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News from the Nevin Shapiro front: UM agrees to pay $83,000 to bankruptcy trustee. 'Deal eliminates likelihood of former Canes having to disclose under oath potentially incriminating information about impromper gifts.'

 Nevingate continues its winding path toward whatever conclusion awaits University of Miami athletics.

 The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reports in today's Herald that "Former University of Miami football players who allegedly received Cadillac Escalades, jewelry, party invites, champagne, lap dances and the services of prostitutes and other gratuities courtesy of a now-imprisoned athletic-booster-run amok won't have to talk about it in a bankruptcy pleading. Nor will they have to give anything back.

  "UM has agreed to pay $83,000 to the bankruptcy trustee in the case of Nevin Shapiro, who is serving 20 years for defrauding investors in a Ponzi scheme. In exchange, the bankruptcy trustee agreed not to try to recoup any more money from UM or the 70 living players who are alleged to have received cash, gifts or services from Shapiro, in violation of NCAA rules.

   "The deal eliminates the likelihood of former Hurricane players having to disclose under oath potentially incriminating information about improper gifts received from Shapiro -- testimony that might have further embarrassed the university.''

   Please keep in mind that the settlement, according to our story, must be approved by a bankruptcy court judge on Feb. 27. But that, I am told, especially in a case like this, usually happens.

   So how does this affect UM's prognosis?  Remember, the NCAA does not have subpoena power and cannot require former UM players -- or former UM coaches (unless they're coaching at another college) -- to answer its questions or cooperate in the investigation. 

   In the end, it helps UM, though the NCAA has obviously talked at length to Shapiro and can use whatever he gives them, if the NCAA finds it to be true directly through its own investigation. But it has to be the NCAA itself that verifies that information. It can't be through the Yahoo!Sports report, or any other publication or second-hand source.

   However, sworn testimony by former players, etc., through the U.S. Courts would help to sink the Canes.

   I am told the NCAA case is not close to being concluded. 

   This is a positive development for the Hurricanes, but it does not mean they won't get slammed. It just depends on what the NCAA can discover for itself.

     UM will soon be starting its spring semester, with a new crop of Canes emerging. Between five and 10 newcomers will join the team in January. The status of a few is uncertain, depending on transcripts, grades, courses, etc.

   I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy holiday season and has a safe and fulfilling new year.

   Here's a link to Barry's well-reported story: http://tinyurl.com/842trms




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We are the canes
Look at all the probowlers and good NFL players we have
Maybe they can help us win something next year
Did you know we beat an SEC team in 1961
Who's living in the past?
We are the canes
It's January and there are stories and news about teams playing bowl games
We have a story about Nevin Shapiro and NCAA sanctions
But we also have a bunch of
Them ACC teams keep losing their bowl games
What a great conference we play in, maybe they should have an ACC ship game
They do? It's news to us canes, never seem it or sniffed it.
Maybe our probowlers can help us play in it one day........

Question Cane Fan ...

When was Ur last NON-Winning Football season ?


hint, look riiieet behind U.

What's that like 4-5 the last 32 years ?

Fact. While taking money is not wrong people in the hobbits position should never take money the way she did. No pre screening, a total surprise, and she knew Shapiro was a scum bag, Shannon told her. Other than that she showed no common sense, especially since she already knew what went on at games in his box.

Posted by: ltcdolphin


Morning and Happy New Year to my REAL CANES FANS!!!!!!


Hitting the nail on the head to start off the new year my old friend. Well done.


Two letters Cane Fan ...


Kenny Kadji scored a career-high 30 points — 23 in the first half — as the Canes struggled against 2-13 UNC-Greensboro.

The New Year did not start exactly as University of Miami basketball fans would have liked. The Hurricanes men's team trailed for long stretches before pulling out a 99-89 home victory over UNC-Greensboro, a team with a 2-13 record.

It was the final non-conference game for the Hurricanes (9-4)...

Good thing U have a Gator Reject, that would have never seen the floor for Billy D. this year as Ur best player huh Cane fan ? Now Ur ACC schedule begins and U know that winning just 5 Conference games this year in a vastly over-rated ACC will be an accomplishment ... Hmmmm, 14-15 wins, .500 record at best and U'll be on Ur way to the N.I.T. riiieeet ? Or will they even bother to invite U with Ur 3k a game home attendence and zero road draw appeal...

Man things sUck down in the Gables Athletically...

Are you seriously trash talking University of Miami BASKETBALL????

New low loser, even UM fans don't follow our basketball team!!

Y'all 'fans' hating on shalala are the same ones complaining about facilities.

Boosters are all scumbag jocksniffers, that's why they give their money to a college's football team.

To the poster blasting Susan earlier.

Fact is Susan, Manny, Gorton and Milian are ALL Unbiased professional writers ... Truth is, Miami has done nothing to generate any type of excitement athletically in Football for over 8 years, Basketball in forever and Baseball for close to 8 years now. They, as writers have nothing solid to base any long term positive outlook articles on, because the hard facts are just not there. Don't you think that they'd love to report about all the successes that the U has had in it's Athletic Department ? That would only benefit them as journalists. We as Cane Homers, and I am one, want to feel not just good, but GREAT about what is happening with our Canes. But that just simply hasn't been the case as of late and going on now for far too long. It's time to start seeing and realizing things for what they are. And while I've no problem with a fluff spin journalistic piece to rally the fan base from time to time, I believe our Cane beat writers are just simply out of angles to do so. Sure a feel good story here and there is a good thing. But striped down to the nuts and bolts, things just aren't good inside our U's athletic department as of long late right now and seem like miles away from great anytime soon... That said, it's my personal opinion that it starts at the TOP and since we got our new "Top" 10 years ago in 2001, it's been a sllllooowww trickle down effect of mediocrity with our Athletic teams. Make of that connection what you will, but I've absolutely zero doubt that therein lies the rub.

We need leadership that will demand and not settle for less than elite status Athletically at this University... We have the resources and just hoping for it won't get it done. DOING SO Will.

sorry to have offended any fellow Canes, but I'm tired of sugar-coating this subject the last few years when I saw it coming. It's here, been here too long and it's time to get it fixed once and for all.

Y'all 'fans' hating on shalala are the same ones complaining about facilities. Boosters are all scumbag jocksniffers, that's why they give their money to a college's football team.

Posted by: It's pronounced 'Dumas'


@ "It's pronounced 'Dumas'

I could care less about the facilities personally. We've won national titles with practically no facilities. The only thing I ever complained about was the tearing down of our beloved OB. That was a historical landmark that should have been cared for better. Allowing it to crumble over time made the decision easy for all of those involved. Only a garbage individual would ever consider the idea of tearing down the OB.

RIP O.B. - We'll never forget you, ever!


Right on Canetillidie. The ob was at least two wins a year for us. seen any wide rights lately???

Chris T: You've got the 8 years thing wrong. let me remind you that in 2005, UM was ranked in the top 10, in fact got to be #3 in the BCS briefly, until they lost to ranked Ga Tech at home when Kyle Wright (our version of Scott Brantley) was sacked 9 times by GT. That was 6 seasons ago. Not 8. Until that game I was actually getting pretty pumped for the U. In fact, I thought we were turning the corner again after a mediocre 2004 season when LSU pasted us (we still finished 9-3).

So like many of the gatr mowrons here, you are mishandling facts. Get the facts right before you post something like that. In fact as of yesterday's Rose bowl, it was 10 years when the U played there to win #5 in january of 2002. One year later (t minus 9) the played for it again. One year after that, they played and won the OB and finished #5.

"Truth is, Miami has done nothing to generate any type of excitement athletically in Football for over 6 years now and the next 2 years to come at the very least."


I deal in the here and now and what's to come. We've been saying since after 2005 each year that the next year will be the year the last 6 years and I'm tired of it and will not buy into that anymore until it's proven.

Donna's selling, I'm not buying, but you feel free to go right ahead and keep turning those corners to find the same lack of %100 Institution support behind each one of them.

"after a mediocre 2004 season when LSU pasted us" is when Shalala cleaned house and the true It's A Cane Thing Mystique went with it. And she and her Pseudo-intellectual minions like it that way.

It's 2012. Show me.

And who is Scott Brantley ? check your facts.

Hell, I'll take "Good" like in 2004-2005 instead of this by Cane standard below average product that we've been force fed for just to long.

One thing I'm sure that all we Canes can agree on is that striving for "Greatness" is the ultimate goal. We aren't close and those that run the University of Miami are not fully committed to achieving that greatness.

Maybe LeBatard will expose all this oneday for what it is, but I suppose he chooses not to burn those bridges as of now. Trust me though, he knows.

Chris T., I have to agree with you a hundred percent. Shalaber got us in this mess and it is time we got rid of that old baggy faced troll. Even in 2005 we were an average team winning on the last gassed fumes of Butch Davis's players and living on at that time by our reputation. The way I see our program is this we have a top notch up and coming head coach who is enthusiastic and intelligent for the first time since Butch Davis was our head coach. Our Basketball team for once actually has a good head coach albeit older but a good coach non the less and probably the best since Leonard Hamilton was the Head man. Our AD, the jury is still out on him until I see something from him. I will say this he was smart enough to ink Golden to an extension so that moves him to notch 1 in my book.
And I agree with Canetillidie in that it was a travesty letting the Orange Bowl erode away like they did and use that as an excuse to destroy it. That was about the same thing Penn State did to Paterno. Unfortunately though in today's age, facilities have alot to do with attracting top talent to a school and UM's administration has got to start getting serious about putting us at least on a level playing field and they have the power and funds to make it happen. Get rid of Shalaber and get someone in there who is serious about winning. And Canes fans whether we like it or not, the one thing logically that we have to admit, that guy at Florida is committed to winning. If you don't win there he will get someone in there who will in all of their major sports. Whether we like it or not you got to respect him for that.

Chris T. I do disagree with you in that the football team will be significantly better this coming year and even better the following year. The reason I say that is Golden knows how to build from nothing into a winner and he has a much better launching pad for success here than he did at Temple. I much like you am a believer in staying positive but by the same token lets keep it real too.

I do believe however that the majority of Canes Fans know, see and agree that Shalaber is the main problem and its time for her to go.

Another BCS Bowl Game... Yet Another ACC Loss.

Shalala has never missed a tackle, blown a coverage, or dropped a ball.

Miami beat TAM in 2008
TAM just joined the SEC
This trumps UM beating an SEC team in 1961
Don't care about ACC this, SEC that
Just happens UM plays in the ACC
Never mind UM can't sniff ACC championship game
Don't care UF plays in SEC
Never mind SEC keeps winning bowl games and ACC keeps losing
Don't care SEC has won 5 NCs in a row
Never mind ACC is weakest conference this bowl season, again
Only care UM has not won anything in a decade

If the Hokies are a prime example of mediocrity, what does that make of UM? The Hokies have dominated UM for years now, but they are very mediocre. The Hokies have ruled the ACC for years, but they are very mediocre.
I agree with you cane fan, the ACC is very mediocre, the Hokies, rulers of the ACC and UM, are very mediocre. What does that make of U?

Why is the NCAA investigation taking sooo long (and reportedly will go on a lot longer)? Is there a lot of crap they need to follow? What about the IRS; did Wilfolf et. al. claim these dollars they received? Anyting over $50 should be declared income.

What a muddled mess.

Last time the Gators won anything worthwhile was 3 seasons ago, compared to 7 or 8 seasons for the canes.

When will be the next time? Who knows for both teams, but with sanctions looming chances are the Gators will win before the canes do.

" A long time ago" is more relevant for the canes, but of course you are delUsional and facts get in your way.

Espn is not biased towards the SEC. Who else do they have to talk about, it's the only conference, that is loaded with quality teams. Weekend & week out they're are big time match ups and they fill their stadiums, unlike the ACC. Aside from Clemson, FSU & Va. Tech, the rest of the ACC probably Averages 40 to 50,000 a game. Lets face it, this conference stinks and we've fallen right in with the rest of these mediocre teams. Since we've been in this conference we've played down to our competition and our record reflects it! Unless kids want to stay close to home, what conference would you want to play in, one that plays regularly for the Nat'l championship and in front of packed houses or on a team that plays in front of 40,000 people and your best team is a mediocre Va. Tech team? Va. Tech does it better in this conference because of their stable coaching staff, who has been together forever. They don't get the top athletes, they're just better coached and they win the games they're supposed to win. A bad year for them is 5-3 in the conference. We've maybe had 2, 5-3 conference records. This B.S. has got to change and until it does and quick, the memory of what we did 10 years ago will fade into folk lore!

Ex came fan. Typically it's a year or better for an investigation of this sort. Plus their work load has increased lately especially at os.

White heron, she has done nothing to help the program and much to hurt it. So yes she has contributed as you said. Everyone else gets it someday you might if you would stop chasing her skirt.

I have never said that Donna Shalala was good for UM football, just that she has been great for the university and will never be fired because the football team isn't winning.

ha ha ha. tenyears and all of the desperate gators are scrambling to "prove" how irreleveant Miami is, and how relevant the SEC and gaytorland is. Seriously guys you are beyond sad examples.

"The SEC is loaded with quality teams"- Yeah. Like Vanderbilt,Kentucky, Ole Miss, 7-6 Florida, Tennessee.Hmmm, that's 5 teams. need I go on? Yeah. Loaded.

You see, it doesnt matter, because you pathetic l-osers will never have what the U has:

5 national championships
The best cfb of all time
The most NFLers (yes- even now). 5 yrs ago youall were saying, Not for long not for long. Yeah. Still, mofo. Still.

2 top ten rbs in the NFL. Where's Earnest Graham? Is he still in football? Or is he working the late shift at Popeyes?
Where is Addai?

Where is Aaron Hernandez? Mr Tight end for florida? Ahh yeah. He was overshadowed. No eclipsed is a better word by a UM player who played 1 yr of football.

Never forget ya dweebs, 5>3 forever. 5 is bigger than 3 in case you dont understnd the > sign

We'll see what her job status will look like once we do (if ever) get hit with the sanctions.

1.It'll show her lack of integrity to do simple checks on those running around throwing money everywhere and threatening other employees.

2.It'll show that she's better at turning the other cheek and keeping her hand extended out while blindly accepting anything green put in it.

3.It'll also show how she took a football powerhouse and turned it into a garbage can. The football program was the true cash cow for the university, not jackson south, for which we are losing $16million with this year and another $25million next year and so on.

Early it was stated that she wasn't the one who missed tackles or didn't make that TD catch. This is true. What is also true is that she didn't allow the player who could do those things to enroll and play for his "dream school". Local athletes want to come to their dream school and can't because of her strict admissions and others who also want to come here are afraid to due to the sanctions that we will be hit with due to her inability to see and hear what is going on. Candy Randy might not have been a great head coach but he can smell a rat when one is lurking around. He told her on many occasions that this guy (won't mention his garbage name) was bad news and shouldn't be allowed near the school or players. Did she listen, hell no. She kept her hand extended out and her ears and eyes shut.

She's great at taking any kind of money that comes her way but can't see trouble, even if it's only a few inches from her face.


GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ corpus

Man you crack me up. It's all so true. Still funny though.


We are the canes
We have pro bowlers
We have no ACC titles
We have never played in ACC ship game
We are the canes
We have 2 top 10 NFL RBs
We have a good TE over at New Orleans
We can't buy a win in a crappy bowl game
We wish our pro bowlers and NFL RBs and TE could win for us
We are the canes
We have Nevin Shapiro sanctions looming
We haven't won squat in a decade even with all our pro bowlers and NFL players
We can't win even with years of cheating with Nevin's stolen cash
We are the canes

It's amazing to me that someone could know so little about a school they enthusiastically support.

UM doesn't own Jackson, we're the ones running it out of business by siphoning off the patients who have insurance - and we're not even based in Jackson South anymore.

But keep crying, it's not going to change anything.

We are the Canes, you are right
We do have numerous pro bowlers
We don't have any ACC titles, you are right
We have never played in a ACC ship game
We do have 2 top 10 NFL RBs
We have 3 good TEs in the NFL, not one
We can't buy a crappy bowl win but we have one 5 big ones!!!
Our Pro bowlers have already won for us
We do have sanctions looming
We haven't won squat in a decade
We maybe didn't win on the field, with Nevins cash but our players had a good time spending it!
We are a NFL farm team
Yes we do stock pile NFL rosters with talent and all while being mediocre
Yes we haven't had success, in the last 10 years but it's only fair we let someone else have fun for awhile, while we lay back & get ready for our next run
And you are dam right WE ARE THE CANES!!!

Homestead linebacker and early Miami Hurricanes commitment James Burgess Jr., was supposed to announce his final college decision live on CBS Sports Network on Tuesday night at the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl at Chase Field in Phoenix.

That opportunity never came to fruition, but it also didn't change things for Burgess, who confirmed to several media outlets after the game that he has flipped his commitment in favor of head coach Charlie Strong and the Louisville Cardinals.

Burgess, 6-foot, 200 pounds, had previously committed to Miami with good friend and teammate Herb Waters this past July, but after the NCAA investigation into the Miami recruiting allegations, Burgess and many other players began to reassess their options.

Waters, a one-time UCF target, recently announced on his Facebook page that he will make his final decision on Jan. 25th. A 6-foot-1, 170-pound wide receiver, Waters is still committed to The U, but has official visits remaining to FIU (Friday), Cincinnati (Jan. 13) and Vanderbilt (Jan. 20). He already visited Louisville with Burgess on Dec. 9.

The son of former University of Miami and NFL player James Sr., Burgess becomes the 19th player to commit to the Cardinals for the 2012 recruiting class. National Signing Day is less than a month away, Feb. 1.


With OSU's case being settled, the NCAA has U dead in it's crosshairs Cane Fans ... And don't think for a second that these kids don't know this and other Programs and Coaches will pluck the few 4 Star kids U have and a handful of the better 3 Star kids... But U have 27 Commits and will be alright huh ? Be reminded, as to why U have so much quantity rather than quality my misinformed, misguided Cane Clods. U will not, I repeat, WILL NOT get a signature come Feb. from even one of the remaining 30-40 UNCOMMITED top 150 National prospects to help fill that void of losing 6-8 of Ur Top current "commits". U can believe that. That's when the perennial Top 10 programs, of which U ARE NOT, will get 3-4 of those difference makers each. And Golden will be off to offer Buffalo, Toledo, Temple, San Diego St., C. Mich., New Mex., 2-Star projects that U will deem the next Ed Reed and Santonio Moss' of the College Football World...

So, U just sit back and watch it all unravel. As some idiot Cane fool earlier put the blame the sole blame on beat writers that cover Duh U sports that they are too negitive and only write what's going bad about Ur Rudderless Cane programs ... That's the only material that they've had to work with going on basically 8 years ... And certainly the next 4-5 years in the near future...

Ahhhhh, but Cane fan typically will not see things for what they trUly are holding onto hope that unlike the last 7 off seasons that somehow this year will be different...

Good luck with that yet again, and again, and again, and again Cane fan...


To someone who believes they know it all.

If you honestly believe that after all of the time of being a fan like myself that I would "believe" that The U owns Jackson South then you are simply admitting to your own stupidity. Just for that person's information, The U hasn't cut ties with Jackson South yet. Still stuck with them, siphoning patients or not.

But I guess you think high enough of yourself because you're still the hobbit's lil'toy. Disgusting man.


Maybe the Canes shoUld wear all Orange next year …

Whew, ACC champion Clemson gives up 70 points to a Big East (at least for now) team! Ouch for the ACC.

But, did you notice how hard West Virginia plays? Near the end, up by multiple touchdowns, their RB knocks guys over and runs all out. Again, to think Miller is rated #2 at RB is hilarious, if only for lack of intensity. I have seen numerous RBs this year who play hard every down. I think Clements has that postential, as does James if he gets some blocking and a line that plays with ferocity..

But the intensity level of West Virginia, and so many bowl teams, was something to see. Hope Coach Golden can turn around the team culture at the U. We better or we will not compete, even in the ACC...

Yeah dbc, that was a beatdown from that fumble return on. The bottom line is the ACC should be ashamed of itself this bowl season. Beamer gave Michigan that game last night and Clemson was just pathetic.

The ACC is decent in the regular season, but, ACC teams a mentally weak. They get on the big stage and fall flat on their faces. When Clemson and VA Tech lose in BCS games, (especially the way Clemson that lost) it is hard to use "well, we play in the ACC now, not the Big East anymore".

Again, with the two top dogs losing the last two nights, it is a fact that the ACC will not be anything in football until UM and FSU get back to where they should be.

BTW, when I said the ACC is decent in the regular season, I meant against other conferences (you can look at the record over the years). The conference just folds it's tents in bowl games, especially BCS games.

Yeah Canes4Life, in the regular season as a conference we did well. And your point about until FSU and Miami return back to form the other teams just haven't shown that they can perform in a big bowl stage. Va Tech's problem last night was coaching decisions and then a screw job by the replay official. But had Beamer not went for it on 4th and short Tech would have won more than likely because they dominated Michigan statistically and in the game except where it counted on the scoreboard. That mess tonight by Clemson was just pathetic.

relax ... we're about to outrecruit Clemson and the entire acc !

try praying

when's next year

keep an eye out on dem commits the next 3 weeks

And go to the OB and get pasted on with 70pouints- had Miami done that I'd resign my UM allegiance.

That basically sums up the psyche of hurricane fans, when the going gets tough they dump their team. How lame.

This goes to show that the cane players and coaches play exclusively for themselves (sadly). No support from the admin, fans, or alumni -- least of all the special-ed's that rant about the canes on this site.

5>3>2 is your typical special ed cane
UM already got pasted in the last OB game ever by "mighty" Virginia
Clemson fans actually went to Clemson and won't turn tail after a loss
Most cane "fans" have never set foot @ UM and thus are bandwagon, frontrunner and fairweather
This explains the lack of attendance at home games
UM can't compete in the worst conference, what makes you think they would compete in the Big East
You could have a winning record in Div II
Stick your head in the sand if you must but NCAA sanctions are coming
Recruits leaving you for UL and other minor programs is never a good thing
"Loser" would best describe UM and its "fans" out of all state schools, except maybe FAU

GAYtr fans do have something to cheer:

The least accurate QB in the NFL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Dont believe me- check the NFL stats on completion pctg

Clemson did not lose by 70
A pasting is a pasting either way
We post here because you post in ours
For you to even talk you must show up to the ACC ship game
Then, win the ACC ship game
Show up to a BCS bowl game
Then, win a BCS bowl game
Beat the teams you are supposed to beat
Don't lose to pansies like Maryland and BC
Stop living in the past

God the acc blows - how are we not dominating this conference??

No Cane has posted in your Gator Clause blog for DAYS. In fact, there are more Gator comments here than in your own blog. Rather than obsessing about us, perhaps you should get your own house in order.

As to the comment that Canes fans run from their team, sure looks like the Gator fans have done that on their blogs. ZERO comments for the past few days, might as well shut that bandwagon site down.

We are still here even after 6 tough years. We are still here even after 6 tough years with Curse trying his best to kill this blog.

That's right, your daddy is still here, so go to your room, troll.

@ Eudo Read the Miami Herald. There's a few articles on how much money is the university is losing out on with Jackson South. The #'s I mentioned are taken directly from there. Look it up nerd. I won't stop blaming the troll for everything that has occurred UNDER HER WATCH!!! She was told by a head coach (RS) that this guy was bad for the school/program and she ignored it. She ignored it again when this douche screamed verbal threats at an employee. She closed her eyes and kept her arm extended with hand open. As long as that guy kept writing checks and handing out dirty money, she didn't care. All she wanted to prove to everyone is how much money she could bring to the university. To everyone's surprise she didn't care where the money came from. As a representative of a major university you have to care because later it will all fall on your shoulders and you will make everyone look bad. People don't want to look bad, especially alumni. If you push the hobbit's crouch off of your face, maybe, just maybe, you would understand that.

Grow up.

GO CANES!!!!!!


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