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News from the Nevin Shapiro front: UM agrees to pay $83,000 to bankruptcy trustee. 'Deal eliminates likelihood of former Canes having to disclose under oath potentially incriminating information about impromper gifts.'

 Nevingate continues its winding path toward whatever conclusion awaits University of Miami athletics.

 The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reports in today's Herald that "Former University of Miami football players who allegedly received Cadillac Escalades, jewelry, party invites, champagne, lap dances and the services of prostitutes and other gratuities courtesy of a now-imprisoned athletic-booster-run amok won't have to talk about it in a bankruptcy pleading. Nor will they have to give anything back.

  "UM has agreed to pay $83,000 to the bankruptcy trustee in the case of Nevin Shapiro, who is serving 20 years for defrauding investors in a Ponzi scheme. In exchange, the bankruptcy trustee agreed not to try to recoup any more money from UM or the 70 living players who are alleged to have received cash, gifts or services from Shapiro, in violation of NCAA rules.

   "The deal eliminates the likelihood of former Hurricane players having to disclose under oath potentially incriminating information about improper gifts received from Shapiro -- testimony that might have further embarrassed the university.''

   Please keep in mind that the settlement, according to our story, must be approved by a bankruptcy court judge on Feb. 27. But that, I am told, especially in a case like this, usually happens.

   So how does this affect UM's prognosis?  Remember, the NCAA does not have subpoena power and cannot require former UM players -- or former UM coaches (unless they're coaching at another college) -- to answer its questions or cooperate in the investigation. 

   In the end, it helps UM, though the NCAA has obviously talked at length to Shapiro and can use whatever he gives them, if the NCAA finds it to be true directly through its own investigation. But it has to be the NCAA itself that verifies that information. It can't be through the Yahoo!Sports report, or any other publication or second-hand source.

   However, sworn testimony by former players, etc., through the U.S. Courts would help to sink the Canes.

   I am told the NCAA case is not close to being concluded. 

   This is a positive development for the Hurricanes, but it does not mean they won't get slammed. It just depends on what the NCAA can discover for itself.

     UM will soon be starting its spring semester, with a new crop of Canes emerging. Between five and 10 newcomers will join the team in January. The status of a few is uncertain, depending on transcripts, grades, courses, etc.

   I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy holiday season and has a safe and fulfilling new year.

   Here's a link to Barry's well-reported story: http://tinyurl.com/842trms




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well I see that posts are getting removed left and right in here. hmmmm

I'm right, you're wrong, and Shalala will never be fired.

Thems the facts, sorry for any inconvenience.

lets keep the football blog a football blog, shall we...


ya ya

"I'm right, you're wrong." hahaha very laughable.

We'll see after we get hit by the NCAA what will happen. Even someone, who claims to be as smart as you claim to be, can see for themselves that everything started once she got here. Didn't you say that RS wouldn't get fired also??? Where is he now??? Still looking for a job. If you want to talk about facts, then do some homework before you write garbage.

Start a nerd blog and dump your garbage there. This is a football blog, get over it. Nobody likes you.

"The football program was the true cash cow for the university, not jackson south, for which we are losing $16million with this year and another $25million next year and so on."

If it's a football blog then stick to football and stop pretending like you know anything about my university.

And no, I thought Shannon would have been fired a year earlier than he was.

This ACC is so bad it bodes well for UM. We should dominate this weak conference now that Al Golden is here. He is bringing in boatloads of real cane recruits. We will win multiple championships with him now that the NCAA will leave us alone.

Just saying: define"living in the past"

2009?2008?2006? If so, your 3 National ch are the thing of the past. And alsoin the past s your 2011 schedule, when UF beat one team with a winning record... Furman

just sayin

Shoulda, coulda, woulda
Moral victories, stolen games, etc
That is what cane clown is reduced to
Hey, you almost won a bunch of games this season too
Almost won, pretty loss, defines cane football
Talk about weak scheduling when your conference just finished an embarrassing season with a pasting
Living in the past is all your so called arguments when the only good you can bring up is from 2002 or prior
You forgot to brag about the NFL and pro bowlers
Again nothing to brag about your cane team
But we have tons of probowlers, yep
Golden stole a recruit from Northern Arizona, the next Ed Reed I hear, yep

"If we had won all our games this year, we would have had our 6th NC" - Cane fan

So cane dope, how did that tough out of conference schedule help your strength of schedule? Last I checked (albeit before bowl season), UF was in the top 20 and you guys were drifting back into the 40's.

5? And no asterisk? You guys still counting that one you split with us?

Well a new year and nothing but the same oh same oh from white heron. Your right canetillidie this person must be about twenty years old, lives with parents, and has a med adjustment problem. How else can the constant flip flopping and inability to read and comprehend what people write, and the inability to hold a complete rational thought.
White heron come out from under the hobbits skirts for a change.

Hey canetillidie you forgot baseball national champs to your post. You do that and uf really looks good right?? And how many gators have scored td's in the nfl lately??

Anyways, Canes only count "actual" championships that we have in our trophy case.


For added flavor, go ahead and add in the national titles that were stolen from us

Stop defending the canes. You are a moron. Duhhhh lets build a stadium in Tamiami Park. We can generate revenue with a no blocky no blocky tax.

ltcdolphin - care to explain what I misunderstood here?

"The football program was the true cash cow for the university, not jackson south, for which we are losing $16million with this year and another $25million next year and so on."

Canefan72. Can you read. Let's add for flavor is not counting, but does add emphasis. Good idea though in trying to build a stadium for the U.
To do that the hobbitt needs to go plus break what a 20 year lease at sun life?? She has truely worked hard to bring down the u football

@ canefan'72

I'll defend my Canes till the end. I guess you ended your love for them back in '72. Man you come out of no where with really nothing of substance to say. Guess it sucks to be you. I can care less where they build the stadium as long as they do it. There are plenty of locations to do it if anyone actually really thinks about it.

You are no Cane!

But I am.

Golden Era is here!!!

I admit I'm an absolute homer when it comes to my Canes and guess what I have to say to anyone against The U... F U!!!! Not one school can compare themselves to The University of Miami. Nobody can. These are facts people face them head on or continue to dilute yourselves with the nonsense swimming around in what you call a brain.

Golden Era is here, get ready!!!!

So, someone asks a player after the game if he is going to declare for the draft. He talks about probably not because he loves his teammates and team so much. He speaks from the heart.

Was it a UM underclassmen draftee to be? No, it was LeMichael James, standout RB and Heisman finalist last year, a guy who plays hard every down and who has true heart.

We need guys like this at UM. These are guys who value Team and Loyalty and Commitment. Note the results on the field

WIll he come out? We will see, but it sure was refreshing after watching the Canes me-first gang jump ship. These themes are a challenge to Golden in turning around our football program. I hope he gets it done.

Didn't we split that title with you and end your home winning streak?

And you still let your mom buy you Starbucks?

Yea, I'm the one who brought up Shalala and Jackson South.

Hope you're not as crazy in real life as you are on the internet - best of luck with all that.


Actually all you have done this past season was bring up those two topics. There we go again with your flip flopping. So which personality are we dealing with today I wonder???

Back to the ward with you and take your meds!!!


please tell us all about U being a 5-5/200lb. RB/DB/PR/KR at Gulliver again ?

that's my favorite.

Another BCS Bowl Game ... Another ACC loss.

So white heron you now say the football program was a cash cow. Good we can add another flip flop from you.
Earlier you said someone said the U owned Jackson when that was not said. Reading comprehension work on it.

Vegas has us at 90/1 odds to win the NC next year!!!! So you are saying there is a chance!

That's what they say Lloyd. Bet on it.

Nebraska called- They want their 66 points back.

66 points. 1995. LOL.

Washington split 1991 with Miami but it wasnt then when they broke the hme winning streak you puke.

What is the sw(d)umps winning streak at at the present time?

Good luck with that.

The Gators do have the longest winning streak of seasons in all of FBS. They haven't had a losing season since 1979.

ltcdolphin - if you weren't so consistent I'd swear that you were only pretending to be a moron.

When words have quotation marks around them that means that someone else said it.


Ooooppss ...

White heron your childish comments show the level of your ability at discourse. Way back and I do this from an iPhone, you gave canetillidie some misconception about the U either owning or not owning Jackson south and he took you to the cleaners.
Just awhile ago you said the U was your university. Think your words were my university. You the owner now?? No wonder you are under the hobbitts skirts if she has any.
Quotation marks are usually " marks not the ones on your post. So much for quotations.
You really need to adjust your meds and try not to flip flop so much.
Nighty night whom ever you are.

Hey canetillidie. Fire shalalalalala now.

It looks like double quotation marks are posted as one mark as I read my post white heron. So who were you really quoting??

". ". " " " "

5* you mean 6* after the 2002 NC was stolen from us?

F_U: 3* Never deserved 2006. That was a gift from ESPN

Don't write it silly cane, say it aloud and hear for yourself just how ridiculous it sounds. Better yet, call that one into a national radio show like Colin Cowherd or Jim Rome's show and witness for yourself the awkward silence followed by the mocking chorus of snickers from everyone outside of Miami Dade. The Canes' latest fan - Scott Van Pelt. He totally abused you guys on national radio - hillarious!

The Gators do have the longest winning streak of seasons in all of FBS. They haven't had a losing season since 1979.



Sorry guys but I didn't write this garbage. Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I wouldn't credit UofFelons for anything. Sorry


GO CANES!!!!!!

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