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Unidentified, unconscious UM player taken to local hospital for heat exhaustion

CORAL GABLES -- An unidentified University of Miami football player was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance Tuesday morning at around 8:45 a.m. after apparently suffering from "heat exhaustion" at practice.

"We received a call that there was somebody unconscious on the practice field,” said Hope Gibbs, division chief for the Coral Gables Fire Department. “The caller said that he was in and out of consciousness.”

AmbulanceA paramedic on the scene told The Miami Herald the athlete "was given fluids" and indicated everything was fine. A UM spokesman, who wouldn't identify the player, also indicated the player was fine and the incident was "nothing serious."

At first, however, it hardly seemed that way. Police and fire rescue raced onto the scene and an ambulance pulled onto Greentree Practice Field. It's expected UM coach Al Golden will address the issue during his weekly Tuesday press conference at 12:30 p.m.

The National Weather Service reported that at 8:30 a.m., when paramedics were called to the field, temperatures in Miami were 81 degrees with 85 percent humidity and a heat index of 87.

Miami Herald Staff Writer Monique Madan contributed to this report. Here is a link to her story.


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I hope everything is OK.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

I guess the coaches are making the guys work harder as they clearly weren't demonstrating "UTough" last Saturday.

Say what? 81 degrees aint nothing. In 2000 when UM beat FSU at the OB, it was >100 degrees for 4 quarters. Ask Dan Morgan.

Players Um has now are soft. Ever since they did away with "the beach" there at Greentree, they have been out of shape. Players like Trent Richardson of Alabama commonly carries the rock 25-30 times a game. Lamar is spent after 19 carries. Please. Golden said he was surprised about his lack of conditioning. Isn't he also a track athlete? No excuse.

Maybe it was one of those rolly pollys on our offensive line. Man- even Big Daddy Wilfork at 335 was in better shape!

I hope he's OK, heat exhaustion can have lasting neurological effects, nothing to joke about.


Don't be gullible. There is STILL no real "Da Skreetz". It's really Soup, aka 86Cane.

"I forwarded some emails so it must be true" LMBO!!! Sure, I mean it's so hard to get an email address on Hotmail or Yahoo.

A couple of my bloggers claim to have "met" him or know who he is. Please, get a clue.

Reread the "Skreetz" posts nothing new or really "inside" there. A real insider, with real insider information wouldn't waste it on Canespace. He either wouldn't give out the info (what's in it for him? also, too much risk for insider status) or he would share it with a real newspaper or journalist, like Manny or Steve.

Use your heads and common sense, people! Let me repeat:

The "information" is nothing that can't be figured out by reading blogs, web articles, etc.

Why is it presented in obviously fake "street talk". Why wouldn't Soup "translate" it? It's obvious, because it's him. He thinks this "street talk" gives it an air of authenticity. If he was really getting some inside information by an insider that talked like that, he would just repeat the information in normal language instead of presenting it in it's supposed original "street talk", and let the info stand on it's own merit.

Just to clue you in 86, NOBODY talks like that in the 305.

You have been busted. I'd say nice try, but you're so obvious. Your ten regular bloggers are just humoring you the way a mentally ill person is humored.

By the way, how many more people are you going to ban, blog Napoleon? You have maybe ten regular posters and your fake skreetz BS is just a pathetic attempt to con people into thinking you're tuned into the inside. 

It's just made up stuff, and it's obvious. Anybody can scan the papers, news, and interviews and put it into fake street lingo. Nothing is in those "skreetz reports" that isn't readily available.

You're a joke and everybody's laughing at you.

Solar I am pretty sure I know who Da Skreetz is, If you do not think he is real fine you do not have to make a huge article about it.

Hassan there is no "Skreetz". I know that for a fact. But if you want to be made a fool of by believing it, that's fine. Just use your head, read what I wrote, and you'll come to the same conclusion.

I guess this is the new site for the dumped x-canespacers or refugees, LOL! What flipping difference does it make who the Da Skreetz is. if you've ever been to the hood, you'd know the lingo. I haven't seen anything that he has said, that is either top secret and it's must see read, or stuff that makes you go wow. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, to figure out who has been taking a powder on this team and who has improved by leaps and bounds. I would prefer more news on the recruiting front, who's in who's not and why we are not addressing our defensive tackle spot, through recruiting, which this site, Manny or whomever never talks about on a regular basis. "Da Skreetz" doesn't discuss it either. I would rather read somthing the Skreetz says, than reading something about rafting down the dam Swannee river. Solar I didn't know you got booted also, I know Canechic got tossed about a week ago and Macjones too!I don't get into the political side of the stuff, I just want to discuss my Canes.
Also, Manny why write an article saying someone was rushed to the hospital and have no clue who the player was. I bet Da Skreetz knows!

I haven't seen anything that he has said, that is either top secret and it's must see read, or stuff that makes you go wow.


Exactly. You've made my point. It's all from posts, tweets, other things that are already out there. A real insider would provide some credible information, not a rehash in his best imitation of street talk. I know for a fact it's TP.

Yeah, but why does it matter who he is. We all have our own opinions on issues or thoughts and I guess as long as you don't get to vulgar about those thoughts or issues, you're cool with the spacers. I don't care if it's fact or fiction, I can probably decypher the truths and BS.

It matters because he's putting it out there like he's real. He claims the guy to be a real source. He's not. It's a con, an outright lie. It's shameful, and I'm calling him out on it. I know for a fact it's a fabrication.

I don't think the soupster could talk like that if he wanted too. Unless you've spent some real serious time in the hood to know the language, you can't understand it, say it or even spell it, well there is the butchering of the english language, but I understand it. He obviuously has to be in cahoots with someone who has the info or is helping him write it but regardless, it's harmless gibberish, whether it be fact or fiction.

Who cares about a dumb blog. We got a player down today!

He's gonna be fine thankfully. Hope he can get in the game and get some reps in.

Get some rest Futchy we need'ya!!!!

GO CANES!!!!!!!!

I just got emails from folks I know for certain are class people, about stuff on here.

I haven't blogged anywhere since the Kansas game including here. I'm retired from the blog scene completely.

I am friends with Tom, I'm in good graces with Mary. As far as I know I'm still friends with everyone I ever blogged with, including Manny and Susan.
I left Canespace, EOTH, The Herald and everywhere else on good terms, I'm just moving in another direction from blogging is all.
I haven't ragged on Canespace, EOTH or any of the bloggers on either site, you folks that know me well already know that.

You guys and gals that brought this to my attention, thanks for always having my back.
Enjoy the holidays and be kind to each other
you can always find me at:


your friend solar

When someone comes on here to whine about a fake name, while STEALING ANOTHER PERSON'S NAME, that must be our local obsessed troll, Curse Piggy.

Who cares what is written on Canespace? Apparently, an obsessed troll that can't find enough to complain about on here, the Sun Sentinel, the Post, ESPN, and other sites, that he has to obsess about fan driven sites too.

solar, you know who this is, and I bet you know who the obsessed fool Gator troll is, too. Nobody of importance, except in his diseased mind.

Thanks for stopping by though, I haven't talked to you in about a week. 8-)

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