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Ojomo denied sixth year by NCAA

ORLANDO -- There is another open scholarship available for Al Golden.

The University of Miami announced Saturday morning that defensive lineman Adewale Ojomo was denied a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA and will not be back next season.

Ojomo, who signed with UM in 2007, told us in November he had trouble finding the necessary paper work to receive a redshirt for his freshman season -- not the 2009 season he missed with a broken jaw after being sucker punched by a walk-on teammate in a preseason locker room brawl.

In 11 games this past season, Ojomo started seven and made the shift from defensive end to defensive tackle midway through the season. He finished the season with 19 tackles (9 solo, 10 assists), recorded 3.5 tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks.


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Any word on Ramon Buchannons Eligibility ?

Actually, pimple, the fraud is you, and that sorry program in traylerville

Gainesville, is a lowly cr..ap horse country town. A fraud of a community
F-u is a fraud univerity, diploma mill that still cant wear miamis jock straps

Since 1961 (50yrs): miami has played all of the SEC programs 80 times, and has beaten every one of them at least once. Record?

UM 43 rest of the SEC 37

Since 1991, UM has played 5 teams, UM is 6-4

Eat s;;;t and die pimple.

Eat that pimple.

Nebraska? Who the he!! cares?
Mac Jones and his phony "bloody" eh English BS.
Mac probably has a degree from an elementary school.

Raw pimple is a boil on the arse of society, another arrogant occupier of UM forums whose own existence is so meager as to be pitied.
None from me.

Still, you and those like you elicit these responses, so I guess you trolls must be feeling good, while spending your unemployment checks on video games.

Most of this is not as it is being reported..It is absolutly up to the coaching staff to indicate a player as a redshirt for a given season. Totally different from a medical redshirt that has to be reviewed by NCAA, a straight redshirt is declared by the head coach within the guidelines prescribed, there is nothing left to the player as far as application, or paperwork. Just as they chose to burn Morris's redshirt when J12 got injured.If Ojomo didn't play as a frosh, which I am almost sure he didn't , he was a redshirt. Reality..... He he decided to forgo his 6th year and declare. and as I recall he did get a medical redshirt for 2009.

MacJones is a girl, but the way she spews testosterone here is misleading.

Here’s how good the first game of the Metro PCS Orange Bowl Classic at BankAtlantic Center was:

After the University of Miami outshot FAU 93-90 in double overtime, a crowd officially listed at 11,262, largely swathed in University of Florida orange and blue, gave their archrival and FAU a standing ovation.

seriously, ya'll play basketball right ?

come on Cane fan, tell us all about how those yet to commit come closing time differencemakers that are lining up ...

dUke ? yeah he's the nex B. Sanders riieet ?


Looks like 48 degrees and mile high clear blue skies in Denver tomorrow ...

Bad boys both. # 15 n # 23 T n Mc

Keep the Gatr trash recruiting going. All 4 and 5 stars but will end up 6-6 again.

Epic fail in the trailer garden. Rawdouche is as stupid as it gets.

Rawpimple needs to go pop, and macjones, well what can one say about his thoughts. OK back under your rock.

It's ok guys. Merry Christmas.

I paid off your Wal-Mart layaway for all three of you "Canes Fans" on here running around with a bunch of different names. You are all the same.

I figured I'd throw in a bunch of Miami Heat stuff since I know you are all a bunch of front runners. That Canes stuff is hiding in a closet somewhere.

I bought Duke Johnson some Kleenex since I figured he will need it for all the LOSING he will be doing at dah U. Poor kid. Wont even have a shot to play for a good team. Get used to Mid-december bowls in Boise Idaho for a good season and spending plenty of time with family because dah U will probably miss a few bowl games during his time here too. What a great little player. The next Eduardo Clements. Tough little guy.

No, Rawdouche, get me some Gatr garbage gear. They are winners. Or maybe some FIU Beef gear (ta ta Mr. Cristobal).

Coincidence that Beef O' Brady is the slop that passes for fine dining in Trailerville?

I think not. Rawdouche still suuuuuuuucks. BEAAAHAHHAAH.

2 minutes till Rawdouche responds.

When all this disorder is re-energized into cohesive proficiency those that do not choose the []_[] will welcome disappointment.

Miami has 33 scholies to give this year. 33 freshmen coming in. No NCAA sanctions are going to hurt UM too bad. Unlike the mowrons like pimple who are just wishing.

The NCAA is realizing that 95% of Shapiros contentions are either a) gross unsubtantiated lies b) gross exaggerations of the truth or c) minor violations some of which players have already paid for.
The school has cooperated from the start, has self-imposed a bowl ban, the AD, coach and all but 2 assistant coaches in football have been fired.

Translation- There is very little- sheet where the stench is.

The stench is coming from that little runt with a bung hole the size of Gainesville in jail right now, although not quite as smelly.

Miami will be all right.

Remember what I said, The U will always be the U. No "Mighty Gators" with the Tebow phenomenon were able to dislodge Miami from being Florida's premier football program. We are down, but we didint lose to Wake Forest 3 years in a row like FSU did.

Miami lucked out with Al Golden. And the university, trustees and all of us should open up our wallets.

MArch 30- Spring Scrimmage- Fort Myers Florida beautiful little stadium with pro turf- Bishop Verot hs, the same 3A hs that last yr wooped Westminster Christian and their QB. They actually have a former Verot graduate walk-on CB/track athlete in Hugo Delapehna on the Miami roster. The same school that initially pursued but didnt grab top ILB 6-0 230 Jonathan Alvarez

march 30. be there. Fort Myers is Gator country, so lets fill that stadium with orange and green

A Gator whose team went 6-6 and is about to get stomped by Ohio State, lurking around on a Miami site with Cane envy and spewed nonsense ... calling itself 'rawpimple', nonetheless. Why is anyone taking this hack seriously?


Duke Johnson just played in front of the largest crowd he will ever play in again.

Dah U is sooooo 80sss......

Enjoy losing Duke. U think u are better than Lamar Miller who just led dah U to a great 6-6 record beating the tough team, DUKE??? Not a chance.

ENjoy sitting at home for Bowl season because if the NCAA sanctions dont make u stay at home, your terrible football team loaded with 2 and 3 star recruits will.

You are spiraling down from mediocrity to NOTHING.

ENjoy the downfall!!!!

Hey Manny - here's an idea. Why don't investigate different software package options that don't allow the user to change their user name every time they post. Better yet, make people register with an account so someone with the Herald can actually track these comments. That way, people can't steal each others post names and you don't end up with a stream of empty junk like this...

Jesus what happened here?

Rawpimple isn't usually this pathetically obsessive, only an offhand comment every post or so - I think his name has been hijacked.

Anyway, all I was going to say is sh*t - could've used Ojomo next year.

Its just a game folks... some of you need to get a life of your own and stop living vicariously through these football teams. Its not you on the field or the sideline.

Wow.....Looks like a big rebuilding year for Coach Golden.At least he ll have HIS players.Hopefully....they ll be more mentally sharp and humble.Not thinking they can just show up on the field at the U. Duke looked real good the other day with his 5 TD s.Surprised he was so small but hopefully he ll add a little weight to hold up to all the increased pounding he ll now get at the next level.GO CANES.

who is ojomo, i dont ever remember his name being called in a gqame. same with most who left. miller, streeter the exceptions. it still hurts losing the experience, but we will overcome. the program needed rebuilding, the last 2 coaches did very little in recruiting. golden has his work cut out. pimple and other gaytor trash, it seems you are satisfied now with 6-6. get used to it. meyer(liar), left you with nothing. he rode the tebow train, and split. welcome to irrelevant

Resonse to Rawpimple.... USING that NAME i know why you use it.You got nothing.You talk like a little kid.Immature.A man you re not.Punk maybe.Let s just see how things play out.

no way hose? how illiterate are you

pimple is a pedophile. in gator football gear

You mean Sandusky.

Brady is God

oh yeah, God Bless

I hate all the negative comments but I'm afraid it would be foolish to expect a better than an 8-4 season next year and possible worse. But it won't really matter because the U won't be going to a bowl game anyway and probation will take its toll the years following. It will be 3 years before Golden can put a decent team on the field and then probably just 9-3. The U is a long way from an ACC title probably 4 or 5 years.

Bob you need to go back to bobbing for apples, try and get one off the bottom.

"Resonse to Rawpimple.... USING that NAME i know why you use it.You got nothing.You talk like a little kid.Immature.A man you re not.Punk maybe.Let s just see how things play out."

Ironic coming from a guy with 1, 3 and 4 word sentences. Got MDCC?????

pimple is a pedo

2 star U!!!!!

Enjoy 5 plus years of mediocre fooseball!!!!

The next time I expect to hear from you is when you SHOW UP to the ACC title game. Until then, go become Miami Heat fans, you bunch of front runners!

Does anyone moderate these comments. Stupidest stuff I've ever read.

Does anyone moderate these comments. Stupidest stuff I've ever read. BILLB



Reminds moi of MOST, but not all, Cane rUffians. That's why Miami fanhood be known to be some of the most stUpid, BANDWAGON, FAIRWEATHER bUbba's around the landscape of major college football. Eh.

In other words, 85% of loyal college pigskin fandom know for certain, that Hurricane fanhood is a bloody JOKE. Say it ain't so.

And even when Miami was at the ZENITH of their winning ways back in the day, the Hurricanes still could only sell out HALF of their home games in the forgotten O.B. Get outta' here.

Tony, that is my point. There will be a lot of freshmen playing, and no matter how talented they are, they will struggle as freshmen and will be terribly inconsistent. If anyone here thinks they will win right off the bat they are seriously deluded.
Oldschool, you know I meant Tommy Streeter. The point remains the same.

Damn this is upsetting. I was really looking forward to Ojomo going back to DE with Chickillo on the opposite side and getting another DT to fill in next to Darius Smith.

Ojomo, I wish you the best in whatever path you take. Make the best of this and go pro, you do have talent. Hit the gym hard and stay the course. Good luck.



errr, macjones, he was talking to you. We are laughing at you, not with you. Of course, the irony is lost on the feeble-minded.

Adios Ojomo and with him goes another underachiever and one less DT. Lets see we now have Smith, Porter & Robinson as true DT's on this team. We have one verballed, Earl Moore, all 6'1 of him. I doubt he could see over the center. Swiss cheese, that's what will be on defense next year. We better make a quick switch to the 3-4 defense, because we don't have enough DT's to handle a 4-3, well on second thought we don't have enough LB's to run that either, and I guess it really doesn't matter because we have no depth at CB either. 2015 Let me bat my eyes and it's here.

Get back, get back to that Canespace'ER. Eh.

No, check that. That canespacer be bloody well DEFUNCT, now.

Seriously though, don't take the word of that HERBERTibiz. Because in the best of best OPTIMAL CONDITIONS, Miami will be Top 20 worthy in 2016. Forthcoming loss of DOUBLE-DIGIT scholarships anyone.

As for recruiting UNDER SIZED players. That's The Golden One's M.O. If you know what I mean.

By the way, Albert's former Temple squad bloody MOLESTED a MWC team on Saturday and let moi be forthright with U'all Cane bUbba's.

Most, BUT NOT ALL, of the Temple squad 22 starters were UNDER SIZED ballers. 6-0 or 6-1 DT's anyone.

Again, I don't know why, but it seems that Golden and his recruiters have a thing about recruiting UNDER SIZE players, at all postions. Of course, there's always exceptions to the rule. The O-line, for instance.

Bottom line is The Golden One is having relative difficulty adjusting to B.C.S. level competition and styles and recruiting and coaching, etc., etc.

So, get use to 7-5 or 8-4 or 9-3 seasons after the probation years. Because those Top 5 or Top 10 type of seasons are a thing of the pass now.

Hurricane football be PASSE, in other words.

Macjones curious on two things... you are certainly hung up on saying "Bloody" which is a euphemism for slow thinker or slow thought process..also you have the knack of saying EH which is an insult to our friends North of the border...
Please do us a favor and go lift a cow, because 95% of us on this site if we see a post by you we move to the next post..

Get a life, and quit worrying about the 'Canes..
They will do just fine, with you or without you, so go find something bloody interesting to do EH!
Go 'Canes.

Eh! I bloody think you've pissed a few ruffins off, on this site, sort of like the last one, capice!

Eh! I bloody think you've pissed a few ruffins off, on this site, sort of like the last one, capice!
Posted by: herbieibis | December 19, 2011 at 03:32 PM

HerbertIBIS, these SO-CALLED Cane fan's just cant't handle the bloody T-R-U-T-H! That's all.

But then again, who could blame. Chit, Miami ain't been RELEVANT since the 2005 campaign. Eh.

Nonetheless, I'll be still cheering for that 7-5 Cane squad in 2012.

That's right, bUbba's ALL. 7-5 in 2012. Nothing more and nothing less.

6-6 will be the new bar set for the hurricanes football program.

New player attitudes with our new coaches & well be just fine!
Well learn some lessons in 2012, but 2013 & beyond watch out!

Seantrel Henderson is transferring to Ohio State?????

I guess next year won't be bad because as fans we shouldn't be expecting much, I'd say 7-5 at best

Agree with your observations regarding Temple. Those guys played really hard on every down. Impressive.

Golden must bring UM to that level of intensity and hard hitting. It is long overdue.

What's this about Seantrel transferring? Huh?

NCAA Ignorance...... they'll give a sixth year to a player from OU after he almost beat his best friend to death in a drunkin rage, but they won't give one to a Miami player


Seantrel isn't transferring. Don't listen to the ramblings of an idiot. We're good with letting go of all of the clock punchers. How else were we going to clean house if you think about it. I'll miss Streeter, Miller and Bwash. April 14th is what matters now. We'll see what we have then. Hope to see all of my real canes fans at the mecca.

Take care dbc and keep your head up.


Seantrel is a Real 'Cane...
He is not going anywhere..

Are you kidding Ohio State of all places...

He is being groomed and ready for a breakout season and then on to the NFL..
Seantrel is a LOT smarter than some goofball trying to start an uproar..

Settle down and start getting ready for the Season 2012.
It will be Golden.
Go 'Canes.

Fire shalalalala now

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