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UM baseball earns No. 14 preseason ranking; Nevin Shapiro NOT included in AP's Top 10 Sports Stories of the Year

The Canes will open their 2012 baseball season with a three-game series at home against Rutgers on Friday, Feb. 17.

On Monday, UM announced that the baseball team has earned a No. 14 preseason ranking from Collegiate Baseball, which named its Top 25 teams.

Miami returns 18 letter-winners from 2011, including starting pitchers Bryan Radziewski, Eric Whaley and Steven Ewing. E.J. Encinosa will serve as the closer. The Canes finished 38-23 overall and 19-10 in the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2011. Jim Morris, who recently became a dad for the first time, will begin his 19th year as the Hurricanes head coach.

UM will host 16 of its first 18 games at Alex Rodriguez Park. Top-ranked Florida comes to Coral Gables on Friday, March 2 for a three-game series.

The ACC had five teams among College Baseball's Top 25. North Carolina is ranked No. 4, Georgia Tech, No. 9; Florida State, 13; the Canes, 14; and Clemson, 25. The Gators come in at No. 1 after finishing 53-19 last season and falling to South Carolina in the College World Series.


As most of you likely would have figured out on your own, the Associated Press reported today that, "the ouster of one of America's most revered coaches, Penn State's Joe Paterno, after shocking child sex abuse charges against his former assistant was overwhelmingly voted the sports story of the year by members of The Associated Press.''

The other Top 10 sports stories, according to AP, revolved around: NFL/NBA lockouts, the Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl, college conference realignment, St. Louis Cardinals win World Series, Ohio State's NCAA saga, Dallas Mavericks beat Heat for NBA title, two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon is killed during IndyCar's season finale, longtime Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine is accused of molesting two former Syracuse ball boys and continuing saga, Japan beat U.S. in Women's World Cup final.

The NCAA investigation into UM and former booster Nevin Shapiro continues. Don't know when that will wrap up, but not in time for this year's list for sure.




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hey Cane pingers, I have something that U can top Ur cereal with that will really really help ...

Top 10 Sports stories of the year huh ? Did U really think that anyone around the Country actually is interested in the goings on of a has been, beyond irrelivant football program that's done nothing the last decade? Wake up Cane fans. Nevin Sapiro and Cane football is as news worthy as midget wrestling... Small time.

It's been years, decades and a Century ago since U were a relevant newsworthy topic.

but U'll be back soon riiieeet ?


The best player in the program's history is a steroid cheat. They play in a stadium named after a steroid cheat. Shut down the program. Lawless illiterate thugs, the lot of them.

Someone is in desperate need of attention. Something is missing in your life.

No. 14 is a wee bit too high of a preseason ranking. Don't U think.

Chit, Miami hardball ain't exactly been Top 15 material the past few seasons. No.

Nonetheless, IF Morris has another UNDER ACHEIVING-sp. team this season. Then, the Hurricane A.D. should absolutely search for a new YOUNG, fresh head coach. Eh.

Jim Morris is old and washed up. Just collecting a paycheck at this point. Maybe Duke Johnson can play baseball so he has a shot to be ranked at some point during his college career. This is the closest shot he has got.

Florida#1: When was the last time your p-o-s program didn't get hyped up as #1 only to blow their w-ad such as last year in baseball and softball?

I'd rathet UM NOT be ranked #1 and be #1, then be ranked #1 (as UF has been countless more times than miamiin the last 2 decades) only to show its true colors of the typical overrtaed, sorry soft choker gator program

Plus F_U has had the fuhgliest and g-ayest (not that there is anything wrong with it) players in cfb history: Goldie locks Riley Cooper and the Fabio-esque Matt Patchan.

The Dooshiest college in america is just a several hr drive up I-75. When you start seeing truck stops next to day care centers. When you hear the diatant sound of Banjos and skin slapping against skin, Bingo. Youre there

Win something before you say something you bunch of sorry pr-icks. You have beaten Miami in football once in the last 25 years, and you still own only 3 NCs in football, ZERO in baseball, and you are talking? Are you that sad?


UM is 43-37 against the SEC since 1961. 6-4 since 1991

UM has more players on NFL rosters than F_U

UM has more probowlers than F_U

UM has more playmakers in the NFL than F_U

UM has more NCS in the 3 major sports than F_U

UM is ranked higher tha F_U in the top colleges list

University of Florida 35 arrests in the last 5 years. Some UF fans on this blog Classless.

UM is 43-37 against the SEC since 1961. 6-4 since 1991
UM has more players on NFL rosters than F_U
UM has more probowlers than F_U
UM has more playmakers in the NFL than F_U
UM has more NCS in the 3 major sports than F_U
UM is ranked higher tha F_U in the top colleges list.

I love how the gator girls stop commenting when facts are thrown in their face !

If we are so irrelevant than why do you gator girls read UM articles , lol you guys are pathetic

Cane nation just for you too know , I travel the country alot and have met many SEC fans and they all have one thing in common , they hate the Gators and especially their fans . I found that most interesting they respected Um but hated as they put it " Winy little crying Fans " . I have had Bama and Auburn Fans tell me if they think they are so good why have they never been undefeated even in Championship years . Oh by the way look at the Years that Um went undefeated and you will see that we had just as hard a schedule as Flordia did in their championship years , just shut up once in for all !!!!

Oh by the way are kids go to class unlike some other Florida school !

How is it that U Cane clUcks are able to post all Ur ancient history accomplishments here with one hand buried deep in the front of Ur pants ?

6 Straight BCS Crystal Ball 'Ships says it all ...

Will Miami get the trifecta...
Probation in all three major sports ?
Crow about that one!
Still Cheating after 30 years!

thats hilarious...gator fans clammoring about OTHER sec schools winning the BCmesS title.

Ur crystal ball...OH yeah we have one too!

What else does Gatr garbage have? A dump school located in a trailerpark.

Of course they have to chant "SEC" and rip on the Canes. What else do they really have? They are the joke of the state but they are the only ones who don't know it yet.

Kind of like when the blog Pig/Arty/Soldy walks into his favorite gay bar, Ramrod.

This is good news. Just means that the news piece was a garbage 'article" written by "investigative reporters" with an agenda, who pieced together a "hear-say" compilation of grossly exaggerated claims by a little runt felon who in turn also had an agenda, and reasons to do what he did to hundreds of investors: cheat, lie and steal. Fellow news people are beginning to realize that.

that tells you where the Miami "scandal" really belongs...not that big a deal - at least the part about current (2011) players. The stuff with the NFL "graduates" - well that's another story. Nevertheless, it really isn't that big a deal and I think UM will be OK when its all said and done.

A couple of points.

Regardless of the AP Top 10, we are going to get sanctioned form the NCAA and with the lost of depth we aren't going to be good for awhile. Obviously something shady was going on or they wouldn't of suspended our basketball player for the whole year. So there is something to what nevin claimed. NCAA has it out for us so be prepared for a few .500 seasons ahead. And if Cristobal goes to Pitt - thats going to be bad for us too. He will be recruiting in our backyard with more to offer.

Let's see: 2 molestation stories, a lockout, an NCAA probation story, US soccer team losing, a driver getting killed and conferences being scrambled. 3 stories about championships being attained.

The lead story is related to an alleged molestation case and the ouster of a legendary coach.

These are sad times, folks. Much of this stuff has no place in sports news. It is news news
about criminality and stupidity. A sign of the times where the lid is off morality for too many folks.

I wish sports celebrated the attainment of the highest goals, the championships, the great performances, the human interest stories that were inspiring (Tebow, etc.) and all that was good.

Let the sleaze stay in the news pages. There is so much of it, and while it affects our teams, it somehow tarnishes the good and can make us cynical.

That said, hope everyone has great holidays and celebrates all the positives in your lives...

Yeah focus on the positive stuff!

yeah focus on the fact that Willis McGahee s about to pop over 1000 yds and play in the playoffs, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have a chance for a superbowl, Frank Gore is in the top 5 running backs, and Jimmy Graham is a top 5 receiver... as a tight end, and may win the superbowl.

The NCAA will announce its verdict on Ohio State almost exactly 1 year since the allegations broke and the investigation began.

drum roll begins.

This will tell us a lot about the U's fate.

EFf the NCAA. Corrupt mafia that it is

Why do Gator's fans come here? We aren't rivals with them anymore. I'll talk to you for a week in 2013, until then go troll some Vanderbilt fans or something.

Mark, Gator fans are here for payback since one of your doUches in cooperation with the incompetent Matt Watts has taken over Gator Clause. What you see here is similar to what is posted there by your side.

Susan still needs to apologize to Micanor Regis for tweeting that he was a pig. The Herald has allowed a classless reporter to say that about a UM player on a team she is supposed to be covering and is supposed to be fair and balanced? The Herald has no class and most of it's reporters obviously have character flaws as does Susan!

Can't tell the differnce between Susan and a Gator fan anyway, so why am I not surprised she gets away with her slur!

whatever. Gator clause is another peedophile site. Should be shut down. Just like that trash heap diploma mill rednck kissing cousin diploma mill wanna be football program near Ocala.

Haha just looked at the Gator and the comments are all exactly the same. Whatever,I won't get in the way of other people's internet fun though you guys have fun trolling each other.

I'd love if we played the Gators consistently and it actually was a rivalry but not really of much interest to me until then.

Best cfb, you would know about that since your language is identical to the cane doUche that posts there all the time. It's probably you with a different name.
So cane fans don't complain if the same thing happens here.

We are the canes
Rank us in the preseason please
When the real thing comes we won't be ranked
Spring and Summer will be here soon
Best time to be a football cane you know
When the real season starts we will clamor for next year
Is this a baseball story?
Fire Morris we will soon say
Is basketball being played?
Our girls are good you know
Lady canes, the only good thing cane
How come all that Orange and Blue at our classic game the other day
We barely beat them powerful Owls you know
That's right you don't know
Basketball is a ladies game in Miami
We talk about trailers, trash and dummies
That's what Miami has to offer
We hark back to the 60s to feel good about ourselves
But don't say we live in the past
We are the canes

Who cares about baseball. And why even mention that Nevin Shapiro troll, if we ignore him all this scandal will go away. Just give us stories about the 50 plus scholies Golden the Great has available and all the all star players he will bring to the U, like that great RB Duke who is already better than the traitor Miller. Lets go canes, lets go Duke, lets go AG.

You are an internet loser.
You spend all your time following UM football.
You know all about UM's WOMEN's basketball team.
You know that UM played FAU a couple nights ago.
You're a pathetic piece of sh*t who's obsessed with the internet.
You're not a Gators fan, not a Seminoles fan, not even a UM fan, even though you follow every move they make.
You're a fan of talking anonymously to strangers on the internet because you have nothing better to do with your life.

You are who we thought you were
You better shape up
You and I must make a pact to bring salvation back
You belong to the city
You can do it
You can't hurry love
You can't touch this
You don't bring me flowers anymore
You can't always get what you want
You make me wanna
You outta know

2 years. Can't wait till that pathetic program of quick undernourished gumbies come home to daddy to get slapped across their faces.

Can Tebow get another year of eligibility for spending offeasons circumcising phillipine boys? Maybe. Lets ask ESPN/abc conglomerate maybe they can pull something off.

The reason that "point" about 1961 was made, ten years, is to shut the collective gaytor fans' mouths since all of you pi55ants do is talk about the SEC. Seriously. You all drool about the SEC, not realizing how much LSU, georgia, and Alabama fans actually hate your whiny selves


For the last 40 years, Miami has played SEC teams 80 times. They have played all 12 teams. They have beaten all twelve SEC teams. They are 43-67. Put that in your stocking this holiday season.


Why get so angry cane "fan"?
The truth hurts
You know what I know
You have never won a BCS game
Worst, you have never played in one
I also know you have never won the ACC
Worst, you have never, ever made it to the ship game
Obsessed? Loser?
That would be your fellow canes posting in Gator Clause
Know what else I know?
Your town is the definition of front runner and bandwagon
You should know you played FAU in the OB classic
You should have been there
Instead the arena was full of Gator fans
A real fan would know this
There are few of those in So Fla

I see 10 years has managed to free himself from his straitjacket to type another batch of nonsense. Get back to sharpening your knife collection, weirdo.

You better not cry
You better not pout
You don't know me
You don't love me
You give love a bad name
You better you better you bet
You make loving fun
You and Ur hand
You should be dancing
You can't hurry love

Best cfb program, dude 40 years is a long time.
What happened the last 2 times the canes played an SEC team?
How do you know the other SEC schools hate UF so much, last I checked UM had 2 teams in the most hated list. Nationwide UM is the most hated program.

The 2001 National Championship was a BCS game. The Canes also played in a BCS game the following year.

due, what happened the last 25 years miami has played the gators? UF won. Once.

Your argument basically says, that nothing except the last 6 years matters, becasue thats when UF won 2 NCS and the SEC has won 6 NCs in a row. Everything else is past history. Like the fact that 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Miami finished 2, 1, 2, 5 in the polls. Oh never mind 11 years is ancient history. 10, 9, 8 years is Jurassic and Cretacean history. Miami's 1980s dynasty is pre-stone age according to all of you. Including Miami's 44-3 trouncing of LSU in 1992.

He-ll why dont you gator fans major in archeology- youcan come to my house and fins a bunch of relics that you can put in a musueum, including a photo of Danny Wuerffel after he won the NC in 1996.

History is important, just as is your love for Tebow.

Best cfb program, sure history is important, but it is just history. In your case it is ancient history by your count all the way back to 2002, it is almost 2012 now. So 10 years of Mediocrity has a relevant name as much as you hate it, and your name is just delusional. But go ahead and tell us how many NFL and pro bowl players you have, not because you can, but because you have to. You have to because you have nothing else. Talk NFL because you can't talk college football, unless of course you go back to pre 2002.

We are an NFL player producing machine. Our players were great in High School, it's the inbetween part that's head scratching.

Gatr trash: GQ Top 10 Douchiest colleges.

Hatred? Nah. Just disgust and contempt for the trailer maggots.

6-6? Epic Fail. And the coming year looks worse, Gatr maggots. Tell it to your dirtbag AD and his slovenly HC.

This Rawpimple may be the dumbest human on earth

Good post, same garbage you post over @ Gator clause. Soon this blog will be ruined just the same. Keep up the good work.

Great analysis Herbert. Players were good in high school and are good in the NFL, but if they went to Dah U they took 4 or 5 years off. Must be they were drunk or drugged up thanks to Lil' Luke. That explains the players, but what about the coaches and administrators.
Can you say epic fail, maggots, trailer trash, dirtbags and doUches? Dah U!

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