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UM baseball earns No. 14 preseason ranking; Nevin Shapiro NOT included in AP's Top 10 Sports Stories of the Year

The Canes will open their 2012 baseball season with a three-game series at home against Rutgers on Friday, Feb. 17.

On Monday, UM announced that the baseball team has earned a No. 14 preseason ranking from Collegiate Baseball, which named its Top 25 teams.

Miami returns 18 letter-winners from 2011, including starting pitchers Bryan Radziewski, Eric Whaley and Steven Ewing. E.J. Encinosa will serve as the closer. The Canes finished 38-23 overall and 19-10 in the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2011. Jim Morris, who recently became a dad for the first time, will begin his 19th year as the Hurricanes head coach.

UM will host 16 of its first 18 games at Alex Rodriguez Park. Top-ranked Florida comes to Coral Gables on Friday, March 2 for a three-game series.

The ACC had five teams among College Baseball's Top 25. North Carolina is ranked No. 4, Georgia Tech, No. 9; Florida State, 13; the Canes, 14; and Clemson, 25. The Gators come in at No. 1 after finishing 53-19 last season and falling to South Carolina in the College World Series.


As most of you likely would have figured out on your own, the Associated Press reported today that, "the ouster of one of America's most revered coaches, Penn State's Joe Paterno, after shocking child sex abuse charges against his former assistant was overwhelmingly voted the sports story of the year by members of The Associated Press.''

The other Top 10 sports stories, according to AP, revolved around: NFL/NBA lockouts, the Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl, college conference realignment, St. Louis Cardinals win World Series, Ohio State's NCAA saga, Dallas Mavericks beat Heat for NBA title, two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon is killed during IndyCar's season finale, longtime Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine is accused of molesting two former Syracuse ball boys and continuing saga, Japan beat U.S. in Women's World Cup final.

The NCAA investigation into UM and former booster Nevin Shapiro continues. Don't know when that will wrap up, but not in time for this year's list for sure.




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This has nothing to do with football, nevermind college basketball or fanbases.

UF isn't UM's rival.

All the pathetic f*ggots who spend all day and all night talking trash on UM or UF's blog are just internet nerd jackoffs.

We haven't played football since 2008. Won't play football until 2013. So you homos knock yourselves out for another two years with your internet nerd jackoffery but stop pretending to be football fans, it's embarrassing to both fanbases.

Ohio State got a year bowl ban and loss of scholarships over 3 years for hiding the tattoo fiasco. I think we will still get a bowl ban next year which I don't mind because we are going to suck and not win anyways the ACC anyways. I do worry about scholarships. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Canes played in Boise Idaho on the Smurf Turf..that was a BCS game...plus they watch plenty of bowl games on tv...that is a BCS game too..they also dont believe they have to show up to the ACC title game, because it is much easier to cheat, play as an independent, play an easy schedule without a conference championship and home national title games. Those were the days. The days when South Beach was actually cool to be at. The days when 90% of Miamians had fluorescent lights under the Honda Civics. The days when George Mira played and you could be a slow white dude and be classified as good.

Posted by: Rawpimple

Aww those were the days.

Glory days, they pass you bye
Glory days, break out the DVD
Glory days, look at all the pro bowlers
Glory days where have they gone
Glory days Nevin what have you done

Rawdouche, you think you got room to talk? Your program is dropping faster than your momma's boobs right now. Your coach blows, but don't worry. Aubrey Hill will make a great OC.

Ahhh, yes. The days before:

- Urban crapped on us;
- Emmitt double-crapped on us;
- when top -5 recruiting classes actually meant something;
- when our academics didn't suck;
- when we were single-digit felony arrests;
- when GQ did not think we were a top 10- Douchiest college;
- when Timmy still blew the fraternity boys after games.

Ahhhh, yes, those were the days to be Gatr Trash.

Now, we're just trash. Same as it ever was.

"when Timmy still blew the fraternity boys after games"

That's a little unnecessary.

To all the UFGaterd fans. If your team is so damn great and you obviously don't think too highly of the [[_]], then why don't you put us on the schedule every year instead of putting your gaterd tails between your legs and running home to mama. Put up or shut up. The [[_]] won't run and hide from anyone. So until you can tell us why you Gaterd fans are so classless and think that your **it don't stink....STFU!

That's what the cane doUchbags are all about, they don't have anything so they make up hateful insults.
Can't handle the truth, so make up stuff to try and feel better.
No imagination, no facts, no reality, just a delUsional cane scUmbag.
Dah U, just make up stuff cause we sUck, it sUcks to be U.

We are the canes
We beat an SEC team in 1961
Don't tell me we live in the past
We saw a BCS game on TV once
We see all our home games on TV too
No one goes to the stadium, Broward is too far
We are the canes
Is there an ACC championship game?
Is there a BCS NC game?
A cane fan doesn't know
It's a mystery, a mythical thing for us
Maybe AG can take us there
Probably not
Do you know we have a bunch of pro bowlers?

dumb gaytors. So... Doe that mean that because it took F_U 100 yrs to win the SEC F_U was mediocre for 100 years? LOL. YOu lo5ers are pathetic.

Pathetic fools, Especially you, 100 years and counting.

Thats your new name. add a zero. 100 years. Thats how long it took you losers to win an SEC.

Puh-thetic rednks and supporters. How does it feel to have this HUMONGOUs university, which has more money and alumni than UM, older than UM, and youlosers are 20 spots below UM in the best colleges in the US? And have 4 less national ch in the top 3 sports? What went wrong? What has gone wrong since 1875?

What is the problem with Florida? Why can't it be better than Miami? (newsflash, girls field hockey doesnt count)

Pathetic mediocre, wannabe, almost beens.

Oh, but you can still cheer for the SEC. GOOOO SEC!

LOl. and your predictions of the death penalty for uM_ OSU, who will beat your sorrya55es in the bowl, got a bowl ban and and some scholie reductions. For "failure to monitor" which is the worse label given by the NCAA.

Tremble in your shoes, gaytors, 2013 is not far. I predict Duke Johnson running for 250 yds against F_U in 2013!

DeQuan is coming back. No worries on the Shapiro thing - all lies by a convict. We are back on track for the ACC Title and our 6th next year.

Go Canes!!!!

Funniest post award goes to the guy that's been to 'many SEC games around the country' and some how polled those fans about Gator and cane fans. Really? I find it hard to believe that the fan of empty-stadium-U has the inclination to go to many SEC games around the country.

For the record I've been to many SEC games around the country (really) and honestly....the canes just don't come up in conversation.

Posted by: Program > No Program

I did poll the fans from other stadiums as I attended many, many, SEC games. Some times it was an anonymous survey during the tailgate other times it was a show of hands during halftime. Anyway you slice it - my research shows that the gaytors are the most despised fan base in the SEC if not all of the world. I can verify this as I attended many Manchester U games and they also hate the gators as does the sumo crowd at the Kokugikan (National Sumo Stadium) in Japan.

Wow, Curse Piggy is really going full tilt.

First he says cease fire until 2012, then begins his usual daily dose of insanity.

Yet, after two straight days of personal attacks, whines "That's a little unnecessary." when someone takes a shot at his little god Tebow.

You don't like it, you can leave, you sick troll.

Tebow admits he touched little boys. It's true. More than Sandusky. It's also true.

DaQuan Jones allegation is not settled. NCAA is still in the midst of investigating it. His lawyer wanted an answer now

dequan=acc title

I too have seen many SEC games on TV, especially in January and I agree with you. Although I have never been to No Life Stadium nor know exactly where UM is, I have polled my fellow cane fans at work during our breaks at the Publix deli and before that when I pumped gas at Sunoco and we all agree with you. It's all about Dah U!

Jones has been cleared by the meanie NCAA. Now we can put this scandal behind us, if no one mentions Shapiro again he will go away and the NCAA will leave us alone. Our Golden one will lead us to the ACC title and more in 2012.

The Shapiro story is not on the list because many of the outlandish allegations have already been proven WRONG!! The slime is selling a book and that is all it is. Sure he probably had dinner with some players but his book is just an attempt to make him more money. The sad thing is he is willing to lie and hurt more peope to do it!! Don't you think it is time for him to be called by his real first name? Slime, take your trashy book and sell it in prison. ONE day perhaps you will stop hurting people.

Raw pimple and 10 years of medications...
You guys have NO pedigree so in order to build your self esteem you come here to p*** off real Cane fans..and get your MORBID kicks.

Get some Class, and get a good Coach, and develop someplayers who rule the NFL .

Till then slink back to the trailer and take a nap..see ya
You looooooooooooooooooooosers.

1 win in 25 years against the U...thats not only history, but factual as well u d&%$@$bags...

1 win in 25 years, now who's going back in history....get a life u gayturds...

keep rooting for the sec...a conference u r getting owned in...maybe u guys otta step out, as u cant quite keep up with the elite teams...but keep chanting SEC...SEC...SEC...u losers...

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