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South Miami CB AJ Leggett might not end up in UM's recruiting class

Last week when I visited South Miami High and spoke to All-American cornerback AJ Leggett before his team's big playoff game against Columbus he was gushing at the thought over playing for the Hurricanes next season.

AJ Leggett"I've been wanting to play at UM all my life," he said. "I see a lot of opportunity there. I've been working hard to get my grades right, my test scores, my classes and stuff in line. The only thing I have to pass right now is Spanish and Math class in virtual school so I can graduate on time. If I maintain my grades, I'll be straight."

Leggett, who has a 2.4 GPA and recently scored a 22 on his ACT, might have all the grades and necessary paperwork to get past the NCAA Clearinghouse next year. But UM's academic admissions department? That appears to be an entirely different issue according to South Miami coach Lamont Green.

Earlier this week, Green said UM defensive backs coach Paul Williams stopped by the school to have a conversation with Leggett about his academic situation, particularly what he needs to get into UM. And now it appears UM is warning Leggett that if he signs with them in February he may have to spend a year a prep school.

"According to what Paul said since AJ went to more than two high schools, he's going to need the paperwork of every high school he went to -- and he warned him it's going to be a long process," Green said. "He was just saying if they sign him football wise they don't think academically the school will let him in right away and he'll have to go to prep school. He said based on what they saw last year with a couple other guys it was going to happen again this year."

Leggett, considered the 10th best cornerback in the country by Rivals.com, took to Facebook to voice his frustration on the news saying: "I dont think I will be playing In miami next year," according to InsideTheU.com.

Leggett attended four different high schools, beginning the ninth grade at South Miami before attending Booker T. Washington as a sophomore, Gulliver Prep as a junior, Homestead this summer and then South Miami again as a senior.

"All that switching really wasn't up to me. It was my parents," Leggett told me last week. "If it were up to me, I would have stayed at one or two programs -- probably here or Booker T."

Leggett led South Miami to a 9-3 season. He played quarterback and accounted for over 1,600 yards on offense and 15 touchdowns. On defense, he had four interceptions. Leggett plans on playing in the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl in Dallas, Texas as well as the Dade-Broward Game.

The issue now is what Leggett plans to do next. He said the reason he committed to UM and coach Al Golden -- after switching back and forth as a Florida State commitment -- was because he wanted to be close to home and his 11-month old son A.J. III.

"I have a responsibility here at home and I want to be with him," Leggett said. "It's good if you can play at a good college and be close to your kid."

Green said he's not sure what Leggett will do now, but said schools like Ohio State and Florida State are still interested in him. UM sorely needs cornerbacks in its recruiting class and has four other defensive back commitments. But Leggett is clearly considered the most talented of the bunch.

"At least they're letting him know now before he puts his signature on any documents what the deal is," Green said of Miami. "We'll see what he wants to do. Sometimes in college football things work out, sometimes it don't. They told him they definitely want him, but they want to be up front and not have him get frustrated. I don't know what he's thinking. I'm waiting on AJ to see how he wants to attack it."


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none of them can cut it.

none of them.

there aren't 5 scholarship football players on the team that would have been accepted to um without football.

so what does it matter if leggett slightly more retarded than the rest of the team? honestly? dude can ball.

End recruiting, start ratings and scholarship anxiety now!
UM to the Ivy League! So what if we are
a bit to the south?

UM cant have it both ways. Indeed Shalala and her pinheads have raised the academic standards for UM... And with that, the national rankings as well. In order words, everything which academic liberals love. To her credit, she has also raised tons of $, which has gone NOT to athletics, but to that sinkhole, the UM-Jackson patrnership. But this does the football program no good. The average UM student could care less.

Since this is such a small university, most fans are non students. So is most of the support. But shalala, like foote could care less, yet when the program does well, everyone gets on the bandwagon. But shalalas change will gurantee. GUARANTEE that UM will not compete with the lsus and alabamas of this world. Academically there is no way LSU for ex is even close to miami, so if the admissions clowns want miami to be a southern harvard, then yhey should say so, so that we can stop wishing, and stop spending money. They cannot have it both ways. Lsu doesnt do anything illegal. They abide by ncaa guidlines and thats that. They even graduate most ofbtheir kids. Overall lsu is a good school. So what tis this garbage that aj cant qualify?

Shalala and admissions: u cant have it both ways. Miami can be a duke academically or in football. Not both. Ad i mean win ncs.

Which one is it?


Leggett represents local kids who want to come here and get turned away because of some crap admission standards.

Not getting these kids has already broken this program. We can't win without these guys.

Azcane. Shalalalala has not raised the standards as you say. The hobbit has only ridden on the coattails of the previous president. Yeah, she raises money real well just look at her grin with Shapiro and she never checked out the source.

Notice how shalalalala leads from behind on this whole NCAA mess. Fire her NOW!!!!

anyone that breathes can get into the OSU or FSU.

10 years ago, would this have been a problem? FOH! Let the kid in. Frank Gore got in, cut the stuck up BS!!

FL 31%, Fl. State 31%, LSU 42% and 38%, Al52% and 38% respectively, the U 75%, these percentages represent the number of 3 Star Recruits or lower that makeup the total recruiting classes of the above schools, and like they say in sales, the numbers dont lie, and its funny how numbers can traslate to on-field production, but just reflect on how dominant LSU has been on the field the past 2 seasons, and review thier numbers above 42% for 2011 and 38% for 2010, that mean, the rest of their recruits were wither 4 Stars and 5 Stars, same thing go for Alabama and Florida. Flrorida has been down the past 2 years, but thats for 2 reasons, I lot of thier players have either transfer away from the school, or gotten in so much trouble, they were expelled. And I know its hard to distinquished between 2 teenagers from different parts of Florida or the Nation, both 5'11 and 175 pounds,both play the same position but one is a 4 Star while the other is a 3 Star,,maybe its IQ,,maybe its the high school or the city, maybe one player had the means to participate in summer camps, and the other did not, IDK, either way, if Miami want to climb up the ranks and become the "elite of the elite" we have to reduce our 75% down to where LSU, Florida, Alabama, and Florida State and I am quite sure Oklahoma and Auburn are at. IF and when we do, are play will become better, its no way Boston College would have beaten us if our percentage was that of LSU, just simply no way. LSU would have beaten Boston C. by 50. And our players were only a notch better than thiers. hey, am not for batching kids, but the U academics standards going to have to be reduced or the miami coaches going to have to become better recruiters to get the elite players, but point serve, we will not re-join the elite until our percentages are reduced.

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