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Al Golden interview re: off season thus far -- surgeries, recruiting, Jedd Fisch, quarterbacks, etc.

Just talked to Hurricanes coach Al Golden by phone.


* He's very pleased with UM's recruiting efforts, and feels strongly that "the majority'' of kids that have verbally committed "will honor their commitments and stay with us.''

He said among the positions UM needs, the Canes need cornerbacks "terribly.'' He said the Canes are "still looking ahead at a big-time linebacker, we're still looking ahead at a big-time defensive lineman and we're still looking to see if there's a tight end that fits what we're trying to do out there.''

Golden said re: recruiting, "There's not any position not represented now other than kicking and tight end. We're not quite Noah's ark. We're not getting two of everything but we're getting one of everything and in many places we're getting two. We need to do that.''

* He said at least seven players will enroll early, including junior college transfer Ladarius Gunter, a cornerback out of Fort Scott (Kansas) CC. There could be more early enrollees, but he just wanted to give the minimum amount he expects. Some who are academically deficient could go to prep school. You guys likely already know that the two young qbs, Preston Dewey and Gray Crow, are ready to go for spring. But Golden wouldn't name anybody other than Gunter.

* He said QB Stephen Morris has an advantage going into the spring quarterback competition, but that the competition is wide open for all four quarterbacks, which include Ryan Williams, the Memphis transfer who is eligible to play this season. "It's always going to be open with me. It's always going to be earn-it-on-the-field. End of story,'' Golden said.

*OT Seantrel Henderson came back early on Jan. 3 to campus so he could get extra treatment for his back. "It was a good idea,'' Golden said. "It was a good sign for us.''

*C.J. Holton has moved from linebacker to fullback. Former receiver Davon Johnson, per the roster, is now a defensive back.

*Has Golden learned anything new about the ongoing NCAA investigation? "No.''

* He said the newest surgeries were to receiver Rashawn Scott (shoulder), RT Jon Feliciano (knee scoping; cleaning out).

* Golden said Jedd Fisch told him he would be there for next season. Fisch's name had been mentioned in relation to an opening with Chicago Bears.

*What has been the best thing about the offseason, Golden was asked. "For the student-athletes it's been an opportunity to get stronger and become a more physical and more explosive team in the weight room. For the coaches it has given us an opportunity to catch up and really immerse ourselves in the recruiting end of things.

The most frustrating thing? "Watching it all unfold in front of you -- the bowl games. I get the sense from the staff and many of our players who text me during games that it's also providing fuel for us. It's providing motivation and direction.''

The coach admitted that he was "surprised'' at the five players who left early for the NFL. "I was surprised at how quickly the decisions were made and that many of them signed prior to getting any feedback from the NFL Advisory Committee, which I had never seen before in my 17 years.

"Obviously they felt comfortable with their status and where they would fall in the draft and made their decisions.''

*LB Ramon Buchanan is back, though he is still recuperating after knee surgery and will likely miss spring.

*The spring game, April 14th, will be at Sun Life Stadium, finally! There also will be a scrimmage near Fort Myers and one in Miami area. Spring practice begins Saturday, March 3, according to Golden.

In closing, Golden made it clear that although in a perfect world you hold open at least a spot or two for any surprise signees after signing day, he "would be more inclined at this juncture to go ahead and try to finish this class off, given the momentum and strength that we've received here in the last couple of weeks. I would strike while we're hot. We're on a roll right now. We're doing very well.''







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Eudo, thats cute betting 5 internet dollars. Stats are like those numbers at the NFL combine they just tell part of the story on a player. I just don't see Miller as the 2nd back taken in the draft not when there is Chris Polk, David wilson, probably Monte Ball, and Lamichael James in the draft who are all better inside runners than Miller. Don't get me wrong eventually had he stayed and gotten stronger I feel like he would have been better than some of them at the same stage in their careers but the NFL is a can u play right now league not whats the guy going to be like in 2 to 3 years. Coaches and GM's go by that because they may not be around for 2 to 3 years. I wish the kid the best but there is no doubt that he would have been better served coming back at least one more year. Now as for Streeter lets just say we take him away from this past year and how good do you think Harris's stats would have been? I'd say Streeter was responsible for saving Jacory at least 5 interceptions this year just by him fighting for balls that would have been picked had streeter not been the WR. Now if U look at this realistically, we have a much better QB in Morris physically and maybe along the same lines as Harris Mentally and WIlliams who was a starter at his old school and is better mentally and physically than Harris and I am not even going to put the freshmen in the mix and you add Tommy Streeter in the mix at WR along with Clive Walford and Cleveland at TE and then who ever else, lets say Thompson and then a better O line with more experience and strength with the new coaching staff how in gods name do you think Streeter would not have better stats with that group versus him having to save Harris and his throws. With Williams and Morris Streeter could stretch the field deep where Jacory could not throw the deep ball on time or throw the deep outs and crossing patterns on time and recievers had to wait on the ball at which time the DB's have time to catch up and fight them for the ball. It just doesn't add up. Jacory had a good year by the standards he set the previous two years but any one of the 4 or 5 qb's would have exceeded his numbers this past year and sure they will exceed them this coming year.

It had to be said man. These guys were in it for a pay check not The U. Look how they gave up in 2010 loss to USF. Everyone knew that randy's head was on the chopping block so they quit on The U, not him. Randy pretty much let them do what they wanted as long as they stayed away from shitpiro.

Then those same players gave up in the boston college game due to being told that they weren't going to a bowl game prior to the BC game.

In Miller's case, I guess it was his decision more than anything because he came from Killian High not NorthWestern. But those type of players with those type of personalities will rub off on other players and what you see what what we got at the end of the year. I see it as these kids realized that if they wanted their positions the following year under Golden's regime that they would "actually have to work for it". As Golden said previously "It's always going to be earn-it-on-the-field. End of story,''. No truer words have been spoken after I read that lil'nugget.

And I'm correcting myself right now for something I posted previously....

Spring Ball shall be played at Joe Robbie Stadium instead of The Mecca. April 14th see you there!!!!


@ championships is all that matters

And here we have another person who gets it. Well said sir.






championships - I'm with you on all that but I still don't believe the quarterback next year is going to throw as much as Jacory Harris did. Jacory Harris had a decent but prolific year by any standards, I don't think we're going to see 200 completions, 2,500 yards and 20 TDs next year but I do think we'll see more wins.

Edge, Portis, and McGahee all would have benefitted from another year too - more tape on them, they could get bigger and faster and improve their technique. But good players go pro early, Lamar Miller's decision wasn't unusual, Streeter's was debatable but understandable to me anyway.

The other three stand out to me as odd decisions, likely bad ones based on their draft prospects.

But I wish we could stop assigning some mythical defect to players who decide to leave early. There wasn't anything wrong with Edge, Portis, or McGahee's (or Ray Lewis or Michael Irvin or Warren Sapp or Jon Beason or Kellen Winslow or Jeremy Shockey or Sean Taylor with a huge ETC.) mentality, they weren't in it for the money, they don't not care about the U.

Don't take it personally gentlemen, be grateful for the seasons that they did give to UM.

Canetilidie I agree Coach G is DOING IT.

I spoke to a 'Cane who played for Jimmy Johnson in fact we have watched some games together and he said that Jimmy always said to his guys looking straight into their eyes 6" away "Son what have you done for me lately, and what have you done for our 'Canes?"..This is a true statement of accountability.

Coach G is doing the same in his own way..
He has moved on and is now concentrating on bringing in a Super Class of eager young 'Canes to the "U".
He is striking while it is hot and the "U" is on a roll...
He has my support and tens of thousands of fans who want to see the "U" kicking again in the league of Alabama, LSU, etc..
This class is the start of something BIG.
Good post again Canetilidie..
Our 'Canes will be ready to do some CRUSHING.
Go 'Canes

Manny/Susan - Al Golden said several times last season that the defense never blitzed because they 'hadn't had time to install all of their defense'.

Any idea how that process is going? Was the defense that D'Onofrio ran at Temple much more complicated or aggressive than what we saw last season?

But I wish we could stop assigning some mythical defect to players who decide to leave early. There wasn't anything wrong with Edge, Portis, or McGahee's (or Ray Lewis or Michael Irvin or Warren Sapp or Jon Beason or Kellen Winslow or Jeremy Shockey or Sean Taylor with a huge ETC.) mentality, they weren't in it for the money, they don't not care about the U.

Posted by: Eudocimus01


The difference between these athletes that are mentioned above and the NWCrew is that these guys left it all on the field. They gave more of themselves to The U than J12 and his crew ever did,(I'm excluding Sean Spence from this statement because IMO he was the only true Cane to come out of NWestern...He left it on the field). These other guys that are now running the NFL made the right choice of going pro because they already left their mark for The U and if they stayed the likelyhood of an injury because they pushed themselves so hard was a high possibility so the idea of getting that paycheck was more reasonable then the NWcrew leaving out the back door for a paycheck after not leaving it all out on the field. Ray Lewis, Edge, Reed, Winslow, etc etc have nothing to explain to everyone that their actions hadn't already spoken for them..

In the infamous words of Kellen Winslow....



correction...have nothing to explain to anyone that their actions hadn't already spoken for them..





@ UGoCanes2

I think that we're in the mist of something extraordinary...Golden didn't write up that gigantic football bible for nothing. I wish they would make copies of it and sell it or something....Maybe as a prize at a game during halftime, something... I would stop what I was doing and read it from cover to cover. U can bet on that.

GO U!!

Like I said, three of them made bad decisions - just don't think Lamar Miller went to the NFL because the mythical Northwestern Selfish Quitter dust rubbed off on him.

Wanna talk about a bad, delusional decision?

Canetillidie. Left it on the field is right on. Your perception of the mnw playets is right on. Guess we can't say that about miller because he never did leave it on the field. That's why his going early made no sense.
What a da question about the defense. The defense could not be installed during early part of the year based on about half the defense being suspended for about half a year and they had no playing time together. After most came back the defense jelled and played pretty good. Heck the defense kept us in the bc game until jokecorey went rouge.
Another example of not playing together was the vt last touchdown. Obvious blown assignment.

Hahaha, thanks clwtrdan, that made my day!

Like I said, three of them made bad decisions - just don't think Lamar Miller went to the NFL because the mythical Northwestern Selfish Quitter dust rubbed off on him.

Posted by: Eudocimus01


A bad attitude can spread like the flu on a football team. Remember that. I've seen it first hand in highschool ball. Me and a couple of other players who respected our coaches and what we played for knocked his pu$#y a@$ out during practice and simply told him and his brother not to return to the team and turn their gear in. The coaches stood behind us since we spoke to them earlier in the day simply stating that since these kids were popular in school that they thought they were gonna be popular on the football team and simply get their spots handed to them. We made sure that didn't happen and we went 8-2. Guess where those 2 losses came from...I'll give you a minute.

Bad attitudes and spread when you have people following those with them. It's inevitable.

L.Miller should have stayed
Olivier Vernon should have stayed
B.Wash should have stayed
T.Streeter should have stayed
M.FORSTON should have stayed, gotten healthy and live in the gym for the summer.

Plain and simple. Except for Miller the rest ducked out the back door.


Wonder witch of these guys will end up on the Dolphins roster?? There's only 1 Cane there, we need some more.

GO U!!

Thanks ltcdolphin appreciated!!!

Damn I can't wait for April 14th

okay....clearly NONE of you watch Football or study it. LAMAR MILLER IS THE CLEAR #2 RUNNING BACK IN THIS YEAR'S DRAFT....GO TO ESPN AND OR SCOUTING COMBINES FOR THE NFL YOU MORONS....ALSO i hear people comparing him to monte ball and lamicheal james and blah blah blah...ummm...ANYONE CAN RUN FOR 1000 yds in a SPREAD OFFENSE OR ANY TYPE OF OFFENSE NOT NAMED PRO-STYLE..it takes a man and NFL CALIBER BACK TO RUN THE BALL OUT OF PROSYTLE!! THATS WHY NFL SCOUTS LOOK AT WHAT TYPE OF OFFENSE YOU COME FROM...wow...CHECK YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU COME ON HERE COMPLAINING because Lamar and others left early...remember kids...ESPN OR RIVAL OR ANY FOOTBALL MOCK DRAFT...JUST GO HAVE A LOOK...MILLER IS AT THE END OF THE 1st ROUND ON MOST OF THEM THEREFORE HE IS A 1st ROUNDER....NOT 2nd ROUNDER...and no Lamicheal james and Monte would not have did what LAMAR DID IN A PROSTYLE OFFENSE! wow again...

By the way those 2 players I was referring to weren't horrible athletes, they simply had garbage personalities and attitudes towards the game and their fellow teammates. That's just to be more specific so anyone who read that can have a more clear definition of what occurred and what I meant about a bad attitude on a team and how detrimental it can be towards the success of that team.

Al Davis said it best "Just win baby win!"

Put aside selfish BS and everyone can get on the same page and take their game, as a team, to the next level.




Eudo, I wouldn't be surprised if we threw the ball less but have more production from the times that we do throw. 2500 yards and 20 tD's by todays standards are an above average to really good season. If it is Morris as the starter I can see us throwing more just based on the fact that he has experience and a big arm. If it is Williams we will probably be a little more conservative since he does not possess Morris's escapability but then progress to more attempts. If it is and I doubt it will be one of the true Freshmen then I could see a much more conservative offense which will rely on the TE's more and then as the season progresses a more open offense as the freshman displays good decision making. Alot of it is going to depend on the guys at wideout though. Many will be playing as true freshmen and that can be tough. There is no doubt that Streeter would have had a great season assuming that an upperclassman was taking the snaps.
As far as the guys going pro goes, I am merely looking at this from an objective standpoint and the money they stand to lose. If the guys get paid then great I am all for it. But in each ones case other than Washington who I personally do not think he was going to get any better, there draft stock assuming an injury free season would have been increased considerably. Personally if I were a kid with financial issues and someone came to me telling me I was ready to make millions I would probably jump at it also. But I would do alot of research because if I am not ready to run between the tackles as a college player then what chance do I have going against pro's. There ain't alot of running room for guys outside in the pro's. And as for Streeter, WR's are drafted by their stats and the season's they had. He did have a good season this year but red flags come up as to why didn't he have more ala a Justin Blackmon. Had Streeter came back he could have been the 1st reciever taken and a first round pick where as now he is at best looking at a 2nd round choice or possibly a 2nd day choice. In any event which ever team gets streeter they have gotten a pure steal compared to what he is worth with his combination of size and speed. As a fan of the Canes I am sad to see them go and truley want whats in these kids best interest however I can't and don't blame them for trying to get paid. Good luck gentlemen I just think you made the wrong move.
As for wins next year, I see at least 8 because of youth on the team. I think we will be a younger team but a much better team and a more complete team. I expect a much stronger defense from a pass rush standpoint and there will be bumps in the road with inconsistent play which is normal with such a youthful team. I do beleive that this will be a much funner team to watch because the expectations will not be so high and the kids will be learning with each passing game. But I do see this team in a couple of years being a top 5 team.

Monte Ball was in a prostyle offense at Wisconsin

@ championships is all that matters

excellent excellent post. I also see 8 wins for us next season which will be amazing since we lost so many and are playing such a young team. Morris and Williams will put on a show for us all, I can feel it. Gray Crow looks like he's been living in the gym. He must have put on like 10-12lbs already and he hasn't even started the nutrition plan at The U yet let alone he hasn't met Swasey. We'll just have to wait and see but if we can pull off 8 wins next season will speak volumes for Golden & Co.


BWASH did the the right thing and left early. As much as I wanted him to stay he had no choice. . He was moved to arguably the toughest position on the oline in the middle of the season and was thrown under the bus.There was no guarantee that he would have moved back to his regular position this year. Streeter broke his wrist and missed a lot of time his first year. You would have thought that since whipple threw the ball around so much that he would have been a bigger part of the offense. We saw glimpses of what he could do against Wisconsin in the champs bowl in Orlando a couple of years back. Miller ran hard the first couple of games but it looked like he was playing hurt for the rest of the year. I don't see how one more year would have benefitted him or the U. I believe once miller left the decision was easy for streeter. We needed another back last year to support miller and since James wasn't that back Clements could have given us a nice spark. I hope this year that we have a bigger commitment to the run.

championships - you know what it comes down to for me with Miller? I don't think he'd win the Heisman and take the #1 RB spot in the 2013 draft. He's talented enough but the odds can't be good. We could generously say it's 50-50 in that he'll either win the Heisman and be the consensus #1 RB prospect or he won't.

You're right about the financial side for the rest of them. Forston really is egregious money-wise. Streeter is leaving some money on the table but after four years at UM he has his PE teacher degree, he was a feature receiver the first season he saw the field, and he has the best combination of size and speed of any WR in the draft. Streeter's decision makes more sense to me than the other three.

Eudo, I never said that Miller would win the Heisman because I believe he would split carries too much with Clements, James, and Johnson. I do believe that he would have a chance to be the number 1 back though if he could should added strength running between the tackles. You know though running back is not as big a position draft wise as in years past. A few years back it seemed like two to three backs could be drafted in the 1st round. Now because the draft is steered more to the passing game the RB position is somewhat of an after thought. I know last year I was even shocked at how far Mark Ingram fell on draft day.
NOw I agree with you that of all of the guys that came out Tommy Streeter is the most NFL ready and can make the most impact of all out of the guys coming out. I just hate the thought of the guys losing all that money their first few years in the league because they are not going to get the money their talents warrent. I agree that Streeter has the best combination of size and speed of any receiver in this draft and really since Calvin Johnson came out of Ga Tech.
Washington and Forston's situation in all honesty I don't believe that Washington would have improved his stock any more or less by staying. Forston could have improved his with a monster year but other than last years Sun Bowl, he never lived up to the hype and was really a bust in college. Maybe he can do something later but from what I have seen he doesn't have the motor to be that kind of player.

championships - yea I feel the same way about Vernon, not sure how much he could have raised his stock by staying based on what he's shown, maybe just a lost cause.

You're right the running back position is undervalued now, seems that only one player, the #1 overall RB is guaranteed to go in the first round.

Heisman would be a reflection of a dominant #1 RB year but actually I don't think running backs win that very much, do they? He would have to have a Heisman-finalist type year though.

Man, whoever takes Streeter is getting a STEAL! I know it won't be the Dolphins, they never take Hurricanes.

"There's not any position not represented now other than kicking and tight end"

does that mean Brandon Holifield won't play TE, or isn't expected to sign with the class?

Eudo, the way the heisman usually works in the pecking order is quarterback first then running back, so if he had come back he would have been along with Monte Ball assuming he is staying the first two backs in line for the Heisman but usually it takes a big year from a back to overtake a QB.
You are right the Dolphins would be completely ignorant not to take a player the caliber of Streeter and somebody is getting the steal of a lifetime at receiver.

Look these guys have made their decisions. Let'em go and lets concentrate on the future of our beloved Hurricanes. Thanks NWCrew for what you gave us and good luck with your futures, hope it goes well for all of U.

I have a really good feeling that our spring game will answer a ton of questions for all true Canes fans.


I hope we get a 3-4 defense like Golden ran in Temple. More speed rushers and a few run stoppers is what we need. If you think about it... the best defenses in the NFL run a 3-4 defense... The Ravens, Patriots, and Steelers all run a 3-4 defense.

Bring the boyz to Immokalee!!!!!!!

With the ncaa sanctions still looming over UM, I believe that it was in the best interest for those players to enter the NFL draft. Sure we could have used them, but it is better for Golden to start fresh with players he recruited and have bought into his system. I believe we lost many close games due to lack of conditioning, quickness and strength. We were held on the goaline or short yardage too many times. That has gotta change. We need big strong linemen to block, protect, and open up holes. The game is won in the trenches. I hope Seantrell can get healthy and strong, because we need him to lead the CANES line next year. Let's GO CANES!!!

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