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PODCAST: Canesport's Matt Shodell on UM's 1st two recruiting weekends

Here is the podcast I recorded with Canesport's Matt Shodell on Monday morning covering UM's last two recruiting weekends. Download it for your listening pleasure.




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I hate podcasts, i just wanna read about it Manny, you the man when it comes to reporting recruiting news.

oye mejor ejcribelo yo no tengo ipod

I don't do podcast or twitter or text msg. My cell phone is for phone calls, old fart am I.

I'll just read it, or not, if and when it is in print.....

Manny - I'm in my 20s and technologically savvy, I am interested in what's going on in recruiting and want to listen to that podcast. For whatever reason I've tried listening to it three times and I keep losing interest and turning it off.

Doubt that 10% of the people who click on this blog listen listen long enough to get to whatever came out of your chat with Matt Shodell.

Maybe pick up the pace and start talking about specific players sooner. Either way it'd be worth your time to bullet point it up in the blog, we'd like to know.


podcasts were cool in 2003

You want the summary:


What are the Canes even in the top 50 on rivals? Players are jumping off the ship and "going pro", even the ones without any talent, plus the recruiting is SORRY and that's being nice.

If 2 and 3 stars were the highest ranking, the Canes would be the best recruiting class ever.

A class full of mediocre players. OHHHhhh but they try real hard and always have a smile on their face while they sprint off the field.

You think you have any chance of making UM fans feel as bad about our team as you do about yours?

We genuinely like our coach. We genuinely like the players he's bringing in. We're looking forward to next year.

If there did not happen to be a UF blog on the Miami Herald's website there would not be ridiculous troller types and you would not see UF mentioned here.

You're only our rival on this internet blog. You never play us. You've beaten us once in the past 25 years.

If UM was to win in 2013 you Gators trolls would disappear for two weeks and then start up again like nothing happened - this has nothing to do with football and you know it.

F*ck you Rawpimple.

yeah, I don't want a podcast either. Can't you just list out the highlights?

F'ing trollers.

UofFelons couldn't carry our balls.

fswho had to play their best game against our worst game to beat us by a mere 4pts.

No team that would have endured what we endured to begin the season with, suspended players, player dismal, looming sanctions, and off field issues would have done as well as we did. I hate moral victories but facts are facts. We're just a better team since Golden got here. We're much better than we were last season, and much better than our record states. We are the better team in the state hands down. Facts are facts. Rawpimple, geez what a ridiculous handle, what team do you represent? Please don't tell me it's the gaytards or the trailertrash rednecks? Both of these schools are older than The U yet we have the same number of national championships as those schools combined. Hell we're owed more due to last minute rip offs. We own the series against both of those schools. Hell we own the series against every school that has a football team in the state of Florida.

Stop having sex with your family members, that's how retards are born you F'ing idiot.



Ed Reed and Santana Moss were 2 star recruits... I think they turned out alright.

You, sir, are a moron. Go back to where you're wanted... wherever that may be.

The po cast won't even download

All those 4 star studs not doing The Gator much good now-a-days...

Funny. SEC.

espn is now officially the sec network...2.

But seriousrly. South carolina has self imposed a 6 scholie ban ue to ncaa violtions inluding upwards of $50,000 in benefits here, $3,300 boat cruises, etc...

Wheres mark may and tht other big dude with their fake indignation?

Where are all of the effen HYPOCRITES hiding?

The whole sec is dirty. Its just a matter of time and eventually when the entire ncaa realizes it, they will change the rules. Watch.

Of course the SEC is dirty and been dirty for years. And the nimrods like Mark May and others that suck their rearends will not show anything about it on the headlines let alone get up and speak ill of their precious SEC. But enough with the SElleeeCzzzzeeee. I heard all 19 minutes of the podcast and brighter and greater days are ahead for the U. Golden is doing a very similar job to the one Butch did while he was here at the U except at a quicker pace. The word relentless in recruiting as pertains to Golden and his staff is very encouraging and they are going after everyone that is anyone for the needs this team is lacking. Until this investigation is over by the NCAA some things will be a little up in the air but the fact that our staff is holding this class together and still adding quality players any time they can is an even better indication of the great job our head coach and his staff is doing. We are going to be a young team next year but I am stoked to see our team next year. Seems good to be headed on the way back to the top for the first time in 10 years instead of going the other way. By the way its not a great time to be wearing the orange and blue but its always great to rock that green and orange.

don't like Podcasts - no time for it.

thanks manny big things are in the works. cant wait to see golden in year 2 go canes

Montreal_Cane at 7:44 PM December 14, 2011
Another useless article Steve. Can you write about the positive and the way Al Golden is doing an incredible job recruiting especially this december...This has never happened at UM before. Golden is here to stay. You sound like a Gator troll.

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | December 14, 2011 at 08:22 PM


Pender makes court appearance

Cape Coral running back Mario Pender, who is one of FSU's 15 remaining commitments, made an appearance in juvenile court Tuesday morning on charges of battery and grand theft.

Pender, who turns 18 on Dec. 30, declined to comment to the media after the hearing was rescheduled for Jan. 5. The Island Coast High School senior was charged last month with hitting his longtime girlfriend during an argument and leaving the area with her car and cellphone.

--Information from the Fort Myers News-Press was used.


all angst aside, seriously,

Happy Holidays n Merry Christmas

feliz año nuevo

truce til 2012

RAwpimple is a big doooosh. Dude, go away. Nobody cares what you think. Nobody cares that you even exist. Like a cockroach, or a parasite, you infest this blog with putridity. Just go away.

South Carolina, one of the top programs in the sleezy-C, is being outed for payments and illegal gifts. Makes the $200 or so that JAcorry or others got. Please. What a bunch of hypocrites the ESPN talking heads are. Where is the disingenuous indignity? Where is Mark MAy? Where are Chris Fowler? Where are the calls for the death penalty?

If the NCAA truly got their boots on the ground and investigated or audited the SEC. BAm. The hammer would fall. Dont forget Alabama was dirty in the 90s and nearly got the death penalty- only to rise up when the not so sanctimonious Nick Saban came on board.

Punish the wrong doers not the entire program?

God Bless

Transcribe the podcast, so that we can read it. Lazyman.

truce til 2012

Posted by: State of Florida Football | December 15, 2011 at 06:55 AM

Yeah right, like we will fall for that. Your last offer of "truce" was honored by Canes fans, and then ignored by you. Let's guess, you will change IDs and then claim you weren't the guy offering the truce.

Here's a truce offer: Go into the middle of the northbound lnae of the turnpike, put on a blindfold, and try to play pinata with the 18-wheeler's headed north to Gainesville.

Once you are done with that, there will be peace, you sick obsessed freak.

In fact, we got some bad news about you living down here:


We dropped to #4 thanks to you. Do that pinata trick, ride north to Gainesville, and we will be back to #1.


Just scratch the podcast, at work i cant listen nor would i listen anyways. A nice write up is always the best Manny.

I have transcribed the podcast.

The ship is burning. Players are evacuating, even ones with subpar talent. The only recruits Golden can bring in is a bunch of guys with minimal talent, but they try very hard and will always sprint off the field after giving up a touchdown. 2 and 3 star recruit fest going on right now at dah U. At least Luther and Shapiro dont have to pay much for them. Maybe a lapdance from the troll and a ride on a canoe in the Everglades.

South beach and hurricanes fooseball a thing of the distant past (80s).

Acc title game which features the weakest conference in college football. The canes cannot even show up to that game. SAD SAD SAD.

Go back to being an independent. No conference championship. Paying players. Rampant cheating. Home national title games. Weak schedules. Those were the days.

rawpimple = santorum.

pimple- the only thing that is evacuating is your boyfriend when he gives you your enema. Go back to Traylerville so you can sheer on the 5 star recruit busts to another 6-6 season.

One word for pimple:


So long as Shalala is in Coral Gables, the Hurricanes will not win a National Championship. Next on the list not good enough for the "Stanford of the South" is Angelo Jean-Louis.

Win a National Championship???? BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Try showing up to that terrible, WEAK ACC title game, just once!!!! ONCE!!!! SHOW UP and not as a spectator. It's ok though, you all can trade in your Canes jerseys for Lebron ones. Biggest bunch of bandwagon fans anywhere in the country.

The Canes are flat out terrible and have been in a massive decline since the early 2000s. Even FIU and South Florida and even UCF are improving and ready to surpass the Canes.

Players bolting left and right. Same with coaches. The recruiting is at an all-time low.

Things are definitely looking down except for the few DELUSIONAL. Even Manny is trying to dump being a beat writer for the Canes and move on to the Panthers of FIU.

Even when we've been down the haters are still on our jock. I guess 1 win in 25 years isnt enough to wash out the bitter taste of a quarter century of ownage, more Natty's and more NFL prowess despite being a small private school with no state funding, no on-campus stadium in an international city with a small fanbase. NOW as it ALWAYS has been and how it ALWAYS will be.... ITS GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!

Epic failure = top 5 recruiting, funds, facilities and (white trash) fanbase filling a stadium all for a 6 - 6 record.

Epic fail in the trailerpark.

I's be rawpimple. I's be dumb as a trailer.

Notice that her "truce" lasted less than three hours?

Typical of the troll known as Curse.

Masochist seems to love the abuse, that's why she continues to lie on here after already having no credibility.

The reality is that all Florida college teams were terrible this year (UM, FL, FSU, FIU, etc.) Look at any of the top schools in any major BCS conferences and you will find Florida athletes represented and playing pivotal crucial roles in those teams. There is so much competition for recruiting talent in South Florida it is mind boggling.

I like Golden and I am hoping for the best. He needs to coach up the players and establish his infrastructure. Regardless, wins are the ultimate metric for success. So until he drastically improves his stats in the win column, I am providing my support and still hopeful. GO CANES!!!

We are the canes
What is a podcast?
We lost our best WR and RB but the kids Golden will bring are better
Can you say delUsional
Not fair to point out we can't show for the ACC ship
We will get there soon, maybe, probably not
But we ruled the Big Least back in the day
We played a few NCs in the OB as well
Nothing like a home game for a tittle
Good thing there was no BCS then, those were the days
BCS? What is that? A cane does know about BCS
Haven't played in a BCS bowl ever
Haven't played in January in what seems a decade
Haven't won in December in forever
Get the point?
But we have a bunch of NFLers and Pro Bowlers
We don't go to the games on Saturdays
We rather watch the NFL
And our DVD
From back in the day
University of Mediocre that's who we are
Did someone say sanctions?
Shapiro was a plant form those bad SEC people
and from the NCAA too
8 years of bribes and nothing to show
Bring back Uncle Luke
We did rule the Big Least
Maryland is a terrible team, who could lose to them?

Hey, look at the bright side. Maybe one of the 100 2 and 3 star recruits you are bringing in could turn out to be Ed Reed. Although I assume Ed Reed cost a lot more then the guys that are coming in.

Miami has a top 15 recruiting class on rivals, scout, and espn so how is this not a high quality class?

Blah blah blah

If you don't stay in state and live on the border only to jump hurdles f it go to Florida.

If you like slapping stitches and not gradurating but prefer beating down hoes f it go be a Seminole.

If you like lower your test scores so you want get hit by doors, blind and see f it go to the SEC.

If u like championships and not like to get rip from the hip but perfer the Golden Era.

F everyone else

The only thing the mighty gaytors have is an ESPN-overhyped former player who is riding the defenses coattails and the coattails of a 1000+ tailback. All the while 4 other REAL QBs are throwing for over 4000 yds. Guess who?

UF also has 2 100 meter champions that weigh 75 lbs socking wet. hahahahahahahahah. My pop warner child weighs more than those 2 weenies. Good luck in the arena league. Because theyre not faster than Walter Dix nor USain Bolt! THAT, is the definition of mediocre.

Mediocre is also being a 50,000 student 100 year old school with oodl;es of alumni money which still cant surpass the little old school from Coral Gables in National championships. SEC SEC they chanet, but other SEC schools have ben able to do what the mighty swamp lizards haev not been able to do in thier fabled 100+ year history: Go undefeated.

SEC SEC they say. Too hard for UF The Big East was too easy for Miami. Independent was easy Well, in one of those undefeated seasons Miami beat 3 SEC teams plus Oklahoma, FSU and Notre Dame. When has Florida ever done something like that? Mediocre.

Mediocre is going 22-7 at home against Furman.



I didnt stutter.


Best, that Broncos tailback's numbers almost doubled when Tebow became the starter. He may be the one riding the coat tails here. Don't let your rage against the trolls blind you to the facts.

I don't like UF either, but I cannot understand how any college football fan can bash Tebow. Tebow is one of the hardest working players I have ever seen. He is a tough competitor and is respectful of everyone. And McGahee is definitely benefiting from Tebow's presence in the offense. They seem to work well together!

sorry sunnydee. Its the other way around/ Tebow is benefitting from Mcgahee. Willis is a master blocker and is a presence so that the run option gives the lbs a split second hesitation enough to allow Tebow to take it outside.

By the way he isnt the only hard working player in the NFL. That argument holds no water.

By the way, IMO,

Osama Bin Laden> rawpimple

Teabag actually thinks the wins are mandated by God. He's delusional, he thinks God is a Tebow fan. When the defenses catch up to him and he's carrying a clipboard next year, will that mean God hates Tebow?

An 810 SAT and a God complex is a bad combination.

My pop warner child weighs more than those 2 weenies.

Posted by: Best cfb program the last 32 years

That's hilarious. That means you have actually had sex. Wow who would have thought.((adoption))

Jerry Sandusky > Best cfb program the last 32 years

CB's and QB's..moar

Next on the list not good enough for the "Stanford of the South" is Angelo Jean-Louis.

Posted by: LordLewis | December 15, 2011 at 10:40 AM


No way...are you serious? That stupid troll.

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