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UM Cane LT Brandon Washington and DE Olivier Vernon forgoing sr seasons to enter NFL Draft

Here we go again.

Two more University of Miami underclassmen are leaving the Hurricanes early to enter the 2012 NFL Draft.

This time it's 6-4, 320-pound offensive tackle Brandon Washington, who played his junior season at left tackle after being named an All-ACC left guard as a sophomore in 2010.

And add to that defensive end Olivier Vernon, who  is leaving as well. I'll get more on Olivier a bit later. Read on for Brandon news:

Former Hurricanes receiver Aldarius Johnson, who graduated from Miami Northwestern High with Washington and two other sources familiar with the situation, confirmed the news for me, as well as the university itself. Washington did not return voice and text messages yesterday.

"I am so overwhelmed and proud of Brandon’s accomplishments,'' said his mother, Cheryl, who said Thursday that she wasn't aware of his decision, but that he was a man and has been making his own decisions for quite a while. "I just want the whole world to know how proud I am of all my boys. Brandon is a sweetheart, and he is very humble.''

Cheryl Washington, who is currently unemployed, raised four sons and a daughter by herself in Overtown. She said she was adamant that somehow Washington earns his degree in criminology. "He knows that I don't play with education,'' she said.

Brandon Washington posted this message on his Twitter acount Dec. 10: "Ever been scared to check ya bank account..."

Washington, 23, played in the same Bulls' class as Jacory Harris, Sean Spence, Tommy Streeter, Marcus Forston and the rest of the Hurricanes-Bulls' contingent who pledged to help their hometown Canes get back to the glory days. But Washington had to go to Milford (N.Y.) Academy prep school to bolster his academics, and his first season was in 2009.

Washington becomes the third Hurricane from that Miami Northwestern class -- and now (after news of Olivier Vernon) fifth underclassman -- to depart early for the NFL.  Three of the five played on offense. Receiver Streeter, defensive tackle Forston and running back Lamar Miller are the other three who recently decided to forgo the rest of their UM careers to turn pro.

Johnson, who said he spoke with Washington by phone Wednesday, graduated Thursday with a group of Hurricanes that included Harris, Spence and Forston. Johnson was suspended indefinitely this past season after being involved in the NCAA case surrounding former UM booster Nevin Shapiro.

    “He told me yesterday,’’ Johnson said of Washington. “I just told him, ‘Congratulations.’’’

    Washington told reporters near the end of the season that he was definitely returning for his senior year, saying that he expected the Canes to have a great 2012.

  Washington's absence will hurt the Canes at a position that was projected to be their strongest in 2011, but struggled at times with penalties and short-yardage situations. He started all 12 games this season after being switched from guard to tackle. His UM-written bio says he "made only five mental errors over the course of the season, and registered only three penalties.''

In 2011, UM ranked 72nd in total offense in the Football Bowl Subdivision and was 61st in passing offense and 74th in rushing.

The Canes still have 6-8, 345-pound soon-to-be junior Seantrel Henderson, 6-5, 320-pound soon-to-be sophomore Jon Feliciano and 6-7, 320-pound soon-to-be redshirt sophomore Malcolm Bunche as experienced tackles.

In 2010, Washington started all 13 games and was second on the team with 56 pancake blocks. He earned ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week honors after Virginia Tech (loss) and Duke (win).

 In 2009, Washington played in all 13 games as a freshman, mostly on the place-kicking unit. But he made his first career start at left guard that season against Wisconsin in the Champs Sports Bowl.

Defensively, Vernon’s absence is a blow to a defensive line that already is without Forston and could have used Vernon’s talent as a pass-rusher – though neither played much this season. Vernon, a Miamian who graduated from American High, was suspended by the NCAA for six games this season for accepting impermissible benefits from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro. He played in six games and had 18 tackles, 1.5 sacks, a forced fumble and fumble recovery. In 2010 he had 39 tackles, six sacks and 10.5 tackles-for-loss.     





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Big mistake.

Millions of dollars lost.

But he chose that path for himself....

Best of luck to them. This team was 6-6. Clearly it is time to clean house.

It's starting to look like guys do not want to put in the effort to become great players and are jumping ship. Golden actually demands his players to play hard ALL the time.

Happy as can be, The sooner that we get rid of Shannon's players the better, good luck to the young men.

Two more schoolies jus opened...

Darn, we should wish these young men the best because they are Canes and both should excel at the next level. Washington should be ready to go at the NFL level, he has the size and experience, although he will be greatly missed at UM. Vernon should have stayed another year, I don't know his situation with school, violations, etc. but he needs a liitle more size to play pro ball. One more year of D1 football would have helped, and the Canes sure could use him.

what, are you girls above all FSU fans or something? Millions lost? STFU with that stupidity... he is going to MAKE millions of dollars stupid. The guy's mother is jobless and lives in Overtown... what's the point... you probably only know Miami as a point on the map... anyway, his mother is probably going to start looking at penthouse condos on Miami Beach here soon... good for her... good for Brandon Washington... i wish you the best and look forward to paying to see you play on Sunday's...

CaneFanInCharlotte got it right. These guys dont want to work hard. Washington seems to have money issues, but vernons dreaming if he thinks he will get drafted before the 5th round. they were 6-6, not 10-2. So how much will it really hurt the team.


Best of luck to BWash and Olivier.


On a side note I'm thinking about declaring for the draft. I went to The U and had a few good flag football games while I was there, that seems to be enough to make me a fourth or fifth rounder.

This is the delimma of college athletics, especially football. The heart of your underclassman group, next years starters, bail for NFL dollars and you're back to 2008-2009 rebuilding with a starting group of mostly true freshmen and sophmores. It also means no depth to speak of. Now I do not begrudge anyone his right to choose his own path, but I do think some of these will find their chosen path a bit rougher than they thought and that it may be rather short.

Best of Luck to both of these young men. Just more scholarships are opening up for the younger guys. It's a win/win situation in my eyes. Out with the old canes and In with the new. Unation will be fine I'm not worries we are heading in the right direction. In guys like Chikilo and Perrymen will get us there.

Oliva Vernon and Marcus Fortsan are 2 of the most unproductive players from the U who declared for the draft. Anyways good luck, if you couldnt dominate litlle ole ACC how can you the NFL? Good Luck!

ABANDON SHIP!!! ABANDON SHIP!!!! WE ARE SINKING FAST!!!! I REPEAT SINKING FAST!!! ANY AND EVERYONE PLEASE BAIL!!! WHETHER YOU HAVE ANY TALENT OR NOT. If you are BIG or TALL, ABANDON SHIP!!! If you run a 4.5 40 ABANDON!!! If you sprint on and off the field, you are pro material! If you play with a smile on your face, ABANDON!!!

This program is so far from being good--not talking NC good, I am just talking about a good 3-4 loss football team, it isn't even funny.

Looks like I will have at least 5 years on this board, before any hurricanes fooseball team has a shot at SHOWING UP to the ACC Title game.


B Washington said he's coming back. Manny your wrong. B Wash is coming back!!!

Gee that's funny Sun-Sentinel just reported that he is definitely staying. So which is it?

WQAM says they confirmed he's staying. Cause he wants to graduate.

I think its pretty obvious what's going on here...

Players KNOW the NCAA hammer is gonna drop. Staying on a team that is already in a downward spiral won't help their draft chances, even if they are mediocre to begin with.

Kinda smart if you ask me. I think its safe to say that UM football is going to get even worse during the next 5-7 years.

Sam Shields anyone? Starter for the Packers but couldnt do anything with us. Care to explain?

And you can't knock a kid for turning pro whose family is doing poorly financially. No matter if they are missing out on 1-2nd rd money for 5-6th round money, they need it to support their families. Its hard to hate on a guy who has to take care of his family.

i just read the same thread on sunsentinel.com it it says B Wash is for sure coming back. Whats up with your sources Manny. Very dissapointed. Step ur game up son

Some pretty piss poor journalism. Check your facts. Contact the source.

Sam Shields is getting roasted left and right on the Packers, they have one of the worst defense in the guy. he had a couple of picks in the playofss and now he considered lockdown corner. cmon ppl.

Keep Calm your delusional. They are jumping ship because that's the mentality that has kept us mediocre for the past decade. No one wants to work hard. Its all about entitlement. You wanna leave. Peace out. I trust the process. Coach Golden knows what he is doing. Let all the slackers go.

Uh I'm confused is Washington coming back or not? Good luck to whomever leaves, especially if its for monetary reasons. perfectly understandable and I hope they find great success.

@Keep Calm

NFL scouts dont care about how many wins or losses a team has when they are evaluating talent. We put 14 guys into NFL camps last year off a 7-6 team. You sound even more clueless than that Rawpussface chump.

At least the CANES get another scholarship for 2012 class, I think it is up to 36 now. Got to have a great recruiting class!

No "piss poor" journalism as the Sun Sentinel is confirming the reports. Manny and Susan please keep up the fine work.

Their decisions are made....thats it. Lets root them on and hope they kick butt in the league. They are Canes in the end, right??

Funny how gaytor fans run with something so silly just to "trash talk" on the U. LOL. Pathetic little flies you all are.

truth is,

Addition by subtraction.

Brandon Washington= Overrated. Slo, fat.

Olivier= Overrated.

Did anyone of these win any post season awards? Did any of these lead our team to , say a 9-3 season, a bowl win, or a ship?

Under Washington, UM has played 3 bowls, and lost all 3.

Under Washington, UM has had only one 1000 yd rusher

UnderOlivier, Um has had 2 of the last 3 worse UM defenses in history.

Sorry but the truth

The trash is being taken out. Its trash Friday (in my house, thats when we take out the trash)

Gone. Buh Bye. Let the memories of the UM football teams from 2006-2011 be gone. Forever.

Do anyone of you remember specifically (with few exceptions)- the mighty UM teams from 1996-1999?

I don't. Nor do I care.

I am confused as to why it matters if his mother is unemployed of not.

Props to the poster that mentioned SS this year. I like the fella, but you would think he was Revis & Woodson rolled into one, with the way folks talk about him. Then again, they are probably hyping him up just to throw shots @ Randy.

Out with the old and in with the new. All for the better. Get some players with more motivation and higher football IQs.

Washington is 23 years old, he wasn't going to be a fantastic tackle even at 24 years old so it was time for him to move on.

Washington decision was financial and will move inside to guard and will do well.. mid second round. Oliver not so sure,not a great run stopper and only ok on pass rush 3rd-4th round.
Agree 100% that Golden is laying down the law, my way or the highway!! great news imo.
still surprized with Ray Ray sticking around,if the 5 star safety JC picks the U Ray -Ray or Teemacque hits the pines! how about ray ray as a ws lb ?

Again....the resume for both is not that impressive yet. They both could have used one more year.

I made myself the QB of the Miami Hurricanes this past season. I just finished with 56 TD passes and my accuracy rating is 94 and my armstrength is 93. I also have an awareness rating of 98. I caried the Canes to an 11-1 record. I am going to file my paper work with the NFL. I even have my home city listed as Miami also. It has been fun but I need to be able to microwave a hot pocket without having the NCAA breath down my neck.

Brandon and Streeter had promise. Only time would tell if another year under AG could have turned them into consistent football players. We'll never know. I would ask Ray Ray to follow suit and explore his NFL or Canadian Football league options.

...Lets push the Control, Alt, Delete keys on RS's regime and start anew. There is something about that 2008-9 class that has infected the Program with the stench of inconsistency and lack of accountability.

Agreed Michael, though I wouldn't call it a stench. Definitely a sense of entitlement to that class of 2008-09. They did not put in the time. The great teams of old were known for working harder than anybody else. They took 1,2, or 3 star players and sent them to the NFL. My belief is that Golden has the same eye for talent. Talent meaning: speed, strength,heart, desire,and football IQ.

All of you so called UM fans speculating about their motivation to go pro sound foolish.

Wish these kids luck at the next level, and get on with your pathetic lives.

And rawpimple still = "santorum"

You sure were quick to copy~n~paste again huh beyatch. Dude or Dude ette stop obsessing about a blog youve been banned from. Take that knife and stick it right in your neck and get it over with you tool. Its friggen creepy how you leg hump a guy the way you do. The quicker you die the better blogging will become. r.i.p. slappy

We are the canes
When our players decide to transfer or go pro we bad mouth them and call them names
We are great fans and human beings, right
We lost depth and talent but Al Golden can play any position
Can you say delUsional
More like pathetic
Mediocre we are, have been and will be for years to come
We are the canes
The University of Mediocre

I don't see Golden getting any players that will replace these guys....the next three yrs is a wash..oopps forgot about the extension..the next 8 yrs is a wash...Golden is all smoke and talk

Barry University>> F_U

Momar Qadaffi> Rawpimple

A pile of camel dung sitting in the hot desert for 2 weeks, all the while being sat on my 50 sweaty smelly bedouins > Any florida gator fan

Only opening more recruiting spots. Ray Ray u should be next. Al Golden is laying the hammer and these punks can't handle it. Can't take the heat get the f out the kitchen and that's what these so called football players are doin.

Let's get some real players who wants to work hard and be successful.

fellas fellas wuts poppin. I need a loan, da IRS be comin'

The early departures are a bloody CATCH-22 scenario for The Golden One's MEDIOCRE program Eh.

Simply because the forth coming blood loss of scholarships will SEVERLY hurt Miami, F-L-A. And believe it or not Cane rUffians, the National CORRUPT Athletic Association intends to go MEDIEVAL on Golden's SLIP, SLIDING, AWAY program. Say it ain't so.

The other reason why these early departures will hurt the Hurricanes, is because Miami lacks DEPTH on the defensive line and wide receiver position, and the Canes O-line wasn't exactly STELLAR this past season.

Now, do U'all Hurricane NEADERTHALS understand why Golden and staff are SERIOUSLY recruiting Juco's. The Canes are bloody LOOKING for a QUICK FIX at those postions which were manned by all the early departures.

Bottom line is Miami is looking at another 6-6 or 7-5 season in 2012. Get the fUc! outta' here, bozo!

In other words, it's a Cane Catch-22 situation when depending on INCOMING true freshmen to play significant minutes.

Everyday is Friday in TRailerville. Can't get rid of the trash fast enough.

Bloody EVEN MONEY that Miami ends up with a 7-5 season in 2012. Any bloody takers.

Kansas St. in Manhatten will be a lost. Because Great-Grandpa Snyder has DOUBLE-DIGIT returning starters and the Wildcats will be coming off a bery, bery, bery impressive BOWL victory and highly successful season. 10-2 anyone and soon to be 11-2. Eh.

And believe it or not Miami rUffians, Notre Dame will be a QUASI-away game and the Irish, also, have DOUBLE-DIGIT returning starters and will be coming off a winning season and and BOWL win. Eh.

Then there's the usual A.C.C. teams Miami faces in 2012. By all accounts, the VAST MAJORITY of them will have SEASONED DOULBE-DIGIT returning starters. Bloody ouch. VaTech, GaTech, FSU and Boston College, too name a few.

I'm sorry but the mass exodus indicates that there's a problem. I understand some of these decisions but others are head scratchers. Hard to believe that this many underclassman would have left if JJ or Butch were coaching or even Shannon i.e. Bailey and Hankerson. Bottom line is either Golden can't convince them to stay even where its in their best interest or they don't want to play for this coaching staff.

By the way, the Boston College encounter will be in Bean Town and U'all Hurricane neanderthals know what happend in Miami's Senior Day home game in November.

And then there's the trite fact, that the Canes aren't very successful playing in COLD ELEMENTS. Say it ain't so.

Heck, even BOWL BOUND North Carolina St. will be a stiff challenge for The Golden One's squad next season. Because the Wolf Pack have DOUBLE-DIGIT starters returning.

U'all Miami goons can throw in the fact that Canes have lost the PAST 2 games against N.C.ST. Say it ain't so, bUbba.

Bottom line is either Golden can't convince them to stay even where its in their best interest or they don't want to play for this coaching staff.

Posted by: canzfan | December 16, 2011 at 01:33 PM

Bloody INSIGHTuL points CANZFAN.

I'm guessing that ALL of the players bolting Coral Gables see the bloody WRITING ON THE Orange-n-Green Wall and KNOW Miami won't be any better, win wise, than this past season. 7-5 anyone and MAY BE no bowl game, again.

Then, throw in the LOSS OF MAJOR scholarships the next two seasons. DOUBLE-DIGIT loss of scholarships, for instance.

And what about POSSIBLE injuries. Heck, these former Canes don't wanna' take the risk and I absolutely don't blame them one iota!

With the SEVERE loss of athletic-financial aid, the Hurricanes are looking at FOUR or FIVE seasons to become TOP 20 worthy, again. And don't even dare mention Top Ten worth, bUbba Canes. Eh.

macjones the Nebraska blog is waiting for you

Whatever SIX... err CANEZ1! And that six'ER is still a bloody PuN"! Now, get back to that KLANish EOTH. Eh.

And the above takes ain't no SKY IS FALLING takes. Just some REALISTIC opinions for U'all bloody delUsional EOTH neaderthals ( At least there's ONE SANE Cane fan at the EOTH in the person of BG! ).

By the way, at least the CornSUCKERs, with Bo as taskmeister, have played in CONFERENCE championship games as a former member of the Big 12.

Hurry macjones and get off a guys leg and get over to that Bo and Nebraska site
It must be lonely over there without your babblings about nothing

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