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Duke Johnson a special weapon in waiting for UM

PALMETTO, Fla. -- Maybe it's silly of me to say this since I'm supposed to be objective, but man is it fun watching Duke Johnson run the football.

Duke JohnsonLast night, I got a chance to watch the Miami Norland senior and University of Miami commitment up close as he rallied his team from a 20-0 deficit to a 35-27 win over the Palmetto Tigers in a Class 5A state semifinal game. Duke, widely considered the best player in the state (somehow he didn't win Florida's Gatorade Player of the Year), finished with 375 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns on 27 carries by my count.

He had six runs over 25 yards in the game: a 49-yard gasher on a sweep, a 67-yard sprint around end for a touchdown, a 32-yard barreling burst up the middle for a touchdown, a 71-yard zig-zagger for a touchdown, a 25-yard power run up the middle and a 33-yarder off tackle. He had 98 yards on his other 21 touches, four of those carries went for negative yards.

It was a career night for Johnson (5-10, 180), who finished 44 yards shy of tying Frank Gore's record for rushing yards in a game. Afterward, he told me he had Gore's mark of 419 on his mind, but with his team nursing an eight-point lead in the fourth quarter he was more concerned about running out the clock. By the way, he also punted and finished the game on defense as Norland's defense held on late for the win.

Johnson reminds me very much of Gore in terms of speed, explosiveness, vision and toughness. Coaches in the area who were on the sideline and had never seen Johnson play until Friday were blown away by his stiff arm. It's impressive. 

The Hurricanes of course still have Lamar Miller. He hasn't announced he's going pro yet (although many expect he will considering he's been tabbed by experts to be the 2nd best running back in the country behind Alabama's Trent Richardson). If Miller leaves, the Canes still have senior Mike James, junior Eduardo Clements and sophomore Darion Hall all available to carry the rock. But assuming Johnson signs with Miami -- and there is no reason to believe he won't -- it's impossible to imagine he won't get plenty of touches. He's simply too gifted.

I don't have all his highlights from Friday night at Palmetto. But we did get what I thought was his most impressive run of the night on film -- his 32-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. In the highlight, Johnson powers through the line of scrimmage and barrels over Palmetto linebacker Da'Quall Randal, who by the way is 6-foot, 230-pounds. Randal keeps a souvenir as Johnson slams past him -- Johnson's shoe. The running back, however, isn't affected by it and still outruns the Palmetto secondary into the end zone.

Watch the play here...

Like I said, maybe I've got a man crush on Duke Johnson, but the kid is special. 

By the way, Johnson was approached by Gators fan after the game who told him 'Please come to Gainesville.' Johnson laughed it off and responded: "No way, bro."

Norland (14-0) plays in the Class 5A state title game next Friday at The Citrus Bowl in Orlando at 1 p.m. against Crawfordville Wakulla (12-2).

Johnson, who has only played about a half in most of his games because they've been blowouts, has run for 1,957 yards and 25 touchdowns on 197 carries. He's run for 800 yards and 10 of those touchdowns in the playoffs.

Here is his post-game interview


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Please check out these University of Miami Adirondack chairs.

Good luck Lamar but more importantly you need to get your degree.

It is truly touching to hear the players "coming out early" singing the praises of UM and being a Hurricane, no? The way they talk about their beloved school brings tears to the eyes of every alumnus. Beautiful stuff!

Oops, sorry, I was listening to RG3 speak of Baylor, his coaches and his teammates. Must have been a wishful dream for this Cane.

Move on gents...

Rawpimple - so it's the Gators that tickle your fancy, eh?

You're a Gators fan. Who's on the Miami Hurricanes blog of the Miami Herald. Researching one of UM's receivers and counting the number of catches he had each game.

To try to prove...that he isn't any good and shouldn't be drafted into NFL? Even though people much smarter than you or I will decide he should be and will draft him?

You need to re-examine your priorities as a fan buddy, UF is not our rival, you guys never even play us.

What it all boils down to is that you're jealous. Not of UM's history, not of our present, but of the fact that people all around the country still care about UM and nobody cares about your team.

UF and UM had the exact same record. UM is either a "sinking ship" or "rising with a great coach", depending on your perspective. UF is irrelevant, no one cares one way or the other.

Best of luck finding a new superstar head coach and the next son of man to lead your team and do check back in 2013 when what a Gators fan has to say about UM might be pertinent.

Adios Lamar and thanks for being a one year wonder.

Lamar is going to get eatten up in the NFL, he couldnt even last the whole season.

Good luck to Lamar, hopefully he'll end UM's first round drought.

Either way it'll be good to have another UM running back in the league, just Willis and Gore left now.

Kid has legimate 10.62 100-meter speed and pretty good long jumper. Go to FL Runners.com and put in under teams Miami Norland and see his official track results.

Also pretty string for 180 pounds I hear as he bench presses about 100 pounds over bodyweight. Same size and a step faster than Clinton Portis when he came to the U.

That win against Furman was really impressive, rawzit, considering, youhave the gatordae player of the year and 3 other highly touted and recruited QBs, the 2 fastest palyers in college fb, and a former NFL OC, wow. Your turdy turds really have to open up the playbook with little ol Furman. Yet, your favorite team was down 22-7 at 1 q. LOL. My old high school would beat Furman.

But the reality is, F_U beat one team with a winning record. That's right. Furman.

And the other reality is that the incestuous confrence called the SEC is 2 teams. 3 at most. The rest are garbage. or average. Ok. 6 are average, and 3 including the mighty gaytors from Gainesville are garbage.

Furman. Say it again.


One more time/


Well that should be the end of ur still eligible average players devoid of any top talent defecting that soon to be crippled mess in the Gables to fill out NFL practice squads and waiver wires ... That is of course until those 0-1-2-3 Star dUds get the real info, and not the BS Golden is feeding them, facts begin to leak out as to exactly what, why and just how the NCAA is going to hammer you in all to soon fashion ... And silly Cane fan continues to scream ! "The sanctions won't effect this recruiting class!!!"

U'll see, U won't or can't admit to it due to sheer homer stUpidity, but eventually U'll see the effects of Ur fiddy/fiddy program the next 5 years at a minimum...

Depths ? No QB... No R.B's...No W.R.'s... No D-Linemen...No L.B.'s... No Corners...No Safteties.... Hell, all U got to look forward to is that fat, weak, overated O-Line, which was the stength of Ur patsie team last year, to develope under over-rated, out of touch and has-been Kehoe ... Eeewwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee P-U.

BUT !!! U'll still go 10-2 and play in the ACC ship game riiieeet in 2012 before the NCAA rules huh ?

How are those ever important 20 extra Bowl practices going ?

Oh, my bad ... Ray Ray still has to tell U , F-U .

Blog Pig/Rawpimple:

Mirror. Look at one. I win.

Game OVA.

Waters-Burgess-Northup ...

Bye ... Bye ... Bye ...

3 year tally in the blog Pig's predictions:

Right: none
Wrong: 237

But you keep it up, Pig. Here's one:

Chances the blog Pig loses his virginity un 2012?



DUke, baby, we will not miss Miller one second.

Miller will make say 1.2 mill a yr for 4 yrs if he is an early 2nd round pick (guaranted he wont be in the top 32). If he waited, ran for same or more next yr, got bigger and learned how to block better, first round next yr. Translation: 2.5 million a yr min. for 5-6 yrs. DO THE MATH BABY!

Who is 'advising" these kids? Everyone knows Rosenhaus is a snake, but who is feeding kids like him and Brandon Harris all of this crape?

86Cane | December 13, 2011 at 08:17 AM

Posted by: 86Cane | December 13, 2011 at 08:29 AM

^^^^^^THIS is the edge of insanity...make it stop please.

All quiet now. The blog Pig is sleeping during the day.

That graveyard Costco security detail is both challenging and tiring.

Look for the next installment of "The blog Pig makes predictions and posts rhetorical idiot questions" around 2 AM.

Right, Pig?


Nice post on whacked out UF Cane bashers. I truly don't get it. We shall see on the field i 2013, the oly place that truly counts. The Canes will be ready, I do believe.

But as others have noted here, that was a memorable comeback by UF against mighty Furman.

So both problems have some improving to do.

We are the canes
All the good juniors are turning pro
And the bad ones too
The only one who wants to come back is Jacory
The mean NCAA wont let him
We don't care who leaves because we have Al Golden
He is recruiting tons of players
We have no depth at LB,CB,WR or RB
We have no QB
But we have Al Golden
He can play any position
Al Golden and the canes
What a great mediocre team we have
Perfect for the mediocre ACC
Maybe next year we can finish 4th in the coastal

Man, more than ever these underclassman kids are going to the NFL. He had 1 dood season thats it. Im sorry but Lamar def needs to get stronger and all that dancing he does in the hole will get him eaten up in the NFL.

Posted by: 10 years of mediocrity and counting

Is that all this piece of trailer garbage has? The same regurgitated nonsense?

Get new material, swamp donkey. Surely, 8 years of undergrad at the public diploma mill should have given you plenty of material.

Winter Crickets Again U Fools ...

It kills you that nothing you say makes UM fans feel as badly about our team as you do about yours.

F*cking pathetic.

We are the gaytors-

Our OC has jumped ship

Muskrat is panicking because he has the gatorade player of the year bust and 3 other busts, and the top recruiting class the last 3 yrs and we are 6-6, maybe 6-7

We nearly lost to... Furman

We beat one team with a winning record...Furman

we played in the mighty SEC. Yes. We beat might 6-7 Tennessee, and mighty 6-7 Kentucky... oh and I forgot mighty 6-6 Vandy.

We can't put players in the NFL unless they are allowed to play in the funky Urban Liar spread.

Urban decides ... Cant coach anymore. I have health issues, aka GERD. Then he bolts to Columbus.

This year Miami surpasses us in teh US News and World report ranking of top colleges #38 Miami. #58 us.

GQ mag calls us the biggest dou-che college

Man are we pathetic.

I agree "Best cfb program.." Way to answer 10 years of med..is the NFL interested in the Gayturds?..NO..

Is the program producting talent that moves to the next level?..No..

Rawpimple try to understand this... the MIRROR can and will be used against you on this blog so take a minute and have a squeeze GAYTURD. Your stuff will be thrown right back at your pimple. It will stay raw..

Cane fans will protect their team against all intruders.
Go 'Canes


is SKKREETZ walkin?

Man I'm real excited about the upcoming season! Now that our best RB and best WR have decided to leave that will free up room for all these great players that Golden the Great is bringing in. Can't wait to see our new potent offense at work.
This could be the year we finally make it to the mythical ACC ship game and maybe even the BCS.

delUsionalcane wake up reality is looking at you..
Go 'Canes

We are the canes
Our best RB and best WR leave early
We say we don't care bring on Golden recruits instead
Dumb or DelUsional, maybe both
We are the canes
Soon we will be on NCAA probation
We say we don't believe it
Denial or DelUsional, probably both
Mediocre we are, have been and will be for years to come
But in Golden we trust
His tie too
And his 6 - 6 record
University of Mediocre
We are the canes

canechic says:
December 13, 2011 at 12:48 PM
JSQ, I am around just taking some time off from blogging! I have relegated myself to one social media outlet and choose facebook.

I was banned from Canespace, probably for the best. I got tired of being called crazy and said I needed pills for my opinions on Canes Football and Athletics….Which I might add all turned out to be right. I turned the tables on Tom and he sure did not like it. (I think he has issues with strong women personally). Called him a racist for his Streetz character which is just a made up character! He says it is some guy who is a friend of a friend of a cousin of a friend of step, step-niece of some ball boy on the Canes team. Any way I digress….Tom knows I know the truth and it hit a nerve and I was banned. He really does not like those who have more inside info than him.

Just reading bg’s Solar post and the subsequent comments. Although I didn’t always necessarily agree with him I always thought he was respectful and more importantly, thought-provoking. Someone like him can always bring value to a discussion.

As far as the rest, I think when the proprietor consistently treats his readers disrespectfully, the outcome is easy to predict.

We are the mighty gatytors


We are a big university with millions of alumni dollars

we are older than miami

yet we can only manage to beat them once in the last 25 years

our anointed one can only do well in Denver thanks to two former canes- one on offense, McGahee, and one on defense- Williams.

we sk in every single category you can imagine.

Even our cheerleaders sk.

We have this unnerving need to go on the miami blogs to talk trash. Because no one else gives a d-m about us.

We have low Tooth:IQ ratios

gator nation.

I took the high road and said nothing at all but since you guys brought it up I thought I would explain. I liked the guy but he time again has proved to everyone what a complete @ss he is….and I surely hope he and Angry do not meet up again.

See, I got no problem with that. Your ID is not claiming to have a link to solarcane or canechic or OGV anymore.

I did see where 86Cane would attack canechic and claim she needed to be on pills, after also seeing how he treated others that disagreed with him, or how once in a while he would wipe out whole blocks of comments if they did not meet with his approval. solarcane had a whole hour of his comments removed because they discussed Boy Scouts and canoeing instead of football only, for example.

Sorry that you thought I was SOUP for requesting the name change, and glad we got that cleared up.

If canechic really wrote that, I respect her opinion, and I was impressed by how long she tolerated the "joking" that went on. Since it is written to JSQ, I am guessing that it is on her site. She does allow for more range of comments, and I would suggest that others post there as well (with the exception of Curse Piggy).

I would suggest following her example and moving on, but the choice is yours. Thanks for changing your ID and adding some meat to the hot sauce. See, we can agree on some things after all.

olive branch accepted....lets move on

Man who cares about those trailer skanks over at that other site. The lady that runs it is a perverted scab. Calvin is nothing more then a loudmouth that loves to read his own writing. He never has anything of quality to say. Lets be honest about it everyone that is part of that site do nothing but lie about information they claim to know. Why dont those fools come out and say when they are wrong 99% of the time. The canechic is nothing more then a racist scumbag. Her and that Curse character have the same outlook on people. If they dont look like them then thay are bad people. That site is as useless as it gets. If you want to have perverted conversations then that is the place for you. If you want to know anything about the Canes then you sure dont want to go to that piece of garbage. WahWahWahWah they got banned by someone at another blog. Bunch of punk beyatches

We are the canes
Our blog has been taken over by the canespace rejects
Our players are bolting from the sinking ship
The sanctions are looming
So we talk about the NFL
We have lots of pro bowlers you know
But we have no ACC championships
We have 5 rings you know
But nothing in the past decade
We were Quaterback U you know
But now we have Kyle Wright and Jacory Morris
We have a DVD of our glory days you know
But we have an empty rent a stadium on football Saturdays
We invented the State of Miami
But in the past 3 years we've lost to the Gators, Noles and Bulls and the NW kids are all busts
Can't wait for the Spring game you know
Spring and Summer, best time to be a cane
We look real good in practice, coach says all the right things
Come fall, come the real thing we are back to "wait til next year"
That coach of ours sure looks good, talks the talk
Got an extension you now
All the while his team was being dumped by the great slow and sorry team from Boston
We are the canes, we reward mediocrity

At least at that skank ladies site they do have a guy there that puts about 200 recruits names as possible commits to the Canes. Oh yeah that really helps. The site sux. But hey feel free to stop by and read the lies. If you noticed the same names post 24 hours a day just like Curse does over here. The skank and her followers are Curse and the many names it uses over here trying to upset bloggers enough to come visit those perverts

The only "news" on the cane sites are either more football players leaving the program or how good the lady canes are @ basketball.
Womens basketball the one thing a cane can be proud of.

Katie does have them Ladies playing some good basketball

Is Duke Johnson even a Cane commit anymore? Sure does seem to be giving Auburn a lot of attention lately.

Canespace is run by Donna Shalala's nephew??? That makes since. No wonder anyone who spoke badly of Donna got banned.

We are the canes
- Better than being Gators. It's True.

Our blog has been taken over by the canespace rejects
- Better that we have five or six healthy blogs including all three newspapers than to have two blogs, one beyond dead (gator clause, thanks to you, Curse Piggy) and the other owned by some guy named canesrule (gator bytes).

Our players are bolting from the sinking ship
- Our players are being told that the Shannon era of just giving jobs to seniors is over, and with recruits like Duke Johnson (you know, the actual TOPIC of this thread, which you ignored in your sick obsessive repetitive trolling)

The sanctions are looming
- Hmm, We got sanctions in 1980, turned it into titles in 1983, 1987, 1989, and 1991, and title level runs in 1985, 1986, 1988, 1992, and 1994. We got sanctions in 1996, turned it into a title and a couple more title level runs in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Maybe sanctions are just a step forward, getting the players that want to win over ANY obstacles, sicko troll.

So we talk about the NFL
- Because we CAN, you jealous piggy. If you had more than Tebow out there, I am SURE you would be crowing about the Gators in the NFL, too.

We have lots of pro bowlers you know
- True, record setting levels of pro bowlers. Gators? Not so much. I bet you will be lobbying for Tebow to get there though. Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Andre Johnson, and the rest won't need any lobbying to get there, they let their stats get them there, year after year.

But we have no ACC championships
- 8 years. Took the Gators 85 years to get their first SEC title. BTW, we have more conference championships too, 9 Big East titles in far, far fewer than 85 years.

We have 5 rings you know
- Much better than three tainted titles. A rematch, a computer error, and losing to an unranked team at home (same reason Oklahoma State didn't get in this year) compared to undefeated saeaons

But nothing in the past decade
- So, any team that has not won a title in a decade (that would only be 10 teams possible) should just shut down? I doubt it. What is your excuse gonna be in 2018 when the GATORS have no titles for a decade?

We were Quaterback U you know
- Actually, we are Quarterback (note the correct spelling, loser) U, Tight End U, Linebacker U, and Safety U. Who would have thought you could misspell so often on a cut and paste. It just shows how little education you actually have.

But now we have Kyle Wright and Jacory Morris
- And Brock Berlin. You know, the former Gator that turned around and embarrassed the Gators two years in a row. How did Kerwin Bell do on that Heisman run after the Canes shattered him 310-4 and the Gators tucked their scaly tails under their legs and ran off?

We have a DVD of our glory days you know
- I hear the Gators have a coloring book of their glory days, since Gator fans like you cannot afford a DVD player for their doublewide. But that 8-track of those old Gatorade commercials is a big seller in Gainesville.

But we have an empty rent a stadium on football Saturdays
- You mean that super bowl stadium that is in MUCH better shape than benny hill stadium? The one that kicked out the Marlins and their 81 games to please the Hurricanes for 6 games?

We invented the State of Miami
- That's true. I notice there is no State of Gainesville, unless you take into account Alachua County Prison. It seems nobody grabs players from there like the Gators.

But in the past 3 years we've lost to the Gators, Noles and Bulls and the NW kids are all busts
- Hmm, and the Gators have lost to the Noles, Bulldogs, Tide, and Tigers just this year, and the Gator kids are not only busts, but transferring busts.

Can't wait for the Spring game you know
- I know, you are truly that obsessed with all things Hurricane. Spring game was more exciting than the Gators' spring game, too. Weis saw that and immediately started sending his resume to every midlevel school out there, until Kansas tossed him an oversized life raft.

Spring and Summer, best time to be a cane
- Except for those 12 winters that we were in the title hunt over the past 30 years. Gators? 4 out of 100 ain't so bad. I hear the winters in Gainesville suck, but then so do the falls, summers, and springs. If the lightning don't get you, the players robbing cars and shooting AK47s and stalking young women might get you instead.

We look real good in practice, coach says all the right things
- Ah, if only the Gators could say that. Muschamp instead says all the WRONG things, even gets caught on camera saying them. And in practice, the Gators look so bad that the media is now prevented from watching that trainwreck.

Come fall, come the real thing we are back to "wait til next year"
- Yep, we CAN wait for next year, because we are improving. The Gators are DREADING next year, as they sink further and further into that abyss.

That coach of ours sure looks good, talks the talk
- Yep, he sure does. Doesn't have that deer in the headlights look on our media guide, either. I hear the Gators even put a crocodile on ther media guide, just to show how ignorant they are about their own mascot.

Got an extension you now
- Kept him from getting stolen by Penn State and UCLA. Muschamp won't be getting offered an extension unless it is a hair extension, because NOBODY is looking to steal him from you.

All the while his team was being dumped by the great slow and sorry team from Boston
- Yeah, we should have played Furman instead. Who is Furman, you ask? It is the only team UF was able to beat that had a technically winning record. and that took a comeback thanks to those SEC refs that the Gators insist on using for their paid for home games. The highlight audio for this year's Gator season will feature Furman extensively. Look for it on 8-track.

We are the canes, we reward mediocrity
- We fired mediocrity in Shannon, and hired improvement in Golden. Gators ran off their coach in Meyer and overpaid for mediocrity in Muschamp.

Posted by: 10 years of weak trolling and counting | December 13, 2011 at 02:57 PM


1. Got hit up by a few of your Spacers here giving my thoughts on the underclassmen. The Truth couldnt pass it by. Anything he lacks will be taught to him at NFLU. RBs dont have survive many years so go do his thing.

2. Streets and Boom are going on pure ego. Aint a goon out here thinks its wise. The only other guy that would make it quickly is that boi BWash if moved to guard. No other non senior should leave, just gotta feel RayRay is heading out though. It will take him a few years to make an impact.

3. Chicks surgery I dont think was anything that will effect him too long. If they do hold Hurns out through spring its only because Al is being safe with that pimp. It will give those young pups a chance to shine Al knows what he has with Hurns.


That's pretty low class, Tom, calling those ladies names. What's the matter, you don't like girls? Tom Thumb Popadak better run the other way if he sees Angry, JSQ's bf, or any of those guys at a game.

Silly rabbit

Is Duke Johnson even a Cane commit anymore? Sure does seem to be giving Auburn a lot of attention lately.

Really? I checked his recruit pages, troll, and not a SINGLE MENTION of Auburn is there.

Rivals says he might visit FSU and Illinois. That was back in October.
Scout says he has No Interest in FSU, UF, and UGA.
ESPN shows that he has rejected FSU, UF, USF, UT, WVU, and Bama.

ZERO mention of Auburn, troll. Go ahead and google "Duke Johnson" Auburn, and we see why your hands flew to the keyboard.

There is a guy NAMED Duke Johnson that lives in Auburn, CALIFORNIA. You really got your hopes up over nothing, fool.

However, we might steal a Gator running back in Mike Davis, thanks to Cane Raphael Kirby.


How sad
It is
To be a

Florida Gator, like the name-changing loser

Posted by: I REFUSE TO WATCH AT SUN LIFE STADIUM | December 13, 2011 at 04:15 PM

I guess you miss out on Super Bowls, national title games, BCS bowls, and some very exciting football then. But then, you can't even GOOGLE right, so your life choices are likely to be just as weak as your search choices.

Now that racist canechic comes in here talking her b.s. Take your racist views back to the skank site and leave this one alone. Im not a blogger on Canespace so dont bother saying I am. I do know that the site you idiots post on is full of lies about everything. Keep copy and paste everything you read over there skanks. Make sure to keep that stupid perversion you morons have going over there. Your 3 readers seem to enjoy that. Can that 1 dolt post another 100 recruits that might attend the school? Useless tools. Curse is a beyatch that blogs on the losers site under a different name. Sux to be you beyatches

Did everyone notice that the trash skanks had to use a gay reference about a guy. Just another example of them labeling people make sure you dont put out what race you are on this site because the skank patrol will crush you. Oh no youre going to have a boyfriend go over and beat people up? Are you even out of 6th grade yet you loser beyatch

Five Titles you are AWSOME that piece that you blogged was on target and the pathethic little Gayturd will probably slink away after that intensive retort...
Good job and VERY WELL DONE...

Well we are waiting on you "10 years o.....
I will guarantee that you will not hear a peep.

Support and discuss our Canes. Disagree and present ideas, but don't insult our House with the same old " we are the Canes crap over and over"...
10 years go get out your knitting needles..it will be a long Winter in Gayturland
Let's talk some 'Canes..
Go 'Canes.

We are the gators. Our morbidly obese offensive coordinator left us to go to (drum roll please)- Kansas.


He must have felt that Kansas has more upside than Trayler ville.

But that was a year after urban the liar claimed chest pains. Man, he felt like an elephant was standing on his chest. Your right that elephant was called Alabama. So he sez, I gots to go. I gots to be with my family. You know, my daughter the volleyball player and all. I gots to be with them. But hold on... he went to Columbus. Man that's real close.

University of Felons- Who are you recruiting this year? Who is your next 5 star B-U-S-T?

Who is your next pretty boy with long flowing hair? Hmmm. Let's see. You had Riley Cooper. Long rumored to be Timmy's "roommate". Then you have Joachim Noah. Sorry. He fughly. Next you got Matt Patchan, whose flowing locks frequently get in his way of his blocks.

Please. That goony goo goo university and its goony goo goo offense and their fast goony goo goo 150 lbs running backs, is going no where fast.

By the

Duke would maybe consider Auburn. But never that disgusting rat hole in Trailerville.

Watch how that cesspool loses more recruits.

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