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Another early enrollee for the Canes: DE Dwayne Hoilett


More good news for Miami. Another early enrollee has joined the Hurricanes' ranks. Following is the news release from UM.

Hope you all enjoyed the Duke Johnson story I wrote for yesterday's paper. I will have more for you soon with some leftover stuff I got from those interviews. Really enjoyed talking to Duke and his mom.

Here's the UM release:

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The University of Miami has announced that Vero Beach, Fla. product Dwayne Hoilett has enrolled early and will join the Hurricanes football team as a student-athlete.

Hoilett is a three-star prospect according to national recruiting services, and is ranked as the No. 24 defensive end in the state of Florida by Rivals. The 6-3, 223-pound lineman is on campus and has begun classes for the spring semester.

While at Vero Beach High School, Hoilett made 52 stops, recorded seven sacks and also registered a fumble recovery during his senior campaign. As a junior playing behind three college-bound linemen, Hoilett recorded totals of 34 tackles and three sacks in eight games.

Hoilett joins seven other early enrollees in Gray CrowPreston DeweyEreck FlowersTaylor GadboisLadarius GunterRaphael Kirby and Josh Witt. All eight of the newly minted canes will participate in spring practices beginning March 3.



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Stefon Diggs *****

Tracy Howard *****

Nelson Agholor *****

Darius Hamilton *****

Dante Fowler Jr. *****

Josh Harvey-Clemons *****

***** STARS ALL !!! Rich Getting Richer !!!!

Wow !!! the 99th. best *** D-End !!!

Not ONE Top SEC Team offered... Only Kentucky and Vandy ...

U keep reeling that mediocrity in Duh U !

6 Days til Ur Recruiting Class implodes and drops from the Top-20 ...

Canes fans, isn't it great to know that the Gator fans are so obsessed with the Canes that they camp on here, day and night, lying about their 25 five star recruiting class, while forgetting that folks can easily google their claims and find them to be false?

Day and night, hanging on every word from Susan and Manny, probably camping in front of their houses hoping to read first drafts of their web comments, that is your typical Gator troll in action.

Bye Bye Jedd. If you don't want to be here - good luck. We need coaches and players that WANT to be part of THE U family.

Good luck in Chicago. Throw to Devin all day long!

great to have Dwayne on board. i know this will be a tough year with all the departures, but after the experience of a full year, and the chance these guys will get quality playing time, will prove to be something special in 2013. the turds will have only what was left from urban liar, and a whoopin' to expect in miami. it must hurt to know their hero the liar, really screwed the U of felons, left them with empty pockets and no hope for years. GO CANES

OC Jedd Fisch to NFL Chicago Bears

Miami offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch will return to the NFL ranks next season according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. An announcement will come after Fisch's recruiting obligations at the University of Miami Feb. 1st.


Ur recruits now know they've been lied to and will be decommiting ASAP the next 5 days.

6 O.C.'s in 7 years !

'ALL GATORS !!! ... ALL SEC !!!'

'**/*** '

'tick ... tick ... tick ...'

'No O.C. U'

Ha!...once again, very funny stuff. The Gator faithful always seem to amuse.

Let them take a look at their two "Top 2" classes from 4 and 5 years ago.

I'll ask..."how'd that work out for ya?"...

...and your previous OC??...once again, i'll ask..."how'd that work out for ya?"...

They just wont go away...they're just too obsessed!

***** STARS ALL !!! Rich Getting Richer !!!!

Posted by: ALL GATORS !!! ... ALL SEC !!! | January 25, 2012 at 05:18 PM

...a 6-6 team getting "richer"???




Get rid of the gator trolls and false rumors and also fire SHALALALALALA now

To all Gator posters, isn't it time for roll call at the Alachua County Detention Center? Time to roll out the mats on the concrete beds provided by the Alachua County Detention Center Gator Alumni!

so now the 'canes have two more spots to offer if nobody decommits. Northrup and Lewis cannot possibly decommit. Could they? Could they?

I don't think the 'Canes land Howard. He has too many ties to the Gators. I think the 'Canes will land some big-time guys that they're really working on right now. Just my guess, but two of these guys are going to be 'Canes:
Avery Young, Darius Hamilton, Leonard Williams, and Dequan Ivery.

Just sayin - I've never visited the Gator blog - makes you wonder why they spend so much time on ours.

Timmy Teblow

Too much hate up in here man. Listen: even though the Gators lost that SEC championship a few years back I still think Tebow should've gotten the Criesman Trophy.

'No O.C. U'

Posted by: Why do you care about Miami? | January 25, 2012 at 06:08

^^^^^lmao @ lifestyles of the lame and clueless

the UiF new OC....one of charlie "the hut" weiss' fat rolls. I bet his swole belly arse rode that hover craft all the way to kansas.

Wow, I can't believe how Gator trolls love being on Miami blogs. I have never even thought about going on a UF blog. Why? Cause I could care less about them. Apparently these trolls either have a closet love affair with the U or are so envious of Miami they can't stop thinking about the University of Miami day & night. Go see a shrink losers.

Never been to a Gator Blog don't even want to think of going there so Gator Moosechump Haters I have no idea of your passion for Miami to be hanging around here...Keep reading though I know that it must infuriate all of you to see 'Cane loyalty that the Gayturds can only Dream about..go find another Charlie Weiss he sure hung around and saw your S*** and fled to where?...KANSAS.
So head back to the trailer.
Go 'Canes

Just to put to bed a viscious rumor

After being promoted to offensive coordinator in Chicago, Mike Tice says he’s in constant contact with quarterback Jay Cutler, whom Tice sees as a perfect fit for what he wants to do offensively.

Damn gaytards are funny!! Campin on a Canes blog and spewing garbage as usual.

So long gaytards, you're upcoming season is looking weak. Good luck being .500 ...

And I shall quote my dear friend ltcdolphin when I say...



Goes to show you cant spell F**K YOU without UF

Yeah, the Gators land these 5 star and 4 Star studs, then lose them to transfers. How many of those 4 Star Receivers has transferred in the past 3 years, almost of all them. How can any gator fan explain why thier offense were limited with the passing game last year. I can tell you, the remaining 4 star recruits were all hype, aka Delonte Thompson, 4 Star WR from South Florida and did not do squat while he was there.

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