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South Miami CB AJ Leggett might not end up in UM's recruiting class

Last week when I visited South Miami High and spoke to All-American cornerback AJ Leggett before his team's big playoff game against Columbus he was gushing at the thought over playing for the Hurricanes next season.

AJ Leggett"I've been wanting to play at UM all my life," he said. "I see a lot of opportunity there. I've been working hard to get my grades right, my test scores, my classes and stuff in line. The only thing I have to pass right now is Spanish and Math class in virtual school so I can graduate on time. If I maintain my grades, I'll be straight."

Leggett, who has a 2.4 GPA and recently scored a 22 on his ACT, might have all the grades and necessary paperwork to get past the NCAA Clearinghouse next year. But UM's academic admissions department? That appears to be an entirely different issue according to South Miami coach Lamont Green.

Earlier this week, Green said UM defensive backs coach Paul Williams stopped by the school to have a conversation with Leggett about his academic situation, particularly what he needs to get into UM. And now it appears UM is warning Leggett that if he signs with them in February he may have to spend a year a prep school.

"According to what Paul said since AJ went to more than two high schools, he's going to need the paperwork of every high school he went to -- and he warned him it's going to be a long process," Green said. "He was just saying if they sign him football wise they don't think academically the school will let him in right away and he'll have to go to prep school. He said based on what they saw last year with a couple other guys it was going to happen again this year."

Leggett, considered the 10th best cornerback in the country by Rivals.com, took to Facebook to voice his frustration on the news saying: "I dont think I will be playing In miami next year," according to InsideTheU.com.

Leggett attended four different high schools, beginning the ninth grade at South Miami before attending Booker T. Washington as a sophomore, Gulliver Prep as a junior, Homestead this summer and then South Miami again as a senior.

"All that switching really wasn't up to me. It was my parents," Leggett told me last week. "If it were up to me, I would have stayed at one or two programs -- probably here or Booker T."

Leggett led South Miami to a 9-3 season. He played quarterback and accounted for over 1,600 yards on offense and 15 touchdowns. On defense, he had four interceptions. Leggett plans on playing in the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl in Dallas, Texas as well as the Dade-Broward Game.

The issue now is what Leggett plans to do next. He said the reason he committed to UM and coach Al Golden -- after switching back and forth as a Florida State commitment -- was because he wanted to be close to home and his 11-month old son A.J. III.

"I have a responsibility here at home and I want to be with him," Leggett said. "It's good if you can play at a good college and be close to your kid."

Green said he's not sure what Leggett will do now, but said schools like Ohio State and Florida State are still interested in him. UM sorely needs cornerbacks in its recruiting class and has four other defensive back commitments. But Leggett is clearly considered the most talented of the bunch.

"At least they're letting him know now before he puts his signature on any documents what the deal is," Green said of Miami. "We'll see what he wants to do. Sometimes in college football things work out, sometimes it don't. They told him they definitely want him, but they want to be up front and not have him get frustrated. I don't know what he's thinking. I'm waiting on AJ to see how he wants to attack it."


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I hope this works out for all concerned.
A.J. We'd love to have you at the U and close to your baby and family as well!

Obtain the pertinent paperwork and... LET THE YOUNG MAN IN!!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

D@mn, I really hope things work out for him. Seems like an upright guy, mold of a good father figure, and great talented athlete which we desperate need.

They stated if he signs with football team the process would be lengthy and he'd have to attend a Prep School, could he come in under a Track scholarship (which converts over to football once he hits the field) and avoid this process?

This situation BLOWS!

Thank shalalalalala for this.

Horrible, what good is having academic requirements for the football players that are any tougher than the bare minimum? There's literally no benefit, nobody's looking at UM and saying, wow what a great university, their football players are slightly smarter than other schools.

I don't believe for a second that there's any problem with paperwork, that stuff's all electronic, the problem is obviously his 2.4 GPA and that 22 on the ACT.

Wow, he can't get into Miami, but can get into Ohio State & FSU.

It makes it harder & harder to compete with the elite football programs in the country when because of academic issues we can't get kids who want to come here, but these same kids can get into these other schools.

At this rate we'll stay mediocre forever.

I bloody well made ISSUE of this academic situation, which tends to HARM Miami more than the majority of major college football programs. Eh.

Yet, I was laughed off, at a couple of Cane sports blogs, as some bozo, wierdo conspiracy nUt case. dUh!

I made mention that a few PRIVATE universities, USC to name one, are seem to be MORE FLEXIBLE than the University of Miami, F-L-A, when it comes down to university entrance requirements.

Heck, I even stated with ABSOLUTE conviction that one of the tangible reasons, among numerous others, for the DOWNFALL of Hurricane football the past six or seven seasons was the ACADEMIC thing surrounding the U and potential incoming recruits.

My point, is that the powers that be in Coral Gables should appy the FLEXIBILITY thing with a FEW verbal commits. That's all. No, I'm not bloviating bout' 8 or 9 or 10 verbals. Just a handful.

And for this far out in Pluto opinion, I was bloody LABELED a wacko, wild-eyed conspiracy frUit case. Say it ain't so.

So, UNTIL the university in Coral Gables applies some moderate FLEXIBILITY concerning grades and what not, the Canes will continue to be AVERAGE-to-ABOVE AVERAGE. Get the fUc! outta' here!

And The Golden One won't be able to do nothing about it, because Miami desperately needs these 4-Star and or 5-Star prep ballers PRONTO!

This is why we lose kids to other programs .. UM work with the community and local talent we have .
All these local kids dream of playing at the []_[]. His grades and scores are good enough for the NCAA but not Good Enough for the []_[] stop pushing kids away !!!

It makes it harder & harder to compete with the elite football programs in the country when because of academic issues we can't get kids who want to come here, but these same kids can get into these other schools.

At this rate we'll stay mediocre forever.

Posted by: Sharkdaddy | December 01, 2011 at 05:46 PM

VOILA baby!

Chit, even the Men of Troy GIVE A BLOODY BREAK to a few kids with academic issues such as AJ.

Again, I'm not contending that the academia powers that be should open the flood gates and allow 6 or 8 or 10 kids in the similar situation as Legett. JUST A FEW. That's all.

fUc!... IF a couple of H.S. kids can't cut it, academically speaking at the U, then they'll be gone after two or three semesters.

So what's the harm in giving a kid a bloody break, especially if a prep baller can MEET the CORE academic requirements at approximately 85 PERCENT of the major college football programs. Of course, the bloody exception to the rule is the lush green IVY's. Eh.

So much for Golden being a top-notch closer. Fraud. Fire the Tie.

Everyone can keep ignoring me and erasing my comments, but The Orange Bowl curse continues! President Shallalaaaaaa, u may have called the police and taken me to Jackson Crisis Hospital but I can tell u I am not craazy. My Beloved Orange Bowl you I have not forgotten u! This disloyal administration that didnt understand what the OB meant for Miami..For Me!!..It was my home, my santuary...What more sad is that FIU had to sent it off with a win. The U lost 48-0 in their final game at the OB? Are u fing kiding?? I know this order came from u shallalala!! The OB curse continues!!

U non-believers can follow me on twitter and see the powers I have cast down on U! @OBabalawo


Hush obabalawo, if UM had played North Texas we could have sent the Orange Bowl off with a win too.

UM never owned your home, your sanctuary. Take it up with the county.

This is EXACTLY one of the reasons why Miami will be great again. I could see if it was the Clearinghouse causing an issue. But UM's on admissions??? Gimme a break. This is such BS!

Fantastic article on Devin Hester out right now on ESPN.com. Former great returners talk about what makes him different.

Eric Metcalf says he has a great "peek". When the ball's in the air, you get one final "peek" to see where the coverage is and you have to estimate where they're going to be when the ball gets to you. If you misjudge it you get "blown up".

As Metcalf points out - has anyone ever seen Hester get "blown up"?

Masterful peeker.

ONLY a real U fan would get what the OB meant for Miami. As a priest I can tell u lots of us placed special blessings all over the Stadium. Thank you for ruining all are years of hard work & insulting our Gods! I told the President about this and cried to her and she still called the police on me. I spent 3 days in Crisis Hosptical. Look fools at the Dolphins since they left the OB! They have years and years of misery!!! I have but on the powers and resources into the destruction of the U, just like they destructed my beloved Orange Bowl. Continue to ignore me...Has not my teasing of giving the U the death penalty, not awaken u guys up? The powers are real and I am trying to work with the President and come to a resolution here! But she ignores all my messages! The OB Curse continues!!!

I Have been saying this for years , shalala with her vision of turning us into the Stanford of the south east has been hurting us in recruiting . She wants to fund her bio-tech campus and other medical campuses with football than she better wake up !

I don't know who is wackier obabalawo or eucolpytus.
Eucolpytus we did play the equivalent of north Texas state in virginia and we got our butts whipped. Bet you will blame that on Shannon.


U must be a young fan cuz u don't know anything!! FIU lost several players the year before cuz of the brawl and still had the HEART to pull of the win! Do u really think Virginia was a powerhouse? 48-0? U fans are a bunch of disloyal idiots! My OB curse continues!! I have given my blessing to FIU as former Hurricane Pete Pelegrin & Mario Cristobal know what the OB and the standards of the U! They will continue to get my blessings, with my full blessing once they finish their stadium as they promise me...Long live my beloved OB...

This is inSANE. If he the NCAA Clearinghouse qualifies him he and every other recruit should be an automatic admit to the U. The U is not Harvard. This kid has worked hard, got the grades which would qualify him at most ever other school, dreamed of playing for the U, and wants to be close to his son. He should be admitted dammit!

OH and one more thing. The brawl unfortnately began after the U's taunting (bowing down) at the FIU fans at the OB. How dispicable of an act! Messing on a newbie and fellow Miami neighbor like FIU. Coach Coker was losing control of this school & FIU got the blunt of the consequences from the Brawl. Between seeing this dispicable act, they sending me to Jackson Crisis Hospital (simply cuz of my OB destruction protest), and the U losing 48-0 to send off the OB, I lost total respect for this program...LOng live my beloved OB!!


58 straight at the OB sounds like ownership to me!

Haha, nicely done buckeyesuck!

obabalawo - GTF out of here with that noise. A UM player can't bow to the crowd after a touchdown at home? That justifies some cowardly lion body slamming our f*cking backup quarterback holder on an extra point and kicking him in the head?

itcdolphin - UM should have beaten UVA, no doubt. I was one of the only people who stayed after the game to watch the closing ceremony after that disgraceful performance. I was disgusted but that game in no way defines the OB for me, that's not in the top 100 of things I remember.

UM would have beaten North Texas by seven touchdowns.

Seems a lite odd: Leggett went to four different high schools, but the kicker is that UM does have remedial programs and a lot of ballers and regular students take those classes.

I'm OK with Shalala looking out for the academic side. because I don't want my U to be underestimated when it comes to education. But if it's a race to get parallel with Harvard, that's a race that nobody is going to win. But she has done some good things with Jackson Mem and the marine school.

This is how U got dominance in the past: The athletic department was basically run by JJ and Jankovich. Both were constantly at odds with Tad Foote. But the program was bringing in zillions, so personality conflicts went out the window. Now, to be successful again, U got to let the athletic dept take care of its own business and the administration has to play the helper role. That philosophy will work with baseball and basketball and tennis and some other sports.

There is no way in the world that a school like UM, with its plethora of superstar talent in Dade, should ever have a losing record in baseball.

That cowardly lion was spit in the face...Sad these U fans now in days cant see reality!! And of course The U could of beaten North Texas, that was not the issue. The issue is that of heart!! The U being the wiser older team shouldnt have bowed down to the FIU fans! That by all means does not justify the lion to body slam, but what about getting spit on the face? Does one player attcking the other then justify the whole U team getting in a brawl? No!! It could of ended there, but Coker had no control of that team...Have fun enjoying my curse for years to come!!!

Have fun rooting for FIU.

When they finish their stadium they will get my full blessing! U will see then the powers of our Gods. The Orange Bowl curse will continue until either two things happen: 1) The U plays FIU at their Stadium and mans up & apologizes for and admits their part instead of blamingit all on FIU. OR 2) a new Orange Bowl is built replicating it in similar design or paying respect to it. Fools u dont know all the years of hard work us Santeros put into that stadium!!

My beloved OB u have not forgotten! Long live the OB! The curse continues!!

Were you a fan of UM or their stadium?

Because FIU's is a piece of sh*t.

You should be a Michigan fan or something.

I don't see where a 2.4 GPA or a 22 ACT OR 4 different schools would prevent him from gaining entrance at the U. Sounds a bit rigid Alma Mater. Let the kid play!!!

EudoCimus01, go back northeast u rotten little spoiled kid.

The OB meant everything to Miami. It was my family's and friends ritual site. We put thousands of hours of work there. We begged for the OB to be saved or at least be taken out with glory and a WIN! But president Shalalalala lies!!! It was her order for the destruction, she did not understand what it meant!!! Her explanation to me was that it Dolphins Stadium would better fit a professional team like the CAnes!!! Idiot woman!!! This is COLLEGE footbal, I don't care how many players we put in the NFL, I care about championships! To add injury to me, My religion and Gods were mocked and I was laughed at!!! The police were called on me, I spent 3 days in Crisis!!! President shalala and this new canes generation doesnt know what made the U what it was. It was HEART and tradition from all of our hard work from the Orange Bowl!!! FIU has shown heart, ex Canes Mario Cristobal and Pete Garcia know what I am talking about!! Once they finish their stadium, they will get my full blessings!! THe U had no business bowing down to the FIU fans, only the old generation would know that taunting is only reserve to the best of the best, not a newbie Division 1 team like FIU!! Idiot fans and president!!! DONT KNOW HEART, DONT KNOW TRADITION OF ORANGE BOWL!!! The OB curse continues!!!

This kid grew up a Hurricane, 10th best CB in the country, and the U won't let him in?! What happened to helping underprivileged kids in our own backyard make it?! I guess UM will be losing to FSU for the next 10 years. Thank you Donna Shalala!!! Old snoot.

I spend about two hours a day tracking recruiting news, and I have watched him play at SM this year and we want this kid. There's no doubt. But to lower our university standards? Who cares about one recruit getting in versus having an amazing education for those who do get in?
Golden will get a top 5 class every year he is here. We will wipe the floor with the nation every year and we will do it while not stooping to the low standards of a UF.

You have spent far longer than 3 days in crisis.

But I know exactly what made the U what it was. The players. Not the university. Not the stadium. Not the crazy ass fans.

The players are the only thing that can get us there again. Any academic requirements for football players hurts the cause.

Proper leadership fools, for the players...The school is run by president shallalalal that doesnt know anything about football!!!!

The U can have all of the talent in the world and that would not matter because of the lack of leadership...Leadership KNOWS the importance of RESPECT and HEART...

Long live my beloved Orange Bowl!!

Yes, UM won championships because of the leadership of Tad f*cking Foote.

Well said, Eudo: Benni Blades, Cotez K., Jimmie Jones, Toretta, Ray Lewis, Copeland, Sapp and the bunch agree with you.

I don't want dopes and dummies, let him go to a directional school. After two years if he has the grades which I doubt he can come to the U, of just go to the SEC where that morons go.

But UM's academic admissions department? That appears to be an entirely different issue


Keep this available and read it over whenever you find yourselves wondering why we'll be in dogfights with Duke and UVA for years to come.


You've already filled our dummy quota.

The kid has the grades to attend college. What were the requirements for UM when you applied, a pulse?

But to lower our university standards? Who cares about one recruit getting in versus having an amazing education for those who do get in?

Posted by: canton | December 01, 2011 at 08:40


How does this kid getting into UM limit your ability to obtain an amazing education?

You don't think it's sad that we won't let a local kid have an opportunity to attend a school like UM.

You know what's amazing - a school educating the people in their community.

friggen prima donnas..

Okay nit wits...a 2.4 is weak and a 22 is very average and he has gone to 4 high schools and he is complaining about the repercussions of his poor academics? Welcome to the real world where actions have consequences. His grades are going to be a problem. BTW, 98% of UM's incoming class of 2014 had a GPA of 3.0 or higher and 78% had a GPA of 3.75 in high school. 2% had a GPA of 2.5 to 2.99. If he can't get in, then he needs to go to prep school for a year. His grades are below average. That's not UM's fault, or Shalala's or Golden's. It's the kids fault if he doesn't get in.

Yea BOB_, maybe AJ can go to the SEC where the morons that win National Championships go. UM has become another snooty academic institution. What happened to giving kids in our city a chance to make it? Maybe we should start playing Harvard and Yale every year, because we're not gonna beat FSU so long as Shalala is the president. Maybe she needs to be educated herself. Hey Donna, kids like this put the U on the map.

Ugh. Why are we shooting ourself in the foot? There should be an allotted number of students that are allowed a scholarship even if their grades dont meet the criteria. Enough with the rigidity of the grades. I understand it and appreciate it I believe we all do but there exceptions to everything in life and scholarships for a specific amount of students whether it be sports or some other talent should be allowed to further the university beyond simply academics. If Einstein was applying to Miami he would get denied. He was horrible at school. I'm not comparing Einstein to a football player. What I'm saying is people have talents beyond grades that can help your school, whether it's sports music, science, thinkers, etc. Allow for exceptions and let the university flourish beyond simply the classroom.

Posted by: caniac

OK, so let's not talk about any football championships at UM.

It's impossible for us to compete for a title if we can't close elite kids who want to come here.

I am fine w/this. I am sure the folks wanting the cat to get in could care less about this guy after his playing days are done.


god U canes are so gay

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