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Some good news for UM: DeQuan Jones reinstated by UM, after consultation with NCAA -- and NCAA announces Ohio State's punishment

Great news for the Hurricanes.

You probably already know by now that UM basketball player DeQuan Jones has been reinstated by the Hurricanes and is available to play immediately. In fact, although the Canes left for Charlotte (they play Thursday) today without DeQuan, UM associate athletic director for communications Chris Freet told me the Canes are doing everything possible to get DeQuan to Charlotte for Thursday's game.

UM's written statement on the matter:

"The University of Miami, after consultation with the NCAA, has announced that senior basketball player DeQuan Jones can return to competition immediately.  In order to protect the integrity of the ongoing joint inquiry, the University will not comment further at this time."

People are asking if that bodes well for UM. Obviously it's a good sign for DeQuan -- very good sign. But I can't really say how it will affect the NCAA's UM-Nevin Shapiro investigation as a whole. Remember, it allegedly was former assistant Jake Morton who asked Shapiro for $10,000 to secure the commitment of then-recruit Jones. And remember, it's Shapiro who alleged all this stuff. And we all know how trustworthy he is. But then again, we also know that some of the stuff he alleged was true, unless the suspensions of all those football players were under false pretenses.

Interesting that the NCAA came out today with its 34-page public infractions report in the Ohio State case, that at first centered around some free tattoos for several players and then expanded from there. The Buckeyes received a bowl ban for 2012, which would be Urban Meyer's first year as head coach at Ohio State. NCAA found that there was a "failure to monitor'' OSU's athletic programs.

The Buckeyes also lost an additional five scholarships. They already had self-imposed four. The nine scholarship losses are over a three-year period.

Former Buckeyes football coach Jim Tressel got a five-year "show-cause'' order which basically prevents him from coaching for five years.

"Of great concern to the committee was the fact that the former head coach became aware of these violations and decided not to report the violations,'' the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions included in its report.

Tressel is now on staff of the Indianapolis Colts as a video-review coordinator, the AP wrote in its story.

The NCAA's investigation into UM and Nevin Shapiro isn't yet done, and from what I've heard, is progressing, but not close to being completed. It's interesting to me that UM hasn't self-imposed any scholarships. But the Canes did a smart thing by forgoing the bowl game after a 6-6 season. I still think they'll get another bowl ban, but again, we'll see.

I think the most damage for UM will be from any wrongdoings of former coaches Jake Morton or Frank Haith or former football recruiting point man Clint Hurtt. If you're working for a university, the NCAA has the right to interview you. Depends on what they said, I guess, or what the NCAA decides (through its investigation) is the truth, regardless.

Ohio State is on probation through Dec. 19, 2014.

USC's probation following the Reggie Bush situation was much worse: the loss of 30 scholarships over three years and a two-year bowl ban.

OSU AD Gene Smith said in statement, "We are surprised and disappointed with the NCAA's decision. However, we have decided not to appeal the decision because we need to move forward as an institution. We recognize that this is a challenging time in intercollegiate athletics. Institutions of higher education must move to higher ground, and Ohio State embraces its leadership responsibilities and affirms its long-standing commitment to excellence in education and integrity in all it does.''











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The []_[]: Obviously your puny mind could not understand the abstarctness of my opinion. My point is the kids would make millions more for several reasons: a) they are not ready. b) they are close to vbeing first rounders, pending om=ne more season c) By becoming fis=rst rounders they would have so much more money, its a no brainer. Would Miami benefit from Lamar Miller being here? yes, maybe. Remember we had a healthy Lamar Miller early on, and he couldnt get 1.5 yds against KSU. He gets the TD, Game over. That too is on Brandon Washington. Same thing occurred again vs VT and he had bad games vs UNC and UVa. Streeter has one good year, and yet didnt even come cse to 1000 yds, nor being dominant.

So if you would just for a minute get your cranium out of your rectum, you would realize that yes, I am a fan, yes, I would like for them to stay, but no they aren't ready.

You know who's ready? Justin Blackmon from OSU. Michael Floyd, ND or Trent Richardson.

Best cfb - fully understand your opinion but I also disagree with it.

It doesn't matter if the players are ready, it matters if an NFL team will draft them.

We'll never know but common sense says you're wrong about those four players drastically improving their draft status by staying - Lamar Miller would have to have a Heisman-candidate season and be the consensus #1 RB in the country to improve his stock, and even at that he wouldn't be a top 10 pick (with the highest tier of maximum contracts).

Streeter had no chance of replicating his stats without Jacory Harris - Harris was his quarterback for 8 straight years and put up monster numbers.

As an offensive lineman there's not much Washington could do to improve his stock short of putting on 20 pounds of muscle, Olivier Vernon could be a first rounder if he somehow had an awesome double digit sack season but I don't think that was too likely either.

These players could all get better and maybe get drafted slightly higher if they stayed but why would they spend a year of their prime doing the only thing that people will ever pay them to do for free?

Trust me, they'll be getting better when they get to the NFL and are paid to concentrate 100% on football.

You know who has love for their school, their education, and their team mates - Matt Barkley!

Those reasons might have been at the top of his list but Barkley stands to make 10 million more by staying in college another year - that's the difference between the contracts of the first and second quarterbacks picked last draft.

None of UM's players had close to that financial incentive to stay.

Brandon harris sez, shoulda coulda woulda. Look at me now riding the pine, and Manny said I was a sure first rounder!

You say that like Brandon Harris not starting is proof that he made the wrong decision?

Second pick of the second round, 900,000 a year for four years. If he doesn't have the talent then he may have been better off staying another year to maybe get picked a couple spots higher and make a couple hundred thousand more over the course of his rookie contract.

If he does have the talent then he's better off making a million dollars to sit on the Texans bench and take advantage of NFL coaches and facilities to earn his second contract.

All depends on whether or not he's good enough to get that big payday on the second contract but it's silly to say the verdict is in because he didn't start this year.

T-3 Benjamin will be ALL-PRO by his second year ... In the Arena League.







Please, please, please go on some more how this Predetor Head Yard Gnome will be a better pro than Harvin ... And while Ur at it, tell us all about how JaPicky will win more NFL games than Tebow.

Not Benjamin. Not JApicky.

But Jimmy Graham, is 1000X better than Aaron Hernandez.

Frank Gore and Willis Mcgahee are 100000000X better than Earnest Graham... There is still a former gator as a rb in the NFL, no?

Ray Lewis, in his 16th yr is a billion Times better than Channing Crowder or Brandon Spikes

Devin Hester... Sorry. Percy Harvin and Devin Hester shouldnt be in the same sentence

Reggie Wayne is ten trillion times the WR that Harvin is. Or for that matter, goldi locks riley Cooper

Vince Wilfork runs circles around any DT the gators have ever produced

Do you want me to continue?

Are you watching Boise State stomp ASU? Granted ASU is 6 - 6, on a losing streak, has their coach canned (once again, dennis) and has some attitude cases on the team. No 4 or 5 stars for Boise? Or maybe a few? No players from South Florida? What, they have guys from Idaho and Montana! And of course California.

These guys play with heart on every down. Watch their running game and the O line. Watch their DBs lay out much bigger receivers. They make our Canes look like sleepwalkers dreaming of the big NFL paycheck from Day 1.

And Matt Barkley of USC is returning for his senior year? What, the money, the bank account, the gold chains and earrings? Hey, Matt, you were rated #6 by Mel Jr. Do you have a bad case of loyalty, man? A rare disorder.

And to those Canes "coming out," you wouldn't know loyalty if it hit you in the numbers. You are all about YOU and not the U. You all would have improved your stock, barring injury, had you stayed. Good riddance to a bunch of ego inflated underachievers.

Time to bring in players who know how to be loyal, who get being part of a team, who play with heart and smarts, and who will honor their full commitment because they embrace University of Miami.

I hope Coach Golden is looking for that. I'll take a Boise State ethic any day of the week over a bunch of me-first NFL wannabees or even willbees. Time for a change!

Now that this rant is completed, wishing all of you Happy Holidays and a great New Year!

Wow, Matt Barkley coming back to school when he could have been a top 5 pick, while UM players leave to be 4th and 5th rounders. Matt Leinart, Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley all were 1st rounders and came back to school. I know that they are 1000 others who were in the same situation, but left for school.

I know that the guys that I named that stayed maybe come from more economically stable situations than many players, so that makes a large difference. I love UM, but I can't remember ANYONE who could have been a 1st rounder coming back to school except for Ed Reed. I begrudge no one for going out and earning money to take care of themselves and their families. It is the American way. I also know about us probably getting sanctions for 2 to 3 years. Barkley though loved USC. He grew up in L.A. and wanted to play for SC since he was a kid. When USC was hit with probation and they told kids that they could leave and go were ever they wanted and not have to sit out a year (that's how we got Seantrel Henderson), Barkley was the 1st player to come on TV and say that he was not going anywhere and that anyone who wants to leave "more power to them", but I am and will always be a Trojan". After Pete Carroll bolted for the NFL, Barkley did not budge from his stance and tried to get other guys not to leave.

Honestly, can we really recently think of any UM guy like that? UM players seem to not like their college experience and just want to use UM as a stepping stone (which I know is what it really is). Chickillo and Duke Johnson seem to be players who will buck that trend though. These guys bleed orange and green. Will they leave early when they have a chance? Possibly, but these are the kind of guys we need to continue getting into the program.

We have to get randy shannon's players out of there and get Golden's in. Randy shannon never even recruited Duke Johnson. Golden discovered him. Once these panzies are out of the program we will be competing for BCS NCs every year.

I hope they all leave. Even Seantrel henderson needs to back his bags. Eduardo Cle,ents...don't let the door hit you on the way out. Mike James...please leave.

Levonte Whitfield...enough said. Dude will win 3 Heismans.

I wish we would stop recruiting
Duke Johnson and focus on getting players that will stay 4 years. There is enough talent in South Florida to forget about the 4 and 5 star recruits and focus on the 3 and 2 star recruits.

Duke is Randy Shannon's guy, by the way.

Yeah Duke committed to UM when he was a Junior and Randy was the coach. Chick and Denzel Perryman are also Randy's guys. Maybe, Coach Shannon was getting wiser with his recruiting towards the end. Either way, these guys are guys who bleed orange and green and who are getting coached up by Coach Golden. Coach G. will keep bringing in more guys like this till we get to where we need to be again.

Agree with dbc and cane4life. I've always said it. Boise State plays with the swag that Miami used to have- they swarm to the football, and play had every down. Thats why theyve lost 3 games in 4 years and have done what UM hasnt been able to do: beat Va Tech. Theyve also beaten Oklahoma, Oregon and TCU along the way.And Georgia. All 2-3 star players with little to no hype or brand name recognition, since those kids go mostly to USC or Oregon.

I agree- the kids being recruited at Miami the last 5 years have been infected with the "Entitlement attitude". Just because they played in South Florida, they think they are already NFL material before even paying their dues, and they could care less aboutbeing hurricanes. Certainly coaching had something to do with that, but still. We need kids with an attitude. Chick is one. I odnt buy that argument that these kidsa re poor therefore they need to go to the NFL NOW and cash in while they can. First, theres no guarantee they will even make a camp. Second, one more year of football isone more year of learning. I diagree with aan earliewr post that LM6 has gotten as good as he can, and same with the others. Thats BS.
LM6has to get better at blocking, running harder, catching passes. What better than another season? As a second rounder he will see very little action to start with. So he will be riding the pine for a long while. Unlike someone like TrentRichardson who is physically more ready than LM6.
Matt Barkley cold have left to the NFL last year. But he stuck around despite knowing full well they were on probation

Reggie Wayne- Still balling. Didnt he burn Brandon Harris a couple of times?

Even with LM6 leaving, I don't see us losing a game next year. And only two teams could compete with us for a NC, USC and LSU. If it is USC I think we can over-power them with Duke Johnson running wild.

Miami 35
USC 17

If it is LSU, then we have to play smart and use are speed on the outside. Our defense will need to play lights out, but there will be no way to stop Stephen Morris.

Miami 49
LSU 14


Maybe the guys leaving know something the rest of us don't.

Ponzi BT: Your dad called yo mamma. He wants his wad back.

Maybe the guys leaving know something the rest of us don't.
Posted by: Rut Roh | December 23, 2011 at 09:25 AM

Yeah, they know that they are going to lose their positions to better underclassmen if they stay.

There will be no loss of scholarships and no bowl bans for UM. They will be competing for a nc next year. VAULT IT!

Are we recruiting Dareen Owi from Norland????? If not, why not????

Is anybody else concerned that Seantrel Henderson is not improving? He looked awful this year. Yes, he is massive but he can't do anything. He is a big goofy dope.

corpus, my dad wants his wad back? Are you trying to spell "watch"? GO BACK TO YOUR GATOR BLOG.

Do you understand how close UM was to going undefeated this year? Just wait till Golden's second year. Then you will see why he is the chosen one and why Randy Shannon is running around with Nevin Shapiro gang banging.

No one believes you're a real person Ponzi-BT, stop saying rediculous things to make people talk to you, it's sad and pathetic.

Why regurgitate what's already written? We can read the information ourselves. News bulletin: This ain't the only website with sports information. Get it together Navarro!

Finally - the head honcho NCAA bullies do something decent!!! When is our 'great' Congresspeople/Senators going to examine these rulings that the NCAA bullies come up with?!!!

There will be no loss of scholarships and no bowl bans for UM. They will be competing for a nc next year. VAULT IT!


RIGHT ON! World peace, the cure for cancer, and 8 hot dog packs/8 hot dog bun sets are all just around the corner

Seantrel's back is hurt, that's why he can't move. We should be thankful he played at all. Have you ever injured your back? If anything, he's probably one of the toughest dudes on the team.

Clint Hurtt and Joe Pannunzio should be banned from coaching. Banned!!!

All traitors should get got on the streets too.

Yah, a back injury with surgery takes time to heal

I think Seantrel will have a great year for us!


Merry Christmas everyone.


We are on the same page. I believe Coach G gets it. I would rather see a Canes team that is a bunch of lunch pailers (see Va. Tech), than prima donnas dreaming of their porsches and not the U becoming a powerhouse.

Yah, those Boise guys are hard hitters, and their offense is really fun to watch. Your idea that they have the U swag of old is right. These guys are confident. Watch #22 Doug Martin carry the ball. He is a banger with full on effort every play.

He makes Miller look like a lightweight. If I was an NFL GM.I'd rather have Martin any day of the week.

I hope the U will once again become a place for players with heart and ferocity and pride.

And by the way, Drew Rosenhaus, alleged Cane, you suck. Your bad reputation in the sports world is well deserved. You sell BS to vulnerable kids, and you know that for some they will never see their dream realized. For you, they are nothing but assets in your risk portfolio, and you have nothing to lose.

While the times allow people like you to hold power, your karma is getting bad, brother...

One last 2011 rant!

dbc - nice rant but you're complaining about a problem that isn't a problem and pining for days that never existed.

You want UM to win without a bunch of Canes who wouldn't know loyalty if it hit them in the numbers? A bunch of guys who are all about themselves and not the U?

You know, without guys like Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, Michael Irvin, Jon Beason, Jon Vilma, Clinton Portis, Edge James, Willis McGahee, Andre Johnson, Kellen Winslow, Devin Hester, and Vince Wilfork? Guys like that?

You want UM to win like Boise? The stop complaining about an imagined "selfish entitlement" attitude with the players and start clamoring for UM to join the WAC.

Boise St. is going to be exposed when they join a semblance of a real conference in the Big East.

UM's players going pro early is a phenomenal problem to have. UM and all other major college programs have always had that problem. You might complain that Olivier Vernon and Washington and even Streeter haven't done enough FOR UM in your eyes but there's no question that they've done enough to be drafted into the NFL because they're good enough, they're smart enough, and gosh darn it, outside UM's fanbase people like them.

Yah, a back injury with surgery takes time to heal
I think Seantrel will have a great year for us!
Posted by: dbc | December 23, 2011 at 11:12 PM


Seantrel is done. The dude should of stuck with USC. He is just not developing here.

Also, not so sure Rosenhaus' relationship to UM is a bad thing.

Trust me, recruits aren't looking at him signing UM's entire graduating class including Jacory Harris as a bad thing.

He's gotten huge contracts for every single one of UM's superstars - recruits don't care about UM's history, they care about Pipeline U, and I'm not so sure UM is that without Rosenhaus.

But no doubt he's responsible for Vernon and Washington leaving when they probably should have stayed.

Well thanks for the concessions on Vernon and Washington. Every player could improve, barring injury, by staying another year.

Actually, there was a day when underclassmen did not "come out" to the NFL. This still exists in notable cases, although less proportionately than in the past.

My point regarding Boise is that they play hard and have beaten superior talent. UM has superior talent and does not play at the same level of intensity. Undeniable. And Boise will dominate the Big East, especially once they develop the next QB. They have coaching, character and dedication. They are not entitled NFL preoccupied players, and it shows on the field, blue turf and all. Do they have dreams? Sure. Do they have loyalty? For sure.

Yes, you list great players. If they all "came out" early (which I don't know), too bad they couldn't have stayed another year. Who knows how good the Canes might have been?

Piner though I may be, I do wish underclassmen could not be drafted until they finished their degrees and eligibility. It would help strengthen the college game, which I hold to be far superior to "playing on Sunday", blah, blah. With all its faults, college football is still one of the greatest examples of true spirit and celebration in sports today.

Yah, the money, yada, yada. Too much of that "ethic" in our culture does not allow for the preservation of purer endeavors in the name of true athletic excellence, artistry, intellect, etc. The money thing, though understandably attractive, does have downsides for some kids. For others, it is a dream come true and a relief from tough developmental circumnstances. I wish them well.

So, I have enjoyed your posts this year. You always make some good points and are thoughtful, in spite of the episodic static you might receive from other posters. But, I can't make disappear what is in my heart for UM and the great game of college football!

Happy Holidays and a great New Year to you and yours!

Duke Johnson isn't a good fit for our system and he will not see much playing time till his senior year. Miami does't need a selfish "superstar". Who cares WWDD?



Feliz NOEL Peace

The streak is alive. 5 weeks in a row a cane scores a TD in the NFL.

2 1000 yd rushers in the NFL (Gore and Mcgahee). Intersting point: Willis left for the NFl with 1 year left after a devastating knee injury. Gore left the year after similar scenario, but BOTH had bided their time and sat the pine as back ups for a couple of yrs till they got their chance. No whining, no BS. Both were playmakers esp when it counted. Willis took over vs FSU when Um was down at Tallhassee, Gore took the rock in Ot in the 2003 Orange Bowl vs FSU and put the nail in the coffin- I ask this, would Gore or McGahee NOt have been able to get 1.5 yds (as in against KSU) when the game was on the line? Lamar Miller cannot beeven considered in the same sentence as Gore or McGahee. I'm sorry.

And if Reggie Wayne get the ball thrown to him as they very well should there will be 2 1000 yd receivers from the U as well.

Its still NFL-U no matter what

merry Xmas

dbc - losing Moore will be the excuse for the first four years but we'll all find out about Boise after that. It is much easier to beat one great team a year than to beat competitive teams week in and week out all season. Boise has never had to play two real games in a row before, when they do they'll start losing ones they shouldn't, like every other good team.

All those players did indeed leave early, along with many many more. The list of great UM players that stayed for their senior season contains the quarterbacks, Bryant McKinnie, Reggie Wayne, and few others.

I don't hold it against them, college football is a wonderful tradition for students, alumni, and long time fans but the idea of college football existing to mold young men into fine citizens with work ethic and honor and sticktoitiveness is outdated by at least a quarter century, neatly demonstrated by the patron saint of honor and integrity and molding young men showing the weakest leadership imaginable in a situation that actually mattered up in Happy Valley.

College football is all business to the schools, coaches, and players but as guys like Michael Irvin and Ray Lewis have shown, leaving early doesn't always mean that they have any less love for the U or their time there.

Have a great Christmas, a Happy Haunicha or a Krappy Kwanza!

who's our Q.B. next year ?

gotta run the ball wit Duke n Co. !

Boise State, swagger? Give me a break! Is it just me that finds it funny that Chris Peterson doesn't whine about the unfairness of the BCS until they lose one game? Nothing will be fair until there is a playoff, and Chris Peterson will never win consistently when he joins a mainstream conference -- ACC, Big 12, etc.

No seriously. watch Boise State play. I mean theyve beaten Oregon, Georgia, V Tech, Oklahoma, TCU in the last 5 yrs. In case you didnt wtahc the alst 5 yrs of the U, Um hasnt beaten VTech even at home! BSu did it in the Washington DC area, i.e. it was a home game for VT. What else can they do? Do you want them to forego their "conference" schedule and play other confrerence teams more? Wont happen. As it is, they play more OOC Out of state teams than say the gators. b/c they have the ba-ls to do it. A lot of good ithas done for UM to play a hard conference schedule.

Big time confrences is a reality b/c if the money. But I'd rather see Miami as an independent like before (like ND), play a tough schedule, the TV money willalways be there for the U, and it will be a lot more exciting to watch thean, say UM vs Duke

Yah, we will see about Boise State in the Big Least. After all, they'll be playing tough teams like UConn and Rutgers in a row. In fairness, the consistency of competition will be upgraded in that conference. But, these guys play with confidence. And Coach Petersen isn't a whiner. The idea that he complains about the BCS is factually wrong. The guy is loyal, not seduced by big-time programs and turns out a consistent winner. They thrive on challenge.

So, I think Boise illustrates something desirable in many facets of their program. They play harder than the Canes on a consistent basis. The point about our inability to beat Va. Tech. is illustrative of "superior talent" getting trumped by dedication and passion to win. Obviously, if the two are combined, you have something special (see LSU, Alabama, the UM of old. etc.).

With respect to molding character, of course college football can do that. Coaches like Al Golden get that aspect. And with the epidemic of father abandonment and "me firstism" underway in our society, strong male models who care about kids and their future will always make a difference in what kind of person that kid becomes. Didn't you have models that shaped your life?

To use Paterno as an example of a failed ethic is limited and false. It is an exception, not the rule. I am sure many Penn State players were molded into men of character under his leadership. Clearly, Paterno and the others failed in their resposbility to protect young kids. That would not be true of all coaches and many would have come down hard on the perpetrator,
as they must do.

So, again, college football makes a difference in the lives of a lot of kids. It comes at the same time as military servicefor many, which also helps mold young men who get it. Any vet can attest to that.

The NFL can make a difference in one's bank account. It is a job and a good one. But college football continues to be and should be aimed at the types of goals Golden preaches, on and off the field. Look at which programs require a kid to wear a coat and tie for a photograph and which don't. Bet that it's a predictor of whether a program is aiming to develop a kid's character so that he can be an positive force in the world.

With regard to UM players who left early and still love the U, that is great. And if we can keep bringing in quality recruits year after year because the Rosenhauses of the world glom onto the UM program, I suppose that will work as well.
We are all proud of the great UM players who excel in the NFL.

Note how many kids that are leaving early are singing the praises of the University of Miami. Very few. Note how the kids who stay sing the praises of their schools. All of them do.

Cynicism about college football is part of the problem. It is ultimately cynicism about yourself. Hail to the throwbacks!

If Virginia Tech was the only game on Miami's schedule we would beat them every year.

We are at opposite spectrums of 'cynicism' and delusional glorification when it comes to college football - the truth is undoubtedly in between.

Odd notion to say that either opinion on college football would reflect ourselves or our personal life philosophies - certainly not true in my case.

This was a bad article Susan. I'm sorry, but isn't this a blog? Maybe I'm wrong, but the main infraction against the NCAA was USC and osu hindering the investigation. That's why USC was hit so hard, and osu even lied about pretty much everything. And what did they get? ONLY FOUR LESS SCHOLARSHIPS THAN THEY WERE ALREADY OFFERING! they already offered the bowl ban. That should have been the focus of your words. And it wasn't. Osu skates again.
I am from Columbus. I know what they think. I'm also from Miami, and is there any doubt we are going to get hit harder? Of course we are. Why? Because we are not Ohio state.

In the sense that life is a Rorschach, our
positions say something about our personality makeup.

But, as suggested, one can have a well-informed position that is an intellectual decision.

And ultimstely one has to deal with the reality of now. and so we go forward. Again, my hope is that UM kids will play out their eligibility where possible, as that will benefit the program and, I think, most of the players' development as well.

So, let's schedule Va. Tech. and the WAC next year. Maybe then WE will beat the Hokies!

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