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Ray-Ray Armstrong will return to UM for his senior season

Finally, some good news for UM football fans from an underclassman.

Albert Armstrong, the father of UM junior strong safety Ray-Ray, told the Miami Herald tonight that his son has decided to return for his senior season -- unlike receiver Tommy Streeter, defensive tackle Marcus Forston and running back Lamar Miller.

"Of course he's coming back. He loves Miami,'' said Albert Armstrong, who then called his son to make sure he could relay the information. "He didn't get the opportunity he needed personally this season to step out to the NFL. The [NCAA] suspension hurt. Of course we knew he was NFL-caliber talent and could go in one of those rounds, but we didn't test the water. Didn't pursue the NFL at all to see what his status would be. The plan all along was for him to come back, have fun and graduate.

"He's excited about the opportunity to play again, get his degree and better himself all-around through coach [Al] Golden and his staff.''

CBSSports.com had Armstrong projected as the 77th top prospect for the 2012 NFL Draft, which would put him near the middle of the third round.

 Armstrong, a hard-hitting 6-4, 215-pounder with great speed, wears the late Sean Taylor's No. 26 and has often been compared to him. He was UM's top-rated signee in 2009. He led Sanford Seminole High to the Class 6A title as a quarterback and safety his senior year. Last year he finished third on the team in tackles with 79, and tied for a team-high three interceptions. This season Armstrong was suspended by the NCAA the first four games for accepting impermissible benefits from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro.

Armstrong later was suspended by Golden for the Florida State game after he posted a Twitter message about eating dinner at a restaurant with a friend who owns a public relations firm that represents pro athletes. He was cleared of any wrongdoing and finished out the season. He played in seven games this season and had 34 tackles, an interception and fumble recovery.

"If you go out early, you want to make sure you're going to get drafted high,'' Albert Armstrong said. "Now he'll have that opportunity.''






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I'm oh so sure that he had no contact with any agents after his decision to leave.....


Thanks man I appreciate it. Happy Holidays to you & your family as well.

And to all the REAL CANES FANS out there...Happy Holidays!!! All you other schools can kiss my #$%!

I hope to see a HUGE turn out April 14th for Spring Ball. Lets show our boys that we got their backs. Real Canes show up!


Another highly disappointing season of Canes fooseball coming your way! Enjoy your fall!!!!

THAT s the good news?Are you serious?.Armstrong is about as fun to watch as watching paint dry.

Good Move Ray Ray,,a even better move than Lamar Miller who I believe is not ready to leave versus the #1 running back Trent Richardson, Trent is rock-solid and compared to Lamar Miller who should return to the U and hit the weight room. Tommy Streeter who has the Size and Speed that the NFL covet could probably use another year as well, but he could still possibly dip into the late 1st round, maybe early 2nd, still not bad money.

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