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What will Canes 2012 depth chart look like? Here's my best guess minus Lamar Miller

When the Hurricanes football season ended Nov. 25 it felt like we had a firm grasp as to who was coming back next season and who might be leaving early.

Will Lamar Miller stick around?The consensus feeling was running back Lamar Miller would probably go and there was a chance defensive end Olivier Vernon and safety Ray-Ray Armstrong could join him. Since then, none of those three have announced anything, but receiver Tommy Streeter -- who at one point said he was coming back -- and defensive tackle Marcus Forston, who missed two seasons worth of games with injuries, decided they were heading out the door.

Could other unexpected third and fourth-year juniors follow suit? Absolutely. Who will leave? I've got no leads. But the more I think about the situation with Forston, the more I believe Al Golden had no problem letting him out the door. Anyone who has battled injury or has sat on the bench for 2-3 years without making an impact will probably be encouraged to leave, freeing up precious scholarships the school needs to load up on this next signing class.

Although Golden said in his press conference he believed "the worst was behind us" in terms of what sanctions UM could be facing from the NCAA, I've heard on my travels throughout Miami-Dade and Broward high schools over the past two weeks Golden and his assistants have been telling recruits "scholarships are limited." Several local coaches have told me UM is anticipating losing scholarships and thus is doing its best to create room by encouraging some current players to walk. Again, just what I'm hearing from outside -- nothing concrete from UM.

That being said, UM's depth chart will look awfully young next year. That's an enticing sell for freshman who want to play right away, but not necessarily a good look for an improvement from 6-6. Here's is the projected depth chart at the moment, assuming Miller leaves (rated second best RB by NFLDraftScout.com) and everyone else returns:

QB: Stephen Morris, Jr. | Ryan Williams, Jr.
RB: Mike James, Sr. | Eduardo Clements, Jr. | Darion Hall, R-So.
FB: Maurice Hagens, Jr. | John Calhoun, Sr.
WR: Allen Hurns, Jr. | Rashawn Scott, So.
WR: Phillip Dorsett, So. | Kendall Thompkins, Sr.
TE: Clive Walford, R-So. | Dyron Dye, R-Jr. | Asante Cleveland, Jr.
LT: Seantrel Henderson, Jr. | Jermaine Johnson, R-Jr.
LG: Brandon Washington, Sr. | Jeremy Lewis, Sr.
C: Shane McDermott, R-So. | Jared Wheeler, R-Jr.
RG: Brandon Linder, Jr. | Malcolm Bunche, R-So.
RT: Jonathan Feliciano, R-So. | Jermaine Barton, R-So.

DE: Anthony Chickillo, So. | Shayon Green, R-Jr.
DT: Adewale Ojomo, Sr. | Jalen Grimble, So.
DT: Curtis Porter, Jr. | Darius Smith, Sr.
DE: Olivier Vernon, Sr. | Olsen Pierre, So.
WLB: Denzel Perryman, So. | C.J. Holton, Sr.
MLB: Kelvin Cain, Jr. | Gionni Paul, So.
SLB: James Gaines, Jr. | Eddie Johnson, So.
CB: Brandon McGee, Sr. | Dallas Crawford, So.
CB: Thomas Finnie, So. | Kacy Rodgers, Jr.
SS: Ray-Ray Armstrong, Sr. | Andrew Swasey, Sr.
FS: Vaughn Telemaque, Sr. | A.J. Highsmith, R-Jr.

K: Jake Wiecalw, Sr. | Matt Goudis, So.
P: Dalton Botts, Jr.
KR: Phillip Dorsett, So. | Davon Johnson, Sr.
PR: Phillip Dorsett, So. | Kendall Thompkins, Sr.

> Now, this depth chart didn't have a single incoming freshman included in it because obviously they haven't officially signed a National Letter of Intent. But if you look at the players UM has committed at the moment, it's obvious receivers Angelo Jean-Louis (Palm Beach Central) and Malcolm Lewis (Miramar High) and running back Duke Johnson (Miami Norland) all have an opportunity to come in and help right away on offense and special teams.

Defensively, there are huge glaring holes and needs in the secondary and at linebacker. The most college ready linebackers are considered Raphael Kirby (Stone Mountain, Ga.) and Reggie Northrup (Jacksonville First Coast). The true freshman corner that could make an impact is Coral Reef's Vernon Davis. Little known JUCO corner Ladarius Gunter -- a recent commitment -- could also play right away as well as any other junior college additions. 

So what do you think of this depth chart and the outlook for 2012? Discuss.


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looks solid

I think that Ray Ray and Vernon are going to be playing (and by playing I mean sitting the bench) on Sundays.

Tom Thumb Popadak aka Skreetz aka Blog Drama Queen aka 86Cane throws a hissy fit and says he's shutting down canespace for good or until his period is over.

Dude has finally gone over the edge. He doesn't realize he's a laughingstock.


And with those last few comments that is the official and final end of Canespace.

It has been fun. It has been real.

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

Happy blogging...

Posted by: SOUP | December 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

Buchanan should be back and starting

Ryan Williams is a sophomore redshift. and will be the starter for UM

looks solid

Posted by: emilio | December 08, 2011 at 02:10 AM

bUilt on qUicksand ...

Looks like a promising team. Not as explosive on the O side. Interesting to see what happens at QB because both will be good. Attitude and conditioning will be key factors. Maybe Miller will stick around and get tougher.

Wonder if "scholarships are limited" because of so many commits already?

Wow dbc, there's a thought! I too thought the same thing about the scholarships because they are limited because we have so many commits lately. I smell a bored beat writer trying to stir the pot.......

Ramon Buchanon should be on here he is likely back and will qualify for a medical redshirt.

Did Dallas Crawford really play this year? I thought he was strictly Scout team all year. If that is the case, shouldn't he be listed as R-Fr rather than So.

These guys are crazy to leave early for the NFL. They are not developed enough to be drafted high or to play at the top levels in the NFL. They should wait a year then be more ready, and make much more money.

Again, there is a light at the end of the tunnel unlike 2 years ago. I am not bashing Shannon either. The light is that we will not have the 2008 class around anymore. Shannon is what he is. A 1st class individule and awesome def coordinator. The NW guys lacked leadership and were not hungry. They won every game in high school. How could they be hungry? They spent 3 years here wondering why they were losing. I know the head coach is supposed to motivate but the players are responsible also. Shannon took the supposed best players he could. I will take a few kicks in the head next and the year after as long as we get the right guys in which I have no doubt Golden will.

I also think Clements should be starting at RB over James. But a combination of the two with Johnson getting 5 to 6 touches a game. I read where canespace is shutting down. That guy was pretty creepy anyway. He was shapiro without the cash. Did you see how he hugged the players at Canes fest? WOW!

Looks good Manny but Feliciano will be moved inside based on Kehoe's comments an Golden an I see Bunche at RT.

I thought Crwford was a safety.

I agree- Dallas Crawford should be listed as a RS Freshman. He didnt see the field all yr. Also agree that Clements shoudl be #1 at TB. James is more like a full back. James remainds me of javarris James. runs 1-2 yds at a pop.

Team looks good, especially with the 28 commits, of which I say we get 20. But we'll see. It's still early.

Don you guys know that despite Alabama and Florida winning 3 possibly 4 of the last 7 National ch., that Um still has the most players in the NFL? ha ha ha ha ha . LSU is the only one even remotely close.

Wonder if "scholarships are limited" because of so many commits already?

Posted by: dbc
That is why. There is only soo much room left in this class and Golden Al is trying to utilize every available spot. I believe EE's count against the previous year so depending on how many of those we have there could be some extra room. This class is important IF there is to be a slight reduction is schollies in the future.

Eduardo Clements, Jr. will start at RB with James playing a role similar as last season. James appears to be more of a change of pace player and Clements is built to carry a heavier load. I expect Clements to be a little bigger and at his size, he will be better suited to carry ball 25 times per game and get better as games goes forward.

Maybe a full year with kehoe and the oline will be much more improved.

Sad but true. If this is the depth chart for next season, it has Maryland written all over it. It all starts up front. If we can't get any push from the front 4, whoever that turns out to be, it's gonna be a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG season. I like Perryman but that is about it as far as the LB group. Any successful CFB program or team for that matter needs a dominant front 4. We are severly lacking in that department.

@John Tippy I totally agree with you. These guys need to come back. Especially streeter, I wouldn't settle for no 3rd or 4th round. He could be easily be in the first round next year. And he will have a spot on lock. Ray-Ray Armstrong better not think about going pro he's overrated and he didn't show me squat this season. Lamar Miller definitely will need to come back this year so he can work on his blocking and catching dump passes out of the backfield.

It's alot of things that these gentlemen will need to work on before they enter the NFL. I feel like this when your entering the NFL I think you will need the hype such as Trent Richardson,Tyrann Matheu,Justin Blackmon,David Wilson,Mikal Ford,Lamicheal James,Luke Kuechler,Micheal Floyd and so on. U need hype like that in order to go to the NFL. Lord knows none of these guys that's entering pro from the u have that kind of hype. Well except for Sean Spence.

Q I agree with you. I strongly think that Rayn Williams will beat Stephen Morris out of the QB job. He might have the experience but look @ it like this. Ryan Williams 6'4 220lbs Stephen Morris 6'2 210lbs. I know by now that Ryan has gained more weight and he also should know the playbook like the palm of his hand. I expect big things out of this kid next year. Then to top it off he's going to have one of his old main targets with him this season. Malcome Lewis is going to do great things with the U. Rashawn Scott I expect him to be the next Tommy Streeter. I'm just hoping and praying that we're going to be able to win more than six games next season.

Nice job Manny,
A couple of quick corrections.
On special teams, K/P Matt Goudis will only be a redshirt freshman next season since he saw no action in 2011, but P Dalton Botts will be a senior next year. Botts spent a year at Bakersfield J.C., before transferring to Moorpark Community College. He was a Junior at the U this past season.
Thanks to you and Susan for the great coverage all year.

Depthchart looks weak. We in trouble boyz.

@Canes89 I totally agree with u on that. Clements is a beast. If no one knows, they need to check his history @ Booker.T Washington. I liked Clements alot better than Miller. What Golden & his staff should have done was rotated Miller & Clements instead of James & Miller. But I would say put James @ FB along with Hagens. Clements & Johnson should help carry the load. James will need to gain atleast 10 more lbs so he could really live up to his name. (Smash) But Clements is gangster as hell when it comes to carrying the football. everytime he touches the ball u can clearly see that he tries to get to the first down marker if not a touchdown. And he runs hard and he doesn't do all that fancy footwork.

Has B. Washington declared for the draft? Is he comming back?

Lamar Miller simply needs to return for another year, that guy needs to hit the weight room, and if you want to compare him to Trent Richardson, Richardson is the #1 back, look like a rock, compared to Miller. Now of course, Miller can always beef up in the next 4 months before the Draft, but the thing is, if he decide to leave and then beef up, next year as a professional ,he will be his first time playing at a higher weight than he is now, which could hurt him. R. Armstrong needs to return as well, so do O. Vernon who was hurt the most due to the suspension..but with the current team, and a large class, I think Golden will mold them into 9 wins next year. dont forget people, we were a few plays aways from finishing the season with at least 8 wins, possibly 9, not a few players away but simply put, a few plays away. Weight Room, Weight Room, and more Weight Room, Film Study, and more Film Study will lead to more intelligent players...and another year in Golden system will help as well.

Guess I had to repost...

Nice depth chart. Kelvin Cain will be a good player. I remember seeing him at Duke last year and he was always around the ball (I think he had an INT or fumble recovery). Looking forward to seeing the team next year, esp Duke Johnson. Heard he was the real deal.

I don't normally agree with Manny on a lot of things that he comes up with and spews on to his articles but this one was pretty much on point. Even the portion about the commits that haven't signed their national letter of intent yet. I would have liked to see something mentioned about Ramon Buchanan because there has been no news what so ever about him leaving for the pros. I think Ramon, Vernon, and Washington all return which will solidify those positions for the up and coming season.

If we have Linder at Center and Washington and Feliciano at Guards with Henderson and Bunche at the Tackle spots, the Oline will be sick. Plus we have Jermaine Johnson, Jermaine Barton, Jarred Wheeler and Shane McDermott to fill in as well as Ereck Flowers, Taylor Gadbois, and Danny Isidora who are incoming freshmen who could see playing time early.

I'm not concerned about our RB's in any way. Eduardo Clements will lead with Darion Hall right behind him plus we'll have Mike James and John Calhoun at FB for the shortyardage game.

The ONLY thing that really has me still concerned as I have still been concerned about this since the beginning of the season is the defensive secondary. I wish that McGee would leave, that's just the nicest way that I can say that. He is not a cornerback, sorry. Tremendous speed but if you have poor hip movement, you can't play corner. That's the main reason why he gets beat EVERY SINGLE TIME. Either turn him into a return man or ask him to go pro. Kacy Rodgers II needs to show me more personally. Dallas Crawford has been receiving nothing but praises from Golden so I'm waiting to see him in the spring game April 14. I have no concerns with Thomas Finnie who I believe will succeed during his time here at The U. I can't wait to see some of these JUCO DB's that are coming in. Hope that they can play right away just in case Rodgers, Tele, RR, Swasey don't work out.

Spring Game April 14th. Hit the gym boys!!!!

Go Canes!!!!!

Ryan Williams did start a year at Memphis and I read that he has gotten bigger and stronger and I think he will give Morris a real battle..Will probably redshirt the two incoming quarterbacks

We neeed to get rid of the TROLL and lowere our academic standards to the NCAA minium and go out and recruit some lean, mean football players! The TROLL must GO

There is no way that Jimmy Gaines will continue to be a starter. A good kid who would probably run through a brick wall for you, but based on his performance this year, I just don't see it.

Miami will mostly operate out of the 3-4 next year, which is why Forston left despite likely getting drafted after the 5th, if at all.

Ryan Williams will start. Ramon Buchanon will start. Linder will likely start at Center and Feliciano will move inside.

Looks like more of the same mediocrity to me.

Next year will be very difficult because too many young players will again be called upon to make major contributions. I think 7-5 is very realistic for next year's squad. It could be worse, but I'm hoping it won't be. UM still might lose Vernon, Miller and Armstrong.

@ Markdrebin

Getting rid of the troll is absolutely key. But, lowering our academic standards down to the NCAA minimum will be impossible due to the Pell Grant situation that occurred in the 90's. Due to that, the NCAA demanded The U to raise the standards. The university did so and still won a national title and returned the following year. Once shalalalalala aka the hobbit showed up she had that standard raised even higher. Since then, we haven't done squat. We keep losing amazing players that are in our very backyards to other schools. Kevin Grooms, Amos Leggett are the most recent ones to be hit with that. I don't see stanford, harvard, yale, princeton or any other ivy league school winning anything special. She is determined to destroy this school's once powerful football program by turning the university of miami into an ivy league school. This, as anyone with intelligence knows, will never ever happen.

She most certainly, absolutely must go. Fire this bit@h asap!!!!! If she is fired from her post it will look even better to the NCAA that we are determined to right the ship and get back onto the right path. There is NO WAY IN HELL that she was BLIND to what has been going on at The U for the last 10yrs. If she didn't know then she is inadequate for the position. She wants the head job but not the responsibility. Kirby Fuknutt was smart enough to leave because he would be the first person she would have fired once the media caught wind of it. She would have easily used her influence to fire him and throw it all on him. He's actually really smart if you think of it. Now everything falls on her shoulders and she has no one to throw the blame at. Her time at The U has been tainted and she will only be remembered for this scandal and nothing more. Imagine if this scandal had not broken out.. We would have easily been 8-4 instead of 6-6. I feel so bad for Golden walking into this situation. But I admire the class he showed once he found out about it and handled it with absolute professionalism. I truly do hope that he stays for 10yrs and who knows after that.


@ Jessie in VA

Agreed. I can't wait for spring ball. That battle will begin!!!


I think there are misconceptions about recruiting. Please correct me if you think I'm wrong. Teams can only take a maximum of 25 players per class. January admissions don't count against the class signed in February. They count against the previous class. I think UM signed around 19 players last Feb.(including early admissions) and right before the season started. That means if six kids with this upcoming class enroll in Jan. they'll count against last year's class. That leaves them 25 players to enroll in the fall. In essence, the class will be 31 players strong.

Fire Donna Shalala? What a moron. She is one of the most respected university presidents in the country. She has guided the University of Miami consistently higher in national academic rankings. Miami is an academic institution first and foremost. Why should she cater to Miami fans, most of whom have never attended the university and don't show up to games?

I think there will be 2 or 3 more players entering the draft before all is said and done. This is going to be a very very young team so next year might see a 5 to 7 win season. But the year after should be significant improvement.
The standards are what they are. Leggett didnt get in cause he transferred to so many schools. Not his grades. the university of Miami is a university first and a football team second. While I want us to win every year like everyone else, lowering the standard is not the way to do it.

Wow, very thin at WR, hopefully Hurns can pick up where Streeter left off.

Out of the 26 starters listed, 17 are juniors and seniors. How is this a young team. You have been saying that for 4 years. No team is a young team every year.

No matter how you look at it, we are effed, consider next yr another long season full of freshmen and sophomore taking the lead, i don't necessarily think we have a bad team next yr, but depth will kill us.

Out of the 26 starters listed, 17 are juniors and seniors. How is this a young team. You have been saying that for 4 years. No team is a young team every year.

Posted by: Why do the Gatrs suck? | December 08, 2011 at 01:17 PM

The canes are a young team coz' beyond those 17 senior/junior starters you mentioned, everyone else are either redshirt frosh, true sophomore and incoming true freshmen, depth is what makes the team young, not the starters.

Thanks Manny, the brightest area seems to be the return of so many Offensive Linemen. Couple that with the possible return of Miller or at least Clements, James & incoming Freshman Johnson and we should have a solid offense. Defensive Backs and the emmergence of a quality Tight End are my biggest concerns. At least we won't have as many interceptions going forward no matter who starts at QB. Probably going to take another year to turn the corner, think we will finish 9-3 or 8-4 based on the your published depth chart minus any "surprise" Freshmen contributions...JMO.

First, Crawford will be a reshirt freshman.
2.No way in hell that both Cain & Gaines start at the same time & Ray Buc. will be back. The secondary will be weak again at CB, with Zero depth, of playing experience, well unless you want ot count a JUCCO or 2 but playing JUCCO ball is not the same as playing at this level. Our Depth at Saftey will also be weak, although Davenport & Rodgers have played. Offensively, I think will be okay but not great unless Miller comes back. We will have bodies at DT, but we won't have anybody that's dominate. What we truly lack is about 5 it factors. We need Talent, yes we have a good solid team or should I say we will, but we need some serious play makers, who play consistent. In the past we've had guys come in and play good for a year and disappear the rest of their careers, (Ryan MOORE) ring a bell.

Hey, Solar,CC & OJV & Friend or whoever you are trying to be, You must of got booted from the Space site or you wouldn't be on here jacking your jaws. I can't post anymore either with the new format but I ain't mad at them. You don't get dumped unless you go totally overboard, which you probably did, just like you're doing on this site, worry about nothing.

Remember Golden just got here in late January! A real recruiting and player development process has only had a few months. We're not going to catch up to the Alabama's and LSU's for 3 years (2014), but staying step for step with Noles and Gaytors shouldn't be much of a problem. Noles are slowly building depth and Gaytors will always be mediocre most years. Based on what I see, it'll take a really good 2013 recruiting class before we start consistantly handling ACC opponents. Remember all the years LSU and Bama were stuck in mediocrity before Saban arrived. If Golden focuses on interior linemen on both sides of the ball we'll be back sooner. Saban and LSU's coach seem to be the only ones who realize that. A strong DL makes LB's and DB's twice as good. Great OL makes QB's, RB's and WR's superstars as well. Interior Linemen people are what we need most!

Wow ! U can now be TEMPLE South !!!

Coker is GONE !!! Yeeeaaaaaaaah !

Shannon is GONE !!! Yeeeaaaaaah !

NorthWestern Boyz are GONE !!! Woooooo Hoooo !


All is better.

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