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Forston, Streeter sign with Rosenhaus, forego senior seasons

They came in together from Miami Northwestern High as part of the nation's No. 1 recruiting class in 2008 -- and now they'll be going out together too.

University of Miami juniors Tommy Streeter and Marcus Forston -- high school and college teammates of seniors Jacory Harris and Sean Spence -- will forgo their senior seasons to enter the NFL Draft according to UM. Both have signed with agent Drew Rosenhaus and will not return.

Streeter, 22, played in all 12 games this season and caught 46 passes for 811 yards and eight touchdowns. He was fifth in the Atlantic Coast Conference in total yardage and fifth with his average of 67.6 receiving yards per game. Streeter’s 17.6-yard average per catch led ACC receivers with at least 40 receptions.

Forston, considered one of the best defensive tackles in the country coming out of high school, was marred by injuries in his college career. He played and started in three games before suffering a season-ending knee injury this season. He registered five tackles and one tackle for loss. Forston also missed most of the 2009 season with a shoulder injury.

Streeter's absence will be a major loss for the Hurricanes, who also are losing second-leading receiver Travis Benjamin, a senior, as well as senior LaRon Byrd. Allen Hurns, an upcoming junior, and Phillip Dorsett, who will be a sophomore, will return as the only veteran wideouts. Hurns caught 31 passes for 415 yards and four touchdowns this past season.

Before 2011, Streeter had a total of five catches – four in 2009 and one in 2010 for his lone touchdown. But he thrived this season, his 6-5, 217-pound frame and 4.36-second speed (in the 40-yard dash) overwhelming most defenders.

Streeter and Forston are both on pace to receive their college degrees in May.

> Freshman guard Shane Larkin earned ACC Rookie of the Week honors after averaging 15.0 points, 2.0 assists and 2.0 rebounds in two games last week. Larkin, who played high school ball at Dr. Phillips in Orlando, was 6-of-7 from long range (85.7%), hitting 9-of-18 overall from the field, and a perfect 6-of-6 at the line overall.



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why the hell would forston leave he hasnt done anything!?

And with those last few comments that is the official and final end of Canespace.

It has been fun. It has been real.

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

Happy blogging...

Posted by: SOUP | December 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

Good luck and all the best to you both!

Well...good luck to them both. I think Streeter will do well in the NFL....Forston....not so much. Canes fans appreciate the efforts you gave....not sure if it's enough to be successful on Sundays though....we will see.

Praise the Lord Forston is finally gone. Guy couldn't walk 2 ft. without blowing a knee cap, nor could he stop the run when he was healthy. Good luck. Represent The U. Next man please.


We will miss Streeter...but having 2 more scholarships will help the UM build a championship team.

Reality will come early to both of them. Consider the talent across the nation at their positions. If you were drafting for the NFL, other than Spence, are any of the Northwestern kids capable of playing in the NFL?

Streeter had a good year. But how many wins did it count for? Oh, 6. Surprised about forston, but the coachong staff doesn't want an injury prone DT wasting a scholly.

Good luck the "U" will move on..and build the Class that will be the heart of the 2012 program....

Streeter had a good year (ONE)
Forston injury prone and health issues..I can't see playing with the Big Boys will make that any better..

Get a paycheck if you can...

Good luck selling these guys Drew.

Go 'Canes.

Ahhhhhhhh Cane Fan ... Relax, Spring is just around the corner in 4 months and U have plenty to look forward to as U have another off season to get bigger, stronger and mo smarter to "Get Back" to Conference and National Championships !!!

Until then, U can look forward to NO Bowl game, Shalalala announcing that she will be Ur Prez through 2020 ... Average upper classmen bolting and declaring to be eventual 5th-7th. rounders and free agent NFL practice squad members ... Al-B-Gone continUing to neither confirm or deny that he actually signed an extension ... Below average Commits decommiting by the handfulls come January ... And the ever looming NCAA time bomb that is ticking that will ban U from anymore (December) Bowls, Conference title shots and 5-8 schollies a year over 4 years that will set U back to the 1970's in terms of real relevance in even the average #25-#50 ranked College Football landscape...

So cheer up and enjoy the moment of 6-6, 22-29 verses relevant compition the last 6 years, the Northwestern #1 posse player toilet flush, Al continuing to string U along and the vision of a post 2020 CANE THANG resergence !!!


oh, and U always have Cane hoops with 7k empty seats and Morris' come along for the average ride Pingers to look forward to as well ...

Good luck to both. Streeter will be drafted 4th round maybe 3rd depending on his combine results. But he will become a very good receiver by year 2 or 3 of the NFL.
Not sure about Forston. I understand his decision. With the injuries, better to get paid and injured in the NFL than come back for one more year of college and not get paid. Man two more schollies available and I'm sure there will be one maybe two more players leaving. Good luck to all.

Losing Forston is no big deal. He, like the rest of our recent 5 star flops had one good year, the rest of the time he was in sick-bay. I hate that Streeter is leaving, is he ready who knows. Getting injured, late in the year didn't help, with his decision to stay. Armstrong might as well go to, as he is another 5 star flop. It opens up more ships and gets rid of some of the non-hackers. Maybe now will start throwing to the TE's more. They say that position is down in talent but you don't know how good they can be unless you throw more than 3 times a game to them and usually they're nothing more than 5 yd. saftey valve passes. Most of the guys that go pro from here end up being better pro's than college players, at least that's been the pattern the last 10 years.

Jeez... What ever happen to the days of staying all 4 years in college, there nothing like the college experience (thoughs of you who went knows)

I can understand Streter but Fortsan fat a** hasnt done jack squatt since he arrived at Maimi, he will get tossed around like a rag doll in the league. Some of these guys think there entitiled to sh*t they havent heard.

I guess Fortsan thinks because college was so easy for him the NFL will be even easier. Good luck!

Good riddance to marshmallow Forston who did zip zero nada in college.
So much for Streeter too. Obviously not all that smart.
Good now there are two more scholarships for players that want to play as a team.
This should cleanse the team of the mnw playets. Good bye. Don't let the door hit you in the butt as you leave.

The U will be fine, Noticed alot of passes going to the TE this year, suspect next year more of it.
Hurns is very good. And will lead recieving next year. IMO
Look for one of the TE we have already to be close atop the recieving charts next year.

LULZ @ the Canes Stalker, your pathetic-ness knows no bounds. THE U LIVES IN YOUR HEAD.

I can't believe what I'm reading...

Forston will be on the Dolphins' practice squad in no time flat. Sorry but what has he done other than have a "good" freshman year and endure injury after injury till now. He needs to put another year on his resume to even think of the Pros on any level, even in Canada.

Streeter - I don't know what to tell you man. If you go the Leonard Hankerson route, you'll certainly be a top 10 1st round pick with millions on that first check. If you go now, well, good luck because you only have one season of #'s to show any scout. You have the size and speed but still don't possess the body strength to withstand the rigors of playing at the Pro level. Stay the year and get your #'s up and your degree. You have to fall back on something if the NFL doesn't work out. Same goes to Forston.

You guys are grown men and will do what you guys think is right. Just giving my opinion.

If Streeter stays, the WR position is set for next season and will help boost the younger guys into the following seasons after he graduates. Streeter will have his degree in his hand and a check from being picked in the top 10 of the 1st round.

For Marcus Forston, if he stays, it gives us an additional body at the DT position and hopefully he'll fully recuperate and Jethro Franklin can light a fire under his butt and he'll turn on the aggression that made him the highly touted player he was coming out of high school. Plus, the extra body will add to the competition at that spot with the DT's that are coming in. DT and secondary are the weakest spots on this team. The more the merrier, I say. But if he does leave, he'll be in for the rudest awakening of his life. He'll watch tons of other Dlinemen go before him and they'll have to wake him up to let him know that he got picked by someone only to be waived in no time whatsoever. I see him playing for the Dolphins and switching back and forth from the practice squad to the dress squad on game day. He needs another year where he starts for the season and maintains that spot and dominates everyone that's lines up in front of him.

Man this looks bad in my opinion for these guys. Streeter has the best shot but he's not going to go in the round that he's thinking. He needs to pull a Hankerson at the last moment and scare all DB's for next season with his return interview, like Hankerson did.

Crossing fingers.

Go Canes!!!!!

I dont think Forston or Streeter showed capable of making the jump this year but after all it is their choice to make. Best of luck to them and if there was ever anyone capable of selling an NFL team on drafting an unproven or damaged talent, Drew is that guy.

This incoming class is going to be huge. 30 to 35+. Next year's team will be very young which is good cause by Golden's third year if we can continue to recruit well, we will have a very fast, strong team that hopefully plays sound smart football.

I think the turds will have a losing record wont they? After OSU hangs 40 on them. lmao!!

Will Weiss make the trip?? Who is weiss recruiting while recovering from hip surgery??

Urban just stole your strength and conditioning coach.
Even dumb rednecks will sober up next year aftr another losing season, cause its no fun to drink Natty light and watch your team lose

I'm all for getting rid of the MNW CREW but there are guys that I would keep for certain reasons. Streeter is the first one I would keep. Forston - only to add a body at DT, if he rehabs and lives in the gym and turns into an animal come spring ball. He is injury prone but offers an additional body at a position that we're not too deep at.

Hope Golden has looked at certain players on scholly who haven't done anything and have asked them to seek education and playing time else where. That'll open quite a few scholarships for incoming freshmen.

By the way...


Oakie St. gets by with one receiver, of course that being Blackmon. We will be just fine with Hurns , Dorsett & we still have Kendall "Hasn't done Much" Tompkins. Now we can advertise that we have PT at; WR, CB, LB & DT, you just have to come in here and work.

I dont agree with either one of their decisions but its their life and their decision. But just to play devil's advocate here, everyone keeps talking about what Hankerson did, I think these guys are thinkin about what happened to Graig Cooper and his NFL dreams. Just get ur foot in the door I guess. And hey Cam Newton had only one good season too.

Fortsan got tossed around in college how do guys like Pouncey would do with this tub of lard?

Nmbcane. Not a good comparison with newton. He tore up college football for two years at Juco. Then came to auburn and never looked back. Neither streeter and especially Forston did that.

NMB, Coop was never a great prospect before his injury. Remember he was called Sideline Coop for a reason.

canetillidie - there's nothing to cross fingers about, once a player signs with an agent they cannot come back to school no matter what. They aren't officially going to the NFL yet but they're officially done at UM.

Good call by Streeter, no guarantees he could replicate his year without Jacory Harris, might as well get in there and spend the year playing for his next contract.

Probably a very dumb decision by Forston, I doubt he gets drafted in the top four rounds and he really could have gotten his draft stock up by playing a full year of football.

When players leave early does that boost the number we can recruit by the same number?

Do JV commitments count toward the total allowed?

Drew Rosenhaus did both of these kids a huge disservice. Rosenhaus has become the poster child as why agents should not be allowed anywhere near college kids.

Streeter will be drafted in the 4th or 5th round and will earn a fraction of what he could have earned had he stayed and produced a good senior season. Fortson won't be drafted and Rosenhaus should be forever expelled from being around Canes based on the damage he has now done to this kid simply out of his own greed...a real dirtbag!

Rosenhaus sure is a scumbag but he is the most famous and successful sports agent in the country and it's great that he has such a tight connection to UM's players.

Every single great UM player in the league right now is represented by Rosenhaus, and a ton of lesser known guys have been drafted several rounds earlier than they would have without him representing them.

White heron. Here we go again. You say Streeter could not duplicate without jokecorey. Really, with much better abs around and coming he probably would have done a lot better. Less lob balls and more accurate passers coming.
It's good that he is tight with U players. Did you not say it was a disservice this happened?? So how is it good?? Is this another case of writing something but not meaning it??

Congrats to you guys!! The both of you will suceed at the next level. The NW grew came to the U with high expections, but what most seem to miss, you guys were the ground floor of rebuilding this program. The talent level was so bad when you guys arrived, you had to play alot sooner than what you were prepared to do physically. Thanks for the commitment!!! Best of luck with your future endeavors!!!

Great news as far as I'm concerned, we get two more schoolies and the sooner we get rid of Shannon's players the better off we'll be..

good luck to the young men but good ridance.

Good luck to both; hope they both succeed in the NFL. Really think Streeter could have used another season to learn. Streeter needs to work on catching the ball with his hands instead of against his body. He also doesn't go up to the highest point to go get the ball. Fortson, coming off an injury, and not being consistent when he played I just don't see how he gets drafted before the 5th or 6th round.

Eudo, How do U figure Streeter's liklihood of repeating this years performance in conditional because of Harris. If anything Streeter helped make Harris's season as successful as it was not the other way around. Morris is a much better QB than Harris was and Streeter would have been much better moneywise to have stayed another year.

Stop trying to find contradictions in everything I say.

Didn't say Streeter couldn't improve his numbers, just that it might be hard without the quarterback he's spent 8 years building chemistry with. For all the INTs and losses Jacory Harris put up numbers.

Rosenhaus was good for Streeter, bad for Forston. Overall he's a good thing for UM, UM is the only school with the most famous and respected sports agent in the country looking to sign every single star and middling player that plays there. If UM still accepted any supreme talents that were mostly interested in making it to the NFL that couldn't hurt their thought process.

Not everything is simple enough that you can understand it, stop trying to analyze my posts.

championships - I don't know, to me it's a 50-50 tossup on whether Streeter could repeat his year, Harris was his long time quarterback and he did put up huge numbers.

The next QB may be an overall upgrade for the team but I doubt the offense will be as open or that he'll put up 200/2,500/20 like Harris did.

He'd have to have a transcendent year, far better than Leonard Hankerson (3rd rounder) had to get into the big money first round - I just don't see it.

Could be wrong.

Posted by: Soldy ... The Real One | December 05, 2011 at 04:44 PM

Bitter, no talents like you are the perfect candidates for life's giant enema.
Whatever 3rd rate college you flunked out of is better rid of you.
Why do you waste your tremendous skill set on our humble 6-6 Forum?

Surely, the University of Florida would welcome you, and would hang on your every word.
What a loser you are, another nobody POS wasting cyber-space.

Eudo, I can agree with the chemistry part between a reciever and QB. If I had to bet I would say he could have had a bigger year since Morris or Williams has a stronger arm and can make throws Jacory cannot. The offense was wide open directly because of Streeter and his ability to stretch defenses vertically more so than Jacory's arm. Dorsett, and Hurns are nice little jitterbug type players that can do things underneath but Streeter is a stud reciever that is in a Randy Moss type mold. I know this we need somebody to step up and take that number 1 role.

YO the reason you come to Miami is to get to the Pro's....Period point blank....NEXT MAN IN MENTALITY! Thanks for everything Street and Marcus....Im sure you did as best you could even if thats not good enough. I hope you ball out on sundays and create a New Streak of SUCCESSFUL NFL CANES....Some of you call yourselves fans but haven't played a day in your life yet quick to criticize these guys like they haven't gave their all....With that said, If you come to the U...expectations are to have you in the NFL by your 3rd year if possible....So you guys are more than welcome to go succeed at the next level...We have MORE THAN CAPABLE REPLACEMENTS...PT. 2 of the rebuilding process has COMMENCED!

Guys - let it go they are gone and let us wish them well. Let us focus on the future. We need to secure the CB from Miramar "Howard" and a stud DT.

Yea losing Streeter is a big blow, Hurns will be the one to replace him as the feature big man but that's by default.

Dorsett will try to replace Benjamin as a deep threat I guess but I think UM's receiving corps is going to be thinner than it's been in a long time next year.

Fortunately if we're headed towards Golden's Temple template with a bunch of tight ends and ball control offense the wide receivers won't be as critical.

Don't let that Pig Soldy get to you. He was known as the blog Pig a long time ago.

He comes around, posts two or three things ( they all say the same thing and are always wrong), some rhetorical questions and always in his pseudo-ghetto trash-speak.

Don't worry, he's a harmless lil' Piggy.

Right, Pig?

How about everyone stop bashing the players, their decision is made already. What does anyone gain from saying Fortson was a waste, as though the man aimed to get injured. Stop bad mouthing our own players. Wish them good luck and move on.

Same people will be kissing their butts, bragging to their friends about how they watched them play at UM if they go to the NFL and dominate.

Streeter and Forston are both on pace to receive their college degrees in May.

You go to college to get a degree. They will. end of story

These guys must've been watching some MNW film or something. Forston is garbage, no way he makes an impact in pros. Streeter might do something, but he's not going to be a high pick.

These guys are doing us a big favor.


Funniest article I have ever read in my life, no joke!


Only time you will see Marcus Forston and pro in the same sentence again.

Marcus Forston could be a professional sun tan model since he is always on his back but thats about it. Unless of course, McDonalds needs a professional french fry maker.

What a joke.

Complete Joke.

Then you got Tommy Streeter who all of a sudden thinks he is God's gift to football because he started a few games on a SORRY ACC school college team. Give me a break. Who is advising these very unintelligent and delusional kids? Ohhhhh but Tommy Streeter is 6'5 and runs a 4.1 40. WHHHHOOOOOHPIIEEEEEEEE....The guy is going to end up playing flag football in about 9 months. No shot at anything significant in the NFL.


But go get your #2 pencil and Aaron Rogers signed jersey signing bonus.


Ohhh yeah and Marcus, I wanted my fries SUPERSIZED not regular!

Marcus Forston is going pro???



In other news, Al Golden asks Donna Shalala for 6 million a year because his mom believes he is a better coach than Nick Saban and Urban Meyer combined.

New report:

Drew Rosenhaus contacts Steak N Shake for 6.50 an hour since his client, Tommy Streeter, can make a strawberry shake in under 3 minutes.

Manny is pretty pumped about this news since his drive thru time is now cut down to 20 minutes.

Yeah Eudo, I agree it looks like our recieving corp will be a little thin compared to all the options we had before and this is just assessing it on paper. I really see Walford being a huge part of the offense next year but I want to know is what happen to Cleveland. The kid looked like a star in the making and Clive has just took the spot. Maybe we have been so used to these guys being in the game we haven't seen some of the other guys at reciever. Its going to be an intersting season.

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