to say beyond that.

The reason I bring all this up -- this recap of ups and downs for what in essence is UM's senior class -- is to try and clear up why I think the Canes (5-5) are still stuck in this muddle of mediocrity even whileGolden and his staff have done a better job than the previous staff. Two reasons are depth and talent. UM simply missed on too many recruits the last few years. Another, is the mental makeup of the kids who are here. When the tough has gotten going, they've simply cracked.

"We have some bad habits that surface during pressure situations that we have to fix," Golden said of his team Sunday. "It is frustrating, but at the same time it's part of the process. We just have to stay with it. The kids have to continue to be willing to make the changes necessary."

That's the frustrating thing with these Canes. They've had three to four years to break those bad habits. This 2008 group -- and the one that came in right after it in 2009 with Ray-Ray Armstrong, Lamar Miller, Brandon Washington, Brandon McGee, Dyron Dye, Mike James and Olivier Vernon -- has just always found a way to blow close games.

The same problems always arise. Poor tackling. Freelancing. Blown coverages. Brain farts. Jacory Harris always seems to make a bad decision near the end zone. Travis Benjamin runs the wrong routes at Ohio State then chases after a punt that's past him at Florida State. Ray-Ray? Forget that he's always out of position because he tries to make too many plays. How does anyone get in trouble off the field again after they've already served a four-game suspension for doing something similar to what they got into trouble for the first time?

It's maddening really.

You can look at this picture sunny-side up and say UM's five losses this season have been decided by a total of 26 points, three by four points or less. You can say UM is just a few plays away. You can say they are just a few players away.

But to me, it feels like the process is going to take awhile. Until this group leaves and new ones with a different late-game DNA come in, it really won't change. Golden has tried hard to change the culture. He's tried to get his team up for every game. But the woes just seem embedded in some of these guys.

In the end, you can't be an ACC or national title contender when you can only hit on 40 percent of what is supposed to be your senior class. Golden has to do better than what Shannon did in recruiting. He has to land quality backups.

And he has to continue to change the off the field culture. You can't build consistency when some of your best players are getting suspended for doing really dumb things (Ray-Ray, Regis, etc). All of that in the end is why I believe this team is 5-5. There's just a lack of depth in too many places (corner, safety, linebacker). And the football IQ just hasn't gotten better.

Now, I'm not trying to say all of 2011 has been bad by any stretch.

Golden has gotten this football team -- which has been smacked hard by distractions -- to improve dramatically in a lot of areas. Despite Saturday's nightmare performance, UM has improved on special teams. Same with penalties. Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch has worked wonders with Harris and UM's offense, which before Saturday was No. 1 in the country in efficiency. Miller became the school's first 1,000-yard rusher since 2002. Sean Spence is having an All-American season. Freshmen Denzel Perryman and Anthony Chickillo have shown us they will be stars in the future. And Golden has 26 commitments and a consensus Top 10 recruiting class lined up for 2012.

But don't let your imagination wander into the danger zone of unreal expectations. Don't start believing championships are right around the corner. We're still talking about a 5-5 football team that will face scholarship reductions and bowl-bans once the NCAA's investigation into this Shapiro fiasco is completed. We're talking about a 5-5 football team that next season will be without any of those good seniors I mentioned earlier -- and maybe some of those underclassmen too. That's the football team somebody -- hopefully Golden -- will be putting on the field next year.

So, dig your heels in. As Al says, it's a process. One that is going to take some time.


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Bob- that's because now the culture is youhave to be nice or you get a 15 yd penalty. can't celebrate, can't smack talk, and coaches all along played into that- even Shannon with his ultramilitaristic rules.

We need to allow nastiness. S-w Shalala and her no neck troll like body that can't even throw a U up.

Otherwise Miami will be average at best and be relegated to the USFs and UCFs of this world.

However, I'd rather be where we are than be FSU and start the yr ranked #5, thought to be able to play for the NC, and then lose to Wake Forest hahahahahahahah

Can't wait to see 90% of Randy's recruits gone. Next season will be different. I had hoped for a decent season under a new coach and new system. That was before the suspensions hit us and even then I was still optimistic. But there is no place for stupidity like this. To many off sides penalties. Just dumb penalties and receivers running short routes when they have the 1st down marker just a yard away. Numbers wise we beat these people up and down the field rushing and passing. It's just amazing to me that if we play like garbage and the noles play a really good game, then they only beat us by 4 measly points. Just 4pts, imagine if we played mediocre and we won by 3(+/-)pts....Refs didn't help out on either side of the ball for either team. That fswho player that got ejected didn't do anything wrong, it was a perfectly clean hit. Vicious as it may have been but this is football and not tennis or ballet sorry guys. It was a clean hit. Very weird game. Thank god there will be a majority of the players on this squad next season will be Golden's boys. Majority will outplay and get the starting spot at positions where juniors and seniors were at this season. Truly the only player that I'm gonna miss the most out of this bunch that is leaving will be Spence. Harris for as much work as he has put it, fell short. 2008 recruiting class was a great class that came in and did nothing. Absolutely felt entitled since the moment they arrived and never worked on development. 3yrs down the drain for that class and then their senior year they try to go out with a bang?? C'mon, every other senior out there in college football land got 4yrs of development while the senior hurricane players got 1yr under Golden. Imagine if he got here a year earlier, I keep telling myself.

Golden's recruits will out-win at every position in the spring and preseason practices and will take this team over.

I still believe and love my hurricanes

GO U!!

I don't think it's fair for the under classmen to have to sit out a bowl game when they become junior and seniors. It was the current upper classmen who took the benefits. I think if they sit out a bowl this year, the NCAA isn't going to do much, if anything to the program, once it completes its investigation. I believe that Sean Spence is the only senior that deserves to get to play in a bowl game, and that's if you overlook that he took some benefits, even though he has paid a price. I can see why Coach Golden would accept a bowl bid. To create some positivity, and to make the upper classman appreaciate their time in the program, so they'll become good ambassadors. With the exception of Spence, these guys don't deserve to represent the program. They don't look anything like past Hurricanes. They look like they came from UCLA. Nice article Manny. And I hope and pray that the school will sign Coach Golden to the propper extention. There's no one I'd rather have as the coach of UM.

The H.S. recruiting game is such a bloody CRAP game, that there's ALWAYS major BUSTS and the Miami, F-L-A program is just another GLARING example of BUST city. Eh.

As the opinion above mentioned, there's just too many underachievers and not enough A.C.C. championship level ballers among the upperclassmen.

Then, throw in the bloody FACT that there's been too mUch INCONSISTENCY with the numerous and numerous coaching changes since the Coker regime on through Shannon, and Hurricane bUbba witnesses the bloody EVIDENCE this season.

I'm gUessing that with the forth coming N.C.A.A. sanctions, it will take Miami AT LEAST four seasons to be once again LEGITIMATE Top 15 material. And bUbba rUffians, that's with the best of OPTIMAL CONDITIONS ( The Golden One staying put in Coral Gables anyone. Among other best case scenarios. ).

In other words, Miami has fallen so far back among the pack of legitimate Top 10 squads, that it will take the SECOND COMING of a past Hurricane head coaches. And Miami rUffians, that's there is a CRAP SHOOT.

Eucolotus. Just your not so smart one, such a classy guy you are not.

some of you guys couldn't have played a down of football.I am so tired of hearing about the fake fg against VT. he put his balls on the table. How about on a 3rd down letting a qb run up the middle untouched for 20 plus yards.
Also, I honestly cannot wait for Travis to leave, he has been a dummy since he arrived.

the older players have been stuck in mediocrity. THe future of this program is the Perrymans, pierre's, chicks, finnie's, GIonni Pauls, Corey King, Dorsett, Rashawn Scott, etc. Every kick off I see Gionni Paul jumping up and down These newer kids were Golden's type of guys. These kids are going to be very good.

Right on Facebook and when you read most posts it's obvious most don't get it. This team was outmanned Saturday and that will change with new recruits. Not out skilled or out played or that we were out coached, plain and simple outmanned. AG said as much this morning on the radio.
Being outmanned he is forced to play the MNW playets with their entitlement attitude and thirst for highlites.
We need to get bowl eligible, turn it down, and fire shalAlalalalala

Great post Manny right on!

1. Fire shalalalalalala

2. Re-sign Golden to whatever he wants. He's done a miracle job with this group of non-developed seniors and juniors. Plus walking into a scandal and handling it like a true professional. Extension+bonuses+whatever the hell he wants.

3. Golden's boys will take over this spring and preseason.


It is a shame that Randy did not get fired after 2 seasons. His bad coaching for fouryears is what is the problem. I still believe that to mkove forward Shalalya has to go!


Couldn't agree with you more. Good bye randy's guys, make way for the Golden recruits.


Good points Manny. The 2008 class underperformed,and Randy did not recruit well in the 2009 and 2010 classes (only 1 QB for QBU?). Add these 08,09,2010 classes with a lack of player development and its a recipe for disaster. In examining the 08 class, quit blaming the NW and So Fl kids, the "where are they now" list has a bunch from all over the place (Cannon Smith, Taylor Cook, Brandon Marti, Zach Kane!!!) Recruiting is a 50/50 crapshoot, but player development can not have the same odds.

I agree 100% that SHALALA has to go. Never should a woman be in that position to reign over men's sports-period. She will never give the FB team what they need and have earned over the uears. If not for the FB team, Th e UNIV of MIAMI is just another college. She has got us in this rediculous 30 yr. lease at the PHINS stadium and no way out. A team with 5 NC's should have their own stadium and if collehes like Bethune and FIU can have their own stadium, there is no reason in this world, that the team does not deserve a home of their own. She is a bust at PRES. with so many flubbed descions and has to go. I have full conf. in AG and we will be relevant again, just wish SHAWN had the power to give AG every thing he needs.But, we will continue to play at a astadium that honered the GATORS at our so called home field and try and sell recruits that the crowds will come. We have just about played our history card to the max and irt's time to make new history. So, give'em hell AG and you have the support of the CANE NATION even if our own PRES. don't have your back!!

D'onofrio is gonna be a head coach somewhere in a few years. Come on people the man knows how to coach. All he did at temple was feild a top 25 defense in the country. He doesnt have the horses at miami.

They are thin at dt, lb, and cb. They have been forced to use nichols probably our best cb at safety because ray ray is an idiot. u can only cover up the weaknesses u have on d for son long.
Don'g believe me watch the patriots play they supposedly have the best defensive coach in history and his defense sucks .

Ugocanes2 did you read ANYTHING I posted? I am ALL CANE! But I am also realistic. Just because Golden is our coach doesn't mean this is the job for him. How long did it take for Mich to realize Rich Rod was the wrong guy. (2yrs too late). Doesnt this guy have a clause to leave if he chooses? Then what will you say for him. If he's your coach, what standard do you hold him to or will you continue to give him excuses and passes. .500 is acceptable? Give me a break. If we are losing by slim margins and that close to 10-0, its. attention to detail!!!!


None of these guys should be thinking NFL. Miller maybe not so much because he is a very talented player but another year wouldn't hurt him at all. But the rest, don't even dream about it. Tommy needs more than one season for that and VT has be dismal and needs next season to make a name for himself, otherwise he'll lose his spot to Dallas Crawford and others. Buchanan is getting his medical shirt and can definitely contribute next season.

Oline will be sick next season. Gunn, Fig and Horn are the only ones leaving. We'll have Henderson, Feliciano, Linder, Washington, Jermain Barton, Jermaine Johnson, Jarred Wheeler, Shane McDermott, Hunter Wells, Jeremy Lewis, Ben Jones, Washington and Malcolm Bunche. Honestly I see next year's line looking like this...


and you can alternate McDermott, Wheeler, Barton, Johnson and maybe Wells.

This Oline with Morris at QB will be very effective. Hopefully Tommy sticks around because him and Hurns will look great next season along with a few freshman and sophomores that we have.

Out with the old in with the new....only then could change take place and menifest itself into something great...

"Eucolotus. Just your not so smart one, such a classy guy you are not."

Buddy you can barely form a coherent thought.

Just stop responding to everything I say with "you're stupid". If you disagree with something feel free to voice your opinion, but nobody else here cares what you think of me.



U see, how players turn out is a two-way equation: RS was not a bad coach. I, personally, have seen a lot worse. But up front, "Goldy and crew have showed me absolutely nothing.

The DC is a bust. UM needs a former player to come in and lay down the law.

Why not go after Cristobal? he can recruit, is a proven winner, and has JJ ties. Have U seen FIU"s offense? It's very uptempo, the exact thing lacking at UM right now.

Reply to babycane2136.
The Wagon is loaded the route is planned but we don't have the horses to pull all the way..we start by building..listen to your post..a record that you reference of .500 when the Coach has not been there a year!..also with injuries and sanctions that is analysis not reviewed on a level playing field!.. Take into account if the personnel was in place, the record could well be 2 losses with winning the other games..Then you would praise Coach G's attention to detail, and patting him on the back..He would be a great guy and great Coach.
Have a little realism on a complete package here my friend...Think 2012 and BIG PICTURE. This is a REBUILDING year a la Butch, Jimmy, and even back to Schnelly. Give the guy a break!.
The plan is in place let it play out and enjoy the ride.
Go 'Canes

Expectations were way too high for the 2008 recruiting class. First of all, it was only rated #1 by ESPN, Alabama's class was rated #1 by Rivals, Scout and everyone else. It was still a good class that did not have the benefit of a good stable coaching environment like Alabama's class. Secondly, the 2009 class was was over-rated as well and included too many busts. I won't even mention the overall lack of difference makers in 2010 and 2011. Randy had no consistent recruiting strategy and because of overstocking at running back and wide receiver, he couldn't recruit Ivan McCartney or Rodney Smith. He had too many running backs and a feud with Central and could not recruit Devonta Freeman. This is why there will be a drop off in talent next year. Golden will have to do a great job of developing these current kids and the new recruits if he stays around.

Wouls Cristobal play Whipple? No.

Would Cristobal recruit 95 % out of Dade County and around the state?

Would the TE be more involved? yes.

Would the defense be laughable? No.
Would special teams suck? No.
Would Clements, Cain, Hagens, play more? Yes.
The solution is waiting at FIU. I bet Cristobal has JJ as a letter of recommendation.

And Nevin Shapiro: Stop the J12 comparisons with Dorsey. J12, in spite of a lot of NFL draftees on this team, does not have anywhere near the talent level all the way around that the over-hyped Dorsey had.

If I have a choice between j12 and Dorsey: It's J12 all-day. Even though he's had numerous OC's, came from a spread O at NW, and was injured some.

I do eucolptus and yours are the responses. Classy guy if you take off the c and l

Cool cat, you have it wrong. Shannon was a take it or leave it type of coach. That sunk him with the mnw playets.
The dc has done a great job with basically nothing. It certainly was not the defense at all Saturday. It was all about being outmanned not out played, out coached, or anything. Plain and simple outmanned. The players for the most part were on a level with fsu, outmanned yes, and they made dumb mistakes.

Where do think that we were at number one in the country for efficiency ?? We have never been there this year nor will we be there for another 3-5 years. And that's a big IF !!!!!!! Just saying. It's very sad to say that , but it's the trust where this program is..

just listened to the replay of the Joe Rose show and FSU played 53 players in the game (out of their outstanding recruiting classes)..we at the "U"
played 38---- this from Coach Golden..directly after reviewing the game.. 4 Miami commitments and counting..we are on our way..REBUILD..REBUILD that is what it will take.
Go 'Canes

We are the canes
We are rebuilding that is why we are mediocre
It seems we have been rebuilding for years and years
Another season, another mediocre result
But wait until next year
New coach same mediocre record
But wait til next year
We need new players, the ones we have are lazy, entitled, and selfish
Wait til next year
Our O line was to be the strenght of the team
But next year it will be better
Another year, differebt players, different coaches
Still no show for mythical ACC ship
For a cane that game is a mystery
Never seen it, not even close, does it really exist
Maybe next year
Probably not
Maryland has to be the worst team in the land, or is it BC?

If Golden was to leave (highly doubt) then I agree completely with the idea of getting Mario Cristobal back to The U.

In regards to the DC coach and bringing in a former player to have as a defense coach is a touchy subject. Randy Shannon was a former player turned defense coach for us and it worked fine that way but he was a horrible head coach. Now we have D'Onofrio's defense which while at Temple worked but not down here so far. He helped turn temple's team into a top 25 defensive unit but has only had one year with the Canes and had several years at Temple. We already have Michael Barrow as the LB coach.

Can't wait to see what our DB's look like next year without Lee Chambers and Mike Williams. Brandon McGee better say goodbye to playing time come next season. He'll get beat out and will be on clean up duty soon.

This wasn't a make it or break it year. I will say that I have seen a better team this year than I did last year. We beat the next 2 teams, make it to a bowl, turn it down, and build for next season. That's what I would do if I was Golden. These seniors (minus Spence) don't deserve the opportunity to even play in any kind of bowl game. They blew their time here and cause trouble for the university and team with their previous actions with that POS "booster".

We have a ton of guys returning plus some really great recruits coming in. There were a bunch of guys from the 2011 class that never saw time but they will come spring and preseason when they show up the upperclassmen.


Cool Cat,

Just because a kid played at the "U" doesn't mean he would be the coach we need. Randy, left us in a mess. Our depth of talent stinks and you can't blame the Golden One for that. You can't blame Goldie because these players were lazy and weak. I was on Deno's case but upon further review, the talent he has to work with is abysmal. When people are saying Jo Jo is our best CB, what does that tell you about our talent. Jo Jo is a good player, not great. Our DT's are Ojomo at 270 Lbs And a Middle Guard 350 lb out of shape Darius Smith and servicable Micanor Regis. We have 3 Dt's hurt Porter, Robinson & Forston. Most teams probably have 10 DT's on there roster. Players in and out of the line-up and no talented back-ups, what a mess.

cool cat. You are a racist pi-g. No where is that twig harris in the same conversation as Dorsey. I suppose youthink Kenny Kelly is better than Dorsey as well.

HArris has thrown more end zone ints than any UM QB inhistory. What is your wexcuse Malcom X?

Harris had hankerson, Javarris James, Berry, and others that made it into the NFL. Yet- he stillmanages to kill a drive with an INEXPLICABLE INT.

Harris is lazy, and unmotivated. His noodle arm is identical to Dorseys noodle arm. The difference is upstairs. Dorsey was 100000X smarter and more disciplined than Harris.

Shut up with that, Malcolm. You are sounding dumber and dumber each time.

Eventhough I don't think this is the "staff" trust me, I ride and die with The U! BUT when you coach and play at Miami EVERYONE must be held accountable. Did Golden get blindsided? HELL YEAH! but he's here and he must understand the expectations of the job. HE WAS NOT LEFT WITH A BARE CUPBOARD! A lot of our shortcomings this season came from spring/summer camp "correctable mistakes". I'm not SOLD until Penn State offers and he rejects! Then we should invest EVERYTHING in him! Make no mistake, I'm A CANE FOR LIFE!

Ugocanes, exactly why we were outmanned, definitely not out played Saturdsy. That interview with ag was excellent. The fsu punter got the MVP award for the game.
The defense played awesome on run defense. Allowed lost amount of run yards this year to fsu. And some here blame the dc, they don't know the game.

Cool Cat, U have to be the stupidest person that posts on here. Shannon Sucked as a head coach and that offense that Cristobal runs is crap. What has he won this year? They had a nice year last year but haven't done much this year with all the players had returning. I like Cristobal but that offense is terrible that he runs.
Golden and staff is so much better than the last two staffs and HC we have had. The best thing for the Canes is if Golden stays. Despite those bone head plays that cost us the game Saturday that wasn't that bad a played game. Take away the mistakes and you will see the defense played well and offense was very imaginative. Plus of all the coaches in the State of Florida this staff has done more with less than Florida, FSU, or USF and is the best coach of all of them. I told the gators they got an overpriced white Randy SHannon and just look at them.



This season needs to be put behind us and concentrate on the future. Lots of guys coming back at a ton of positions. Ramon Buchanan will get his med.shirt and will solidify the LB's along with Perryman/Gaines/Paul/Cain and others. Our Oline will be without Horn, Fig, and Gunn which will make way for spreading out what we already have. Henderson, Bunche, Washington(at a guard spot), Linder and Feliciano will hold that line. Feliciano had a bunch of growing pains this year. Had 2 false starts against fswho. Washington just can't play the outside, he's an inside man, nuff said there. Washington got burnt on several plays against the noles simply because he doesn't have fast feet, hence the reason he needs to play an inside spot at guard which is his natural position.

We can do this.

Championships: U know I can't figure out a cottonpickin' thing U just said: My guess is that nobody but U can: "Despite those bone head plays that cost us the game Saturday that wasn't that bad a played game." What the heck do U mean by that, Sir? Then U "one up" yourself with, " Take away the mistakes and you will see the defense played well and offense was very imaginative."

Keep it up. U are truly just as bad as the folks U defend in your posts.

Championships, what do you mean Golden has done more with less than any other state school?
The canes were supposed to be loaded at O line, WR, RB and have a senior QB with 3 years experience. They have more upperclassmen talent than any of the other state schools and what do they show for? Same mediocre crap as before.
I'm tired of all this B.S. about wait til next year, we've been waiting for a while.

Cool cat. He is right, he paraphrased coach golden very well.

We have us an Offensive coordinator. Jedd is the man. He might be to smart for college ball. He's the best o-coordinator we've had since Chud. If we can ever figure out who needs to play where on the O-line, we'll be fine. Gunn, Horn & Linder have been rocks in the middle. Washington can't cut it at Tackle and should move back to guard next year once Gunn is gone. We should be loaded offensivley and year 2 under jedd should be even better. If he can do with Jacory in one year, just think how good Morris will be next year, not to mention Morris can make throws Jacory can't.

I agree,i have been a canes fan since day one, golden is the best guy for the job. We have to get that work ethic back and hit the weight room harder. this is a weak team but goldens work ethic will turn this team around. Golden has called this team out,, look at miller he let him know that he has to get stronger and hit the weights harder in the weight room. If golden stays watch how this year team compares to next years team phisically,,,all real canes fans this is gonna be fun watching golden work.

Shannon thrived because someone else recruited fabulous defensive players called Butch Davis.
He and Coker were big mistakes by Donna Shalala and Porkulus DEE.We are sitting on a huge endowment and she has nickled and dimed the football ream.

Cool Cat, why am I not surprised that you can't understand plain English or Football for that matter. Looks like U guessed wrong again. Try understanding the game before U make idiotic comments like Randy Shannon wasn't a bad coach and people may just respect your comments.

Golden the Savior, compared to the last two HC's that assessment would be correct for a name. What I am saying is FSU was supposed to be loaded and a top 5 team and now they aren't even ranked. Florida was supposed to be loaded with talent and have the Beast of the big East and U see what they are doing. Then Golden comes in and has on paper some supposed good players and what does he do with his staff, they turn Jacory into a good QB instead of an int machine, give us our 1st 1000 yd rusher since 02 and Tommy Streeter looks like the 2nd coming of Randy Moss when before he watched as many games as us fans did being held back by Shannon. Golden has us on the upswing but it takes time to fix the screwed up program he was left with Shannon and Coker. The Defense has gotten better every game and the offense is the best we have had since Chud was our OC. Man noone hates losing as much as I do but I know a winner and builder of a winning program when I see it, and although at times the process is ugly but the point is progress is being made. If U don't believe me just look at the recruiting class he's bringing in compared to the one Shannon had assembled at this same time last year.

Golden the savior. Your questions show you do not follow the U very well. Go troll somewhere else

I'm among the fans drinking the Golden Kool-Aid. I love everything he's said and done since he's been here - the affordable camps for high schoolers, appreciation for former players, it just looks to me like the team is better coached than in years past.

But I don't like seeing people say that he's proven himself or he definitely has UM going in the right direction, because we still don't know and we've been burned before.

That EXACT kind of thinking was all over message boards Shannon's first year - he was going to bring back discipline and get the most out of players, was going to play underclassmen early, was going to recruit the best talent in Florida, was going to bring back whatever imaginary intangible fans believe UM needs to win ("heart", "U-swag", "smarts", "winning mentality").

And everyone loved it all year long. Until his second season when he didn't win more games.

So Al Golden failed to meet our expectations this year but we can still rationalize losing to UVA somehow because that Kool-Aid's still fresh. We lost all those games by one score! The coordinator's garbage! Once all those terrible Northwestern players move on to dominate in the NFL we'll get Golden's players in here with their big dangling intangibles and "finish genes".

We all like to think we know what makes a great head coach and that we can already see it in Golden but anyone who claims they knew Shannon was a bad coach from the first year is full of sh*t and anyone who says unequivocally that Golden is the right man for the job is similarly so.

For all the astute analyses from some of the regulars here on the good Golden's done, nobody's going to care if he's is getting the best out his quarterbacks and discovering wide receivers and utilizing star running backs if UM is still out of the ACC picture with half a season to go next year.

Just leave off the declarations of victory and enjoy the Kool-Aid, it's all good until it doesn't get better. Hopefully it does, starting at USF.

Hey Manny ...

Go start an investigation into WHO REALLY PAID SHAPIRO for his BS story ....

Bet you find an SEC or FSU booster behind that one ...

Don't buy for a second that Shapiro "told all" because he was mad at former players .....

Some SEC / FSU booster wants access to SoFla recruits .... and getting Miami out of the way when Al Golden was putting up the WALL again was probably worth the $$$$ they threw at Shapiro ....

Why don't you do some good journalism and open that case up instead of bashing kids that had a dream but had to play for a horrible coaching staff and a president that wanted to run the team.

Eudo, U know I was one of the ones that thought by the fact that he was a Miami guy had played and coached under Jimmy and Butch plus he had the knowledge of knowing first hand just what not to do by watching Coker, that Randy Shannon should be able to win and bring us back. However how did anyone know that he would play favorites, run good players off, be unable to stand up to an offensive coordinator, and hold great players back while alienating local high school coaches and local talent. Yep he turned out to be a bust and I was cool with his hiring until I saw all of the above transpire.

However the huge difference between Golden this staff and Randy and his staff is for one intelligence. Also Golden has proven he can take a bottom feeder and make them into a winning program unlike Shannon. I can unequivically tell u that he will make this program a winning championship program again. Shannon should have known what to do and Golden does know what to do. Any one who knows football can see that this team is light years better than last years despite the current record. Its the way they play the game that is a prelude to the championships that will come. If in 4 years depending on possible sanctions if we are not back having double digit wins and at the bare minimum ACC titles I will be more than happy to say I was wrong. But if I had to bet my last hundred on it, i would bet on Golden and company not failing and I will not have to. Thats a promise.

So the offensive coordinator is garbage. Interesting. On qam this morning Al Golden praised the oc for innovative thinking and a good game plan. You should listen to that and then see if your comments apply.
Also there is an article out there on how Golden chooses his players. He uses a term like football intelligence or something like that. Must be in the genes. You mock that but you might want some to improve your football knowledge.
Another dumb statement.

You never fail to disappoint Itcdolphin. It should be noted that I don't have a qualifier before "coordinator" and any sensible person might assume I was talking about the coordinator everyone is complaining about and not the one who has been magnificent all season.

championships - agree 100%, I think Golden is the man for the job.

The analogy I have is almost irrelevant given the seasons UM and the Dolphins have had over the past few years but when I hear people talk about Golden the way you do, I feel the same kind of dread that I do when my football team is talked up and favored all week against their biggest opponent.

The one thing you mentioned that gives me great hope is that the team DOES look like they're being coached better this year and I don't think I saw that in Shannon's first season, although I and everyone else did make almost the exact same excuses (can't win with Coker's players, etc.).

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