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Duke Johnson a special weapon in waiting for UM

PALMETTO, Fla. -- Maybe it's silly of me to say this since I'm supposed to be objective, but man is it fun watching Duke Johnson run the football.

Duke JohnsonLast night, I got a chance to watch the Miami Norland senior and University of Miami commitment up close as he rallied his team from a 20-0 deficit to a 35-27 win over the Palmetto Tigers in a Class 5A state semifinal game. Duke, widely considered the best player in the state (somehow he didn't win Florida's Gatorade Player of the Year), finished with 375 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns on 27 carries by my count.

He had six runs over 25 yards in the game: a 49-yard gasher on a sweep, a 67-yard sprint around end for a touchdown, a 32-yard barreling burst up the middle for a touchdown, a 71-yard zig-zagger for a touchdown, a 25-yard power run up the middle and a 33-yarder off tackle. He had 98 yards on his other 21 touches, four of those carries went for negative yards.

It was a career night for Johnson (5-10, 180), who finished 44 yards shy of tying Frank Gore's record for rushing yards in a game. Afterward, he told me he had Gore's mark of 419 on his mind, but with his team nursing an eight-point lead in the fourth quarter he was more concerned about running out the clock. By the way, he also punted and finished the game on defense as Norland's defense held on late for the win.

Johnson reminds me very much of Gore in terms of speed, explosiveness, vision and toughness. Coaches in the area who were on the sideline and had never seen Johnson play until Friday were blown away by his stiff arm. It's impressive. 

The Hurricanes of course still have Lamar Miller. He hasn't announced he's going pro yet (although many expect he will considering he's been tabbed by experts to be the 2nd best running back in the country behind Alabama's Trent Richardson). If Miller leaves, the Canes still have senior Mike James, junior Eduardo Clements and sophomore Darion Hall all available to carry the rock. But assuming Johnson signs with Miami -- and there is no reason to believe he won't -- it's impossible to imagine he won't get plenty of touches. He's simply too gifted.

I don't have all his highlights from Friday night at Palmetto. But we did get what I thought was his most impressive run of the night on film -- his 32-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. In the highlight, Johnson powers through the line of scrimmage and barrels over Palmetto linebacker Da'Quall Randal, who by the way is 6-foot, 230-pounds. Randal keeps a souvenir as Johnson slams past him -- Johnson's shoe. The running back, however, isn't affected by it and still outruns the Palmetto secondary into the end zone.

Watch the play here...

Like I said, maybe I've got a man crush on Duke Johnson, but the kid is special. 

By the way, Johnson was approached by Gators fan after the game who told him 'Please come to Gainesville.' Johnson laughed it off and responded: "No way, bro."

Norland (14-0) plays in the Class 5A state title game next Friday at The Citrus Bowl in Orlando at 1 p.m. against Crawfordville Wakulla (12-2).

Johnson, who has only played about a half in most of his games because they've been blowouts, has run for 1,957 yards and 25 touchdowns on 197 carries. He's run for 800 yards and 10 of those touchdowns in the playoffs.

Here is his post-game interview


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Just a matter of time before the "true" rumors and leaks of just how bad the NCAA will hit Miami, and they will as a repeat offenders within 10 years, that Duke Johnson and many others will withdrawl their commitments and go elsewhere.

U'll see, but enjoy it while U can Cane Fan.

Not true tick..tick...The NCAA has gauranteed Miami they will not be stripped of scholarships at least fir this year's class. Maybe next year, but not this year.

Why do we not understand the concept of BIG when it comes to running backs? Am no longer excited by this player after learning he is small. Fast and athletic, yes. Add linebackers to the big formula.


This kid is pure Cane...freakin love it!!! Welcome To The Family,Sir Duke.Welcome.

My dear fellow Cane,thats what a big strong O-line is for. Willis and Portis weren't big guys either. Plus,Danny is big.

I can't wait for Duke to light it up as a Cane! He is going to be special. What a huge game - in a playoff against tough competition. Amazing.

"no way, Bro.". Hear that Gtr maggots? That is all you deserve.

As in, "damn, can we eliminate the stink in the trailerpark?"

"No way, bro."

"can the Gatr trash play a tougher OOC?"

"No way, bro."

"can the Gatr trash have less than 10 felony arrests?"

"No way, bro."

And don't sweat the "tick tick" douchebag.

He is the blog Pig. His formula is:

- post once or twice @ 3 AM.
- use pseudo-ghetto speak
- liberal use of rhetorical questions
- make predplictions which are always wrong
- post as Arty and answer as Soldy or vice-versa

It's the same boring routine going on 3 years.

Ignore the Pig. He is way past his prime.

Good stuff Manny. Way to keep us engaged while we have no bowl game. Any truth to rumors that NCAA ruling will come down in Jan before Feb signing day? Heard that from a buddy in Indy.

Have it from an extremely reliable source the Jedd Fisch has been contacted and received permission to interview for the vacant Florida Off. Cord. job. He coached at P.K. Young and was a Grad-Asst. at Florida under Spurrier. This could be very awkward. Doubt he'll get the offer, but if others like Shula turn it down, I would think he would take it if offered. His resume is very good. And he has an inhouse reference with D-Cord. Dan Quinn from their Seattle days. And with the present situation here ... ?

Here we go again ?

If Fisch wants to be a GATOR, Let him go...He had quite a few bone head calls this year...he is still in a learning phase..if he doesn't want to be a cane...good riddance...I would like him to stay, but if he is not 100% cane and committed..good bye!

I live south of Sarasota and I watched the highlights of the game on the 11:00 sports. 375 yards in one game, if he does a third of that at the U we'll be happy.

Funny how gator trolls come on here wishing for bad things at Miami. Maybe they should look at the raging dumpster fire that is ufelony.

Do not let Fisk go!! His greatness will be shown when the U gets a real QB!!

I don't have all his highlights from Friday night at Palmetto. But we did get what I thought was his most impressive run of the night on film -- his 32-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. In the highlight, Johnson powers through the line of scrimmage and barrels over Palmetto linebacker Da'Quall Randal, who by the way is 6-foot, 230-pounds. Randal keeps a souvenir as Johnson slams past him -- Johnson's shoe. The running back, however, isn't affected by it and still outruns the Palmetto secondary into the end zone.

Posted by Manny Navarro at 04:43 AM in University of Miami Football Recruiting | Permalink
The other things that were impressive in that run were Ereck Flowers washing that DE down the LOS, and that cutback that Johnson made right before running THROUGH and OVER Da'Quall Randal.

And as far as the comparisons go, I'd say that DJ is a mix of Gore and Portis with a lil' bit of McGahee in there.

Anyways, good luck and GODSPEED to MIRAMAR,BTW,NORLAND, and CENTRAL in their State games, regardless of what happens you guys represented well this season...ONE.

all those haters have no idea ... 'canes have some special talent on the way including duke and one of his lineman Ereck Flowers 6'6" 320lbs Top Offensive Lineman Recruit class of 2012, one of the most skilled hs players in the us speedy Miramar receiver Malcom Lewis ... and wait till you see who is under center next year for them 'canes ... Miramar's QB from their state champion team! stay tuned ...

You know people that find reason to fault kids or coaches that want to improve their career by going elsewhere are stupid. If you had a job earning X, and a another company offered you 2times X, you would jump at it. Losing Fisch would be a pretty big loss. He has done a very good job for the most part, and it's important to have consistency in an offense for it to get better. Look at Larry Coker's revolving OC in the mid 2000's, It didn't do the offense or QB's any good. The administration should do whatever it can to keep Fisch if it is true that that the Gatards are nipping at him. This yeah let him go, if he doesn't want to be here we don't want him is complete bull. it would hurt the program if he left, just like it may have hurt the program when Storm Johnson left. Johnson to a much lesser degree that Fisch leaving. YES defections hurt no matter what kind of face you put on it.

By the way, Johnson was approached by a Gator fan after the game who asked if he would 'Please come to Gainesville.' Johnson laughed it off and responded: "No way, bro."


P.S. Manny please tell me that you dictated that blog into some new device that rearranged your grammar and punctuation marks without your knowledge! Seriously!


Great game. We at UM embrace you and your family. It's going to be real good! You are a very exciting player and we look forward to your career as a Cane!

Posted by: tick ... tick ... tick... | December 10, 2011 at 05:44 AM
They're all going to laugh at you!!!

239cane... Mcgahee? Small? Those don't go n da same sentence. Dat boy a freak of nature over 220 at da u with blazing speed

239 cane- do your research, bro. McGahee was not small- he was 6 ft 218 in college, and 6-1 220-230 in the NFL. What about that is small? Plus he ran something like a 4-3 40.

tic tick tick. Jealous? Whoever you are your pathetic attempts at undermining the incoming U player are sad, and a reason why most fans in the satate of florida (outside of Ocala) and Alachua county) despise the gators and their sorry loser fans

Miami has to do everything in their power to keep Duke. No way he would set foot in that garbage dump in Gainseville (they slasolost Keith marshall who would rather go to Athens), but Duke could be lured to go elsewhere.

I agree with the post on Fisch. I am sure they are trying their best to "buy" him with their millions of state dollars and alumni money. Plus they have dreams of going pro style so that they can put more players in the NFL than Marshall or FAU. If he goes- let him. In this business, I have learned there is no loyalty. Money talks. He'll end up as bad as Charlie Weis. Then good luck on "building" that resume, becasue with the likes of Malcom Lewsi and Duke coming in, with Clemente and Erick Flowers, man, this offense will be explosive. Now... if we can only get that defenseand some good linebackers to mesh!

Gator fans have always twisted reality to fit their dreams of superiority. Problem is everybody else is awake. The Tick..Tick...Tick you hear the Canes building depth and position competition. Your loss of Weise is no big deal, he's all reputation and little results.

Tommy Streeter is going pro!!!!! BAHWHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Funniest thing I ever read.

Other than Marcus Forston going to be a professional waffle maker at the Waffle House.

Fortson will be standing next to you, Rawdouche. You command the fryer like a typical uneducated Gatr maggot.

Tick..Tick...Tick you hear the Canes building depth and position competition.

Posted by: TAMPA CANE | December 10, 2011 at 11:51 AM


Oh yeah, that depth chart in the last blog is loaded right blind homer ? And Allll these average 2-3 Star kids (the 2-3 4Star kids U have will decommit) will be Ur immediate depth as freshman ?

Typical dUmb no nada Cane ClUck ... Good luck with that after the NCAA hammers U.

The NCAA has yet to rule on the N. Carolina and O. State investigations, which both began well before the UM investigation. I see little chance that UM's sanctions will be announced before signing day.

Ignore the Pig. He is way past his prime

>>>>>Swine makes my stomach hurt

That makes ZERO difference U complete dUmbasse. These kids know exactly what will face them and the program over the next 5 years. Hell, 20 of Ur 28 commits weren't even recruited by ANY Top-10 programs, so it really doesn't matter anyways. But by all means U keep that rosey outlook U delUsional fool. U've already had 2 of Ur top recruits say adios. And more will follow knowing that by the time they were to be Seniors, the sanctions will just be ending. And U do know (obviously not) that there are still 40-50 of the Top 150 kids yet to commit and not a ONE has U in their Top -3. That's why Golden boy has over stocked the commit cupboard with 23 Zero-1-2-3 Star scrUbs. Get this through U r cement skull, the only reason why Ur even close to having a Top-10 Class right now is because of Quantity certainly not Quality. U won't even finish in the Top 20 after Ur defections and the real programs close strong with the best of the best... But U have no idea what that means do U ?

Same sheet different year just like the last 10.

Typical dUmb no nada Cane ClUck ... Good luck with that after the NCAA hammers U.

Posted by: ... BOOM !!! | December 10, 2011 at 12:50 PM


Not true tick..tick...The NCAA has gauranteed Miami they will not be stripped of scholarships at least fir this year's class. Maybe next year, but not this year.

Posted by: Gibdog | December 10, 2011 at 05:55 AM

And U's be a lame arse LIAR!!

Because the N.C.A.A. doesn't work this way. See Ohio St., for instance. Matter of fact, the N.C.A.A. is STILL DECIDING if they will take away a few more scholarships from the Buckeyes, in addition to the SELF-IMPOSED deduction of scholarships they imposed internally.

Bottom line is Miami, F-L-A will absolUtely lose scholarships for 2012. That's a bloody GUARANTEE, U'all bUbbas'.

And as for the number, it's any good ol' boy's guess. dUh.

I wish Manny would do an article on how "the TROLL" Donna has hindered the CANES by raising the academic standards. Under her, Gore, R.Lewis and other CANE greats would never have been a CANE

Oh macjones you are a troll. If scholarships were going to be reduced that would have had to be public months ago. The fact we get a full class this year is good. The only way we get less is to self impose. Besides the NCAA would not operate that way because it could hurt a few players and they are not into that.

This program is on such a downward spiral. Right down the crapper. No decent recruit, would choose to go here unless it is local or he has some family connection. Outside of that most recruits with serious talent and ambitions of going pro (not the jokes Streeter and Forston) will be going elsewhere: Saban at Bama, Miles at LSU, Meyer at OSU, Hoke at Michigan, Muschamp at Florida, FIsher at FSU, just to name a bunch of programs in MUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH better shape than Miami.

But hey as soon as this Northwestern #1 recruiting class becomes juniors and seniors and grow up, Miami will win at least one National Title and Jacory will show up to the Heisman ceremony in his pink suit. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH how those predictions failed miserably. Although I hear Jacory may be showing up to the Heisman ceremony in his pink suit. He will be standing on the street outside with the rest of the common folks. A little PTSD going on for him.

That depth chart for the Canes is laughable. No wonder why you have very mediocre college players that led their team to a garbage 6-6 record in a sorry conference jumping off the tug boat. These guys think they are God's gift to football just because they have some meaningless numbers. Ohhhh but Streeter is 6'5 and runs a 4.1 40. Yeaaaahhhhh but what does he do with pads on? Basically nothing. He made a few catches in the ACC. WHOOOOOPIEEEEE!!!! What did the numbers do for him? Nothing! 6-6 record against sorry competition. Hate to break it to Tommy and his dad, but going up against Duke CBs isn't good competition. It will be a short NFL stint, but at least he will sign a contract with a 50 dollar signing bonus. Maybe the team will throw in an Aaron rogers signed jersey for him too. He'll be an assistant coach in some South Florida school within 5 years.

RawDouche = silly butt maggot.

I know. I admit it. I luvs me some men though.

Canespace is down to about 3 regular posters. Congratulations, Soup.

Tom Thumb Popadak aka Skreetz aka Blog Drama Queen aka 86Cane throws a hissy fit and says he's shutting down canespace for good or until his period is over.

Dude has finally gone over the edge. He doesn't realize he's a laughingstock.


And with those last few comments that is the official and final end of Canespace.

It has been fun. It has been real.

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

Happy blogging...

Posted by: SOUP | December 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

Posted by: Rawpimple | December 10, 2011 at 01:50 PM

So says "The Girl with the Gator Tattoo"!

Pimple there's not a receiver on UF's entire roster that can hold a candle to Streeter. He would benefit from another year in college, but the kid will play on Sunday's for a loooooong time barring injury.
Now run along and go find someone to coach up your abysmal UF offense. I think Ron Zook is available!

Go 'canes!

Some more made stuff ish on Canespace. This is "inside" information at it's best. I know FOR A FACT Skreetz is a made up character that comes directly from Soup's unimaginative mind.

You insult our three readers with this obviously made up nonsense, Soupy boi


1. Yo pimp, alot of recruits bumpin around here. Some serious big bois showin up. F n unreal how big playahs are getting in hs. Hard to imagine.

2. You gotta give big ups to Al and staff for getting playahs here. Aint seen it like this in a minute. Night and day between the last 2 staffs and this 1 bruh.

3. No bs when people say Al has sold this state on Miami once again.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 10, 2011 at 11:17 AM

Whats up with this guy and his rants over a site he has been banned from? You seem to hate everything about that place but yet you visit it every 5 minutes to do your copy~n~paste. Its not like your IP address is not known to everyone you moron. Stop the leg humping already

Espn rankings dont go by quantity. we are #7 .2nd, Erick Flowers and 2 other UM recruits were just upgrades last week from 3 star to 4 star players. the article is on rivals somewhere. ANd look at UF, Texas, heck even fsu and OU. BUT gators especailly, meyer loaded 4 and 5 stars for the last 5 classes yet UF lost 5 and 6 games in 2yrs. Texas lost 7 last yr and wht 4-5 already. My point is , unless its a duke johnson(5 star on scout and high espn 150 playa on espn) the difference between 3-4 star kids is so minimal its what they do when they get in college. Jimmy Johnsons classes were all ranked in the teens and some yrs in the 20's. ITS COACHING. Look at ORE< ARkansas, Boise, I mean, OK ST. most of their players were 2-3 stars, some 4. just this past yr oregon started getting more studs, but, its what U do with the kids when they come . Golden has got some holes filled.
QB-Dewey is an ESPN 150 QB and made the elite 11 thats run by Trent Dilfer. -2 more qbs comin also
RB--Duke Johnson, nuff said
WR- we have studs comin in
OL- last yr got alot of studs, and the few this yr are top rated.
DB-couple top kids(crawford) redshirting, and 4-5 top kids comin in.
LB--has 4-5 top LBS comin in

If Golden can pull a schnellenberger and get tracy howard and deon bush to stay at home like Alonzo highsmith said that they decided to stay at home and build a winner. ... maybe goldie comes thru with a few more local kids

Let's get back to the task at hand....I love duke Johnson, can't wait to see him in a cane uniform, especially Lamar goin pro (he is going too early IMHO, but he is ranked so high that he should go', I know I would), but is anyone else concerned about duke's weight? I know I know, he will gain, but will he, 'in' our SAC program?

Lower the academic standards and we will be no 1 every year.

Canesjunkie is another moron destroying this blog. Then again it could be just 1 guy with 1,000,000 names

Tick tick tick and a bunch of people only WISH Duke J would go elsewhere.HE wants the pride of playing as a Cane.You can hold your head up high.They wish they had him as a commit.It s laughable how they re trying to CONVINCE THEMSELVES from the hurt they re going through because he likes the U.Sanctions or not....what a great experience being a Hurricane.Beats belonging to any other Florida team.He s a smart guy.HE knows what he likes......is best.GO MIAMI.

I have never blogged before, but I must say, this blog as to go down as the most pathetic blog I have ever read. Seems to me that there are alot of folks (gator want-a be's) with obvious zero education (maybe a 3rd grade education), my 6 year old can write better then most of you. I'm sure most of you either work at McDonalds, are on welfare,or just panhandle during the day. I dont know how you even have a computer to come on this blog...you must be at the library. Always ripping the Canes..the most storied footabll program in the history of Florida..and the country in the last 30 years for that matter
let me remind you...58 straight home wins, 5 national championships, more first round draft picks then any other college in the last 30 years, 149 straight weeks of a Hurricanes scoring a touchdown in the NFL. Top 5 in academics in the last 5 years (#2 last year)
one of the the most beautiful places to live in the world (try that Gainesville?) I could go on and on...You Gator fans need to get a grip on yourself, I know that misery loves company, but, we that live here in South Florida and are REAL Hurricane fans could give a rats a@@@ what you think. Enjoy your brief passed success, because you guys are finished. By the way, Florida has beat Miami ONCE in the last 25 years!
I am sure you can't wait untill Janaury 1st,
no,no,no that's not your bowl game, that is when your next food stamps come in the mail.

I thought I read somwhere that Duke already got a "U" tatoo...

Posted by: U Cane Fans Sees Smoke, Doesn't Dial 911 Because U Don't See Flames ... | December 10, 2011 at 01:18 PM


I couldn't stop laughing after reading what Duke told that dumbarse gator fan.

Manny, you set another trailer on fire by adding that to your blog report. All those gator trolls, who were absent for many months, came flying back to the blog. LMFAO!!!!

Go Gators!

If any of you had follow norland this season. duke would not have as many yards or touchdowns had it not been for that fullback David Chin. they wouldnt have made it out the muck in glades had it not been for 29 david chin who made four key blocks two of which resulted in dukes touchdowns. He makes key blocks to spring duke that no other fullback on norland roster can do. That kid is big can block. im suprise he doesnt have a d1 scholarship offer yet. He needs to follow duke to the U OR FLORIDA STATE need to take a serious look at this dude since fb is position we havent recruited yet. but big ups to duke. hope he change his committ and come to tally.

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