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News from the Nevin Shapiro front: UM agrees to pay $83,000 to bankruptcy trustee. 'Deal eliminates likelihood of former Canes having to disclose under oath potentially incriminating information about impromper gifts.'

 Nevingate continues its winding path toward whatever conclusion awaits University of Miami athletics.

 The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reports in today's Herald that "Former University of Miami football players who allegedly received Cadillac Escalades, jewelry, party invites, champagne, lap dances and the services of prostitutes and other gratuities courtesy of a now-imprisoned athletic-booster-run amok won't have to talk about it in a bankruptcy pleading. Nor will they have to give anything back.

  "UM has agreed to pay $83,000 to the bankruptcy trustee in the case of Nevin Shapiro, who is serving 20 years for defrauding investors in a Ponzi scheme. In exchange, the bankruptcy trustee agreed not to try to recoup any more money from UM or the 70 living players who are alleged to have received cash, gifts or services from Shapiro, in violation of NCAA rules.

   "The deal eliminates the likelihood of former Hurricane players having to disclose under oath potentially incriminating information about improper gifts received from Shapiro -- testimony that might have further embarrassed the university.''

   Please keep in mind that the settlement, according to our story, must be approved by a bankruptcy court judge on Feb. 27. But that, I am told, especially in a case like this, usually happens.

   So how does this affect UM's prognosis?  Remember, the NCAA does not have subpoena power and cannot require former UM players -- or former UM coaches (unless they're coaching at another college) -- to answer its questions or cooperate in the investigation. 

   In the end, it helps UM, though the NCAA has obviously talked at length to Shapiro and can use whatever he gives them, if the NCAA finds it to be true directly through its own investigation. But it has to be the NCAA itself that verifies that information. It can't be through the Yahoo!Sports report, or any other publication or second-hand source.

   However, sworn testimony by former players, etc., through the U.S. Courts would help to sink the Canes.

   I am told the NCAA case is not close to being concluded. 

   This is a positive development for the Hurricanes, but it does not mean they won't get slammed. It just depends on what the NCAA can discover for itself.

     UM will soon be starting its spring semester, with a new crop of Canes emerging. Between five and 10 newcomers will join the team in January. The status of a few is uncertain, depending on transcripts, grades, courses, etc.

   I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy holiday season and has a safe and fulfilling new year.

   Here's a link to Barry's well-reported story: http://tinyurl.com/842trms




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Now we know this is true because UM wouldn't agree to pay $80,000 if it wasn't. The issue is weather the NCAA can prove any of this. You know they want to and they are the judge and jury so that is a big conflict on interest.

UM is paying for the money THEY received from Shapiro, which they DIDN'T have to do. in return, the trustees will not nickle and dime Jacory for 120 dollars and the others that got a free meal that got overblown by Yahoo Sports and Charles Robinson.

Saves the turstees time and the victims will get more money. After all, the amount of time and lawyer fees to track down that 120 from Jacory would cost the trust thousands.

Sometimes it is better to let it go, and this is one of those times.

This is outstanding news but if we have the resources to repay that money - how can we not build a stadium in Coral Gables right. We aren't getting any penalties so get your tickets now - National Championship in 2012.

I think this was done swiftly so that previous players did not have to testify opening up a can of worms and huge penalties. There is no denying there was a huge amount of shadiness going on. I still say we are going to get sanctioned badly.

Susan, It doesn't mean it WILL get slammed either right? Why the editorializing?

UM agreed to pay cause it was less expensive than to fight it in terms of legal costs. Just a business decision.

Total BS. Protecting the guilty does not bode well for Miami. Shame on them and the guilty. CYA Miami. Speaks volumes about the guilty parties that they accept no responsibility.

Just when I feel like there's a chance UM might get away with just a few minor sanctions like Ohio State's, I read about the stuff that happened and I tell myself there's no way we get anything less than 30 scholly's taken away and another bowl ban. I have this sinking feeling it's not going to be pretty when everything goes down.

I wonder if the NCAA is ticked off about this...

Five Titles - actually no, they already returned every penny S***** ever donated to them, this money was all the unsubstantiated claims of cash he said he gave to players, starting with the $50,000 to Wilfork and including every night club and Beni Hana receipt that he produced.

Means the courts can't go after the players to recoup that money - a settlement isn't an admission of guilt, even though we've known all along that most of what S***** was claiming is probably true.

Anything short of a permanent forever department-wide death penalty - not just the football team, but the entire athletic department - would be a travesty of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of a sham. End it, NCAA. Finish these thugs for once and for all.

It's a smart move to minimize the NCAA's discovery.

Like wishing that a nuclear bomb straight from Al Qaeda be dropped in the middle of the student center in Gainseville. When all students are gone.

Fed Up you are an idiot..you must be a Penn State fan or worse..
End what?... High School kids accepting dinners etc..
Shapiro as we know is a weasel and dirty as they come so he should bring down our program?.

End your foolishness and go away..

Miami will be coming for your team who ever it is..unless you had too much to drink on New Year's eve and not really thinking rationally...So many of's (4) used in your run on post.

You are either senile or juvenile.

Leave the 'Canes alone and watch them return to go after the 6th BSC.
Go 'Canes.

Fed up is a Dolphins fan - i.e., an FIU alumni.

somebody answer this question. If shaprio gave wilfork 50K and 2 esclaides worth 50k a piece don't you think he would of said something sooner instead waiting to get into trouble. i believe he bought drinks and dinners and a little cash here and there but not 50k cash and cars

"This is a positive development for the Hurricanes, but it does not mean they won't get slammed. It just depends..." SMD

You couldn't help it huh?

Whose team are you on porkchop? These allegations are from a professional liar, whos words have much motive and very little credibility. Do your job and make sure this doesn't again, you do have more access than most people, right?

I like E. Clements to step up BIG time next year. Go Canes!

The University of Miami contested some of the money that this settlement required them to pay. So its not an admission of guilt. Its another way to get this issue behind the school and it was a very smart move. I see one more bowl ban and 10 scholarships deducted.

Fed Up
Its loaded....you know what to do

Canes for Life, I can answer that: no.

It's not illegal to accept large amounts of cash and cars from someone who offers to give them to you.

It's against the NCAA regulations but what the f*ck would Wilfork care about that now?

Wilfork isn't "in trouble" for what he probably did - worse case scenario he would be sued by the victim's trust and if they could prove he took the money he'd have to pay it back.

If anything he would have denied it by now if it wasn't true.

This means that the trustee has recovered all of the money it is seeking from UM's former players and will not subpoeana them for anything. Since the former players are not required to speak with the NCAA, the NCAA will not be able to prove any of the allegations against them. So we will be left with the players who already served their suspensions, Jones, and the 3 former coaches. I'm predicting Ohio State type sanctions.

U see: Just like I figured: The real culprits aren't going to get punished, not even reprimanded. I saw with my own eyes a photo of DS and Shapiro right here. And they were both smiling for Pete's sake. Somewhere, somebody has got to take some responsibility for this. Getting rid of Johnson and so forth just a'int enough. Yea, we all heard about what Aldarius got, but didn't we actually see DS and Shapiro together?

Some kind of sanctions are definitely coming. My guess is that "Goldy rides out most of his new contract against the butt of the sanction years.

Last time I checked, there were still not more than one 5-star recruits.

CoolCat aka Curse its time for you to jump off the bridge
Not even your mama wants you around anymore

The NCAA will have prove with actual facts and evidence to punish the University more than it already has been. The NCAA should be taking a hard look all that oversign all these players but only keep the cream of the crop.

My guess is they will not any facts or evidence to prove that UM should be punish any further. A lot of Universities accept contributions and or donations UM doesn't have to give that back, but because where the money came from UM is giving back that money.

'Cool 'Cat, what are you talking about? Shalala is a troll but she didn't do anything wrong taking donations for the athletic department from Shapiro - he made the money through criminal enterprise but there's no way UM could have known that, even the people investing their money with him didn't know!

This is the post of the day following another stupid article by Barry Jackson..


Maria Elena Perez has recently been sanctioned by the courts for unprofessional behavior.Sadly she is a UM law grad. She has no idea how much grief she will take for this for years to come. For someone to intentionally try to discredit their ALMA Mater like this suggests sociopathic tendencies.

The only reporter i trust at the Herald is Manny Navaro because he is objective and he reports only the facts unlike Jackson, Cote and co.

Fact. While taking money is not wrong people in the hobbits position should never take money the way she did. No pre screening, a total surprise, and she knew Shapiro was a scum bag, Shannon told her. Other than that she showed no common sense, especially since she already knew what went on at games in his box.

Mississippi State 23 Wake Forrest 17

What about it Canesfool ?

Lowly Missy St. beats Wake who was 3 points away from playing in the ACC Championship game...

And doormat Vandy whipped Wake as well ... And Geaorgia smacks down Ga. Tech ... And USC Spurriers throttle the ACC Champs Clemson...

Yeah Stool, That ACC is quite the gauntlet. Now wonder Duh U hasn't even made an ACC 'Ship appearance.

But U'll be back soon riiieet?

ACC is 2-11 all-time in BCS Bowl games ? Peeee Uuuuuuuu !!!

Look on the bright side though Cane fools. The SEC WILL WFINALLY lose a BCS Championship game this year guarateed ... That will at least give U idiots someething to sound off about in Ur own Usual delUsional misgUided way ...

Conference W-L in BCS Games (*entering bowl season)







Big Ten



Big East



Big 12













oh, there U are

Which is worse os or florida. Toss up

A lot of Universities accept contributions and or donations UM doesn't have to give that back, but because where the money came from UM is giving back that money.

Anyone that gets money from someone else's ill-gotten gains will be compelled to give it back (See Rothstein case).

The more the canes and former canes keep playing dodge-ball with the NCAA, the worse it's going to be.

Trayler f-g:

UM is 43-37 against the SEC (all 12 teams) since 1961. Just so you know since YOU are bringing up the past. Wake MSU was a close game. So what. It wasn't a blow out like Chris Fowler predicted ("oooh, common sense dictates that MSu with its much more superb SEC atletes will demolish Wake") in the pre-game commentary.Wrong again SEC wh-res. Wrong again.

ESPN is an SEC wh=re and they make no apology for it. They set up this LSU Alabama sleeper thinking it will bring huge ratings. YAAAAWWWWWWWWN.

Why arent you talking about the 'trds who will get their fannies handed to them by a mediocre Ohio State?

But the sad part is that the SEc is not made to play OOC to actually prove themselves against a worthy opponent. instead, the mafia of the BCS and media in an incestuous way, will actually give an SEC team a loss but will not allow the embarassment of an OOC opponent the chance at the NC.

I have to side with Cool Cat on this one.

There's no punishment for Shalala? Most of the players were kids, what about the adults?

Shalala should be fired. Pannunzio and Hurtt should get lifetime NCAA bans.

OK conspiracy Cane -- while the SEC just keeps winning friggin' everything you'll be cheering on the cane curling team next fall. It's OK, you'll get your program back in a few years.

ESPN does have an SEC bias, no doubt. What I had funny is how all of these schools support each other and chant SEC, SEC. I couldn't care less about any other school in the ACC, the conference, who joins, doesn't join, realigns...whatever.

We are the canes
Our "great" U just paid 80k hush money to try and CYA
Try and try but U will still get your due
ESPN likes SEC, good winning teams equal good ratings
But University of Mediocre beat an SEC team in 1961, so there
Is there an ACC ship game? UM fan will never know
What is the BCS? UM fan cannot fathom
Good year for the canes, they finally did not get blown out in a minor December bowl game
When will the Spring game get here, best time to be a cane
That Maryland team sure is sorry

UM has a curling team? Who knew?!

Here's a new years resolution for you losers - stop obsessing over UM and UF!

They are not rivals and they never play. All this trash talk has nothing to do with football and everything to do with a bunch of pathetic losers talking to each other on the internet.

Just remember - no matter what you say about UF or UM, the fact remains that you're all a bunch of little internet nerd f*ggots with no life. Every single response you post on here and on the Gators blog just enforces how pathetic you all are.

FED UP----------what a jack arse you are. Just jealous miami beat your team all those yrs. This guy is serving 20 yrs. half the sheet he told yahoo is prob false. the basketball player jones is playing now, and now this. NO SANCTIONS COMING--we suspended the current players, and didnt go to a bowl. Awww, shuckss.......

Hi Gator fans...it's...me Jamar Hornsby...Mr. Gator!

The last time we talked was after I lifted the credit card off the dying girl and went on a spending spree...woowee!!!

At least when me and all my Gator football buddies were being thrown into prison on a regular basis we won a football game here and there.

I can remember when it was Mississippi State we called "lowly". Now my Gators are at the bottom of the football world and there is no hope in sight...talk about "lowly"!

Here's my real concern: Miami absolutely destroyed Ohio State who we are about to play in the "Polished Turd Bowl". I think we better get to work on a whole new chapter of lies 'cause when Ohio State slams us it will remove all doubt as just how superior the Canes have always been compared to our backwoods program. I sure wish we could screw up the courage to play those mighty Canes in a home and away series. But, as the Ole Ball Coach now says; "you can't spell coward without the word Gator".

One more thing...how about Urban running out on us and not looking back. Talk about us getting used. Urban despised being in Backwater USA, also known as Trailersville. He knew we were a bunch of country pumpkins and used us to get the job he really wanted.

10 years of medication and counting has recently emerged from his hole...

More nonsense.. your posts make no sense and your Gaturd slip is showing...go back to Moosechamps lair you loser..

Take some meds, and retire your drivel.

Go 'Canes

At the end of the day it all boils down to what you can prove. There are so many things wrong with this whole scandal. To begin with you have Paul Dee. Then you have a convicted felon. Did I mention you have Paul Dee as well as a convicted felons testimony. Where are the millions of dollars if all that the University with its lawyers only found that $80,000 is all that is owed?

Follow the money, because someone else besides UM received that money. It's probably someone that scares Nevin Shapiro more than a prison system with die hard UM fans. Did UM receive money from Shapiro? Yes, but not the millions he is talking about.

Shapiro was probably the front man for this whole ponzi scheme.

it's been 10 years past the last time U were anything Cane fan

que ?

they are funny if not tragic Arty ...

they're next home game will be in Ft. Lauderdale or Meyers come Avril ?

War Eagle !


hey, maybe U can invite Cincy into Ur joke of a Conference ...

God Bless

Big Least team beats mighty SEC team woooooooooooooooo SEC SEC SEC Gooooooooooooo SEC!

One of the earlier posts cheered on Mizzou as an "SEC" team after they won their bowl game.

Here's another Soldy and 10 years...

If you now include Texas A&M, Miami is actually 45-37 against the SEC, having then played 13 out of the 14 teams since 1961.
they have beaten texas A&M twice in the last 5 years including in 2007 when UM went 5-7. TAM had Stephen McGee as QB, who is in the NFL, and that 250 tail back. So, How's that for SEC dominance?

we'll see.

And another one of you-pathetic subhuman primates again made fun of bryan pata (RIP). Your mother should be ashamed that she even bore you. That's disgusting. disrespecting the dead. How gator-like and SEC-like of you. How Horsnby of you. Guy's been dead for 5 yrs and you still make fun of him

"Follow the money, because someone else besides UM received that money. It's probably someone that scares Nevin Shapiro more than a prison system with die hard UM fans"

This is a gem by another cane clown, EK. So the Miami prision system is full of die hard cane fans. I guess that's the ONLY place that has them die hard cane fans, cause they don't exsist anywhere else.
And then there is potty mouth, homophobe, 2012 is here, missing the point that the SEC beats the best teams from other conferences time after time proving on the field their superiority. Says a lot about your team having trouble competing in one of the softest conferences, that would be your sorry canes in the soft ACC for you cane clowns with limited intellect.

Worst. Blog. Ever.

Grow up children, UM and UF have nothing to do with each other.

2 former UM running backs in the top ten rushing for the NFL.

1 receiver in the top ten

5 probowlers.

How many gaytors can make that claim?
How many noles?

Buh Bye 2011

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