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Some good news for UM: DeQuan Jones reinstated by UM, after consultation with NCAA -- and NCAA announces Ohio State's punishment

Great news for the Hurricanes.

You probably already know by now that UM basketball player DeQuan Jones has been reinstated by the Hurricanes and is available to play immediately. In fact, although the Canes left for Charlotte (they play Thursday) today without DeQuan, UM associate athletic director for communications Chris Freet told me the Canes are doing everything possible to get DeQuan to Charlotte for Thursday's game.

UM's written statement on the matter:

"The University of Miami, after consultation with the NCAA, has announced that senior basketball player DeQuan Jones can return to competition immediately.  In order to protect the integrity of the ongoing joint inquiry, the University will not comment further at this time."

People are asking if that bodes well for UM. Obviously it's a good sign for DeQuan -- very good sign. But I can't really say how it will affect the NCAA's UM-Nevin Shapiro investigation as a whole. Remember, it allegedly was former assistant Jake Morton who asked Shapiro for $10,000 to secure the commitment of then-recruit Jones. And remember, it's Shapiro who alleged all this stuff. And we all know how trustworthy he is. But then again, we also know that some of the stuff he alleged was true, unless the suspensions of all those football players were under false pretenses.

Interesting that the NCAA came out today with its 34-page public infractions report in the Ohio State case, that at first centered around some free tattoos for several players and then expanded from there. The Buckeyes received a bowl ban for 2012, which would be Urban Meyer's first year as head coach at Ohio State. NCAA found that there was a "failure to monitor'' OSU's athletic programs.

The Buckeyes also lost an additional five scholarships. They already had self-imposed four. The nine scholarship losses are over a three-year period.

Former Buckeyes football coach Jim Tressel got a five-year "show-cause'' order which basically prevents him from coaching for five years.

"Of great concern to the committee was the fact that the former head coach became aware of these violations and decided not to report the violations,'' the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions included in its report.

Tressel is now on staff of the Indianapolis Colts as a video-review coordinator, the AP wrote in its story.

The NCAA's investigation into UM and Nevin Shapiro isn't yet done, and from what I've heard, is progressing, but not close to being completed. It's interesting to me that UM hasn't self-imposed any scholarships. But the Canes did a smart thing by forgoing the bowl game after a 6-6 season. I still think they'll get another bowl ban, but again, we'll see.

I think the most damage for UM will be from any wrongdoings of former coaches Jake Morton or Frank Haith or former football recruiting point man Clint Hurtt. If you're working for a university, the NCAA has the right to interview you. Depends on what they said, I guess, or what the NCAA decides (through its investigation) is the truth, regardless.

Ohio State is on probation through Dec. 19, 2014.

USC's probation following the Reggie Bush situation was much worse: the loss of 30 scholarships over three years and a two-year bowl ban.

OSU AD Gene Smith said in statement, "We are surprised and disappointed with the NCAA's decision. However, we have decided not to appeal the decision because we need to move forward as an institution. We recognize that this is a challenging time in intercollegiate athletics. Institutions of higher education must move to higher ground, and Ohio State embraces its leadership responsibilities and affirms its long-standing commitment to excellence in education and integrity in all it does.''











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Miami's move to the ACC was THE worse decision in the history of the school. A0 The ACC is no better with UM, FSU, VT, BC in it. B) Miami is no better c) The ACC sks in football and is top heavy in BB (just like the SEC in football)D) The ACC also hinders Miami in baseball.

I say this after the UNC performance vs Mizzou. Everyone knows UNC has game. But they came in like a MWC team. Unprepared, unmotivated. The Mizzou spread option is of course, identical to UFs during Tebow, so theyll fit right in the SEC. BUt the ACC really stinks.

Funny. Barkley stays for his senior yr next yr, the first yr after 2 bowl sanctions, and guess what- USC will be top 5 preseason and one of the favorites to halt the SEC streak. Why cant Miami do that? One answer: No quarterback.

HAd Miami had half of a QB since Coker left, UM would have won 8 games, 9 games a yr easy. Leave it to these clowns from Miami NW to get UM in trouble with the NCAA with all of this selfish, greedy crp, and to throw more ints than any one in history.

Like a vacuum cleaner, get rid of this football trash and start over. Miami shouldnt recruit at Miami NW for the next ten years. Its just sad. Jacorry- hope you got a good degree, because the most youll ever be is an arena QB making 50K a yr, and coaching pop warner in Opa Locka for extra cash.


Mizzou was in the big 12 when it played UNC ya mowron. Its Big 12 1 ACC 0. Dont hijack facts to enhance your delusional ideas.

Is the bbq rat and zima party still going on in trailerville

Im a recruiting genius. 724 commits for the Canes as of today. Check my great articles I have at eoth. Im always eating and digging up information for Cane fans

Geez ive been looking for a Gator blog and there doesnt seem to be any around. Whats up with that? I guess ill check the jail blotter and check up on them Gators that way

Im at 10,000 words for my next post, 40,000 more and ill be able to send it out. I know thats considered a short post for me. Im very busy this week

They should fire Mark Buonaconti too because like Shalala, he's dont nothing for our U. Fire Goldschmidt too. And we may as well can the head of Bascom Palmer because clearly that hack of a place is not achieving expectations. How people can be so stoopid ias beyond me.


Yeah. Down year for the U yet, we still put 5 in the pro bowl. More than LSU, UF, OSU, USC, Texas, or Alabama. OK? KO.

5 in the pro bowl. Even though they left out Hester, Kenny Phillips and Mcgahee.

BT was being sarcastic.

dbc, are you the same dbc from Scout? Your posts are very different on here, so i am guessing it is just a coincidence....

In the battle of class and ethics:
ACC - 12
Big12 - 12
SleazEC - 0
BWAAHAHHAHHAHAA. SEC and Trailertrash. What difference does it make? It's still all Gatr.
Posted by: Floriduuuuh is for dummies. | December 27, 2011 at 02:41 PM

I disagree.

ACC - 12
Big12 - 12
SleazEC - 1

Vanderbilt has class and ethics. Of course that is why they can't win in the corrupt SEC (where refs drive gold plated hummers), because they choose to play without cheating.

Five Titles,

I am a different dbc. The name derives from my band, The DBC Band, and also from DB Cooper, a cult figure out here in the Great Northwest. In fact, check out our music at www.cdbaby.com.
I am a passionate alum of the U, as I assume you are. It is a great university that deserves a great football team, no?

Nice observations on Vandy. It seems that SEC programs skate when it comes to infractions, NCAA, etc. So, they must have it down in a way that is not detected. But, they ARE dominating The Big stage come January 9. UM needs some of those SEC D linemen and big linebackers.


Jacorry Harris- Miami nW. O-3 in bowls
Teddy Bridge- Miami NW. JH clone. 0-1 in bowl

Robert Marve. Whom Jacorry supplanted at the U and essentially ran out of town. Still sks but is 1-0 in a bowl

Funny how things work out though.

Goes to show how horrible leadership (coaching and QB) has been at the U for us to reach these levels

Bridgewater's last pass in yesterday's Little Caesar's bowl was basically a Jacorry Harris performance: He drove them down making play after play, only to be rushed and pressured into throwing a floater that was intercepted.

Ouch! Check out the article by Matt Hinton on Rivals.com. He sees bad things ahead for the Canes, and "no discernible progress" under Golden in Year 1. Would disagree with that, since it seemed that the Canes played harder than the previous year. He also doesn't like our recruiting situation (#11 to date). Not a big fan of the U. He refers to the worst scandal "in 25 years" regarding Shapiro. Can't say that I agree with that. And, friends, the "dark clouds are getting darker" In Coral Gables, according to Hinton. Maybe he needs antidepressant medication?


jUst when will U fools see this Miami mess for what it actUally is and not what U have hoped for the last decade ?

trUth hUrts.


dbc, I wouldn't put too much credence in anything an ignorant reporter says in one of their evaluations. Especially after just one year. Most of them just look at stats as their measuring stick instead of actually watching the games and the players attitudes and body language. He's probably some dipshit who doesn't know anything about football other than the shape of one and what it takes to build a program up after two waste of space head coaches we had in Shannon and Coker.

Likely like what 95% of sports reporters do whne they "write" an article. They talk to their buddies over a beer, they watch sportscenter, then they formulate an opinion piece. He knows nothing.

But facts are hard to escape- Miami played much harder and in the losses this year was always fairly close. PLayed the opening game without 6 starters. What do you want?

Golden will not win the NC next yr, but if he holds on to 95% of thecurrent commits, things will be interesting starting in 2013, 2014!

The fools are U and all your F-U fools from Fool-U, aka University of Fools for even remotely thinking your pathetic gargantuan diploma mill of 55000 students can ever reach the football status of that little ol private university down I-75 in Coral gables.

How many former UF players are in the probowl? Ahh yeah. One. After 2 National ch.s in teh last 5 years? are you serious? Is that the best that dump can do? Could it have been that fake arena FL goony goo goo offense?

Matt Hinton is a horse's rump and has the footbal IQ of the typical Florda Gator--in other words...zero!

Only a moron would conclude that there was little or no progress in the Canes football program. The hiring of Al Golden aloneis a huge upgrade for the program as proven by schools such as Penn State, UCLA, North Carolina just to name a few who wanted to hire the man away from Miami.

If the NCAA decides to ignore the punishment they handed out to USC and Ohio State and go far and beyond regarding their punishment of the Canes, then yes, dark clouds will appear.

As for the Gator psychopath that has been for over 4 years posting night and day lies, racial hate and misleading comments on this blog and any other Canes blog that has not suspended him...he's a pathetic loser whose whole life evolves aroung the Canes and is clearly certifiably insane. Seriously, not trying to be over the top...he is highly disturbed and insane.

U Swoon is the same psychopath you are talking about, Putney Swope. He has been on here joking about lynching Jacory and Randy, trying to turn the Shapiro hissy fit into death penalty offenses, and steals the IDs of any Canes fans on here that prove him wrong. In fact, I bet he posted that same article under different IDs on every Canes board that he hits F5 on. Even the ones that banned him, just to test if they slipped up. I think that is how he got back on here after they banned him four times.

Five Titles (love your screen name):

The psychopath, in addition to being insane, is the biggest coward I have ever come across.

He also finds great pleasure in Bryan Patta's murder--he thinks it is very funny that this good and decent kid was gunned down in cold blood in the prime of his life. He doesn't stop there as he claims that Bryan was a drug dealer, along with his mother and brothers being dealers as well. Yet, this psychopath is allowed to post on this site and others, which is disgraceful.

That's right he also brought up Pata's death as a joke. Only a subhuman nematode would do that.

Go canes

The guy that makes racial jokes about Patas death is still posting here?
How long will the Herald let that go on?
The same guy thats been doing the same thing for over 4 years is still allowed here....amazing

Gator fans have to be upset right now after a 7-5 Rutgers team beat them...OUCH!
Yep the same team the Canes ripped by 15.
Eddie Munster worries more about his hair then he does coaching



After reading most of the Canes fans posts here, I am reminded of similar post by USC fans before Reggie Bush and his stepdad acted so imprudently.

The fact is the none of you know what the NCAA will do because their punishment's are arbitrary and capricious. The pervasive nature of the violations and the involvement of staff, coaches, players and boosters should involve a penalty. In addition, it should probably be worse than USC and Ohio State. The fact that it was done right under Paul Dee's nose has to be embarrassing to both the NCAA and UM.

That said, I believe the penalties will be relatively light compared to USC for two reasons. First, UM is not challenging the NCAA openly in the press like Mike Garrett did at USC. Second, the NCAA took way too much heat for the excessive sanctions they gave USC and they are not eager to repeat that scenario.

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