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South Miami CB AJ Leggett might not end up in UM's recruiting class

Last week when I visited South Miami High and spoke to All-American cornerback AJ Leggett before his team's big playoff game against Columbus he was gushing at the thought over playing for the Hurricanes next season.

AJ Leggett"I've been wanting to play at UM all my life," he said. "I see a lot of opportunity there. I've been working hard to get my grades right, my test scores, my classes and stuff in line. The only thing I have to pass right now is Spanish and Math class in virtual school so I can graduate on time. If I maintain my grades, I'll be straight."

Leggett, who has a 2.4 GPA and recently scored a 22 on his ACT, might have all the grades and necessary paperwork to get past the NCAA Clearinghouse next year. But UM's academic admissions department? That appears to be an entirely different issue according to South Miami coach Lamont Green.

Earlier this week, Green said UM defensive backs coach Paul Williams stopped by the school to have a conversation with Leggett about his academic situation, particularly what he needs to get into UM. And now it appears UM is warning Leggett that if he signs with them in February he may have to spend a year a prep school.

"According to what Paul said since AJ went to more than two high schools, he's going to need the paperwork of every high school he went to -- and he warned him it's going to be a long process," Green said. "He was just saying if they sign him football wise they don't think academically the school will let him in right away and he'll have to go to prep school. He said based on what they saw last year with a couple other guys it was going to happen again this year."

Leggett, considered the 10th best cornerback in the country by Rivals.com, took to Facebook to voice his frustration on the news saying: "I dont think I will be playing In miami next year," according to InsideTheU.com.

Leggett attended four different high schools, beginning the ninth grade at South Miami before attending Booker T. Washington as a sophomore, Gulliver Prep as a junior, Homestead this summer and then South Miami again as a senior.

"All that switching really wasn't up to me. It was my parents," Leggett told me last week. "If it were up to me, I would have stayed at one or two programs -- probably here or Booker T."

Leggett led South Miami to a 9-3 season. He played quarterback and accounted for over 1,600 yards on offense and 15 touchdowns. On defense, he had four interceptions. Leggett plans on playing in the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl in Dallas, Texas as well as the Dade-Broward Game.

The issue now is what Leggett plans to do next. He said the reason he committed to UM and coach Al Golden -- after switching back and forth as a Florida State commitment -- was because he wanted to be close to home and his 11-month old son A.J. III.

"I have a responsibility here at home and I want to be with him," Leggett said. "It's good if you can play at a good college and be close to your kid."

Green said he's not sure what Leggett will do now, but said schools like Ohio State and Florida State are still interested in him. UM sorely needs cornerbacks in its recruiting class and has four other defensive back commitments. But Leggett is clearly considered the most talented of the bunch.

"At least they're letting him know now before he puts his signature on any documents what the deal is," Green said of Miami. "We'll see what he wants to do. Sometimes in college football things work out, sometimes it don't. They told him they definitely want him, but they want to be up front and not have him get frustrated. I don't know what he's thinking. I'm waiting on AJ to see how he wants to attack it."


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I think in the end....the powers that be at South Miami Sr High will "get the job" done for him. I firmly believe if he is close they will bump up his scores....considering he is a good kid....if not...then....so be it.

I just saw on a recruiting site that Amos Leggett will probably de-commit. Since we will not be allowed due to his grades! So maybe we can use that scholly for Brown brother?

Posted by: GGR | December 01, 2011 at 02:34 PM

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just listen to yourselves ... U dopes

Most college players never make it to the NFL. If you care about this kid, and if he truly cares about his and his sons future then he will suck it up and go to prep school for a year which will then position him to attend one of the finest universities in the country and get the kind of education so if he does not make it to the NFL he still can look forward to a great future. Miami and Golden are doing this the right way and they are demonstrating that they care about their players a human beings not just athletes

They're called STUDENT-athletes, with the student first. His grades have to be right, bottom line. Hopefully the process works in his and the U's favor and he can hit Greentree in August.

Not only has he bounced from hs to hs (which is suspect), he has also fathered a kid... How old is he...17? We dont need that kind of irresponsibility. I'm tired of these fly by nighters who think they are all that. UM is a serious institution. No way would the kid ever get into Vandy, Stanford, Wake or ND and they all have better records than UM. Lets get serious.

Let him go to FSU or Ohio State. We nearly beat FSU with Greg Reid as corner. Who cares.

You guys are dreaming if you think we can consistently pass on kids like Leggett. If we can't close a highly rated kid that we clearly want and need then we won't compete for titles.

Vandy, Stanford, Wake, and ND? That's the measuring stick? OK, schedule them and hope we never have to play OSU, Bama, or LSU.

His grades are good enough for the NCAA. Its not like he doesn't even meet NCAA standards. So those saying he doesn't meet the standard is BS. If Miami wants to field a winner then you have to allow exceptions. Notre dame can't compete for this same issue. You want a football program then field it to win. Not like the sec where any and everyone can get in. Allot a specific number of exceptions and let's get the program going

This is crap. Absolute crap. We seriously are going to lose legett? He to me' is the cream of our recruiting crop, because it's a position we need most. Things need changed, and if this is shalala, or shannon incarnate, this is just another reason we are mediocre. So frustrating and pathetic!


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So don't go throwing stones, you hypocrite, there is plenty of gayness to see going on in Gainesville. I know I wouldn't let my daughter use a bathroom in Gainesville after seeing what goes on there.

Now I hear that not only leggett can't get in but now the Somoans can't get in either?!?!?!

Damn does shalalalala even know how to run a school. She thinks that she can run The U by simple getting donations from everyone?? She's losing millions (16 to be exact) this year from Jackson South and next year will be over $25million more that the university will not receive from them. We're already handicapped by not having our own stadium. The football program is what really brought dollars into the university. Tad Foote realized it and let it continue on. He figured out that if we keep out backyard boys here at home and have they play for The U, that they'll bring big dollars because all of their family members and friends will come to the games and that will trickle down to the rest of the community. But this hobbit wants to make The U into a harvard of the south and not let anyone, who is local, who dreams of coming here, attend. She has no idea what she is doing. These kids, that actually want to be here, can put us back on the map. I said it before that it will be a building process with Golden. Nothing was going to happen over night or in one season, especially after a scandal that broke out under shalalalalala's nose. Like she didn't know?!?!?!If Kirby Fuknutt was still here she would have blamed it all on him and had him fired and she would be heralded as a savior for firing Fuknutt and cleaning house. But he was smart enough to leave and she got stuck with the bill. The right person got stuck with the bill. Don't expect everything to not fall on your shoulders when your the schools director. She's responsible for all of this. Even candy randy knew better, what does that tell you.

Now Golden has to deal with the schools ridiculous admission requirements and finally sees for himself that he can't get the best in the country to play for The U, even if they live in our own backyard. WAY TO GO HOBBIT!!!





I just saw the youtube clip of what goes on in parks in Gainesville. That's utterly disgusting. And the city commission made that legal?? Who, that is decent, would want to live there.

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Revisionist history much?


Legett is a very good athelete....that is a given.
Responsibility at home with a child..that is a given.
Issues with transferring high schools 4 times since 9th grade..that is a given..but we now have a red flag.

How will this kid master or even try to accomplish understanding a playbook at the "U"?.

Not every player is a Sean Spence who hits the books, play lights out and is a leader..
So I can see where the Coaches are coming from in stating upfront that there are issues in grades. Putting it on the table is being straight up with him at the start...

We want players not bench warmers, and in order to accomplish this raw talent is not enough...

In adressing other schools not caring about grades etc.. check their benches to see how many stars are sitting without playing because the playbook is too "HARD" to understand and implement. They usually transfer out and fade away.

Give the Coaches at the "U" some credit for their evaluation, and also give credit for advising him that prep school would be a valid choice. Other schools talk the talk of schooling up an athlete but it usually does not work.

If football doesn't work out he still has to feed AJ and that degree will be Golden.

What % of football high school stars make it to the NFL after College?..Work in the world is reality.

Let's look out for the best interest of the kid, and not just pontificate on what we need now as a team, to the detriment of the guys life down the road.

A U of M degree should be worth something..

In my opinion Prep shool..Red shirt..Study..Play..that is the formula that makes sense.
Go 'Canes

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Posted by: Tad FOOTE????? | December 02, 2011 at 09:54 AM

There are no more legal problems with the team so your point is invalid. You're speaking about something that occurred 25yrs ago. Let it go. Golden won't tolerate that. The moment someone like that comes up, he'll be all over it. Look how quick he was to handle everything that occurred this season. The players implicated with the shitpiro incident were suspended. Aldarius Johnson was booted from the team, immediately after his further actions with twitter. RayRay was suspended twice for the scandal and then again for having dinner at an inappropriate location with an inappropriate individual that could have implicated him further. Golden is a zero-tolerance coach.

Keep the Faith, Keep Al Golden. Go Canes!

So white ibis is a puppy. Are you paper trained yet??

@ UGoCanes2

Well said. The staff should get credit simply for being up front with him and treating him like a man, with respect. His parents are the reason he kept moving, not him. So it's not as if he has a disciplinary problem. He's going above and beyond everything to finish his courses so he can graduate on time. All the while trying to take care of his son. Someone give this kid a break and he'll break his back for The U. He wants to be here and his grades are good enough. Get all the transcripts from all of his schools and lets get the ball rolling here. And while the school is at that, get the damn ball rolling with the Somoans!!! I doubt there would be a problem if The Rock walked into the hobbit's lair and demanded these guys to be accepted, lol. Somoans come from a warrior culture and that's what has been missing here at The U, aggressive warriors who play lights out till the whistle blows, no matter what the score is.


this has turned down many greats from da state of florida such as noel devine and kevin grooms from attending UM. leggit is another great player from miamis bak yard thats gonna go on and star for another team. miami will never win another championship again...u herd it here first


"But I know exactly what made the U what it was."

Your answer should have been Howard Schnellenberger.

Yea that's a good call - Howard's milkshake brought all the boys to the yard.

Doesn't feel good seeing FAU's statue of him outside their stadium, anyone with a pickup down for a midnight ride?

This is the reason that TROLL DONNA has to go! She is the one that has uped the academic qualifacations to the point Miami can not compete! Low qualifications = NCs

Four different high schools and a kid before he even graduates? Seems like a lot of baggage already. I think the University knows what it's doing. I don't know what this kid is like but the more problems a recruit has, I think, the more prone he is to causing problems for both the University and the team.

Having standards is not the problem. They have standards at Stanford. The problem that I see is the red tape aspect of this. Time and again we here about the "process" of admission. Why does it have to take so long? Can someone remind these people that they're not in the Ivy League for Pete's sake?

Golden has to know who can get in as early as possible so as not to waste valuable time recruiting a non-q athlete. These protracted investigations are creating the competitive disadvantage, not the invocation of standards.

What on Earth are these admissions pinheads doing that keeps them behind the other 119 D1 schools? Is there a tangible benefit to the U by taking these drastic measures?

Will anyone in the local media ever actually investigate this issue and provide some facts, or hold these people to account for their actions? (Just a little humor there to lighten the mood.)

At Stanford, the admissions dept is able to pre-qualify potential players early in the process so the coaches know what they are dealing with. If you get an offer from Stanford, you're in-period. If Stanford can do that, with all due respect to our alma mater, Miami should have none of these delays. Sorry, but Harvard of the South, we are not.

I swear, for a private institution that's always crying poverty, Miami sure acts like a bloated, state-sponsored bureaucracy. I'm amazed that the board at UM is so short-sighted as to allow these pencil pushing eggheads to unnecessarily burden the cash cow that this football program could and should be. This is a larger problem for Golden, and the University IMO, than some may think.

If he's really be waiting all his life to play at UM he'll find a way to get in. Don't know why its so hard to get paperwork for all the schools he's gone too. Do schools not keep proper records??

Has anyone read the article? He isn't qualifying for university standard, period end of story. I can see not many of you ever went through that process. They do not "just let" you in.Idiots.

I don't care what anybody says the kids GPA along with the SAT score is a bit average but if those scores are in line with the NCAA and the clearinghouse then what damn difference does it make? Shalaber needs to get her wrinkled old arse off of her high horse and realize that if the old fart lived to be 200 years old she is never going to make THe U into Harvard. Theres only one Harvard dummy. We are not a freakin Ivey League school, we are a damn football school and its time somebody clued that little oompa loompa in on it. Doesn't she ever cross a street or something. Tad Foote was an idiot just like this little troll is. Shalaber has got to go. For gods sake what is she a mutant or something, isn't she ever going to retire or get fired. She should be fired for all of this Shapiro crap after Shannon let her know he didn't care for him. I mean if she loved Randy so much for his conviction and honesty then why didn't she listen to him? Oh I forgot she was too busy counting the money. Get that piece of garbage outta here.

well, people have tendency to forget miami is a private university with higher acedemic standards and requirements, oh well, i guess Florida State or Ohio State gain, i guess that explain why Ohio State have a top 10 team each and a top 10 recruiting class each year...now they urban meyer, they will steal all the talented but low academic performs from the U.

Yup- it always goes to the top- the Lib Loon Sha-la-la who thinks Miami is NYU south- NOT- hard to see a NC with her on top.

Just got it from an extremely reliable source that the question with this kid is his ACT score, which is good enough to get him in. His score was flagged because he had no "official" picture ID when he or whomever presented it as "Leggett" took the exam. That along with a barely above min. requirement 2.4 gpa is what's holding this up. It's not something that will be made public to protect the kid. Simply put, he will have to take the ACT again, or for the first time if he had someone else take it for him before, and if he gets the required score he'll be admitted. Plain and simple.

I would offer to tutor him for ACT -math no charge

Chris T if that is true it brings into play a whole different set of problems. Ethics, honesty, and character to start.






Where's Nevin when you need him...

Trust in this ATLCANE

We don't need his "services" or anything similar, ever again.

I am not positive, but didn't Frank Gore have a learning disability or something like that when he came to Miami? I know it's looked at completly different because his grades are effected by a disability that you cant't control, and then Leggett isn't performing well in the classroom because of whatever he's got going on in his life. My point is, since when did Miami make it such a hard school to get in to? And, IF what I said about Frank Gore is correct, I'm pretty sure private schools (UM) dosen't provide extra help for students with learning disabilities, ect. If this kid is a top 10 CB and Miami isn't gonna take him because of that, then they're crazy! Im not saying let in everybody and anybody who can play ball, BUT you can always put restrictions and/or academic probation stuff on students when they come to campus. I think a prospect would be A LOT better with being on academic probation for their first year, rather then going to middle of no where prep school.

Michael. Read the entire string. There are a whole set of factors in this besides GPA. We don't need more AJ's, jokecoreys, et al. Don't care if he is top 10.

And canetillidie. Fire Shalalalala now.

A 22 on the ACT is not a bad score. The NCAA requires a 17. You need a 2.5 average, which he will probably get. The kid will end up at FSU or O. State or some other big school without being forced to go to prep school. An ACT of 22 projects well for a prospective student. If the guy's parents were the reason he kept moving around and not his desire to keep moving, than there's all the more reason to help this kid get in school. I DON'T LIKE HOW THIS SOUNDS.

Florida is a good academic school. I guarantee you they'd take him if he meets NCAA requirements. Athletes are not competing academically with the rest of the school. We know an ACT of 22 will not get you in UM or UF if you are a regular student. UF will not turn kids away who meet NCAA requirements. This is a joke. If a very intelligent player tells UM he 's going to take pre-med coursework, he'll be told to forget about it, especially if he's a QB. He'll be told that will not allow him to devote enough time to the football program. Don't believe me? Ask Jim Harbaugh what happened to him at Michigan.

To all fans who are happy with all of UM's academic priorities: Don't ever complain and whine about why UM can't be a top notch football team. You can't have it both ways. If you are pleased with these academic decisions, you have no right to complain about this Program's mediocrity in the future. You can't compete against schools who never turn down kids who meet NCAA admission standards.

Follow the NCAA admission standards.

rboud, bullsh*t. complete and utter bullsh*t.

the academic priorities of the university dont apply to the football team. no one on the football team could get into UM, theyre all one notch above retards, theyre not real students and everyone knows it.

this kids problem is he just didn't care. he left everything to the last minute, is trying to take internet to fulfill credits for classes he probably failed, and isnt going to get his sh*t together in time.

Miami should take him anyway but the schools academic priorities dont have d*ck to do with football.

If the administration believes this kid can't cut it academically, then he shouldn't be admitted. Period. Never mind the year of prep school. As an alum, I am glad the school isn't cutting slack for athletes. Under President Shalala, the stature of the school has risen dramatically (UM is rated No.1 academically among Florida universities) and I applaud her for that. She's doing an outstanding job. There are plenty of other defensive backs we can recruit. AJ Leggett is not going to make or break the football program.

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