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Duke Johnson a special weapon in waiting for UM

PALMETTO, Fla. -- Maybe it's silly of me to say this since I'm supposed to be objective, but man is it fun watching Duke Johnson run the football.

Duke JohnsonLast night, I got a chance to watch the Miami Norland senior and University of Miami commitment up close as he rallied his team from a 20-0 deficit to a 35-27 win over the Palmetto Tigers in a Class 5A state semifinal game. Duke, widely considered the best player in the state (somehow he didn't win Florida's Gatorade Player of the Year), finished with 375 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns on 27 carries by my count.

He had six runs over 25 yards in the game: a 49-yard gasher on a sweep, a 67-yard sprint around end for a touchdown, a 32-yard barreling burst up the middle for a touchdown, a 71-yard zig-zagger for a touchdown, a 25-yard power run up the middle and a 33-yarder off tackle. He had 98 yards on his other 21 touches, four of those carries went for negative yards.

It was a career night for Johnson (5-10, 180), who finished 44 yards shy of tying Frank Gore's record for rushing yards in a game. Afterward, he told me he had Gore's mark of 419 on his mind, but with his team nursing an eight-point lead in the fourth quarter he was more concerned about running out the clock. By the way, he also punted and finished the game on defense as Norland's defense held on late for the win.

Johnson reminds me very much of Gore in terms of speed, explosiveness, vision and toughness. Coaches in the area who were on the sideline and had never seen Johnson play until Friday were blown away by his stiff arm. It's impressive. 

The Hurricanes of course still have Lamar Miller. He hasn't announced he's going pro yet (although many expect he will considering he's been tabbed by experts to be the 2nd best running back in the country behind Alabama's Trent Richardson). If Miller leaves, the Canes still have senior Mike James, junior Eduardo Clements and sophomore Darion Hall all available to carry the rock. But assuming Johnson signs with Miami -- and there is no reason to believe he won't -- it's impossible to imagine he won't get plenty of touches. He's simply too gifted.

I don't have all his highlights from Friday night at Palmetto. But we did get what I thought was his most impressive run of the night on film -- his 32-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. In the highlight, Johnson powers through the line of scrimmage and barrels over Palmetto linebacker Da'Quall Randal, who by the way is 6-foot, 230-pounds. Randal keeps a souvenir as Johnson slams past him -- Johnson's shoe. The running back, however, isn't affected by it and still outruns the Palmetto secondary into the end zone.

Watch the play here...

Like I said, maybe I've got a man crush on Duke Johnson, but the kid is special. 

By the way, Johnson was approached by Gators fan after the game who told him 'Please come to Gainesville.' Johnson laughed it off and responded: "No way, bro."

Norland (14-0) plays in the Class 5A state title game next Friday at The Citrus Bowl in Orlando at 1 p.m. against Crawfordville Wakulla (12-2).

Johnson, who has only played about a half in most of his games because they've been blowouts, has run for 1,957 yards and 25 touchdowns on 197 carries. He's run for 800 yards and 10 of those touchdowns in the playoffs.

Here is his post-game interview


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serioUsly, U really really dUmb canes ... U've noe idea do U ?

jah U idiot

"No way, Bro......"

We are the gator nation

We hyped the gatorade player of the year, john brantley as the ne tebow. We predicted. No epn predicted another nc within 3 yrs. Its been 3 yrs, we are 6-6 and our rotund oc has bolted.

Our former hc has gone to a hated rival after saying that he wanted more time with his family.none of whom actually resides in gainesville

Our school was outranked (#38 to 58) in the top colleges in america

We are the definition of a doucshhe university

Will the Gator troll every come up with something original or just puke out the same ole stuff every minute of the day in here

who be Ur Q.B. ?

Here is a nice story. Robert Griffin III wins the Heisman. In his speech, he praises Baylor University, the coaches, his teamates, his God and his parents, both of whom are army veterans. He talks little about himself as apart from his school, team and connections with loved ones. He is a junior who has finished his degree and is pursuing his master's. Bet he returns next year. Gee whiz, he didn't say a word about "the NFL" or "coming out." Such a deviant!

Any more Roberts out there? The U wants you!

Nice post again Curse. You really know how to keep it fresh

who will be UFs QB now that fatman left????? who will be your rb be?????

Is Sean Wilson back already?

Sean Wilson aka Curse never left. All the troll did was change his names every time

Why is everyone so excited about no scholarship reductions this class. The Investigation isn't over, why should there be any yet. It will all kick in next year or the year after if we can stagger the sanctions like USC did. They finished their Bowl band this year, but start their scholarship reductions this year. So don't take any comfort in the fact that we aren't being hit this year. It's coming, next year and probably the next.

Can UFailure clean up the stench in Trailerville?

"No way, bro."

It musta been the Soup ...

USC is fine even after the so called sanctions. Miami will be fine. A little hiccup and thats it.

gaytor; Who be your QB-since you had to play all 4 this season? I say, F_U should relinquish playing in the bowl. A 6-7 season is looming! Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps are too littleto play on sundays. POp Warner wants them back for the 150 lb category.

RG III: That kid is for real. less hype than J12 came in for BUST Kirby Freeman as a true Freshman 3 years ago. Has gradually gotten better every single year. He is a total playmaker, team player, no sulking, no sitting in the corner, and definitely doesnt throw as many ints.

RGIII WILL play in the NFL. J12- Not in a million years. Noodle arm nearly destroyed UM.RGIII put Baylor on the map.

But the bigger issue is how is it that Miami recruiters. Including Coker, Shannon, Werner, Nix, etc have not been able to actually recruit a true good QB? Kyle Wright, who was recruited by Coker was THE Gatorade player of the year and the expectations were huge. How is it that we end up with him? USC, Tennessee were also after him. Brock Berlin, another Gatorade player of the year was recruited by Spurrier. We end up giving him a transfer scholie. Why? What is wrong with these effen coaches? Why cant they see how mediocre these kids really were? How is it that RGIII ends up at Baylor and not at Texas, Oklahoma or yes- Miami? How is it that Brian Rolle, of Immokalee ends up recruited by Ohio State, where he had a very good carreer as a somewhat undersized linebacker, but he is all over the field and makes huge plays AGAINST MIAMI in 2009? Now in the NFL? How is it that Miami doesnt recruit him? What is wrong with these coaches? I just hope Golden and his assistants are evaluateing talent beyond the so called star sysstem and actually recruiting kids who want to play hard, are football minds and want to be hurricanes. Not the wafflers who are all show, all me, all hype. Like the Northwestern boyz

Why can't the Herald moderate these comments? There are many efficient ways to do so. And, what's wrong with your readers? They are generally immature, boorish, disrespectful and largely illiterate. Is that what the Dade County Public Schools are doing for (or rather to) Miami?

Die hard. Most comments are from hearld employees

It would really be nice to see Dukes teammate Keith Brown come with him and play next to Danzel Perryman, that would probably make them 2 LB freshman to earn All American as college freshman.

Deonte Thompson was my GREATEST RECEIVER EVER!!

Good questions and well said.

And yes, the less dumbness on this blog, the better for real Canes fans. There are many sharp football posters here. The more of them, the better. The others, go play some stupid video game and get dumber! If it's possible.

Jacoby B made the right choice in hitching himself to that train wreck in trashville. Charlie W's schematic advantage did little in the land of micro RB's and in over their head QB's. Mustychump is a dead man walking, current players and recruits are abandoning ship but Foley showed us how to do a coaching search right gator boi??? RIIIIIIIIIEEEGHT!!!!

Funny there is absolutely no commentary on the UM basketball team losing vs west va by the herald. Have they given up on them? Maybe they should bc they sk

In my opnion he'd be better off going to FSU.

I's be a douchebag, rieeeeeeeeeeght?

Posted by: 5>3>2

We are not USC. USC is fine because they accept anyone...we have academic requirements thanks to The Troll. There's no guarantee we will be OK. I think we are looking at 4 tough years. Let's just hope we have a new president soon.

God Bless ... yeah U too

Amazing the difference in these Canes today vs the Canes I am watching now on Espn2 -The U

If you are talking about the wanna be USC (University of South Carolina), the program and school tha has 2 national championships in over 100 years of mens sprots (both in baseball within the past 2 years), but has never even won the SEC, much less a national championship, thyey do accept anyone.

If you are talking about USC (University of Southern California), the program and school that has the most national championships in mens sports in D1. The program who has 11 national championships in college football and the most players to be All-Americans, the most players to be drafted in the NFL, the most Heisman trophy winners (7) and the most players in the national football hall of fame, well, that college has very strict rules regarding scholarships. Their rules are either on the same level as Miami or stricter. Overall, the PAC-10/12 has very strict acceptance rules. The PAC is not the SEC or Big 12.

Not defending Shalala or anything, but you CAN expect something in the form if intelligence from your STUDENT/athletes and still win.

blUe by U ...

oye Donna ?

Is Sean Wilson back already?

Posted by: sean wilson aka gator troll d-bag extraordinaire | December 10, 2011 at 11:51 PM

>>>>>Getting a little desperate I see soupy....go moderate your 4 readers...make that 3 you have two different sign in names.

Just as Golden's mark began to show this year (in the effort and fight during EVERY game), his mark will be shown more after a solid recruiting period. I think the opportunity for immediate playing time will be appealing to high school recruits, not to mention the coaching staff's committment to the local high schools.
A lot of stuff on this blog is just crap. Gotta learn to weed it out and ignore it.

Ahhh another beautiful Miami Morning!!!!

April 14 will bring everyone their answers. Tons of recruits at the U over the weekend and some other guys who were surprise visitors as well. A bama recruit and fswho recruit could possibly flip. Plus Taylor Gadbois stated that he came to the visit "to recruit others" to go to The U. Jelani Hamilton (St.Thomas Aquinas) says he's 100% committed. Hopefully we can get Eddie Goldman and Nick James for the DT spots and we'll be looking much better on the depth chart.

Anyone heading to the Battle of Florida game at fau stadium?? Howard and Bobby are the coaches for the north and south sides. Few canes will be playing in the game. I already got my tickets. Jan 21st if I remember correctly. There are package deals, check them out.

Go Canes!!!!

Martin welcome to a coherent factual blogger..

You will find Gaturds like WOW, rawpimple and others who crawl to this site when the trailer gets too cold in Gayturdland, and get their warmups by counting their responses and get a rise..from Real Canes..
Surprise WOW and rawpimple are the same.

Unfortunately, or fortunately most bloggers know their slime and choose to ignore or disregard their diatribe.

Good discussion and postive posts to build our Canes are what we should be doing..
The infrastructure is in place so let us build good Classes to carry our legacy and tradition to the next level..
Healthy disagreement is fine, and heated discussions are great..BUT we should always
"Ignore trash".
Go 'Canes

Who cares if some Gator lover strolls on here and post something stupid, at least it gives us something to comment on.
We won't have any ship reductions this year and this is why Goldie needs to hit a homerun with this class. Right now, I'd rate this class as a double. We need To finish with Bush, Goldman & Howard but that will not happen. FSU for Howard & we waited to long for Goldman. Bush will be our only hope of the 3.
It's never a good sign when you're hitting the JUCCO ranks hard to find players. This is the first time in all the years I've been following the "U", that we're pounding the J.C.'s to get players.
My predictions on sanctions, 20 ship losses, over 3 years and possibly one more bowl ban but this is all contingent of who ratted, from the x-canes and what they uncover from the x-coaches.

Tommy Streeter catches a couple of balls and leads his team to an awesome 6-6 record in the piss poor ACC--but he is ready for the NFL because his daddy says he is 6'5 and runs fast.


Got DELUSIONAL??? not only are all the Canes fans delusional but it is running over to the players and their families.

It's preseason again Canes' fans, time for more National Title and ACC title predictions. Once the season kicks off you all run back into your holes.

Ohhhh once the Northwestern kids get to be juniors and seniors they will have won, 2 National Titles. We are just young.

Remember those days? Not too long ago....


Rawpimple - I couldn't tell you the height and speed of any player on the Gators or Seminoles or Golden Panthers or whatever team you follow.

Couldn't tell you what high schools their players went to. Couldn't tell you what Gators or Seminole or Golden Panthers fans were predicting for their teams before the season.

And that's the difference. UM hasn't won anything in a decade. We are the definition of mediocre right now.

But everyone's still watching to see what happens next.


its some idiots on this board,,,,4 stars and 5 star players are good to have, but in most cases nothing separate a 4 star from a 3 star player but hey , this kids missed that camp, he didnt make to any of the national camps, he didnt participate at the local camps for whatever reason. now of course, there are some glaring differences if u want to do some recent comparisions: Look at Alabama LB recruits for 2012, all 4 stars, maybe one 3 star, but they are all 6'3, 6'4, 235 to 254 pounds, and most college backs are not running these type of LBs over, they may run away from them, but not through them, and these are the of LB we need to go and find, but I believe FL only produce one LM Noor Davis that fit this profile, and he is going to Stanford. Give me some 3 star recruits mixed in with the 4 stars and we can build a winner.

oh yeah, when I say florida only produce one of these type LB for this year's recruiting cycle, i mean, a 6'3, 6'4, 245 pound monster who just so happen to be either a 4 star or 5 star player, Noor Davis fil this profile, and the other is Keith Brown the former miami commit.

Its the 3 star and less recruits that really define your team. No team gets all 5 stars and 4 stars. The 5 and 4 stars get all the attention, but the meat and potatos are the 3 stars and less. If you develop those players then you have a great team. If you only look at the 4 and 5 star players you will never get a good sense for how good of a class you are getting.
And schools like LSU and Bama dont have to fight for recruits. They get to pick who they want when they want for the most part. When you have a winning program every kids wants in. But coach Golden and other coaches of programs that have been down have to find the gems and build their team from scratch. If coach Golden can do that we will be back in a couple of years. Time will tell but I believe he can do it.

First Bama, has to fight Auburn for recruits instate but that's it. Alabama, is probably in the top 5 as far as high school talent in the nation. Fla. Tex. & Cali are the top three. If Auburn has a couple down years, Bama rakes the state, we've been having down years & Flo. & FSU and whomever else comes in here and takes a bounty of talent away and we're left with a bunch of mediocre players, for the most part. We have to start winning & being consistent and then we will get some of the elite talent. It's hard to sell these kids, on playing for the "U" when you play infront of 35K and there watching the SEC teams play in front of 80K and not to mention our revolving door coaching changes. This conference, is also not loaded with high end teams. Va. Tech, at the moment is our bell cow, and that's sad enough.

We are watching like people watch a horrible accident on the highway. Everyone slows down and watches.

Miami is that horrific car accident or burning ship right now, and everyone stops by, slows down, and takes a look at how a once relevant program is burning down in flames and hits a new low every year. Now you got Canes trying to go pro who have no business. People are jumping from that ship left and right. Even people with minimal talent, are jumping ship. It says a lot about the program and what people think about it, that a very average WR and very below average DT decide to go pro.

raw pimple, soldy, curse, = "santorum" look it up (santorum that is) you'll get what I'm talking about

Wow. That is exactly what is going on at UTrailer. Do you realize at the Furman game, there were 2 scouts there, both came to watch a Furman DB?

Talk about void of talent, horrible year, disgusting fan base, felony arrests, transfers, and all set in the middle of a stinking sewer known as Trailerville.

LAmar Miller is turning pro.


Duke Johnson
Eduardo Clements
Mike James
etc etc.
Maybe even Keith marshall will decommit. Never know.

Why are Gator fans on here trash talking. Your program was 6-6, ranked 15th to start the season, lost their OC, have a coach that no one likes that is into negative recruiting and now you have your former coach take the Ohio State job and allegedly taking coaches and recruits from your program.
Unless its a Miami vs UF game, you should not be on here saying anything. If I were just an observer, I would say Miami's program is in better shape than UFs. Canes fans dont care to hear about how great your program once was. If you call us has beens, I have news for you gator trolls, you are too. I dont care if you won it 3 years ago or whenever, you are has beens. If you aren't winning now then dont talk and go to your own sites and talk football. Must be very boring at UF for a whole bunch of losers to constantly roam the Canes site talking trash cause there is nothing better to do. All you gator fans are losers, get a life and move on.

Ouch! Did someone get that trucks tag #? Impressive run by Sir Duke!

Hmmmmmm 6-6 in weak ACC
6-6 in SEC with 2 of the losses against the top 2 teams in the country playing in the NC game. HMMMMMMMM....

That win against Duke was impressive though. Tommy Streeter's dad was pumped that he had 2 catches against that slow team. I think that is what tipped him over the edge to turn pro. I mean if Tommy could catch a ball against Duke, he sure could do it in the NFL.

I just want to know---when you gonna show up to the ACC title game???? Just SHOW UP!!!!! Not in the stands as observers but as a team earning the right to play in the game. It doesnt take much. Maybe 4 losses could do it. Instead the Canes are used to playing in some early December bowl somewhere in Idaho.

Go back to the 80s. Rampant cheating. No conference or conference title games and home national title games. Now you join a conference, albeit it very WEAK, and you cant even show up to the title game, forget the dream of showing up to a national title game.

Too bad Miller is leaving early. He could have learned how to run over a linebacker from Duke Johnson next year. But, better for Duke and the other RBs.

Did you say "lose?" How about, "got blown off the field and looked like a jv team."

Gatr trash didn't "lose." They were embarrasses. EXPOSED. Insulted. Shown to be overrated and weak. Void of talent.

It is why Fatboy Weiss feels he has more to work with at Kansas.

You think this year was an aberration at UTrailer? It is only the beginning. Muscrap won't last another two years. All the while, Urban laughs at the crap pile he dropped on you. Driskel? BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

WEISS knows.

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