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Perryman named freshman All-American

Hurricanes linebacker Denzel Perryman was among 26 players named to CBSSports.com's Freshman All-American team Wednesday night.

Perryman finished the season ranked first among Atlantic Coast Conference freshmen with 69 tackles. He finished his first year with UM ranked second on the team in tackles and tied for third on the team in tackles for loss (6.5).

In his first career start against then-No. 20 Georgia Tech, Perryman recorded seven tackles, three tackles for loss and his first career sack. He would go on to start the final four games of the season for the Hurricanes, recording a career-high 14 tackles in the team’s season finale against Boston College.


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In with the freshmen producer and out with the senior underachievers.

Good job 52!!! Keep the tradition going!
Next up.... Keith Brown, Northrup, Witt, or ??????? Linebacker, RB, DL, OT,

Perryman is a beast!!!

Another example of GOLDEN doing work, finding players!! Impressive! Great job 52...another Ray Lewis in the making? GO CANES

Congratulations, Denzel! You can be a great one and a team leader.

Perryman was a 3 Star

Why does every one have to compare players to previous players? Let them make their own name instead of living in someone elses shadow.

Nice addition Joe2223

Another example of GOLDEN doing work, finding players!! Impressive! Great job 52...another Ray Lewis in the making? GO CANES

Actually, Perrymen was a RS recruit from day one; he only fulfilled his promise because it is the "U", not necessarily b/e of Golden.

@Joe2223 Well it depends on what site you viewed him on. Some had him as a 4 star. Some like rivals had him as a 3 star. But he's playing like he's a 5 star caliber. I would like to see Josh Witt come around. I think he's going to be the next "Dan Morgan". But we seriously, need some freshmen to step up next year. Duke Johnson,Louis Jean,Preston Dewey,Vernon Davis, I'm looking forward to these young men stepping up and willing to take responsiblity.

So all the talk on another string about needing 4

Vernon Davis will be ready to play people sleeping on him, but coach golden personally offered him after he showed out at the skills camp. it'll be interesting to see what DJ is going he's a nasty slot receiver and he's a really good corner that'll hit you in the mouth.

Golden didn't recruit Perryman that kid been comitted since his Soph year in high school

Keep it up Denzel! The epitome of a TRUE CANE! He might have come to The U no matter what but Golden Al did seal the deal.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]


JamesD. Probably a 3 maybe a 4. Certainly not a 5. V

who cares about the stars the kid had?..he got on the field and played his ass off..hopefully these coaches will develop him more so that he could be an even bigger, badder beast

Denzel was a 3 star recruit people. He was a late signee with the canes and was one of Goldens recruits that he lured in near the end. This is why I hate the high school rating system. This guy was a beast, but because he wasn't 6'4" and weighing around 230, he was a 3 star recruit. Just look at his states compared the 1 rated linebacker from St. Augustine who signed with Clemson.


the kid knows how to tackle, and he brings the wood every play, good job Perryman

Thats right Gacane- Tony Steward, a physical specimen at MLB hasnt sen the field at Clemson. In fact his # of tackles in hs wasnt all that impressive- should have been a red flag right there. There was actually a 6-0 230 MLB from Fort Myers who was one of the leading tacklers in the county who UM passed on, though Barrow liked. Perryman is a beast. Sideline to sideline. Hopefully he will develop. UI still think Spence was too small. Dont matter how smart you are, QBS, TEs, and rbs are so big now. The KSU dude, Klein repeatedly ran over Spence. Same with the 6-6 254 QB from VT, Logan. We need some meat in the middle.

Well deserved. Keep up the hard work Denz.U got a chance to be special..

Stars dont matter, passion for the game and heart do. Kid plays every down like it is his last, period. Need 40 more just like him who don't care about highlight films and "stars" behind their name.

Rivals.com: 3 stars
Scout.com: 4 stars
ESPN: 3 stars
Eye ball test: Baller!

Correct me if I'm wrong: This is one of RS's leftover recruits. That's my point. He's obviously starting next year, and at a very important time on defense for UM.

RS was terrible at recruiting in Miami. If you didnt attend Northwestern he didnt see you. Its a shame because it shouldnt matter what school or state your from, as long as you can play play. RS was prejudice to the talent in South florida and it showed. Why!!!! Golden sees the talent and is going after it. Thats why I love the Tie and what it brings to the U.

Not according to below cool cat. Golden seems to have seen his talent and footmen him. Great for the U.

Cool Cat there you go again.
Don't you ever learn.

A 'Cane football player is a 'Cane football player, it doesn't matter who brought in who.

The Orange and Green is running through him..

That is what the Golden team is trying to build.
So get off your nitpicking and say Congratulations to a great athlete that is playing like we would expect a 'Cane to play.

We are proud of this kid..
Say so, and shut the **** up..

I am toatlly tired of your one track posts..come up with something ORIGINAL that is why we read these posts..
Go 'Canes

I keep saying it over and over....a 3* recruit from South Florida is equvilent to a 5* recruit anywhere else outside of Florida. Congrats to #52 from a fellow Cavalier football Alumnus.

hope you people are patient cause it's gonna take at least another 2 years before this team is relevant again...golden needs to get his type player in here...

Perryman didn't commit to Shannon, as far as i know, he's interest in Miami was wavering and had LSU as the top, then Randy got fired and Golden was hired and Perryman started looking at us again, in the end he signed with us and he felt comfortable with Golden and Co.

Cograts Denzel I'm proud of U. I would offer one piece of advise though. U have a teammate that was a freshman all american, was picked on the preseason all-america teamn and went out and did squat, lost his jub and I wonder if he was ever really worth all the hype. Please don't take you early accolades for granted. Work hard stay hungry and most importantly lead your team to victory. Long live the Canes!!!!!!! Long live the U!!!!!!!


the Tie got'em

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