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UM Cane LT Brandon Washington and DE Olivier Vernon forgoing sr seasons to enter NFL Draft

Here we go again.

Two more University of Miami underclassmen are leaving the Hurricanes early to enter the 2012 NFL Draft.

This time it's 6-4, 320-pound offensive tackle Brandon Washington, who played his junior season at left tackle after being named an All-ACC left guard as a sophomore in 2010.

And add to that defensive end Olivier Vernon, who  is leaving as well. I'll get more on Olivier a bit later. Read on for Brandon news:

Former Hurricanes receiver Aldarius Johnson, who graduated from Miami Northwestern High with Washington and two other sources familiar with the situation, confirmed the news for me, as well as the university itself. Washington did not return voice and text messages yesterday.

"I am so overwhelmed and proud of Brandon’s accomplishments,'' said his mother, Cheryl, who said Thursday that she wasn't aware of his decision, but that he was a man and has been making his own decisions for quite a while. "I just want the whole world to know how proud I am of all my boys. Brandon is a sweetheart, and he is very humble.''

Cheryl Washington, who is currently unemployed, raised four sons and a daughter by herself in Overtown. She said she was adamant that somehow Washington earns his degree in criminology. "He knows that I don't play with education,'' she said.

Brandon Washington posted this message on his Twitter acount Dec. 10: "Ever been scared to check ya bank account..."

Washington, 23, played in the same Bulls' class as Jacory Harris, Sean Spence, Tommy Streeter, Marcus Forston and the rest of the Hurricanes-Bulls' contingent who pledged to help their hometown Canes get back to the glory days. But Washington had to go to Milford (N.Y.) Academy prep school to bolster his academics, and his first season was in 2009.

Washington becomes the third Hurricane from that Miami Northwestern class -- and now (after news of Olivier Vernon) fifth underclassman -- to depart early for the NFL.  Three of the five played on offense. Receiver Streeter, defensive tackle Forston and running back Lamar Miller are the other three who recently decided to forgo the rest of their UM careers to turn pro.

Johnson, who said he spoke with Washington by phone Wednesday, graduated Thursday with a group of Hurricanes that included Harris, Spence and Forston. Johnson was suspended indefinitely this past season after being involved in the NCAA case surrounding former UM booster Nevin Shapiro.

    “He told me yesterday,’’ Johnson said of Washington. “I just told him, ‘Congratulations.’’’

    Washington told reporters near the end of the season that he was definitely returning for his senior year, saying that he expected the Canes to have a great 2012.

  Washington's absence will hurt the Canes at a position that was projected to be their strongest in 2011, but struggled at times with penalties and short-yardage situations. He started all 12 games this season after being switched from guard to tackle. His UM-written bio says he "made only five mental errors over the course of the season, and registered only three penalties.''

In 2011, UM ranked 72nd in total offense in the Football Bowl Subdivision and was 61st in passing offense and 74th in rushing.

The Canes still have 6-8, 345-pound soon-to-be junior Seantrel Henderson, 6-5, 320-pound soon-to-be sophomore Jon Feliciano and 6-7, 320-pound soon-to-be redshirt sophomore Malcolm Bunche as experienced tackles.

In 2010, Washington started all 13 games and was second on the team with 56 pancake blocks. He earned ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week honors after Virginia Tech (loss) and Duke (win).

 In 2009, Washington played in all 13 games as a freshman, mostly on the place-kicking unit. But he made his first career start at left guard that season against Wisconsin in the Champs Sports Bowl.

Defensively, Vernon’s absence is a blow to a defensive line that already is without Forston and could have used Vernon’s talent as a pass-rusher – though neither played much this season. Vernon, a Miamian who graduated from American High, was suspended by the NCAA for six games this season for accepting impermissible benefits from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro. He played in six games and had 18 tackles, 1.5 sacks, a forced fumble and fumble recovery. In 2010 he had 39 tackles, six sacks and 10.5 tackles-for-loss.     





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I still don't get it. I haven't ever seen this much premature movement ever at UM. U get good players, that has never been the issue. But having these players. Miller, Streeter, Fortson, etc., is just unprecedented.

My guess is that the real good players see that UM just isn't what it used to be. Take Sam Shields, who I think was a bit inconsistent as a receiver and not very outstanding at DB. Now he's All-everything in GB. U are getting natural athletes, people who can play, like U always used to, but somewhere along the line, that's all U are getting. Players are not being molded and groomed to be outstanding in individual positions anymore.

That means there has been a coaching fall off over the years. Guess where that started?

Nashvillecane says:
December 16, 2011 at 2:01 PM
December 16, 2011 at 1:43 PM
Nash, there is a distinction when you are coaching kids you inherited, rather than those you chose and developed.


I know..

Tell that to Hoke at Michigan and James Franklin at vandy…

Tell that too Bo Pellini of Nebraska, also, bUbba! The MAD MAN of the upper plains INHERITS a losing team and only goes to FOUR STRAIGHT bowl games, as a C.E.O. Go bloody figures.

Hurry macjones and get off a guys leg and get over to that Bo and Nebraska site
It must be lonely over there without your babblings about nothing

Posted by: 1% of 1% | December 16, 2011 at 02:06 PM

Nah SIX'er... I was STICKING it in your Mama's U-KNOW-WHAT!

Vernon and B-Wash will probably turn out to be decent players in the NFL. That's because they have natural talent. Vernon can rush. B-Wash played out of position, but proved he can play the line.

U still don't have any blue-chippers. That guy from Norland might be the sole Top 5 recruit from FL that U have.

A momma joke huh macjones
Dude youre a sick puppy
Now get off the crap coach Bos leg
Year after year he fails to meet expectations
Take that to your Nebraska blog

Can't fault Washington for leaving. I think mostly everybody would help their families if they were in a predicament to do so. I don't know what team some of you were watching this year but Vernon yes is a very good pass rusher and will need work at the next level in run & pass coverage but he will be fine. I know alot of you in here are fans of other teams and don't have anything else better to do with yourselves and probably don't have a blog as good as this one but It's easy to kick a team and a program when its down ( and some of you so-called hurricanes alumni & fans are included in this as well.) but at some point the talent will get better. Recruits will see that playing time will be there and the talent will be there. If you can't wait then go cheer for Alabama, FSU, or LSU.

MaMa's happy and I'm happy for you Brando. Congratulations on being mediocre. The ones that don't want to work for free are gone, in search of riches. I'll have to say, no matter how mediocre the boys are here, they do show out in the pros. Maybe, it's the lack of a packed stadium that causes us to play, so inconsistent. It seems we play better when we have a crowd to play for. I felt we were getting close to the ACC ship but each time we start to grab for it we get our hands swatted. Maybe by 2014, when we have a bunch of reshirt JR Grunts (no-names) we will claim what is rightfully ours. It will be 15 years of mediocrity and counting, by the time we right this ship, so with that being said, it will not be a glorious few years to be a Canes Fan. We will have to eat alot of crow and we will have to put up with a couple 5-7 or 7-5 seasons before we start our climb back but make no mistake we will be Back!

( and some of you so-called hurricanes alumni & fans are included in this as well.) but at some point the talent will get better. Recruits will see that playing time will be there and the talent will be there. If you can't wait then go cheer for Alabama, FSU, or LSU.

Bloody VOILA!

Chit, MOST, but not all, Cane rUffians be so fUc!in' GREEDY and SELFISH and what not, that THEY dizz Hurricane players for bloody jumping The Golden One's SINKING ship. Eh.

As the saying goes in major college football fandom. And this happens to be a bloody TRuISM.

Miami, F-L-A pigskin neaderthals be the EPITOME of BANDWAGON, FAIRWEATHER fanhood. Say it ain't so. And that includes the annual fan, as well as some, but not all, of the SPOILED, INDIFFERENT alumni base. EOTH anyone.

Will you just shut the he!! up already macjones
Nobody knows or cares what you have to say
Your act is very lame and boring

What was the last game you showed up to macjones
Ooooopppsss that would be zero so dont bother answering that question

By the way Mac, ever since we've been in this bloody conference, every game has been a struggle. Even Duke gives us trouble. The Only 2 ACC teams that haven't beat us - Wake & Duke. I still can't believe we have a losing record to NcSt, BC & Maryland, while in this conference. We may be at 500 aqainst UNC, VA & Ga. Tech, that's terrible. We should be at worst, 6-2 against all those bums.

HERBIEIBIS, I can't FATHOM what U be espousing.

Matter of fact, I never took U for a Cane rUffian HERETIC. Seriously. lmao

Nah, no way is this HERBIEIBIS. The dUde must be another IMPOSTER, whom is lamely borrowing the HANDLE of HerbieIbis.

Nonetheless, I see the year 2014 when Miami, F-L-A Hurricane returns to Top 20 statUs.

Because, Cane NEANDERTHAL just can't, or won't, get into his OVER-SIZED craniUm, that the N.C.A.A. is going to come down HARD on The Golden One's program, and IF Penn St. wasn't in the mess they be in, I seriously believe Albert would take his SCHTICK to Happy Valley. Get outta' here, dork.

macjones lets continue your great takes over at EOTH
Oooppppsss you cant do that because you got the ban hammer
Sorry about that
Take it to that great Nebraska site

By the way Mac, ever since we've been in this bloody conference, every game has been a struggle. Even Duke gives us trouble. The Only 2 ACC teams that haven't beat us - Wake & Duke. I still can't believe we have a losing record to NcSt, BC & Maryland, while in this conference. We may be at 500 aqainst UNC, VA & Ga. Tech, that's terrible. We should be at worst, 6-2 against all those bums.

Posted by: herbieibis | December 16, 2011 at 02:35 PM

Exactly HERBIEIBIS. I still get a kick out of Coach Shannon saying that Durham, N.C. is a bloody DIFFICULT place to play. Eh.

Nonetheless, I give The Golden One the benefit of the doubt. At least for now.

Now, IF Miami goes 6-6 or 7-5 in 2012 ( And that is HIGHLY possible au contraire to what EOTH bubba has to say on the dire matter. ), then it's dizzing time of El Dorado. lol

Yeah, yeah the bUbba's at the EOTH don't be believing in that lame arse SKY IS FALLING chit. dUH.

The popst that said he hasnt seen this many players leaving early... Joke right?

Frank Gore. Willis Mcgahee. Edgerrin James. Clinton Portis. ALL left early. ARE you kidding me? Who are these people posting this nonsense? Are thses all cool cat under different names?

Difference was, one left, another just as hungry came up. Key word: HUNGRY. Not entitled. Not lazy punk a55es.

We lost to KSU because of Colin Klein and a marginal defense. The defense will be better by SUBTRACTION. PLus,

and this is key:

We will have no Northwestern players including noddle arm!

You must be joking if you think 2014, is the year we jump back into the top 20. You are a year to early. 2015 will be the bloody year EH! To many greenhorns, no-star, under the radar, types, to get there in 2 years. Now if by chance we can get a few top 100 Dt's & Wr's we will get there sooner.

We need your great conversations over at EOTH
It might shut down if you dont get over there and help out
Go bloody figure eh!

It's time for these guys to go, they were all disapointments. I'm from Liberty City and that's not the way we rep the home town.The Miami Northwestern class, all except Shawn Spence really played with heart. These guys are heartless, with a lot of talent and no brain for the game.Hope Golden can turn this program around...

macjones you are the most annoying piece of sh*t on this blog.

all your little cutesy "bUbbUhs" and"rUffians" speak, you have nothing worthwhile to say. eh.

go jump out a window, no one gives a sh*t about your dumbass opinions and cutesy trashtalk.

Awesome both herbie and macjones are fighting it out for the dumbest blogger of the month
To close to call right now
It could be the same guy using different names though
Go bloody figure eh!! You bUbba Nebraska honks

I'm from Liberty City and that's not the way we rep the home town.The Miami Northwestern class, all except Shawn Spence really played with heart. These guys are heartless, with a lot of talent and no brain for the game.

Posted by: Jr.22 | December 16, 2011 at 02:45 PM

Oh yeah, well I happen to have a 9" dong. RE: being from L.C.

By the way, Spence's name is SPELLED S-E-A-N. duh.

Still, nice try AGENT PROVACATEuR.

Jr.22 if you were really from there then you would know his name is SEAN not SHAWN. Nice try though

Did macuseless really just say dong
Come on son try growing some hair before you spout off
Go figure huh bUbba you rUffian Nebraska fan eh!

Glad to see a CONGENTIAL IDIOT is the lone wuss perUsing moi's posts. LMAO

Now, take your IMMATURE bloviating back to EOTH. Where such dribble is the NORM.

Why arent you over at EOTH bUbba????
We sure miss you over there
Go figure eh!!!

Kind of seems messed up that these guys would screw over the program by taking benefits and then screw over the program again for there own benefit. Rather than finish an education and help the program that they actually ended up setting back if anything, then helping it move up and forward.

We lost to KSU because of Colin Klein and a marginal defense. The defense will be better by SUBTRACTION. PLus,

and this is key:

We will have no Northwestern players including noddle arm!

Posted by: corpus | December 16, 2011 at 02:43 PM

How do U's figure. Miami is losing, arguably speaking, their best DE and there's still no DEPTH at linebacker and defensive tackle.

And what happens IF Ojomo doesn't get that additionl year. Just saying.

Heck, D'Onofrio still has some QUESTIONABLE corners returning. dUh.

Again, in a BEST CASE SCENARIO Miami is looking at 7-5. Especially with the number of opponents whom have DOUBLE-DIGIT returning starters.

Shut up.

Just shut the f*ck up.

Nobody cares about your predictions for UM next season you miserable, pessimistic, piece of sh*t.

Your writing isn't cute. Your insights aren't profound. You're worthless and a waste of time.


I hope these guys get paid, but none of them are special.

I'm not going to support them or their families, so I just have to say - thanks for playing and good luck.

Can't believe it. Never thought that I would see BWash leave early and Vernon too. I'm not worried about the Oline with all the backups and the incoming recruits. Ereck Flowers, Taylor Gadbois, and Danny Isidora will fill in nicely.

I'm more concerned for the Dline. We have plenty of DE's and now Golden is talkin to McCord and he's leaning towards us pretty seriously from what I read. I would love to see the 2 Samoans Salt and Leota come down to the U. Eddie Goldman and Nick James would be welcomed with open arms. I love Nick James attitude. He's an absolute goon. I love that in a Dlineman. April 14th will answer questions for everyone.


GO U!!!


Eduardo Clements just said if he rushes for over 40 yards in any one game next year, he will have the talent to go pro.

In addition, Allen Hurns said: "Heck dawg, if Streeter is going pro, if I catch more den 3 passes in any game, Ima taking my talents to the CFL like Tommy".

@ Canesjunkie

I'm with U man. I see a bunch of these guys going to the dolphins and Forston will be on the practice squad.

Macjones you are pathetic.

Get off our boards spewing junk from one side of your trap.

10 years you can't help it because you are stuck on zero, and you also are pathetic.
Nothing new there.

Whoever leaves good luck.
Whoever stays and work their A** off with the team we are with you.

Go 'Canes


The more players leave early the better it is we will have more scholarships to offer Golden's kind of players.
The more scholarships the bad bad NCAA takes away the better it is we will only offer our few scholarships to Golden's good players.
We will be much much better next year without depth and all those lazy players that don't want to play for Golden the Great.

Sorry to pile on here, but their decision to leave early is symptomatic of what was wrong with the NW8 and 2008-2009 class. They are full of themselves and think they are good enough to walk on the field and run over people without putting in the time. News flash, none of these kids (except Spence) have put in the work on a consistent basis to create the college resume that would warrant an NFL contract.

Maybe they'll change when they have to start earning a living at this sport and putting food on the table becomes important. If they don't learn that lesson, they'll be working at a T-Mobile store near you soon enough.

vernon the best d-end? LOL! 3 freshmen had more sacks and TFLs than Vernon: javadeon CVlowner, Chikillo and Aaron Lynch.

Look- This is actually GOOD for Miami. These were all busts, or selfish (vernon missed 6 games due to his selfish decision leading to suspension),or lazy, entitled players

Brandon Washington was caught on film in one interview whining about why Al Golden called him out. "I was moved from Guard to tackle" waaah waaah, waaah.

Listen big boi- Real canes don't cry. They play whatever position you are told to play. In fact, if you are told to play tackle in the NFL (which you wont), then play tackle or else your big butt will be cut.

Vernon- Go away. You are a selfish pos.

ADDITION by subtraction

As much as this may hurt the immediate future, it brings on the Golden future sooner and may help change the culture at the U. Best of Luck to these guys!

It's going to be be so amusing watching hurricane fans blame Randy Shannon and his players for everything that happens over the next three years. The canes are going down engulfed in flames. After next year's 5-7 season, your coach won't be able to find any impact players who will "buy in". Good thing he's good with "under the radar" players.

@ Michael


Come on macjones its time for you and Bo to come out and play. Update us on what your recruiting expert at EOTH has to say. Does he still see 400 recruits coming to the Canes. Hes as full of sheyat as you are slapnutz.We will be waiting to hear from you bUbba rUffian Cornsucker fan EH!!!!!

i love how these so called Cane haters know so much about a team they despise, how they study and analyze the recruiting classes of a team that went 6-6.

Anyways I'm adding macjones to the same group as rawpimple

macjones = "santorum"

@Best cfb program the last 32 years



Time for another made up Skreetz post.

Come on, Soup, give us some more of that creative bull$hit

Come on macjones
We are waiting for you and your full of sheyat buddy to make up more crap about how recruiting is going
Come join us at EOTH and lets chat buddy EH!!!!
Understand bUbba rUffian

I finna let S.Moss holds some paper so he can pay off duh I.R.S. word got the digits of dat dude dat hooked R -b-raun with da hgh. Prayin homie don't loose dat m.v.p award

Canes ain't gonna be good for a long long time. Get Duke but whose going to block for him?

Hey bUbba rUffians I was able to get together with my buddy bg and I have some great recruiting news eh! The Canes are now up to 403 recruits. I know because im an expert

who cares, jake wieclaw and dalton botts are both coming back, those were the best players on the team this past season

This is starting to look ugly, and makes me wonder what is going on...

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