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Canes land 2 U.S. Army All-Americans during recruiting spree

It's been a pretty special 24-hour span for the University of Miami's football recruiting efforts.

Deon BushThe Hurricanes, who lost a handful of key underclassmen last month who announced their intentions to enter the NFL Draft early, picked up four commitments including two U.S. Army All-Americans on Saturday -- Miami Columbus safety Deon Bush and Tampa Jefferson defensive end Tyriq McCord.

Bush (6-1, 185) is ranked as a consensus top five safety in the country by ESPN and Rivals.com and picked UM over Alabama and Auburn. McCord (6-3, 222), ranked 7th by Rivals at weakside end and 13th nationally at his position by ESPN, chose UM over South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Bush is said to be done with his recruiting. McCord said before his announcement he still plans on taking an official trip to USC on Jan. 20.

Both are huge gets for coach Al Golden, should they still sign a National Letter of Intent with Miami on Feb. 1. Oral commitments are non-binding.

Bush will probably be able to help right away. While the Hurricanes return safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque and veteran cornerback Brandon McGee, there are plenty of openings elsewhere in the secondary. Although Bush is tabbed as a safety, Columbus coach Chris Merritt, who was in San Antonio for Saturday's Army All-American game with his star pupil, said Bush is more than capable of playing cornerback and probably will start his career there with the Canes.

"What the Canes are getting is a very well prepared, long athlete. He is what people want in the secondary, a long tall body who can play corner or safety," Merritt said of Bush, who finished his senior season at Columbus with over 60 tackles, 11 pass breakups and four blocked kicks.

"People make a lot about how he didn't have any interceptions. Well, there weren't many people who threw his way. For us, he probably lined up at about 40 percent of the time at corner and did a good job when we had him there. He shut down [Miami Northwestern's] Amari Cooper [Alabama commitment] and did a nice job against Miramar's receivers in the state semifinal game. He's a big reason we held them to 14 points."

Bush, who will graduate in June, is the first player from Columbus High to head to UM since offensive tackle Joaquin Gonzalez walked on and eventually earned himself a scholarship.

Bush announced his decision, along with McCord, during Saturday's game.

"It was a hard decision," Bush said. "A lot of them were great schools. But I think I have to put my city back on the map right now."

He then put a Hurricane hat on his head.

McCord, who won the Class 3A state championship as a junior at Jefferson, did the same when he made his announcement for UM. "I am going to take my talents to South Beach," said McCord, who finished his senior season 6-4 on the field and with 59 tackles, 11.5 sacks, an interception and three forced fumbles.

"Coach Golden is leading that program in the right direction. I just want to be a part of it and they have a great broadcast communications program that I want to study in."

The other two commitments UM picked up were defensive tackle Jacoby Briscoe (6-4, 290) of Lafaeytte, La. and Fork Union Prep, Va. receiver Robert Lockhart (6-2, 180), who played his high school ball at West Boca Prep.

Lockhart was a Virginia Tech commitment and the prep school roommate of offensive lineman Taylor Gadbois, who is also headed to UM.Lockhart becomes the sixth receiver UM has in its recruiting class. Briscoe, unranked by Rivals and ESPN, is the second defensive tackle to join the class.

UM now has 31 commitments. Eight (including three prep school or JUCO recruits) have said they will attempt to enroll in school now in January and will count toward last year's signing class. Per NCAA rules, UM can only sign 25 on Feb. 1.

UM's recruiting class is ranked 12th by ESPN and 10th by Rivals.com.


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Bush is a HUGE pickup

Punking the Gatr Trash is the new national past time.

Shut the f*ck up about the gators.

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Shut the f*ck up about the gators.

now we need Tracy Howard... come on!

Get a life morons??? we're trashing your turds in our own cane blog, i think u need to shut that eff up coz' you have no business being here.

Chris Meyers and Eric Winston are playing great football on the Texans offensive line today!

Gators are trash turds. Criminals also. If they had a blog it would be said there too

i'm a Hurricanes fan, the Hurricanes football team that is, not the fake internet rivalry going on with e-fans of a team Miami never plays.

It's f*cking embarrassing that a couple internet nerd trolls can keep a UM blog talking about the irrelevant Florida Gators all day every day.

The Gators do have a blog on the Miami Herald, FSU doesn't. That's the ONLY reason UM's loser internet troll fans talk about the Florida Gators instead of our rival.

Are you sure they can only sign 25? I don't think that's true.

I will get a life if you openly admit that the UTrailer Gatr maggots are disgusting garbage.

Anyone know where Kevin Grooms is now? Last I heard he decommited us and was going to Marshall

should move up to about five after these pickups. fsu is our rival but we also respect them. no one should respect the orange and blue up north, why should we, they are generally the most misguided, banwagoned, idiot, childish, moronic fans alive. you get a life retard, and go somewhere else. its football we talk sh*t get over it.

that being said, we could use two more BIG pickups to solidify the state of miami again. golden is a recruiting genius!

Grooms followed the 25 Gatr decommits and transfers.

Does anyone really know where/if Grooms is enrolled??? After watching that kid play, I'd rather have him than almost everyone we recruited this year

I totally agree. Who gives a f*ck about the Gators, you nerds?

Great day for the Canes in recruiting. I think the best of the new commitments is Robert Lockhart the wide receiver who can also play cornerback. Look at his video and you can see that he has great hands, speed and is difficult to bring down after he catches the ball. He is also a great punt returner an he reminds me of Hester the way he chnges direction and sees the entire field. He is shown as unranked but he looks like a 4 or 5 star.

Great day for the Canes in recruiting. I think the best of the new commitments is Robert Lockhart the wide receiver who can also play cornerback. Look at his video and you can see that he has great hands, speed and is difficult to bring down after he catches the ball. He is also a great punt returner an he reminds me of Hester the way he chnges direction and sees the entire field. He is shown as unranked but he looks like a 4 or 5 star.

Would be nice to get Howard and Goldman


Kevin Grooms was dying to play at Miami.He was a die-hard Cane fan but academically fell short.Unless he d go to a Jr College and up his grades........but he wanted to start right away at a 4 year college and not delay his playing time.Golden and Grooms lamented the outcome but the kid wanted to progress along with his life and attend a less-strict school academically than the U.Would have been a GREAT player.Too bad for the kid and the U.By the way.....BUSH is Golden s biggest get after Duke Johnson.THAT was HUGE....and very symbolic for the turning of the tide toward Miami with Dade County players I feel.I was shocked but excited when he chose the U.GO CANES.

sunnydee: It is true that you can only sign 25 on NSD. I think UM can add about 7 or 8 more if they start school in January. These 8 will count against last year's class because UM didn't bring in 25 guys last signing day.

welcome to the[__] guys. we'll turn this around quicker than most think. go canes

Im the great on-line lawyer that has the greatest recruiting expert in all of America.
I told you guys that Bush was a lock for Auburn, Mccord a lock for South Carolina and no way was Lockhart going to decommit from VT and turn around and commit to the Canes
Thats 0-3 for my fat useless recruiting expert
I have faith that he will someday get 1 right
Sorry guys

Thanks for the info rboud. This class is shaping up nicely. Howard would be huge, but even without him it's a great class. The best players should stay in Miami and represent their city.

All I gotta say is "WOW." If I was a recruit then I would definitely love to play for the coach just as much as I would love to play for the U. Coach Golden knows how to coach up his players as seen in Jacory Harris the turnover machine to very serviceable quarter back. What he did to get Touchdown Tommy to play up to his hype is remarkable.

Coach Golden knows how to motivate players by evaluating the qualities of what makes a great player great for each position and ranking each player on his team. Golden's teams are not a I only play my favorite players team or senior leadership only team. His philosophy is the best players play and he holds himself accountable by showing each player how they can tell if they are the best player for each position. The way Golden ranked his players kept the competition fierce and fair and that is why Stephen Morris or Mike James didn't feel like they got robbed when they played the role of backups.

I wish Golden is able to get the talent he wants as well as find those diamonds in the rough, cause I am confident that if he turned Jacory into a real quarterback then I can't wait to see what he can do with four years to coach up players.

Not signing Grooms is just stupid.

Well, the national letter of intent signing is theoretically limited to 25 per year - but - it's a little more complicated than that - and - NCAA rules permit oversigning up to 28, for a couple of reasons, most notably is the simple fact that schools know that some kids won't qualify academically.

Here's maybe a little clarification on the "25" recruit rule:

the 25 must actually be receiving financial aid from the school - so - if a letter of intent signor doesn't actually enter school and receive financial aid, then he is not counted against the 25.

But - because some schools used to oversign a lot of kids - a new NCAA rule now limits the signing act to 28 - oversigning 3 - figuring some will not wind up in school for one reason or another.

And - I almost forgot - if kids graduate high school and enter college early - January - then they count against last year's total - if there is unfilled quota room left open from last year - and - that unfilled quota number can actually go back two years, I believe...

So, this year - 2012 - UM might be able to sign more than 35 players or more !

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Canes to the 'ship. SEC West. Gatards suuuuuuuck.


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Nothing counts till the letter of intent floats into the fax bin on Feb 1.

Grooms is a dummy, we don't need dummies.


Where are all the haters who said Golden only recruits 2 star guys?

What happened to all the ppl who said nobody wants to come to the U because of "possible penalties"?

Yea STFU! Its still all about the U

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- With one second left, the ball clanked off the rim and fell into the hands of Durand Scott. He struggled to get off one final shot to win the game. But the buzzer sounded before he could get the ball out of his hands, and it was all over.

The University of Miami struggled to score in the first half. The Hurricanes made a valiant comeback attempt in the second half but fell one point short, losing 52-51 to No. 21 Virginia on Saturday night.

Down by one point with 13 seconds remaining, UM coach Jim Larranaga called timeout to set up a play. Scott drove up the left side and put the ball up despite not getting a clean look. When it didn’t go in, he grabbed the rebound.

But Virginia’s Sammy Zeglinski tied him up, and Scott couldn’t get off one more shot before the game ended.

“That’s the difference,” Larranaga said. “One possession, one shot, one play.”

In its first ACC game of the season, UM (9-5) had a four-game winning streak snapped and lost for the first time since Dec. 10 at West Virginia.

Virginia (14-1, 1-0), which has the nation’s second-best scoring defense, allowing only 50.4 points per game, stifled Miami’s offense in the first half.

The Hurricanes went almost nine minutes without a field goal, as the Cavaliers went on a 20-7 run and went to the locker room with a 26-17 lead. The Hurricanes’ 51 points were a season-low.

“It was great defense,” said Scott, who finished with 12 points. “They packed the lane really well.”

But UM chipped away at Virginia’s lead in the second half. The Canes found Reggie Johnson open under the basket, and he scored six of his seven points early in the second half.

“We had some lapses defensively in the second half,” Virginia coach Tony Bennett said. “It seemed like [our defense] vanished.”

Still, the Cavaliers found a way to win their 12th game in a row.

Larranaga said his players weren’t rushing to shoot as much in the second half and found more open shots. Scott tied the game at 40 with 7:57 left.

“Our guys did a good job battling back,” Larranaga said.

The 52 points allowed by UM was its second-best defensive effort of the season. Virginia went almost six minutes without scoring early in the game.

“I was proud of our guys defensively that we stepped up a little bit [Saturday night],” Larranaga said. “We haven’t been playing that caliber of defense our first 13 games. It’s something we can build upon.”

Kenny Kadji added 14 points and 10 rebounds for UM. Mike Scott led Virginia with 23 points. This was the first game Larranaga coached in the state of Virginia since leaving George Mason after last season.

“I have friends back here, both in Charlottesville and Fairfax. But this is a business trip,” Larranaga said. “I can talk to my friends after the game and after the season.”


nice try cane Cagers... 6-10 looms ...

can U say N.I.T. over and over again ?

Awesome job recruiting by our coaches headed by Al Golden. Welcome to the U guys, we are glad to have U 4 joining this great class that will proudly wear the Orange, green and White. With the foundation being laid last year this class will undoubtedly be the key back to the road of greatness.

Deon Bush. 4 star commit stud goes to UM. "I want to put my city back on the map" You go boi. Welcome to the U.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | January 07, 2012 at 02:12 PM

back on the map huh ? like U been gone fo how long ? if U gotz to get back ? ... from where ? ... where U been ?

Holy Sunday Arty

It is my understanding that Kevin Grooms did not qualify academically and decided to enroll right away at Marshall instead of delay his playing time at junior college.

On another note, Welcome to the U young men! We're excited to have you! We also think Al Golden is building something special and you all can say you were there to turn the program around. You WILL make a difference!

Yo, I hear we got the next Sean Taylor !!!

What ever happened to Matt Patchan? you guyz remember the egomanical kid whose father played for the U- He was a big High school stud up around here- had his own press conference on signing day. Had a UF and UM cap and picked up the gator cap- He never made it- always hurt in some way shape or form- started several games this yr agt UF but that was it. I doubt we will see or hear from him again unless you follow arena league football.- shows how big name recruits can dissapoingt
just opinion

I think Deon Bush staying home is huge!!!!!!!!!!!! This will become a trend for future blue chip recruits in Miami's backyard. Thanx Mr. Bush for starting this and getting the Canes back to elite status!!!

Do you guys remember how the Gator bum who post on here stated in caps "THE 'CANES WILL NOT , I REPEAT, NOT GET ANY OF THE TOP GUYS THEY ARE GOING AFTER". Well, now he looks like the fool he is. Nostradamus he is not. The loser has to resort to now ragging on the basketball team losing by 1 point on the road. I hope his family (I know he lives in his mom's garage)gets him some help soon. We may see him soon on an episode of "Intervention" on A&E, because he is addicted to everything UM.


You don't like hearing people trash ur stinkin' GayTurds, GET LOST....this story is about UM.....what are you posting here for...? Was the KKK meeting called off in GaysVille?

GatorSkank...OH, I know why the GayNation is so upset today, you're over-ranked BB team lost yesterday to a nobody team!!

I usually don't have a problem with decommits spurning teams because let's be real - coaches are allowed to move around freely while these kids have to sit out a year if they decide to transfer and the University places restrictions on them as to where they may go. However, the Keith Brown situation bothers me. Keith has always said that to him and his parents, priority is academics. Yet because of the possible NCAA sanctions he chose Louisville over Miami? Obviously the on-the-field issues mattered more than he let on...

BTW, Latest university rankings has Louisville at #164 and Miami at #38... So much for academics!

Soldy, you are a Pig. Choke on your breakfast and die.

excellent gets by Big Al, He is getting ir done!
We just pased the good SEazy teams lswho alabamy. I wish nwe had a conference full o f SEazy east pat=sisies in the acc.

Keith Brown decommited because he wanted a package deal for his brother if I remember right. I just hope the NCAA goes after Clint Hurtt (at Louisville) and Jake Morton at Missouri for leading those kids to Shapiro. Blame those asst. coaches not the high school kids.

Shut the f*ck up about the gators.

They are not our rival. We don't play them on the football field and nobody cares what you nerds have to say about their nerds on the internet.

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