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Al Golden interview re: off season thus far -- surgeries, recruiting, Jedd Fisch, quarterbacks, etc.

Just talked to Hurricanes coach Al Golden by phone.


* He's very pleased with UM's recruiting efforts, and feels strongly that "the majority'' of kids that have verbally committed "will honor their commitments and stay with us.''

He said among the positions UM needs, the Canes need cornerbacks "terribly.'' He said the Canes are "still looking ahead at a big-time linebacker, we're still looking ahead at a big-time defensive lineman and we're still looking to see if there's a tight end that fits what we're trying to do out there.''

Golden said re: recruiting, "There's not any position not represented now other than kicking and tight end. We're not quite Noah's ark. We're not getting two of everything but we're getting one of everything and in many places we're getting two. We need to do that.''

* He said at least seven players will enroll early, including junior college transfer Ladarius Gunter, a cornerback out of Fort Scott (Kansas) CC. There could be more early enrollees, but he just wanted to give the minimum amount he expects. Some who are academically deficient could go to prep school. You guys likely already know that the two young qbs, Preston Dewey and Gray Crow, are ready to go for spring. But Golden wouldn't name anybody other than Gunter.

* He said QB Stephen Morris has an advantage going into the spring quarterback competition, but that the competition is wide open for all four quarterbacks, which include Ryan Williams, the Memphis transfer who is eligible to play this season. "It's always going to be open with me. It's always going to be earn-it-on-the-field. End of story,'' Golden said.

*OT Seantrel Henderson came back early on Jan. 3 to campus so he could get extra treatment for his back. "It was a good idea,'' Golden said. "It was a good sign for us.''

*C.J. Holton has moved from linebacker to fullback. Former receiver Davon Johnson, per the roster, is now a defensive back.

*Has Golden learned anything new about the ongoing NCAA investigation? "No.''

* He said the newest surgeries were to receiver Rashawn Scott (shoulder), RT Jon Feliciano (knee scoping; cleaning out).

* Golden said Jedd Fisch told him he would be there for next season. Fisch's name had been mentioned in relation to an opening with Chicago Bears.

*What has been the best thing about the offseason, Golden was asked. "For the student-athletes it's been an opportunity to get stronger and become a more physical and more explosive team in the weight room. For the coaches it has given us an opportunity to catch up and really immerse ourselves in the recruiting end of things.

The most frustrating thing? "Watching it all unfold in front of you -- the bowl games. I get the sense from the staff and many of our players who text me during games that it's also providing fuel for us. It's providing motivation and direction.''

The coach admitted that he was "surprised'' at the five players who left early for the NFL. "I was surprised at how quickly the decisions were made and that many of them signed prior to getting any feedback from the NFL Advisory Committee, which I had never seen before in my 17 years.

"Obviously they felt comfortable with their status and where they would fall in the draft and made their decisions.''

*LB Ramon Buchanan is back, though he is still recuperating after knee surgery and will likely miss spring.

*The spring game, April 14th, will be at Sun Life Stadium, finally! There also will be a scrimmage near Fort Myers and one in Miami area. Spring practice begins Saturday, March 3, according to Golden.

In closing, Golden made it clear that although in a perfect world you hold open at least a spot or two for any surprise signees after signing day, he "would be more inclined at this juncture to go ahead and try to finish this class off, given the momentum and strength that we've received here in the last couple of weeks. I would strike while we're hot. We're on a roll right now. We're doing very well.''







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Good write up. Needed a fix. I hope alot of guys can make an early impact or its going to be rough next year. Some of those guts who left early wont make it. Would have been better off getting a degree. Oh well. Weed em out

The key to the future is QB. Is one of the freshman going to be a game changer. That's what was missing the last couple of years. Lots of talent but without a QB you can not win big.

Go AG....you da man!!!

We are back but need a stadium

Where are all the Bammy fans? They were bombing the Gator site when they won in Gainesville, yet they win a national title and 'crickets'.

Either the UF game was bigger for them than the national title, or there were a whole lot of canes using 'Bama fan' as a beard back in October.

Man, phenomenal news about Seantrel - that's a nice piece of dedication there, leaving home, family, and the holiday break early to come back and get to work!

Odd that Golden wouldn't have made sure kids waited to hear back from the NFL advisory committee, likely the hand of Rosenhaus at work.

Would like to see at least one or two more OL and DL committed. I might be missing something, but don't we also need at least one more game-breaking type RB commit? Who do we have now in that position that is a break-away type runner? Miller is all we had and he is gone. With the lack of anyone else, and the chance of injury at any time, there is too little depth in that position in the first place.

stancane - where you been? Duke Johnson baby!

Hey - where are all those meat heads that "knew" Golden was gone after JoePa left Penn State? Anyone?

Lots of good info. SMD. Glad we have Coach Golden still here. As far a him going to Penn State, people were talking about him leaving in normal conditions after JoePa walked away on his own terms. There is no way, that Coach Golden was going to leave UM (or any coach in a top 50 program for that matter) for Penn State with the school in the current situation that it is now.

Point taken but I think he was staying anyway.


Close it out Golden Al!!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Good reporting on our Canes, SMD.

Two observations:

Coach G is determined to get the best group that will work with the team idea, and at the same time help to build consensus on his concept of 'Cane football, because ALL players are on the SAME page. Conditioning, strength, playbook, game plans, football intelligence, and commitment are a few.
Thus, no surprises and everyone moves forward as a cohesive group..

The other is that in August I blogged that Seantrel is not leaving the 'Canes because he sees what potential the 'Canes will have and he is a Real Hurricane.
Returning early for treatment and meeting prospects is what team is all about...Thanks for stepping up, and I know that this shows all the Coaches that he is positioning himself to be one of the Leaders for the 2012 edition of the 'Canes.
Coach Al and all the other Coaches we are proud of the way you guys have started the Year, and thank all of you for your dedication and commitment to bringing back our 'Canes.
We appreciate the effort in recruiting and I know it will be rewarded.
Go 'Canes

Let's not get too excited!! This team doesn't have the depth to compete with the big dogs. Look at the numbers of those team competing for the NC year in and year out. Alabama is a good example. Their depth is off the charts dispite the limited number of scholarships the conference placed on them. When your numbers of players are over a hundred competing to start, you will have a great chance of putting the best on the field. This team had to use starters on special teams because the talent at the depth positions were not that good. Until those numbers improve or you bring in top notch players, Miami will not return to the level we all became to love and was once proud of!! I'm keeping it real!!!

To me it seems as Coach G is doing the same thing as our onced beloved Butch Davis did when he came in. Get players that will exercise "willingness",and at the same time trying to build depth with smart qualiyty players. It takes time,but we're headed in the right direction folks. GO CANES!!!

Hey, wait a second! Where are all the football geniuses who were certain that AG was going to Penn State?

Man, Drew Rosenhaus facilitates 'NFL U' but he does sway some kids against their best interest.

Lamar should go because he might not be the second best RB in next year's draft, Streeter should go because he's losing his gunslinging quarterback of the past 8 years. Forston, Vernon, and Washington are all going to be mid round picks. They would have been clear starters next year with an entire season to put some film and accomplishments behind their physical potential.

Chalk this up to a rookie mistake by Al Golden. He's probably never had agents goading his players to go pro before and he probably didn't know he needed to tell kids to wait for the NFL advisory evaluations.

But I bet those three kids regret their decision, they've seen the evaluations by now. Anyway, I like all of their odds at that big second contract, they all have the physical skills to make it.

Eudo, Miller isn't the number 2 back this year either. There is no doubt that he should have come back for another year in which he would have gone in the first round. And please about Jacory being responsible for the year Tommy Streeter had. Its true Jacory had a much improved season until the last of the season but if anything Tommy Streeter made Jacory look alot better than what he was. Had Streeter came back he would have had a better Qb throwing him the ball and his stats would have been off the charts. I don't blame any of the guys going and trying to get paid but those two could have really improved their draft stock had they stayed. In any event good luck to them. Bring on the new class and this young team for next season.

championships - obviously we won't know what he is until he's drafted but Miller is the #2 RB in most mock drafts and rankings, he'd have to have a Heisman year next season to improve his draft stock. That could have happened.

Streeter had a great year but there's no way he'd improve his numbers, Harris was his quarterback through high school and college and even though he wasn't a winning quarterback he was the second most prolific quarterback in UM history. Also had the most accurate year in school history for what that's worth.

All the pick sixes and losses don't show up on Tommy Streeter's resume, just the big plays.

I'm just excited to see what coach Golden can do with his recruits to run his system. Defense is his specialty and the defense can only go up. I like what Jedd did with the offense to the point that I think I could play quarterback and win too. We can only go up if the recruiting focuses on the trenches. We need top notch lines to win NC and Kehoe and Franklin better work their butts off to get these lines respectable. We can't be last in sacks and rushing yards allowed for a defensive line. And we can't get stopped on short yardage situations when the game is on the line.

Anyone who leaves early could have stayed another year and maybe been the #1 at their position.

But tons of players look at the risk and reward and decide to go - all your favorite UM players in the NFL left early. I don't think Miller and Streeter's decisions were bad or unexpected like Washington, Vernon, and Forston.

Eudo, I agree that anytime a player comes back there is a chance for injury but in millers case in which he is not a between the tackles runner who can move the pile for a tough yard at this stage in his development would have been will served to come back to gain strength and improve his stock which in the NFL there is a big difference in money from the 1st back picked which will most likely be Richardson and then Wilson followed by miller or LaMichael James. Now as for Streeter there is no way unless he did get injured that he would not have improved both his draft stock from a possible 3rd round pick to a legitimate 1st round pick with Stephen Morris or Williams throwing him the ball instead of Harris. Dude did you see how many times Streeter had to wait on the ball that harris threw. Had he came back there is no doubt with a strong armed QB unlike the one he had in Harris that his stats would have been huge this coming year. Jacory can't throw the deep ball on time which caused Streeter not to gain more yards or scores. Bottom line some team is going to get a steal with Tommy Streeter in this draft. Washington is probably the most ready but Vernon is nuts to think he's ready. Forston on the other hand has the size that you can't teach and unfortunately for him has a hummer for a body size wise but a moped motor for an engine.

jUst listen to Urselves ...


Betcha five internet bucks that UM's quarterback in 2012 doesn't have as many yards, completions, or touchdowns as Harris did last year.

But he'll definitely win more games!

Just talked to Hurricanes coach Al Golden by phone.


minor league bloggers on a minor league format....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Championships you are right. Streeter would have done better staying. That lame argument that he left bc jokecorey is gone does not wash. That's been floated before and shot down. So has miller being #2 in the draft, that's real old news and been shot down. Flop forston glad he is gone like other MNW whimps. That MNW crowd was nothing but all about me to heck with team.

Good read. Coach Communicates well to the point 99% of the time. Many argue with me that Drew is "good" to UM. He also is in this for his pockets and in my opinion needs to be on a short leash.

Richardson, Wilson, Monte Ball, Lamichael James, then maybe Miller. Thats mid second round. NOT #2 rb like Eudo is blabbering about. Receivers ahead of Streeter: Too numerous to mention.

I disagree with Eudo. These kids made a huge mistake going pro. Injuries shminjuries. They can be injured at the combine. They could have gotten better, bigger, smarter, showcased all year next yr, and their stock would have gone up tremendously. Translation: Millions more in the long run. How do they compete for a second yr contract if they ride the pine?

But its done. Who cares. All i know is Frank Gore and Willis McGahee are in the playoffs. Who would have thought, after both of them had so many knee injuries in college that they'd be where theyre at?

Where's Damien Berry? Javarris James? (Those were our two featured backs in the previous 4 years)

Miller is 4.3 fast and 200+ lbs. He's the number 2

hard working and a honest man! how refreshing ! go get'em coach G wishing u and the canes the very best !

one at p. park h.s. you should go get !

Miller is largely seen as a more complete RB prospect than Wilson or James (who both are a little faster but not as strong). And I believe Ball is not going pro yet (not positive). It's Richardson and then everyone else though. He is a monster prospect.

Yo, cane Trash, the ACC suuuuuucks.

It's now been 10 years since cane maggot won anything. Tired yet? Next year's track team will feature no track athletes so whachagonnado?

Send out Morris and the 2 freshmen as the three-headed monster? HORRIBLE

Run behind that sieve of an O-Line? HORRIBLE

Throw to the non-existent receivers? HORRIBLE

Yep, things sure look bright in caneville. And once the NCAA finishes gutting the program, you will look back fondly on the Shannon years.

But hey, Goldencrap is a fine choice. BWWAHAHAHAAHHAHA.

Washington was a beast and did not need another year to prove anything to anyone.

Miller has the potential to be better than Chris Johnson and I don't blame him for going pro because the amount of years a running back plays in the league is not very long. He could have stayed but seriously his upside is all the up. Miller has break away speed and hits the whole hard.

Vernon and Forston missed so much of the year whether per suspension or injuries. They both gave up millions by leaving early.

Susan, Thanks for your usual information filled report! And BTW, Happy New Year 2 U & Manny...Go Canes!

Thank you CarolCityCane, and all of the kind people who read the blog and participate in a good-spirited, decent way, without all the idiotic stuff -- regardless of your opinions. We appreciate your comments and various points of view. Happy New Year!

Golden sounds good. Anything less than 11-2 will be a failure! The "TROLL" must go!

There are 4 must for the "U" to get back on track:
1.A defensive tackle that dominates
2.The LB's have to get bigger and still have the speed.
3.Overall depth of talent
4.QB Depth of talent, something we haven't had since the early 90's.

Miller is not #2. Listen, I like the guy. But after 8, 9 games, he stopped hitting holes hard. Imagine a 16 game season getting hit by 250 lb MLBS. Wilson, Richardson are leagues ahaead. Same with Monte Ball, who I am pretty sure declared. I dare to say even Lamichael Thomas is tougher than Miller. But smaller. I'll bet 1,000 internet dollars that Miller does not make the first round... Ok, I'll hedge- unless he destroys the combine.

How do you compare a 1,700 yd rb with a 1,200 rb? You can't. Numbers speak for themselves.

Washington is no beast. If Washington and the rest of the O line was as good as they think they are, UM would have dominated KSU in those waning minutes of the 4th q, and would have taken over the game vs VTech and Virginia. Its all about desire, and raw strength. They had neither. They were dominated.

SMD, we always appreciate new information on here, and of course when you guys comment in the comments section as well.

Sad that you have to read a Gator troll with his obsessed 2am comments, but you are right, other than that, it is great to read civil discussion by Eudo and championships, even when they disagree.

IMO, Miller won't be drafted second out of the RBs, but he will end up outplaying the 2 or 3 that get drafted ahead of him. Canes usually do better than their peers in the NFL...

I think Miller will do really well in the NFL. He was banged up towards the end of the season and I think that's why his numbers went down. Still, he played really well in the BC game. He will have to put on weight to sustain an entire NFL season.

This was a really good article. Not bad writers..

- Had Miller stayed anyone year, he would definitely get 1000yds added to his stats and definitely move up a ton of spots on the draft as well as put on more size, and become more disciplined.

-J12 didn't make Tommy Streeter's season better. Go back to the tapes. How many times did the majority of WRs have to slow down and wait for the ball to catch up to them allowing time for any DB to catch up and make a defensive play? Someone honestly go back and give me that stat. I'll sit here and tell you that it was the majority of the season. Put Stephen Morris in there with is gun and WRs will catch the ball in stride, not slow down for it. How many balls were under thrown by Harris that could have been TD's that we all know that Morris could have made that throw with ease...? Streeter made himself better by attacking the ball at it's highest point and fighting for the ball instead of just allowing it to fall in his hands. Just that alone doubled his production. If he stayed another year would have been monumental to the development of the younger WRs and prove further more that Golden's way of coaching is working..

-I don't know what Washington was thinking. Had he stayed he would have been moved back into the inside where he plays his best taking on bull rushes and blitzes. He can't peddle his feet to the outside because he'll get smoked, as he did many times, by more athletic and quicker DE's.

-I love the move of Davon Johnson from WR to DB. This makes great sense to me. This kid is going into his senior year so busting his butt for playing time, which he hasn't had much of, will be of the essence. He's 6' and 185lbs with great speed (runs a 4.4).

-The switch of CJ Holton from LB to FB doesn't seem to bad to me. He's a good sized kid at 6'1" and 230lbs and he runs a 4.48/4.5 (40). That's pretty good size with good speed to build up momentum once he lowers his shoulders and barrels his way for the first down and some change.

All in all I seem some positives here to look forward to. Plus we have quite a few early enrollee's. One of the is that JUCO DB Ladarius Gunter. With him coming in early and getting in the spring practice and game will be great for him and us.


Golden sounds good. Anything less than 11-2 will be a failure! The "TROLL" must go!

Posted by: markdrebin



agreed cantillidie

Coach Golden could be changing over to a 3-4 defense rather than the 4-3 he ran last year. This could explain the exodus of the DE's and Forston early. LB's have to be a big focus for this years new class. Our lack of numbers returning on the DL may force the change in scheme.

Clwrdan. Forston left because he would probably not see the field next year with his lazy marsh mellow attitude.

Canetillidie. Good post. Glad you put on the trash heap the crazy comments about miller being #2 draft and streeter leaving because of no more jokecorey.

And PS. Fire shalalalala now

Monte Ball is not turning pro.
I see Miller in the second rd.
We will not be in a 3-4 next year on a consistent basis. We still don't have the numbers at LB or the size yet to run it. I look for 2013 to be the year for that.
More than likely Forston left because with the injuries he's had, he couldn't take another chance. He's already missed most of 2 years.
Olivier Vernon is the head scratcher, what was he thinking.
Washington did nothing this past year and regressed.
Miller was hurt from the 3rd game on, with a bad shoulder, which would explain his lack of explosiveness in the hole.

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