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Tommy Streeter to enter NFL Draft??? Golden rumors AGAIN - with full Donna Shalala transcript of her reaction and other interesting Shalala comments

Life is never dull when you cover the University of Miami.

UM wide receiver Tommy Streeter had made his decision to forgo his senior year and enter the NFL Draft, his father and mother both told me today.

He had a long, long meeting with Coach Al Golden, and not sure if any other coaches were in there (don't think so, but not positive). Golden apparently swayed Streeter enough to make him wonder when he walked out of that meeting. UM coaches believe Streeter will be drafted fourth or fifth round, from what I've been told.

I think Tommy would be drafted higher than that.

Streeter told me after that meeting that he still wants to turn pro -- yet on the other hand, he said he wants to be absolutely, positively sure of his decision. "I want to make sure I'm 100 percent,'' he said.

Sounds like he's confused, and understandably. Also sounded to me like he's leaning heavily toward going. If I had to guess, I'd say he's going to turn pro.

For UM's sake, hope he stays and gets that extra year in. He could cement his status as a first-rounder if he comes back. I think it could only help for him to show consistency in his success over more than one season.

Keep in mind, however, that Tommy is 6-5 and 217 pounds and runs a 4.36-second 40-yard dash. He is amazingly fast for a very tall man -- great attributes for a receiver. That won't get past NFL teams.

This won't get past them either: 811 receiving yards and eight touchdowns on 46 catches.

Also important: Tommy is a young man of high character. He's intelligent, too.

Yes, he's only had one great season, but he rarely played before this season. He was not a favorite of Randy Shannon's, and Streeter himself said he changed his attitude before this season.

  If Tommy leaves, his absence would be a major loss for the Hurricanes, who also are losing second-leading receiver Travis Benjamin, a senior, as well as senior LaRon Byrd. Allen Hurns, an upcoming junior, would return as the only veteran wideout. Hurns caught 31 passes for 415 yards and four touchdowns this past season.

"He believes he's ready,'' Tommy Streeter Sr. told me today. Mr. Streeter would like his son to stay in school, by the way.

Tommy Sr. told me TJ -- Tommy Jr -- "loves coaches Al Golden, Jedd Fisch and George McDonald, but he feels like it's time for him to move on.''

Now they will get together as a family again to discuss his future.

Tommy Jr. is majoring in sports administration and is on pace to get his degree in May, which I believe he still could get by arranging some internship hours.

It appears if he turns pro, he'll sign with  Drew Rosenhaus. I was assured by both parents, in no uncertain terms, that Tommy has NOT yet signed with any agent.

This is a good, close family.

Stay tuned.



As for UCLA being interested in Al Golden, it's probably true -- or else a ploy to get folks from thinking of other options. But even so, I would be more than extremely surprised to see Golden leave now. What does it take for people to believe he's here for at least now? I hope I'm not crazy, but I just don't see it. Manny Navarro, who is covering the Dolphins game today, said he and some other reporters talked to UM president Donna Shalala, who was at the Dolphins game.

He said she assured them that Golden is staying at UM and wants to be with the Hurricanes.

Here's are the quotes, word for word, that Manny just emailed me, from Donna Shalala, during her interview with Manny and some other reporters:

Why the extension? 

Shalala: "He wanted to stay. There is no question he
wanted to stay. We simply had to make sure we sent the message not
simply to him and the people he put together but to the Hurricane
family and all the kids thinking that have been a Hurricane all their
life and they want to play for the University of Miami."

  Is anything sure in this business?

"No. But just because someone calls up -- this guy wants to be with the
University of Miami. He's an excellent coach."

What about UCLA and other schools calling for him now? 

"Did you hear the story about Ohio State approaching me? If you're good enough
you're going to get calls every week. And particularly as the break
comes and the number of vacancies there are in the country, everybody
is going to call anybody who is talented. All that is is a sign that
we did the right thing."

Here's more on other schools coming after Golden:

"I know the rhythm of when coaching vacancies come out. Look at the difference it has made already. You make the announcement early enough. Other vacancies open
up. Of course UCLA and other schools are going to call. Everybody is
going to call everybody. When you're really good, you get phone calls."

Why the 4th quarter announcement of Golden signing, during the Boston College game?

"The reason it was announced when it was because the trustees were here for the game. We needed their approval and we did it at halftime. Once they do it, you've got to get it out. Since we got it done I needed a chance for the athletic director to explain it to the trustees here at the game. Once they said 'Yes,' we could make the announcement. It was actually a rational decision on our part. Once you get that number of people in the room, it's going to leak. At halftime we took an empty suite, gathered the trustees, briefed them on where we were and they said "fine." So, there was no reason not to get it out. I also knew after the last game there were going to be a lot of vacancies. So, it was
really a matter of talking to them. It seemed weird to you, [but] totally rational [to us]. If you were in my place and could get all your trustees together at halftime you would have done it that way. You need it approved by the board of trustees for a long contract extension. We happened to have them in one place. It seemed like a rational type of thing.

What did you like about the team this season? 

"I like the discipline. I don't know enough about football. But everybody around
me who knows about football feels very strongly that he's a tremendous
coach. Everything is right about him. The way he works with young
people, his expectations, about the standards he brings, about the
values he brings. We're very pleased and obviously we're prepared to
make the kind of commitment he needed to build the team."



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Sorry to hear it. If Tommy stays, he has a good shot at being a first rounder. And the Canes could give him that opportunity next season. But kudos to his strong and caring family. We shall see.


Tommy, good look in the NFL. I think you can be a great player and yes it is time to move on. I personally want each kid from that 2008 class out of here anyway. No offense, I rather you moved on. A HUGE disapointment for that class. Go make your mark in the NFL. I hope all of you guys get a chance to do that. GO CANES!

#1. Ok so the trustees got together at halftime, did Golden leave the locker room to sign it?
#2. Did Golden ever sign it?
#3. Why haven't either Golden or his agent denied the interest or meeting with UCLA. (It would help us if you just put it to bed coach).
I am ALL CANE but I have no choice but to be skeptical. I'm tired of the same old "trust our coach, give him a chance, don't judge him in only one year" bs. If we are going to get back to "THE U" status, it starts with solid, unshakeable leadership! We will always support The U. Now its time for you (coaches, administration) to give us reason to BELIEVE again.

Being "Ready to move on" and timing have to be on the same page. Ready to move on is a state of mind. Timing is reality. Timing is strategic. Timing is savvy. Timing, is also luck. TJ can "Juice up" his jackpot by ignoring his state of mind, and focusing on strategy, smarts, and the reality of what his choices can mean. All these, can have a terrific impact on his luck.

Stay, Tommy, stay - you'll win it all.

Remember youall what buthc davis did 2 weeks after he said verbatim, that he wasnt leaving the U.

Recall what nick saban did

I dont believe or trust any man ever when money is involved.

Good news for tommy Streeter, however he will have to be careful injury prone and light weight. Good Luck

Hank went in the 3rd round and Streeter is a better prospect, but with less experience. I say he's a 2nd or 3rd ronder, but with really good workouts and combine a late 1st round pick to a playoff team in need of a big play wide out.

Leaving early to be a 5th rounder!?!?!? WOW who is advising this young man!?

he should stay but i think with his speed and size hes a second rounder at the latest. Raiders at least will make a move

That said what good does it do to deny rumors, all it does is make people rant about u after u leave.

I expect golden to stay if he didnt leave for penn state hes not going anywhere ps ucla has worse facilities they have less fans support then miami which is sad and they r second fiddle to usc for recruits in there area. The school has a smaller budget then miami does. why leave for them.

After being a punk for his first few years, in essence taking advantage of his scholarship, he finally decides to turn into a man, play ball and give back to the university. Now after a decent season, he bolts, even though the consensus is that it's a dumb decision. This kid is not starving. His parents do pretty well. So it's not about money. I say good riddance Tommy. Thanks for NOTHING! At the end, in the hearts of true Canes, you'll never be one of us. Just another catastrophe of the 2008 draft class. The only thing of value that came out of that class has been Sean Spence. I can't even consider Brandon Harris a true Cane. Three decent years and bolt early to be a second rounder and an NFL bench player. All the other Miami high school stars from that season have been a bust. Jacory Harris, Aldarius Johnson, Tommy Streeter, Kendall Thompkins, Marcus Forston, Benjamin Jones, Thearon Collier, and Davon Johnson. All Northwestern and Booker T busts from the #1 recruiting class of 2008. Most concerned about living it up with Shapiro than putting time in to get better. All under the watchful eye of Randy Shannon. I'm so sick of that era. It's nice that most, if not all are now gone.

@Kool Aid...couldnt have said it better myself. Deuces to da 08 class

First good thing Shalala has done since she took over...I still cannot stand her for taking us out of the OB...selling her soul and all UM fans souls to the Marlins for LORD KNOWS how much $$$$$ they gave her!

I don't like her...I don't trust her, plain and simple.

I think it's more than leaving wihth his friends, than financially. We all know that another year in school, would not only help his draft stock, but also his game. One good year under Golden, brought Streeter some much needed confidence and playing time. And Streeter made the best, with the opportunity. Stay in school TJ, your boys understand (NW) would understand. It's your decision, and you have a good family foundation.

It was Shannon who took us out of the OB, it was Shalala who make the decision but on the advice of Shannon cause he wanted to play in a pro stadium. Paul Dee was against.

Tommy should leave. The QB situation next season is not looking that good, Jacory had a pretty good season and Tommy was a recipient of many of those passes and TDs. Stephen Morris unfortunately will not have the type of season that will make it worth if for Streeter to stay.

Maybe our expectations were TOO high with this class. When Butch Left the program was in good shape, carried over to two nc appearances, then the bottom fell out. Now all the blame to Randy and Al gets an extension. Please show me what Al did in a year with Randy's team that was better than what Randy did with Coker's? It's amazing how we speak of accountability when Golden is making the same mistakes that were happening under Randy, oh and he let Storm Johnson go. Maybe its time to look at the 08 class as a bust.

btw: Brandon Harris left UM amid a coaching change and didnt know what to expect, judging by this season, he did the right thing.

First of all, Coach Golden executed (signed) the contract extension with the understanding that the Trustees would have to sign off before the contract would be in force. The Trustees signed off on the extension during halftime of the Boston College game, thus the contract was/is in force.

Secondly, Tommy Streeter going pro at this time is a multimillion dollar mistake. After another year under the guidance of Jedd Fisch, a man who has invaluable NFL experience, Tommy could easily be a 10 top draft selection and possibly a top 5 selection. A top 5 contract for a wide receiver could be for 6 years at $32 to $40 million. Whereas a 4th or 5th round selection will probably fall in the 4 year period for $5 to $8 million...you do the math!

Tommy you are not ready for the nfl. You are a unique athlete with premier size and speed. You need another year in the weight room. As far as a wr you need to work on your hands to many of your catches were bobbles, you have to work on beating jams you struggled when pressed, you need to work on coming out of your breaks and route running. Mcdonald is a good wr coach who can get you to that level. I can see you being a poor man's randy moss. Who ever is advising you to go pro is not thinking of yor best interest.

I agree with Swope on the condition that impending sanctions will not severely affect Streeter's abilty to showcase his skills, otherwise its another long season.

The UCLA rumor, can that come in to play even with Golden's extension?

The liberal LATIMES reports that U.C.L.A. is SERIOUSLY pursuing The Golden One. Eh. Negotiations are cuurently in the works COVERTLY between the two interested parties.

And believe it or not Cane rUffians, plush, affluent WESTWOOD has the bloody Benjamins to buy out Golden's contract with Miami and pay him at least 1 million dollars more than what he makes annually. Get outta' here.

Posted by: macjones | December 04, 2011 at 02:37 PM

For the next few weeks, the Golden One and his agent will be in bloody DENIAL MODE. If U know what I mean, Cane rUffians.

By the way, I absolutely don't see this current drama with Albert being rUmours and what not. Simply because the LA Times has greater CRED than the M.H., relatively speaking mind you's.

Heck, most COSMOPOLITAN personalites would say that the WACKO, PINKO west coast Times is on par with the PREMIEUR paper of Gotham City... NYTIMES anyone.

Yeah, yeah only pinko, expresso slurping, Obama loving, liberals peruse the ' TIMES '. Eh. So What!

I don't blame Touchdown Tommy be iota for turning pro. Eh. Heck, he absolutely SEEs the writing on the Orange-n-Green wallpaper and knows Miami will be just another MIDDLE-of the- Road squad next season. 7-5 anyone.

Tommy didnt get 1000 yds. What was so impressive?

Miller and james need one more yr, but with dorsett, and others were good at the wr position.

Even if miller leaves were good. Im more worried about the qb and the oline.

Great contract extension to build a great program Al Golden knows you need time and a great coaching staff and that is why the deal got done Al is a great recruiter and has that great coaching staff down here in Miami and now has that long contract, this is great for the "u" and the fans that expect greatness. With time the Hurricanes will be back on top contending for National Championships.

nooooooooooooooo!!!!!! tommy come on man!!! he's gonna be a 3rd rounder at best, come back and improve your stock, you'll be a 1st rounder if you come back!!! come on man!!!!!!!!!

God Bless U

It's simple. If Streeter is sure he'll be a 1st rounder than he should go. If not, why would you leave when there's a good chance you could be a 1st rounder by staying another year.

The S.E.C. is 5-0 in BCS Championship games and will be 6-1 after the 2011 Champ is crowned ...

At least U can hang Ur hat on something Cane Fan... That and an exciting Orange Bowl match up of ACC Champs 9-3 # 15 Clemson -vs- Big Least Champs 9-3 # 23 West Virginny...
Wow, riveting.

If AG leaves it is probably because he knows or has been told of the sanctions that the UM is going to get. I would bet he has a buyout clause if certain sanctions occur ie no bowls for 2-3 yrs, drastic reductions in scholarships and he feels he cannot realistically recruit. This whole thing smells. As for Streeter the lure of the immediate money may be to much. If he is intelligent and his family is so well grounded then he will stay. Lets hope so.

Best wishes for him and the program.

IF he can go in 1st round, he has to leave...I'm guessing he's worried about Qb next year..


Nobody's really interested in the hows and whys of Al Golden's contract extension - the next time you see Donna Shalala, do the ENTIRE UM fanbase a favor and ask her about academic requirements for athletes.

Why are they higher than the NCAA's minimum? If the student athletes are students first and we care about preparing them for life outside of football then why are 1/3 the players taking Sociology degrees?

I always chuckle when folks say a Player A is not a true Cane because they aren't doing what the poster wants them to do.. That is too funny. Good luck to TS.

MACJONES, why in the $uck do yu need to give us these diclamers that pretty much any daily newpaper in any big city is a "liberal" this or "obama loving" that? This is a college football forum you m o r o n! Do you understand that the rest of us laugh at you bakwerd, inbred, limp d i ck tea baggers? Poor, dumb conservative can't even put the haterade down for football. I'd love to kick your a s s (and I would, fairly easily...)

Thanks eudo....my thoughts too.

What I want to know from SHalaber is why do the Miami Players have to jump through hoops to get in the University. I know all the Blah Blah crap about a Private University an all but we need to be able to get these players that are going to Alabama and the rest of the SEC. If the kid has the grades to satisfy the NCAA then they should be able to get in this school.
Oh and Junk don't buy in to what Eudo's saying. He wants this place to be the Harvard of the South as much as Tad Foote and Shalaber does. I want players that can bring us titles. Just look at how the SEC has a monopoly on the National Title game. They are are assured of another Title now without having to face anybody outside their confernce. Its pathetic. With Golden and this staff if we can get the really good players that want to come here we can win the title in no time but this crap with Shalaber and the admissions department is a bunch of crap.
By the way good luck to Tommy if he decides to leave. I wish he would come back and believe it would benefit his draft stock. I know this whoever gets him if he does go pro is going to get the bargain of a lifetime cause they aint going to pay the kid jack like they would if he came back for another year.

And with those last few comments that is the official and final end of Canespace.

It has been fun. It has been real.

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

Happy blogging...

Posted by: SOUP | December 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

Manny & Susan - Skreetz aka Soup aka Cane86 is hanging it up. Its a good thing because he's totally lost his mind. This guy is is totally wacko.

championships - WTF are you talking about?

Here's the problem - most UM fans think that academics and the football team are correlated. They aren't.

Nobody looks at the qualifications, grades, or graduation rates of football players and draws conclusions about the quality of the university.

Yea, I want UM to be one of the top 15 research universities in the country. I want them to be better than all the major public research universities academically. I want the new neurological annex they're building off the Cox science building to be fully funded by the multimillion dollar NIH grant Dr. Chiba has applied for because the benefit to the undergrad premeds fits with NIH's outreach goals.

But none of that has anything to do with the football team. Let everyone in. Let them major in whatever they want. But stop pretending that their SAT scores and GPAs matter. Stop pretending that you're giving them a degree that's worth their tuition.

Just let them play football.

wow good luck and good by! have we ever seen agroup of heartless , underachieving group as this MMW group ? Man alive these guys give Fla. players an awful reputation. Soft, underachieving, no heart no character outside of spence STUD,this group is a sorry lot of players who else is worth the time of day with this whole group ? Washington will be a #1 draft pick but only played what a year at MNW !!

Hey Shalala, you know who's been a Hurricane all his life and grew up in our own backyard? AJ Legegett, the tenth best highschool CB in the nation.
I'm hoping Yale or maybe Obama's alma mater offer you a job soon, so coach Golden could do his job without admission's pointy nose getting in the way. I have an even better idea! Why don't you go work for the NCAA?

Congrats Cane fan. U just beat out Indiana and N. Texas for an unranked JUCO D-Back commit that will surely the next Ed Reed ...

Damn that barrel is getting deeper and deeper ...

All these "Cane fans" should do the university a favor and go watch the pros on Sundays. You hate on Shalala because the school has high admission standards. That's her job you dip sh*ts! Yes, she, and the rest of the University of Miami alumni, want the school to be on of the top twenty-five universities in the country. If she can do that AND the football team can be competitive then great. If the football can't find good student athletes, then we will settle for a top notch university.

Is going to the NFL Tommy Streeters' way of showing us he can't hold the pressure of being the "Go To Guy" with his security blanket Jacory Harris?

Damn Arty, The Cane Thang Train has jumped the tracks from Canespace circlejerkers, to here all the way to the Team locker room over at the Hecht ...

The 10 year dumpster fire and thick black smoke is billowing out of control yet again ...

Comedy n Tragedy ... Cane Football and their 15k strong fanbase.

Hey UCLA, want someone from Miami? Please take Shalalalalalala. PLEASE

Tommy go and get the money if that is what your heart is saying. Canes will be fine!

Just thinking: If the U was still in the Big East could we win?

Bruins are now pursuing Mora Jr. as it becomes obvious Al Golden's "not a candidate" for their vacancy.

Why play for a mediocre team with it's boy scout coach?
So...whats wrong with $7 mill.? And no one says it is not possible to renegotiate upon performance.

6x: leave it to a sorry gatr rednk like yourself to root for a "conference" when their sec team (as 10 others are), sks a55: go root for the sec. I am sure your sec degree gave you a good job.

Sec. Sec.

Fact is, this was set up by espn, which has a tv contract ,with you guessed it, the sec.

Oklahoma state got screwed by 0.009 points. Just like miami did in 2000. Because in 2000 the bcs thought the best match up was ok and fsu.

Yawwwwwwwwn. Another 9-6 sleeper. Way to go morons. Maybe you bcs minions should work for congress.

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