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Forston, Streeter sign with Rosenhaus, forego senior seasons

They came in together from Miami Northwestern High as part of the nation's No. 1 recruiting class in 2008 -- and now they'll be going out together too.

University of Miami juniors Tommy Streeter and Marcus Forston -- high school and college teammates of seniors Jacory Harris and Sean Spence -- will forgo their senior seasons to enter the NFL Draft according to UM. Both have signed with agent Drew Rosenhaus and will not return.

Streeter, 22, played in all 12 games this season and caught 46 passes for 811 yards and eight touchdowns. He was fifth in the Atlantic Coast Conference in total yardage and fifth with his average of 67.6 receiving yards per game. Streeter’s 17.6-yard average per catch led ACC receivers with at least 40 receptions.

Forston, considered one of the best defensive tackles in the country coming out of high school, was marred by injuries in his college career. He played and started in three games before suffering a season-ending knee injury this season. He registered five tackles and one tackle for loss. Forston also missed most of the 2009 season with a shoulder injury.

Streeter's absence will be a major loss for the Hurricanes, who also are losing second-leading receiver Travis Benjamin, a senior, as well as senior LaRon Byrd. Allen Hurns, an upcoming junior, and Phillip Dorsett, who will be a sophomore, will return as the only veteran wideouts. Hurns caught 31 passes for 415 yards and four touchdowns this past season.

Before 2011, Streeter had a total of five catches – four in 2009 and one in 2010 for his lone touchdown. But he thrived this season, his 6-5, 217-pound frame and 4.36-second speed (in the 40-yard dash) overwhelming most defenders.

Streeter and Forston are both on pace to receive their college degrees in May.

> Freshman guard Shane Larkin earned ACC Rookie of the Week honors after averaging 15.0 points, 2.0 assists and 2.0 rebounds in two games last week. Larkin, who played high school ball at Dr. Phillips in Orlando, was 6-of-7 from long range (85.7%), hitting 9-of-18 overall from the field, and a perfect 6-of-6 at the line overall.



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FL 31%, Fl. State 31%, LSU 42% and 38%, Al52% and 38% respectively, the U 75%, these percentages represent the number of 3 Star Recruits or lower that makeup the total recruiting classes of the above schools, and like they say in sales, the numbers dont lie, and its funny how numbers can traslate to on-field production, but just reflect on how dominant LSU has been on the field the past 2 seasons, and review thier numbers above 42% for 2011 and 38% for 2010, that mean, the rest of their recruits were wither 4 Stars and 5 Stars, same thing go for Alabama and Florida. Flrorida has been down the past 2 years, but thats for 2 reasons, I lot of thier players have either transfer away from the school, or gotten in so much trouble, they were expelled. And I know its hard to distinquished between 2 teenagers from different parts of Florida or the Nation, both 5'11 and 175 pounds,both play the same position but one is a 4 Star while the other is a 3 Star,,maybe its IQ,,maybe its the high school or the city, maybe one player had the means to participate in summer camps, and the other did not, IDK, either way, if Miami want to climb up the ranks and become the "elite of the elite" we have to reduce our 75% down to where LSU, Florida, Alabama, and Florida State and I am quite sure Oklahoma and Auburn are at. IF and when we do, are play will become better, its no way Boston College would have beaten us if our percentage was that of LSU, just simply no way. LSU would have beaten Boston C. by 50. And our players were only a notch better than thiers. hey, am not for batching kids, but the U academics standards going to have to be reduced or the miami coaches going to have to become better recruiters to get the elite players, but point serve, we will not re-join the elite until our percentages are reduced.

al there is an old saying. Figures don't lie but liars can figure. Those numbers mean nothing when you throw fsu and florida in the mix. But those figures do show we have less four and five star recruits. Let's see forston, jokecorey, and the MNW playets were multiple stars and what good we're they??

Fire SHALALALALALA the hobbitt now

UM is going to a bowl this year, its called the Charmin Toilet Bowl!



FIwho has done nothing for college football. Nothing. Truly pathetic how a program believes that they can run their mouthes after doing nothing. The U contributed 30 of the best football years to college football and is still contributing in the Pros. FIwho - 0. FIwho has done "0" for college football. Miami controls the series against every school in the state of florida. More NC's than any school in the state. Fswho and uf have the same amount of NC's as The U, combined. The U would have more if it wasn't for people screwing things up and wanting Miami to lose.

FIwho not only has was beaten on the scoreboard but also punched in the mouth and couldn't get up. Win a game, have a winning season. Try doing those things.

Screw fiwho, ufelons, fswho, fawho, ucf, usf and everyone else. Golden will have us on track in 4yrs. He'll do what Howard did. And once we remove the hobbit troll evil witch of the north, all will be right again in the State of Miami.

Have a nice night ladies.


Canetillidie. Bet fiu who is the white heron.

Canetillidie. Think fiu who is the white heron.

Sorry for double post, this app licks up an iPhone every so often.


al: lies lies and damned lies. The rest are ststistics. Thats a bs post if I ever read one.

Heres a stat for you:

gatorade national players of the year:

Kyle Wright- Miami
Brock Berlin- UF and Miami

John Brantley- UF

Greg Paulus ND

What did they do? Stat= ZERO. Zilch. NAa. Nil.

Tek your 5 star recruits and shove them.

Boise State has lost 3 games in the last 4 seasons. Tell me how many 4-5 star recruits they have?

What about Va Tech?

They came together, they left together and the only one that I will truly miss was the least herelded of the group (Spence). Good luck Marcus you're gonna need it. There is a huge market for under acheiving DT's that are always hurt. Tommy u should have stayed you could have built a rep and moved up draft boards but you may just turn into something special in the NFL. J-12 Glasses you need'em or you really were one of the worst that I've seen. Sean I really repect u, your game, and the effort U showed every week too bad your NW teammates couldn't match it.

This just shows that HS recruiting rankings mean little if they aren't coached properly.

You can't coach desire, determination, drive, discipline. I don't think Bill Walsh could have gotten Jacorry NOT to throw the 3 million ints he threw or to study film and opponents like he should have.

Pearl Harbor ... Always Remember

Hoooooah all american. This generation has the entitlement attitude, we would be speaking Japanese now with that attitude.

The same thing you guys are saying about another oft injured player named Frank Gore. I wonder what happened to him ?

Streeter is easily a 1st or 2nd rounder. Size, speed, moves. If he went to the Saints, as bookends with Jummy Graham, he would be an all pro. Belichek is hurting for receivers also. Who wouldn't want Streeter.

As for Jacory, he had a great upside that Randy ruined. Forston injuries 2 years ago were from off the field. MNW players were good players and Streeter wa sidelined before this year because of Randy's favoritism.

It is Shalalah for those of you who dont like her,who brings in the money for the programs. She is a former top college athlete and knows more about collegiate athletics than anyone on this board.

We all better pray that the NCAA doesn't bury us. Yes Golden did sign an extension and did admit it, so that is over as an issue. The U is on the path back,


Bet you're right!

But still...




Now this is a hilarious read. From just back in august right before the season.


First let me comment, that 10 years ago maybe stars didn't matter, as much but with all the modern technology, camps, yootube or whatever, you don't have to many kids flying under the radar. A three star kid is what he is, an average player for the most part, who sometimes is good and sometimes not. Our roster is loaded with average players and when you have average players you get a 6-6 record, why because sometimes they look like world beaters and other times, they look like they should be playing for FAU. What we did 10 years ago or more, was beat teams with pure speed and athletic talent. Now everyone has speed, plus size, something we are still stunk in the 90's on is we think we don't need size. The LSU's & ALabama's of the world, have size & speed and not to mention talent to go with those two aforementioned commodities. We need help in several areas, especially on defense. We are bringing in, on average, 6'0 170 cb's in this years class. Will they be able to help us next year, body wise yes, strenght & size wise no. I say if you want to be a top notch program, in this era, you best have at least 60% of your of your signing class be 4 stars or better. Everybody has 4 and 5 star bust, lord knows when's the last time one of our 5 star players actually played to that billing? If, however you bring in enough of them, one or to bust can be over come. Boise State or the Houstons of the world, shouldn't be in the conversation, of recruiting because they don't play but maybe one or two teams a year with any clout. Peterson's coaching & his system win games. If he were in the SEC, say with Ole Miss, I'll bet he wouldn't average but 6 to 7 wins a year. You notice he hasn't left Boise for a bigger named job and that's because he's scared of failure. One thing I do like about Golden is at least he can evaluate a kid with his summer camps but what I don't like about what he did was jump the gun by throwing out schollies based soely on those camps. Anybody can have one good day. I'd at least want to see him play and be consistant. How many of our in coming kids, moved up in stars during the season? I didn't see any of our 3 stars move to 4's. We can't keep living in the past because you will get passed by and that's a dam cold breeze I've been feeling for at least the last 7 years!

Herb, I agree with many of your points. We do need size to go along with our speed. Just look at our LB's for instance. They look like WR's with LB. numbers on their chest. I look at all of CFB and when I see our big guys apposed to other teams the the size on defense of the front 7 is defiecent. But I will say this its not the size of the dog in the fight as much as its the size of the fight in the dog. Just look at our O line for instance. Every game some idiot commentator talks about how our O line is going to wear down the other teams Defense and I haven't seen it yet. The problem with alot of these 4 and 5 star recruits is the majority of them think they are entitled to start immediatly and that is it. I like the way Golden is recruiting these guys in that he is getting hungry players that want to improve and get better. The thing alot of us who point to the good ole days are forgetting is that the majority of guys then redshirted their first year and didn't start playing until their Jr years. When we start seeing guys that are 5th year seniors on this team up and down the roster then we can look to consistently be a top 5 team.
The one thing about Boise and the SEC that you need to keep in mind is the only teams that Boise may have problems with is Bama and LSU. Other than those two teams the SEC isn't that strong. And if the SEC BCS wasn't so scared to play them, they would schedule them or let them in to play them. I mean who wouldn't want to see Boise play LSU. Other than LSU and Bama I would say everyone would love to see Boise have a chance at them.


Point taken. Those were some great players, and that is the times we live in. Unfortunately. Wonder what our team would have been like had they stayed?

I still prefer a kid who intends to finish his eligibility in college. In that regard, there are many stories of players who chose to do so,
in spite of high projected standing in the draft. And there are flops who "came out early."

My wish is that the UM tends to recruit that type of kid who holds a strong loyalty to the university and his team. They are out there. I believe that a significant number of me first NFL wannabes detracts from a team commitment, energy and focus.

But for me, they could send the NFL (and the NBA) to the moon and I wouldn't lose a minutes worth of sleep. And, they could include college announcers who blather on about an underclassman "coming out early", or "play at the next level", while making their living off the college game. Full disclosure...

The ones who stay when everyone says they should go probably do make the biggest impact - reggie Wayne, ed Reed, and Bryant McKinnie come to mind.

Chickillo seems like he's going to stick around even if he gets hyped up, but those guys sure are rarities, especially among really talented kids.

Shame you don't follow the NFL, it's a lot of fun watching hurricanes continue to dominate at the highest level.

Championships - Boise are a bunch of perpetrators, they might be able to beat lsu or Alabama in one game but if they played south Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee four weeks in a row they'd lose a game they shouldn't.

The only problem with all those hungry 3 star players, while we are waiting for them to get better, so they can take the filed whose going to hold down the fort. I agree, we need to reshirt more players. Thomas Finnie should have been reshirted. The dude maybe weighed a buck 170.Pierre & Grimble should have been reshirted, although we had no other option but to play them. There should be a prerequisite in order to play certain positions: CB-185, DT-290, Lb-220, you hit these weights you have a chance to play.

Eudo, perpetrators? Have you lost your mind? THey went into Georgia at the Georgia Dome and rocked the SEC East champion. How do you know that they would lose a game to any of the ones you listed. You have been listening to those retards on ESPN over exagerating about how good the SEC is. They have two really good teams and two pretty good teams and one team that is overated in South Carolina. The perpetrators as you call it is the BCS, ESPN and the SEC. Any team that is in a conference will have teams that can jump up and bite them for one day because of familiarity more so than any thing. It doesn't mean that team isn't as good as a team from another conference. If the SEC is so good then why don't they play somebody of merit from another conference instead of the Georgia States, Furmans of the world. LSU gets credit for playing Oregon to begin the season but how many times do the teams from the SEC go on the road and play a real road game at another teams home field? The closest thing to that was Bama playing Penn State this year and they were not overly impressive doing that.

It's not that the SEC is so great, just that those are all real teams and they would all give Boise real games.

They would lose one if they played FSU, Clemson, UM, and Ga Tech in a row too.

Bad as the Big East is, Boise is finished. They will start losing games they shouldn't when they play teams that have a chance to beat them week in and week out.

Don't take my word for it, watch what happens.

Herb, I was just checking out a replay of a game between Ole Miss and Bama and the announcer on there said that the Ole MIss QB Randal Mackey was rated higher than Cam Newton. The relevancey to our conversation is that is an example of just how inconsistent the rankings of these players are coming out of high school. SOme guys come out and are just as advertised 5 star studs but a majority of them are duds. I agree this process is not going to be as simple as it should be but at least we are heading in the right direction. Some things I saw as encouraging was that during Butch Davis's first couple of years we would run and get stuffed on the power runs but latter on those runs became long TD runs. From what I saw this year in Goldens first year we looked like we did in Butches 4th year and plus as the year went on our defense got alot better. So with that being said although we are losing some good players we are gaining alot of depth from this recruiting class.

Wish these guys would of talked to someone like this before being duped...

A message from Leon Searcy Jr to UM Juniors
From his Facebook
"What is it about a 6-6 season which says you're ready for the NFL. I hate to see young men being exploited by dream sellers!!! Everybody in the league is big, strong, and fast. What seperates the men from the boys is the development of fundamentals, techniques, and work ethics which is essential to you're survival in the NFL. I hate to see kids chase the cash then a few years from now, they can't get a call back from their agent and are told their careers are over. Look, I could have come out my junior year and was projection 1st round. I decided that being a CANE was more important plus I wasn't ready!!! I needed to develop. If you're a baller, the cash is coming and he NFL ain't going no where."

Eudo, how is that rationale any different than any other team that is in a conference. Florida lost to Ole MIss a couple of years ago and Tennesse lost to everybody but Vanderbilt this year. This kinda stuff happens when you are in a conference. Familiarity to opponents sooner of later allows teams that are not so good to beat teams that are better at times.
I will say this though Boise and San Diego State joining the Big East is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I know why they are doing it, because of the way the BCS screws them over. What irks me is the NCAA looks down and penalized teams and players for taking money and the NCAA claims the amatuer athlete plays for the love of the game but it all boils down to money and this greed is destroying the game of college football.

Because Boise wasn't in a conference with teams that play competitive football.

Nobody screwed Boise over, they knew they would have to be undefeated to get a BCS bid with that garbage schedule and they chose not to accept invitations to real conferences because they knew what would happen if they did.

They probably accepted the Big East invite this year because they think the Big East is bad enough that they'll be able to continue to dominate inferior teams but they're going to be in for a rude awakening.

Like I said, most people think differently, most are fooled by Boise getting up and beating their one real opponent every year. Watch what happens when they have to play two real games in a row.

Make that "Boise screwed themselves over"...

I'll say this, Boise does a good job developing QB's and to run their system you need a good Qb, not just a manager.

Right now we have 21 3-star players & 7 4-star players. 11 players, although 3 stars are not rated. This class will provide depth. I see too many Tweeners and not enough difference makers, so coaching will be ultimo important. We will defenitely, see what kind of coach Golden is. I'd say this is a tide me over class, until we get some big dogs in.

First let me comment, that 10 years ago maybe stars didn't matter, as much but with all the modern technology, camps, yootube or whatever, you don't have to many kids flying under the radar. A three star kid is what he is, an average player for the most part, who sometimes is good and sometimes not.

Posted by: herbieibis | December 07, 2011 at 11:10 AM

Absolute dead spot on analysis Sir. 10 years ago it was different evaluation process. The 4-5 Star overall vs 2-3 Star kid is completely valid.

Bottom line is that over a 4-6 year period, teams like LSU and BAMA have stockpiled their rosters with the best of the best and it shows at the POINT OF ATTACK.

The only comparable theory is, would you rather have as an NFL G.M., 10 Top 1-2-3 round draft picks or 10 5-6-7 round draft picks ? Sure there will be some on both sides that fall by the wayside or rise to the occasion. But to build depth on top of depth, you would simply want to have the best of the best.

To those that scoff and pay no attention to the Star evaluation process are doomed to repeat averageness over n over again.

Bottom line, Porsche beats V.W

Posted by: championships is all that matters | December 07, 2011 at 12:23 PM

You keep believing that and over an 8 year period and see how that works out for you.

kind of like the last 8 years.

Idk if it's been said, but is anyone else amazed that forston is going pro? Who will draft him? No team would. He hasn't put together a single season of good let alone great effort and is absolutely marred with I injuries. He's Colin McCarthy without the hustle and brains, and even colin stayed six years....
As for
Streeter, I don't believe he is making a mistake. I wouldn't want Stephen Morris throwing to me', and he will not have a better year than what he just did.

We can agree that Fortson best days were in High School. Speaking of Colin McCarthy he was just named player of the week in the NFL!! Not bad for a player you just criticized...Listen guys Shannon was not a good HEAD coach but neither is Golden! As next year unfolds please don’t blame Randy for the awful season, after all Golden just signed a contract extension and stated that he would get it turned around. The program will get turned around when the U decides to hire a quality coach! Golden is not smart enough to figure it out! All I want for xmas is quality coach to arrive at the U

Tom Thumb Popadak aka Skreetz aka Blog Drama Queen aka 86Cane throws a hissy fit and says he's shutting down canespace for good or until his period is over.

Dude has finally gone over the edge. He doesn't realize he's a laughingstock.


And with those last few comments that is the official and final end of Canespace.

It has been fun. It has been real.

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

Happy blogging...

Posted by: SOUP | December 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

I do enjoy an NFL Cane playing well, and am proud of those guys.

I never miss a UM game, either in person, or if away, on TV. For this fan, nothing parallels the excitement of college football.

I simply wish the boundaries were cleaner between the two levels of play and kids could complete their college eligibility.

And, thanks to the poster who put up the Leon Searcy quote. Agentry is a big business/hustle and some kids buy the hype, only to have their dreams dashed when another year (or two) in college would have enhanced their chance of success.

Go Canes! But stick around as long as you can!

Boise didn't have anything to do with that Eudo. When did the Pac 12 or anybody invite Boise State to join. The Big East is the only one who invited them. And if the SEC chumps are so good why are they scheduling FCS opponents brains? You would think as much as they are billed that they would be playing a USC, an Ohio State or any one who is a competent challenger. Why not play Oklahoma or teams out of conference with merit. Its because they are scared to play somebody from a different conference. Florida is scared to play us and the rest of the SEC other than LSU are afraid to play someone decent out of conference. LSU played a depleted UNC team last year and almost lost and didn't want any more of the ACC. The Bottom line is if the SEC or anybody else is so good then Play Boise STate or are they scared. Judging by the way the BCS has the bowls set up it looks to me like they are scared.

dbc - that's a great point, I think players should have 6 years tuition to finish their degrees. Playing football is a full time job, not enough time to take a full college load in 4 years.

As far as the money stuff I lean more towards paying players and making the college game more professional (which it is anyway) than trying to propagate the farce of amateur student-athlete football.

Neither of these guys are NFL ready. Forston is neither ready nor qualified. Although I am a Cane and love the kids that decide to play for Miami, I am also honest to a point of fault. If Forston could be re-recruited for 4 years he would be no better that a 2 star. Sorry fellow Canes but Forston couldn't plug the bath tub never alone a hole. Don't worry friends of Forston, he'll be home soon after opening of training camp.

If Uz cane't beats'em ... Joins'em

Streeter obviously will kill at the combine. Hopefully he gets picked high enough to make the big bucks.

Hey white heron, is this another case of not thinking before typing. You suggest 6 year scholarships, wow. Do you want the U ever to be relevant again?? That idea would make it almost impossible to be a contender again. Is it only for football?? What about all the other sports?? Maybe all scholarships should be 6 years because college life is so hard and rigorous.
Comon man think before you write.

What an idiot. Always forgetting to take his pills.

Fire shalalalala now

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